That’s My Wallet

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I was at a night club with some friends. I’d just been to the bar and was carrying a couple of drinks back to our table when I ran into a little problem. Or maybe I should say a little problem ran into me.

She was sweet and petite with a figure other girls would kill for. Blonde and, unless she was dying her eyebrows, that was her natural colour. She looked too young to be there but she had to be at least eighteen. The Blue Rhino was pretty strict on admissions. Trying to get in with fake id was a big no-no there. The young woman also looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t work out why. She smiled, apologised prettily, patted me on the cheek and danced away, leaving me smiling.

I must have had a big cheesy grin on my face all the way back to our table, but it vanished pretty quickly when I found my wallet was gone.

I moved very rapidly in the direction I had seen my blonde friend go and was lucky enough to catch sight of her slipping out the side door. I was through that door only seconds behind her and she was just standing there, busy rifling my wallet.

“That’s my wallet, I believe,” I said quietly and she squealed like a stuck pig. Before she had a chance to bolt I had hold of her arm and quickly extracted my wallet from her greedy paws.

“I was going to return it,” she blustered. “I was only going to take enough for a couple of drinks.”

I’ll bet. And I’m Santa Claus when I’m not busy fighting crime.

“Now why don’t we go back and you can explain to the bouncers that you were only borrowing my wallet?” I suggested.

Bad idea, it seemed. The little wretch hauled off and kicked me hard in the shin, and it felt as though she was wearing steel capped boots. I yelped and grabbed at my shin and she took off running. I had my wallet so I wasn’t going to chase her.

It turned out that, sore shin or not, I should have chased her. When she turned around to see if I was gaining and realised I wasn’t chasing, she stopped for a moment. She held up a hand and waved it, showing she had a couple of notes in it, and then took off running again.

A quick check of my wallet showed that she’d manage to grab a hundred without me realising. Little bitch. It was no use chasing her, and I was prepared to bet she wouldn’t be showing in the nightclub again tonight.

The odd thing about the whole incident was this feeling that I knew that young woman. I’d seen her somewhere recently. I just couldn’t remember where. I forgot about it and wrote it off to experience.

Later that week a mate asked if he could borrow my Gerni pressure cleaner on Saturday. I said sure. Just come around and grab it. It’ll be in the garage. Next time I was in the garage I checked to make sure the Gerni was in its accustomed place ready for Mike to grab and was met by a vacant spot.

So where was my Gerni? Running through the people who’ve borrowed it, and there has been a few, I finally hit on my brother. He borrowed it a couple of weeks back and hadn’t returned it yet. I gave him a call and he said sure, he still had it and he’d finished using it. He couldn’t drop it off before Saturday but if I cared to drop past it was in his back room. I told him I’d swing past Friday evening and collect it. No worries. If he and the missus weren’t home they’d leave word with the baby-sitter that I was coming around.

What with one thing and another it was pushing nine when I rolled up to my brother’s place to collect the Gerni. The baby-sitter answered and I introduced myself.

“Evening. I’m Gordon, Peter’s brother. I’m here to collect some equipment. I assume that he told you I was coming?”

“Oh, hi. I’m Samantha. Everyone calls me Sam. We’ve actually met here before. Yes, Peter said you’d probably drop past. Come on in.”

“Thanks. I won’t be but a moment. I know where the equipment is.”

I headed off to the back room, puzzled by something that was nudging my mind. I picked up the Gerni and was heading back out. Sam reached for the front door to open it for me and then it clicked.

I put down the Gerni and took a closer look.

“Tell me, Sam,” I said, my voice all affability, “have you stolen any more wallets lately?”

She looked as though she’d been slapped. Her face turned bright red and she started stuttering.

“Wh-what are you t-talking about? Wh-what makes you th-think I’d steal a wallet.”

“Friday night at the Blue Rhino,” I said. “I thought you looked familiar. In case you’re wondering which of your victims I am, I’m the one you kicked ankara escort in the shins.”

From the look on her face she did recognise me now, and wasn’t happy about it.

“Why don’t we step into the front room and discuss the matter?”

“You got your wallet back,” Sam pointed out, a touch of desperation in her voice.

“Less a hundred dollars handling fee,” I murmured and Sam blushed again. She’d apparently forgotten that.

“I’ll pay you back,” she said. “I just don’t have it on me right now but I will pay you back.”

“Well you’re certainly going to pay for it,” I told her. “I believe in keeping all my accounts up to date. I see no reason I should make an exception for a cheap little thief.”

“I’m not really a thief,” she protested. “I really needed the money. Yours is the only wallet I ever took and I only grabbed what I needed.”

I’ll admit I’d been surprised she hadn’t just grabbed the entire contents and kept running rather than stopping to extract a hundred. Mind you, if I’d known she’d extracted the hundred I’d have held on tighter until I got it back.

“So you say,” I scorned. “So how do you propose to pay me back?”

I was half expecting her to offer me a blowjob or sex, but she didn’t. She just looked at me helplessly.

“That’s what I thought. No idea. Well as far as I’m concerned you’re going to have to pay a penalty. After that we can possibly discuss terms for repayment of the money you ‘borrowed’.”

