That Which is You


When I feel the touch of you in my dreams it feels like sparkling orbs , sheer heaven sprinkling through the galaxy, toppling over the stars and bouncing on the moon until finally, they drift into my heart, melting the essence of that which is you into my being thus to share our love complete.

When I feel your kisses I drift into ecstasy, sheer lust as the male in me begins to stir after a long deep sleep. Then I feel your response so deep, so warm and so very moist, your lips still moulding to mine as our beings emerge and find each other in the most intimate way….

I hear your breathing falter as I begin to touch, to explore – and then it restores and quickens as my hand instinctively wanders – until I hear that deep slow sigh I know so well, the sigh that tells me you are mine.

That seems so long ago and so far away and yet I can still remember how it was and it is something which will always remain in my heart, in my mind forever. Now you have long gone but your charisma is there beside me – and I know you are feeding me with those vibes that come swirling through the heavens. Of course love, true love like ours can never die, like the spirit; it lives and survives. Our anatomy is just a tool to see us through, to enable us to live on this dear blue planet – it returns to whence it came when out mission on earth is done but the important thing is our spirit, our soul is indestructible and that which is you, which is me will always be there.

You are still there I know you are Melissa, I can hear the mellow of your whispering voice daily, to guide and watch over me until that day when we shall positively meet again

I feel the warmth of your cheek as it so delicately brushes mine sikiş izle – as you tease your fingers through my hair, feeling so warm and belonging now, knowing that our love will flow like a gentle stream, creating little ripples along the way, teasing and bubbling the reeds that emerge along the bank. Until we reach a point in time, when our love builds, the stream fastens, lured on by small rapids, trickles of sparkling clear mountain water dodging in and out of rocks that irregularly emerge from the river bed.

In life we are indeed lucky to have found the right partner – to share our all, the ups and downs which test the fluency of our bond, not to have undergone the sad business of a parting of the waves, when one is still in love and the other is drawn to another.

I therefore feel humble, I do that I will always have you to guide me through thick and thin and the feel of you ion my being constantly remains forthright and strong, so, darling until the time is nigh I will bide my time, knowing that you are there all the time.

But hush! I am delivered to the past again and all is well…

I feel now the need in my being and sense the urgency in yours – the yearning to accomplish our bond, the passion demanding more and more of each other, I kiss your breasts, tease your soul, gently massage each summit with my kisses, – you sigh again, I feel your fingers tease the back of my neck as I find the comfortable way for us to merge in complete harmony. The river still flows, the stream even faster now, beams of sunlight glistening though branches of trees upon the never ending stream, like diamonds adorning your heavenly body.

The urge in me grows, I know you feel it too, you respond brazzers delightfully, your now naked body moving with my gentle thrust, then a new warm deep kiss to endorse our need. – our tongues tease the senses, like the ever flowing stream – a storm brews and the waters become ever escalating, forming a translucent mist as they thunder over a steep weir.

We both feel the urgency that our love brings, needing the gratification our bodies can derive, growing with a rhythm that drives us on and on and on … until …like a sudden spark, a flash of lightening the crescendo comes, we deliver and merge our souls in our wonderful erupting act of love -and the river slows again, we reach the soothing levels and all is calm again. We just simply lay there side by side, soaking in the sun which wonderfully compliments the feeling that all is well with the world, like it is with the love we share forever.

Laying there, we turn heads to face each other, our eyes opening again after the surge of love leaves us spellbound, encapsulated in those feelings only real lovers will know. The look in the eyes say all, no need for words at this point, the union of love done and accomplished.

We are truly lovers complete and each time ’tis better than before. Will love and cherish you forever more. What has passed and yet to come, our souls like our bodies once were, ever merged.

But then what has past can never be altered, like an accident caused by one false move, one lack of concentration – I can easily and happily remember those things I would never want altered, so wonderful and perfect love as ours, the good times, the wonderful times when we were so very happy and contented with out fake taxi porno lot.

But in the flicker of an eyelid all that ended with a shrieking, skidding mass of steel on four wheels on a wet and icy road, taking a corner at such speed I could not control. But the deed was done and the car smashed into a tree, me catapulted out through the opened drivers door, but Melissa no more, she laying there motionless slumped into the broken windscreen, I could not even recognise her any more. And all in the mode of seconds, the swerve, the brakes and the immediate knowing I had badly erred. I broke both legs and could not move, the sound of the car horn seemed never to stop – I wanted to tend to Melissa ,able to see her like that through the open driver’s door. But it was all useless, I could not move and I lost consciousness with a heavy feeling ramming into me head, that was I still alive and Melissa dead!

I remember coming too with the smiling face of a nurse above of me, whispering; “You are fine Mr. Johnson, now just relax and try not to move.”

I felt completely immobile and soon realised both my legs were plastered and supported by a scaffold. It was like it had all been a dream and it would go away now I was awake. But I was not about to get over it that easily and I had to suffer the consequences of not only physical injury but the learning that Melissa had died instantly, and it was all my fault.

“But you are wrong it was not your fault” I heard a whisper tell me, In the depth of the mind I just knew it was Melissa, somewhere in the void and I felt comforted to hear her voice from beyond, for I knew she was still there, if not in flesh but in spirit comforting me. And she was right because, following the coroners inquest and the police report I had slid on black ice and could not have avoid the accident, Now I could live the rest of my life knowing that Melissa was waiting for me, waiting ardently in the midst of time and space.