The A Team


Aurora and Ariel were two, college women, in their early 20’s, who worked at a nearby stationery store. I called them “The A Team” because they worked identical shifts, got along well and flirted with me.

Almost opposites in appearance, Aurora was about 5-2, average height, C-cups, black, straight hair-past her shoulders, and AmerAsian. Ariel was taller, slender, A-B cups, with shorter hair above her shoulders. Aurora was quiet, laughed at my silly jokes and had a pretty smile. Ariel was loud, didn’t think (some) of my jokes were funny, smiled a lot, and kept saying a was “cute” in a nerdy sort of way.

I was more attracted to Aurora, and about two-years after meeting them, I asked Aurora out to a dinner.

“I shouldn’t,” she said. “I would have a few months ago, but I hooked up with a guy at school and we’re ‘preggers’ now. It would be strange to date someone else.”

“Oh!” I reacted, in shock. “I had no idea!”

“It’s cool,” Aurora said. “We only had sex a few times. We aren’t serious, except we will raise our baby, together. We met at a ‘Key party,’ for virgins, and my birth control pills didn’t work. At least we know we are fertile.” Aurora laughed.

“Since you aren’t serious, I still would like to date you. I have gone out with another single mom,” I offered.

“Would you sleep with a knocked-up college kid?” Aurora asked. “I’m not showing-much.”

“I would sleep with you,” I responded. “I’ve never been to bed with a pregnant woman, or an Asian. You can expand my porno horizons.”

“Let me think about it,” Aurora said. “Being preggers with one man’s baby and sexing with another man feels strange. I am not sure I feel comfortable with that… Kind of like cheating.”

“I’ll sleep with you!” Shouted Ariel, from behind the counter. “You’re cute and crazy. Not looking for a relationship, but since I dumped John, I want some action. My parents have a lake cabin. We can be there in 2 hours and “get down” all weekend. My shift ends in 10 minutes.”

“A lake cabin? I will have to go home and get my swimming trunks and a change of clothes,” I said.

“You won’t need either,” Ariel said. “We’ll skinny dip and run around naked in and out of the water and the bedroom.”

“That sounds fun,” I said. “But I thought you and John were heading to engagement. What happened?”

“I did, too,” Ariel said. “Then he wanted me to get a ‘boob job’ and shave my pussy and try anal. No to all three. My “love buttons” will get bigger when I have my babies-someday, I don’t want to feel like a 10-year-old, so no shaving my bush, and anal just sounds gross.”

“Are you very hairy? I asked? “I like hairy pussies.”

“Not hugely, but a thick patch,” Arial explained. “You will get to see it, and experience it, tonight. You don’t have to ‘eat’ me if you don’t want to. No one has. I’m an ‘oral’ virgin.”

“Your car or mine?” I asked.

“We’ll take my dad’s 4WD,” Ariel said. “The dirt road from the 2-lane anime porno up to the cabin is rough.”

“Does your dad know you are inviting me?” I asked.

“Not yet, but he won’t mind. John told my parents that we were having sex. They weren’t upset, and mom put me on the patch. Dad told me, yesterday, ‘You need some action. You are getting grumpy.’ I laughed and agreed. So you are my plan for action. I don’t want daddy to think I am grumpy.”

A few hours later, we were at the lakeside cabin. Ariel stripped and ran for the lake. I followed her, cute, bare ass, into the water. The chilly temp hardened her “buttons” and shriveled my cock, but we French-kissed and felt each other up in the water. Then we headed to shore and 69’d on a blanket. I shocked Ariel by eating her beautiful, hairy, pussy, to her first-ever oral orgasm and she screamed into the woods, scaring a deer away. Minutes later, my cock was hard as steel and Ariel impaled herself on it as we rocked to a mutually-satisfying climax, while I kissed her “love buttons” and I loaded her with a smoth creampie.

“I can’t believe you went down on me,” Ariel said. “My gosh that was intense!”

“It is my pleasure,” I reacted. “Don’t even think of shaving or silicone. Your body is, naturally, beautiful! John is nuts to suggest changes. Anal has no appeal to me. Your pussy is the perfect place for my cock. So warm and wet.”

“It is wet with your cum,” Ariel laughed. “I am oozing with baby stuff. It’s arap porno a good thing for birth control.”

We fell asleep until repeating our passion at 3:00 A.M., then went inside to the bedroom and slept past sunrise, spooning naked.

It was a weekend of “Friends with benefits.” Fun, passionate sex, but no emotional connection-on my part. I still wanted to date Aurora.

Weeks later, tragedy intervened. Aurora suffered a miscarriage-which, emotionally, devastated her. “I never realized how much I loved my baby, and now, it is gone,” she cried on my shoulder.

About a month after her loss, Aurora surprised me and asked me out. “I am not seeing or sexing the guy from school. You never abandoned me. Ariel says she enjoyed your weekend together and that you treated her right. I’m not skinny, like her, but I want to share some ‘private time’ in your arms. I’m on better birth control-if you still want me.”

We went out to a romantic dinner, that night, at Marie Callendar’s. Aurora asked me to spend the night so we rented a nearby hotel room at the Hilton. Minutes later, Aurora was in my arms, we French-kissed and romantically undressed, landed on the king-sized mattress. After I licked her breasts and clit to her first orgasm, of our night, together, and my cock slid into her, soaking wet hairy pussy. We rocked in passion, flipped to Doggy and back and climaxed in each other’s arms.

“I never knew that sex with emotion would feel so great,” Aurora cried. “I know you really care for me after you stood by me…”

“Why would I abandon you?” I asked. “You were just pregnant. You didn’t rob a bank. The world has plenty of single moms. Someday, we may make our own baby. For now, my cock wants to enjoy your pussy again…”