Sam was suddenly looking sick and worried, wondering what sort of penalty I was going to demand. I saw her eyes flick down to my crotch and away. She was petrified that I was going to try to demand sexual favours. I wasn’t. Those I’d take at the appropriate time.

I ran my eyes over her. She was dressed for handling children. Old yoga pants and an old t-shirt. Not exactly flattering to what I remembered as a very nice figure, but the sort of outfit where it didn’t matter if kids got sticky hands and mouths all over it. From the look of her, they already had.

“Well, I’ve always thought that if an unruly child deliberately breaks the rules a good spanking helps get the message across that what they did was wrong.”

Sam’s eyes opened wide. “I’m not a child,” she pointed out.

She could say that again. Her night clubbing outfit had demonstrated that. That’s one reason I’d decided to spank her.

“You acted like one,” I pointed out. “Pinching something and kicking the adult in the shins when you were caught. I think a good spanking will be just the cure. Do you have any objections?”

She certainly did have objections, and lots of them. But weighed against those objections were what if I called the police and had her charged, or what if I told my brother that she was a thief? She finished up just glaring at me and saying nothing.

As far as I was concerned this was an occasion when silence meant consent. I went and sat on the couch and indicated that she should approach me.

Sam moved slowly until she was standing in front of me. I calmly reached for her waist, hooked onto her yoga pants and pulled them down, not forgetting to collect her panties along the way. The look on her face was priceless. Spanking, she was ready for. Panties down, not so ready.

Her hands snapped down to cover her mound. A little too late as I’d already had a good view. Very nice clean-shaven curves she had. I told her so, but she didn’t seem to appreciate the compliment.

She was itching to bend down and pull her panties back up but didn’t quite dare.

“Why did you do that,” she protested.

“Because if I’m going to spank you I’m going to spank your bare bottom. Now may I suggest that you bend over my knee?”

Apparently I could suggest it but that didn’t mean that Sam was going to cooperate. Maybe I should have phrased it differently.

“If you don’t bend over my knee, I’ll assume that you want to be completely naked,” I said softly. “I’ll be quite happy to oblige you.”

I almost laughed at the haste with which Sam decided to bend over my knee.

“Before we start,” I said, “I’d like to make sure you know just why I’m spanking you.”

Sam squirmed a little uncomfortably at the question, or maybe because my hand was resting on her bottom, idly rubbing it. She tried to answer honestly, though.

“Because I pinched your money and because I kicked you in the shin,” she said in a small voice.

Like I thought. She didn’t have a clue as to why I was spanking her. She’d find out eventually.

I ankara escort bayan brought my hand down hard, leaving a nice red mark on her cheek. Sam gasped, and then gave a small squeal when a second spank decorated her other cheek.

“Please try to keep the screaming and wailing to a minimum,” I asked her, while massaging where I’d spanked. “We don’t want to wake the children, now do we?”

I continued giving Sam a series of sharp smarting spanks, building a nice red flush to her bottom. Not wanting to be too severe I’d pause every so often to give her tush a little massage.

When I started the spanking I noticed that her legs were together. Not tightly closed, but together which just a hint of her pussy revealed. After the first few spanks her legs had relaxed a little, revealing more of her pussy. Now, as her bottom started to really feel the smarting from the spanking, Sam’s legs were drifting further apart.

It wasn’t something she was doing deliberately, in effect saying stop spanking, I’ve got a pussy. It was more of an unconscious happening. I’d spank, Sam would squirm and after each bit of restless squirming her legs would have parted that little bit more. Her body was reacting to the spanking, offering alternatives.

Seeing her pussy was on offer it would have been remiss of me not to accept. I started letting the occasional spank flick along her lips, teasing them. Now when I paused to rub the pain away from her bottom my hand just naturally followed the curves and rubbed along Sam’s pussy.

The first time I did that Sam gave a gasp and a little jerk, but she didn’t say anything. After a while, I found that when I massaged along her pussy it was starting to push against me, wanting to be touched.

A few more rounds of spanks followed by a rub and I could see Sam’s lips were swollen and pouting slightly. Accordingly, I dropped the spanking part and just concentrated on the rubbing. I could feel Sam trembling slightly as I massaged her and knew it would be only a matter of time before she asked what the hell?

“What are you doing?” she finally asked in a very small voice.

She knew damn well what I was doing. I was playing with her pussy as though it was my private property, and my fingers were already trespassing between her lips.

“Are you a virgin?” I asked, knowing damn well she wasn’t. I’d already established that by sense of touch.

She shook her head, so I continued.

“Then, little Sam, you know perfectly well what I’m doing. I’m preparing the playing ground for the star player’s entrance.”

Finally she started to give some resistance. She struggled to push herself up off my lap, and to her surprise I let her.

She stood in front of me, glaring at me, not even thinking to cover her pussy. She just stood there, legs parted, and I could see her lips were swollen and pouting.

“I’m not going to let you rape me,” she stated flatly. “I don’t care what you do, but I won’t be raped.”

“And I have no intention of raping you,” I returned. Reaching over I cupped her pussy again while my other hand settled on her bottom, holding her in place.

