The Adventures of a Nerd Ch. 03

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“Oh, my God, Beth!,” Becca slurred. “Just do it, already!”

The two girls stood in the foyer to the Wilson dormitory. It was nearly 2:30AM and both girls were more than intoxicated.

It had been a long Friday night for the two sorority girls. They had begun their night bar hopping at Jimmy’s Pub, the bar right off of campus.

Before going out, Becca made sure both girls were dressed to the nines.

Becca wore a skin tight cocktail dress that hugged her thin frame in all of the right places. A push-up bra propped up her 34B chest and gave the illusion that her dress hid more than it did. Bright red lipstick and deep blue eye shadow provided a sharp contrast to her tanned, caramel features. Becca was very proud of her tan and frequented the campus tanning salon on a weekly basis. Her dark hair flowed in waves down to the center of her back and was perfectly styled for the evening.

At 5’9, Beth was the taller of the two girls by a good six inches and wore a green dress that Becca had loaned her. In truth, it was almost too small for Beth. The dress barely reached a quarter of the way down Beth’s thigh and showed more cleavage than she would normally be comfortable showing, the dress barely covering her ample 36D chest. Beth had to give Becca credit for one thing: the dress really brought out the color of Beth’s aqua blue eyes in the light. Although she normally wore her hair in a ponytail, Beth let her shoulder-length blond hair down for the evening. A light pink lipstick and some eye shadow that Becca applied, and Beth had completed her transformation.

The night itself was a blur. Several groups of guys had shown interest at the bars and the alcohol had come easily enough. Attractive girls rarely had to buy their own drinks. Becca, the more outgoing of the two, made it a point to lure over guys whenever the girls’ glasses were empty. The ensuing conversations were almost worse than just buying their own drinks. “Do you go to school here?” “What are you majoring in?” “You’re the hottest girl I’ve ever seen on campus.”

After leaving Jimmy’s Pub early in the night, the girls had decided to make a game of it: after a drink or two, the girls would excuse themselves to visit the bathroom. Instead of returning to their potential suitors, however, they would simply leave for another bar, leaving the poor guys in a state of confusion for the rest of the night.

In truth, neither Becca nor Beth were interested in meeting someone. Beth had recently broken up with her boyfriend of six years and was just looking for a good time. Becca, meanwhile, was more than willing to provide it.

Between the fun of stringing guys along, dancing, and the constant flow of alcohol, the two girls completely ignored the bartender signaling last call at Guido’s. The two girls even continued to dance until the music was turned off and the lights were dimmed. It wasn’t until one of the waitresses approached them that they realized how late it was.

Stumbling out onto State Street, Beth turned to Becca and put her arm around Becca’s shoulder.

“Thank you for such an amazing evening,” Beth said. “I really needed this.”

Becca, equally inebriated, leaned on Beth as they walked back towards their sorority house. After turning down Grover Street, Becca pointed to Wilson Dorm as they walked past.

“Hey Beth, want to have some more fun, tonight?” Becca asked.

Beth’s finger rested on the intercom.

“What do I say?” she asked. “We know that you have a big dick and we want to see it?”

“That might work,” Becca replied. “It’s how I got my pic when we were pledges.”

Among the more unique traditions of the girls’ sorority was a final test for new pledges. Beth remembered it like it was yesterday. The rules were simple: each pledge randomly draws a name of a guy on campus. Return a full-frontal picture of the guy within two weeks and you become a sister for life. Fail to return the picture, or try to cheat, and you spend the rest of your college life living in social isolation. Two boring dates and an all-too-quick hand job later, and Beth was able to claim her prize with her cellphone while he cleaned himself up. She almost felt bad for the guy: he texted her several times after that and Beth had to make a string of excuses until he finally stopped calling. Apparently, Becca had simply taken the direct approach.

The intercom’s directory read “Harrington, Kevin – 336.” Kevin was a legend among the sorority sisters. In all of the years that the sorority had made its pledges complete the picture test, Kevin stood out as being the most endowed. Even the returning sisters that were in their 40s and 50s were impressed. Of course, sorority rules also made Kevin off limits. Since the test often involved getting into compromising positions with the targets, prohibiting sisters from going after any of the guys ensured that there would be no in-fighting among the sisters. The older sisters also made sure that the guys güvenilir bahis selected as targets each year were the type that most sisters would naturally ignore. In Kevin’s case, it wasn’t that he wasn’t attractive physically; he just seemed oblivious to his own looks.

“BZZZZZZ,” rang the intercom. Beth turned to Becca with a look of fear and looked as if she were going to run at any second.

Before Becca could say something to calm Beth down, a voice spoke from the intercom, “Uh. Hello? Do you know what time it is? Either this is a prank or you’ve got the wrong room.”

Quick thinking as always, Becca seized on the opportunity. “Real funny, Billy. Get down here, NOW. Beth forgot her keys again and we’re both really drunk.”

A few moments passed before the voice returned. “Ugh. I knew it. I’m sorry, but you’ve got the wrong room. I’m Kevin, not Billy.”

Becca replied in a purposely slurred voice, “Oh. I’m sorry, Kevin. We’ll just keep trying other rooms.”

“Wait! No, don’t do that. You’ll wake up half the dorm,” said the voice. “I’ll let you in. Just give me a few minutes.”

Becca turned to Beth with a smug grin. It was a matter of pride for Becca that she could play almost any guy out there. Rather than awe, however, Beth looked like she was going to be sick. Becca secretly prayed that it was nerves more than the alcohol affecting Beth.

After a few minutes, Kevin arrived at the door. Becca took a few seconds to take in the sight. Kevin wasn’t terrible looking. He was tall and had an average build. His green eyes looked like they were on fire in the light of the entryway. It was like looking into a dense forest at sunset. Of course, Kevin’s glasses detracted from his piercing eyes. Large rimmed and out of style, he looked almost silly. He wore a black t-shirt with a picture of Yoda on it and the caption “Use the Force, You Must!”

The arrival of Kevin sobered Beth up almost immediately, as the reality of the situation sunk in. What had seemed like a good idea a little while ago now seemed reckless. Did they really think Kevin was just going to strip naked for their entertainment? Not only that, but Beth and Becca could be in serious trouble, if their sorority ever found out that they had approached him.

Kevin looked the two girls over. Both girls were incredibly cute, but looked like they had partied a bit too hard. Beth, in particular, looked nauseous and had a zoned look to her face.

“OK, let’s go,” Kevin said. “I’ll walk you to your rooms.”

Becca led the charge and pushed past Kevin into the dormitory. Beth hesitated for a split second and followed her friend into the entryway and down one of the hallways. Kevin trailed the two girls, to make sure that they were all right.

Suddenly, Becca turned to one of the doors and started knocking. “Sarah, open up. It’s me, Becca,” she said.

A moment later, a male voice replied through the door, “Who the hell is Sarah?” “Go to bed, you drunk bitch!”

Becca backed away from the door and turned to Beth. “I’m in room 145, right?” “Or was it 451?” “That’s right, 451; we need to go upstairs.” With that, Becca headed for the stairwell at the end of the hallway.

As she walked down the hallway, Becca yelled, “Sarah, where are you? Stop kidding around.”

Kevin was not pleased. At this rate, Becca was going to wake up the entire dorm. With each outburst by Becca, Beth also seemed to grow increasingly more pallid.

Kevin sprinted after Becca. “That’s it,” he said. “Why don’t the two of you just crash in my room?” “You’re going to end up on probation, if you keep this up.”

Becca smiled a half grin and took the opportunity to size Kevin up from head to toe. She thought she could make out the outline of his bulge through his pajama pants, but it could also have been the lighting. “Your room, huh?”

Kevin got defensive. “It’s not like that,” he said. “Look, I’ll sleep on the floor.” “You two just need to sober up and quit making so much noise.”

Becca thought about it for a second and slurred, “You’re probably right.” “Let’s go.”

As Kevin led the two girls to his room, Becca turned to Beth and winked. Beth was stunned. So this was all part of Becca’s plan? And she was able to come up with it so quickly?

The trio reached Kevin’s room and he unlocked the door. He clicked on his desk lamp, as the two girls entered his room. The room was a disaster. There were clothes everywhere. Several empty soda cans and stale pizza were sitting on his desk.

“You two can share the bed,” Kevin directed. “I’ll sleep on the floor by the closet.” “Do you need any water, to help sober up?”

Beth nodded her head sheepishly and Kevin pulled a bottle of water from the mini-refrigerator next to his desk. He handed the bottle to Beth. “Thanks,” she said.

Without saying another word, Kevin walked over to the closet, grabbed a towel, and laid down on the floor, using the towel as a makeshift pillow.

“Can I have some of that, too?” türkçe bahis Becca slurred while reaching for Beth’s bottle of water. Beth acquiesced and handed the bottle to Becca. Becca then turned to the bed and said, “There’s only one pillow.” “I need a pillow, too.”