Sam started pushing at my hands, but not getting anywhere.

“If you’ve got no intention of raping me then why are you touching me like that?”

“One, because I like the feel of you. Two, because you like it and you’re already hot and wet and ready for me and three, just because I’m not going to rape you doesn’t mean that I’m not going to seduce you. Now do me a favour and take off your top.”

Sam swallowed and tried to stare me down. She lost and with a gulp she lifted her t-shirt off over her head. With that simple move we both knew she was agreeing to have me lie her down and ravish her.

“Bra,” I said and Sam didn’t even try to misunderstand or stall. She just quietly undid it and let it drop.

With that I pulled her back down onto my knee, but sitting on it rather that bending over it. Sam’s nipples were already erect, but I felt it only right to encourage them to stay that way. Sam was breathing hard as my mouth closed over first one breast and then the other, while my hand continued to torment her love mound.

I had one free hand so I took the time to use it to undo my trousers and relieve the pressure that had been building up there. With my erection free I took Sam’s hand and moved it to where she could take hold of me. As soon as she laid her hand on my cock she snatched it away, a panicky look appeared in her eyes and I thought escort ankara she was going to jump to her feet and run.

I moved fast. My hand closed over her breast and started massaging while my mouth closed over hers and I started kissing. At the same time I was subtly turning her and easing her down onto her back. Pussy wise, her body was ready and waiting, eager to get down to some action. Mentally, she was all of a dither, ready to panic and run.

I decided that the best way to prevent her running was to nail her to the couch. She was going to find it hard to cut and run with an erection stuffed deep inside her.

I’d already eased her legs apart and my hand was drawing involuntary responses from her pussy. Her hips were already jerking slightly as she pushed her pussy harder against my hand. It was the simplest thing to just move over her and let my cock sink into her.

It was very strange. As I sank between her lips and down into her, Sam gave a compulsive little jerk and then settled down, watching as my cock pierced her. The look on her face was one of pure shock as though she didn’t believe what was happening. Not that she was objecting, mind you. Just not seeming to believe it. I was stuffed if I knew what her problem was.

Whatever her problem was, or had been, it didn’t seem to interfere with her reception of me. I pushed firmly down into her and her passage seemed to just stretch and wrap itself around me, quite happy to accommodate me.

Fully in her I paused, waiting to see if Sam wanted to make the first move. She just lay there, looking a trifle stunned, so after a little while I pressed against her and relaxed.

I did the press forward and relax bit several times, expecting Sam to get with the action, but she just lay there, letting me do my thing. It seemed to me that I’d get the same response from an inflatable doll.

With my cock pressing inside her I spoke firmly to her.

“Sam, when I press into you, it’s only polite for you to push up to meet me. Why don’t you try it? We’ll take it slow to start with so you can get the idea.”

In my opinion her previous boyfriend (Or current. I hadn’t actually asked.) must have been a bit of a dud. A non-virgin should know the basics.

I pulled back a little then drove back in slowly, coaxing Sam to push as I came. She managed to do so and I congratulated her as I pulled back again. Then in again, with the same gentle coaxing and congratulations.

After that I didn’t need to tell Sam to push as she was working at it. It was still a conscious effort, and not instinctive, but she was getting there. I started taking longer strokes, still moving slowly and Sam was right there with me, moving more easily now. Her face was flushed and excited and she was breathing hard.

Soon I was able to put a lot more energy into my stroking her, bouncing on her hard and fast, while Sam was putting all her effort into bouncing up to meet me. She was babbling now, a constant stream of little comments as she eagerly accepted everything I was offering.

“Oh, god,” she was saying. “Oh, god. I didn’t know. Oh my god. Harder. Please. I need it harder. Oh. Oh. Oh.”

She just get rambling on, humping her pussy just as hard as she could.

It was easy to tell when Sam was approaching her climax. Her ramblings came faster and were higher pitched, interwoven with squeals and squeaks as I drilled into her.

Finally, with what I call exquisite timing and others call pure chance, I was able to initiate Sam’s climax at the same time as mine. I pounded into her, letting her have my days offering deep inside her, and she squealed and convulsed, babbling incoherently as her climax tore her nerves to pieces and reassembled them.

I had to ask of course.

“Sam, for a non-virgin, you didn’t seem too clued up on what was happening. Care to explain?”

“Well, when you asked if I was a virgin I had to say I wasn’t,” she told me with an embarrassed look, “but it was only the once and it hurt and I hated it. I thought you were only going to do it to hurt me as a punishment.”

“Ah, no, not quite. The spanking was the punishment, as I told you. The rest of it I was just considering to be interest on the hundred dollar involuntary loan.”

“Oh. How soon do I have to pay it back?” Sam asked.

“I think a week.”

“What if I can’t?”

“Then I’m very much afraid I may have to collect another interest payment,” I said sternly.

“Oh. Well I wouldn’t want you to feel you have to do that. Um, I’m sitting for your brother again next Friday. Perhaps you could come past to see if I managed to find the money.”

Damn right I’d come past. And probably charge interest whether she had the money or not.

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