With that, Becca walked over to the closet next to Kevin, who was trying his best to fall back asleep. She began rummaging through the closet, looking for a towel of her own.


The bottle in Becca’s hand had tipped over, soaking Kevin. He immediately sat up with a look of rage.

“Shit,” Becca said. She knelt down with a towel and began patting down Kevin. Before he could stop her, her hands traced up his leg. Almost halfway between his knee and his crotch area, she felt it through his pajama pants.

“YOU’RE HUGE!,” Becca exclaimed. Kevin shied backwards, away from Becca’s touch.

“Beth, come here,” Becca commanded. “Check this out. He must have the biggest dick on the planet.” Beth slowly rose from the bed and walked over to where Becca and Kevin were huddled.

Had this been a few months ago, Kevin’s reaction would have been very different. Back then, he was a virgin and had no experience whatsoever with girls. Since then, however, he had had sex a few times with Professor Price and was starting to gain some confidence. Besides that, he was horny. Professor Price was insatiable, but her job required her to travel quite a bit through the year for conferences and speaking arrangements. It had been over six weeks since Kevin had last had sex and here were two pretty college girls that wanted to see his manhood.

Kevin stood up, decisively. His soaked pajama pants clung tightly to his leg, silhouetting the bulge that extended down his left leg.

“Do you girls really want to see it?” he asked.

Both girls looked at each other and smiled. Becca winked at Beth.

“Yes!” they exclaimed, simultaneously.

Kevin reached down and began to slide down his pajama pants and boxers. The two girls stood mesmerized as he slowly exposed his member. Even though both girls had seen the picture, seeing the real thing in person was entirely different. Beth wondered to herself how much lower Kevin’s pants could go before the whole thing was exposed.

Kevin let go of his pants and they fell to the floor. Becca, still kneeling next to Kevin, was mere inches away from the biggest penis she had ever seen. She couldn’t turn away and just stared as it swayed slightly back and forth between Kevin’s legs.

“Can I touch it?” Beth asked. Becca’s head swung around. The look on her friend’s face was a mixture of curiosity, fear, and awe.

“Only if you’re looking to get me hard,” Kevin said. “And if you do get me hard, I hope you girls would be kind enough not to leave me like that…”

In response, Beth’s right hand reached out and gripped Kevin’s enormous member, right in front of Becca’s face. A thick, blue vein ran along the side of his shaft. Becca was close enough that she thought she could actually see it pulsing from Kevin’s heartbeat. She reached up and closed her hand around the portion that wasn’t already in Beth’s hand.

Both girls began stroking Kevin in unison, with Beth taking control of the head of Kevin’s penis and Becca jerking it closer to the base. The could both feel the rush of blood as Kevin’s member turned from the consistency of taffy to steel. Surprisingly, it seemed to get even longer as it stiffened.

Becca removed her hand from Kevin and Beth followed suit. She took a mental picture that would stay with her for years to come. It was easily the size of Becca’s forearm. A veiny, solid forearm that culminated in a head that was the size of her fist. It looked menacing.

“So which of you girls wants it first?” Kevin asked.

Becca was incensed. Sure, she probably owed him a hand job for giving the girls what was probably a once in a lifetime mental image. She had given out hand jobs out for worse reasons than that. To expect sex, though, was downright presumptuous, hard-on or not.

“I will,” Beth blurted out.

Becca gasped. Was Beth serious?

“Works for me,” Kevin said. He casually walked across the room to his desk, his hard-on jutting out below his t-shirt like a spear. Kevin reached into one of the drawers and pulled out a condom.

Kevin then turned to Beth and asked, “How do you want it?” “On the bed or standing up?”

While Beth was thinking it over, Kevin nodded to Becca and said, “You can either watch, join in, or wait outside. Whatever you want to do.”

Beth didn’t say a word, as she reached under her dress and removed her panties. She then grabbed Kevin’s hand and led him over to the bed.

Becca was dumbstruck. Was her friend really going to do this? And with Becca standing right there in the room?

Beth laid back on the bed, her dress pulled up to expose her lower half. Kevin tore open the condom. He rolled it onto his member and positioned himself on top of Beth, the head güvenilir bahis siteleri of his shaft pressed against her entrance.

“Ready?” Kevin asked.

“Yeah,” Beth replied.

Kevin cocked his head to look Becca straight in the eyes as he slowly pressed himself into Beth. He gave her a devilish grin.

“Uuuuunnnnnnnggggggg,” Beth exclaimed. Becca could see that Beth’s eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip. “Go slowly,” Beth pleaded.

From her angle, Becca could see that Kevin was only halfway into Beth. He bent down and began kissing Beth gently on the lips, as he continued to press himself inside of her.

“Ouch!” Beth screamed, her whole body jerking. Becca guessed that Kevin had hit Beth’s cervix, even though he still had a few more inches to go.

“Sorry,” Kevin replied.

Becca crawled over to the side of the bed, to get a better view. She had watched porn before, but had never seen two people having sex in person. It was fascinating. Becca had seen Beth naked many times before when changing, but this was completely different. Kevin looked like he was all business, making sure not to cause Beth any more pain. Beth, meanwhile, looked to be in sheer bliss.

“How is it?” Becca asked, leaning over her friend’s face.

Beth opened her eyes and smiled. “Perfect,” was all she could muster, closing her eyes again.

Suddenly, Becca felt Kevin’s hand on her right breast, as she hunched over Beth. She leaned back to see Kevin kneading Beth’s left breast in his other hand and her own breast in the other. He pulled Becca in closer and kissed her.

The absurdity of the moment flashed through Becca’s mind for a split second. Here she was, making out with a semi-naked guy that also happens to be fucking her friend. Animal instincts, however, washed away any rational thought and Becca gave herself over to the moment. She kissed Kevin back, making it a point to mingle her tongue with his.

Kevin reached down and slid the shoulder straps of Becca’s dress and bra down her arm, exposing her breast to him. He leaned down and placed his mouth on Becca’s nipple, gently squeezing her breast with his hand. As he caressed her nipple with his tongue, she could feel the rhythm of Kevin’s strokes into and out of her friend.

“OH, GOD,” Beth suddenly yelled, “I’M CUMMING.” Her back arched and she wrapped both of her legs around Kevin, drawing him into her. Kevin removed his mouth from Becca’s breast and began kissing Beth passionately as her body continued to spasm.

As Beth’s orgasm subsided, Kevin pulled backward and said, “I’m on the edge.” “Do you want a turn?”

Every fiber of Becca’s being wanted to say yes, but the look on Beth’s face made her pause. Her expression of ecstasy had changed into one of almost fear or jealousy. As tempting as the offer was, Becca reminded herself that this night was about getting Beth out of her shell. She knew that taking Kevin up on his offer would create a rift between herself and Beth and drive Beth back into a depression about her ex-boyfriend.

“I’m good,” Becca said, as she slid her hand behind Kevin and squeezed his balls.

“Suit yourself,” Kevin said. He resumed sliding his member in and out of Beth’s now dripping hole, while Becca fondled his balls. On each thrust, she could feel him slowly back out of Beth and then quickly slide it back into her, making sure not to go too deep.

“That’s it, just release into my friend,” Becca said.

“Yeah, give it to me,” Beth chimed in.

Kevin’s breathing became heavier. Becca could literally feel his balls tighten up, the pressure building as he continued to thrust. Suddenly, he rammed himself into Beth much harder than he had previously and held himself there. A stab of pain shot through Beth, but the feeling of being filled outweighed it tenfold.

“Unnnggghhhh,” Kevin said, as he exploded into Beth. While gripping his balls, Becca could feel them drain their contents into Beth. She could also feel the base of his shaft twitching uncontrollably as he shot load after load into Beth.

As his orgasm subsided, Kevin leaned over and kissed Becca once again. He caught his breath and eventually pulled his still rock-hard shaft out of Beth. The condom, still attached to Kevin, looked like a water balloon. He slid it off and tossed it into the trash can next to his desk.

“I really needed that,” Kevin said.

“I think we all did,” Beth replied, still somewhat out of breath.

Kevin put his pajama pants back on, as the two girls adjusted themselves. Becca slipped her hanging breast back into her bra and re-adjusted her dress. Beth, meanwhile, grabbed her panties from the floor and slid them back on under her dress.

“Um. I guess I’ll see you girls in the morning,” Kevin said as he crouched down to sleep in his original spot on the floor.

“Don’t be silly,” Beth said. “After that, you may as well sleep in the bed with us.” She unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor, and crawled into the bed in just her bra and panties. Becca shrugged and followed suit, hopping into the bed next to Beth.

Kevin didn’t have the strength to argue. “Fine,” was all he said, shut off his lamp, and laid down behind Becca.

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