The Albanian’s Revenge


Constantine was a new recruit in the Serb army and excited by the new opportunity in front of him, his young future looking very bright. Only 19 years old and fresh out of basic training he was largely ignorant of the atrocities his countrymen had been responsible for in the past, growing up in a very patriotic and jingoistic household. His father had been in the Serbian Army as had his Grandfather and Great-Grandfather and so on so it was only natural that he would sign up for his turn in the family tradition. Being incredibly proud of his heritage he knew nothing of the world other than through very tinted lenses, largely ignorant of the war atrocities that took place before he was born. His ignorance however was about to come to an abrupt and shocking end.

He was a handsome boy. Standing 6’4″ tall with a perfectly built physique, he was quite the heartbreaker at his high school back in Belgrade. His dark olive complexion and deep brown eyes made many a Serbian maid wet at night as they fantasized about his body. Although he could have had any woman he wanted, he was painfully shy and as of yet was inexperienced in the ways of the female form. He kept this shameful little secret to himself, not wanting to be razzed by his fellow recruits as being labeled a virgin would be a moniker that he would never live down.

It was not as if he didn’t have plenty of opportunities, but he was so painfully awkward around women, just the thought of being naked in front of a one had him blushing like an embarrassed schoolgirl. For six months he and the other lads of his village trained relentlessly; forty mile hikes in full gear, endless pushups, constant sleep deprivation. Now complete his newly sculpted body was even hotter than it was when he had joined.

With his training complete, he looked forward to his first mission. Straight out of basic training he and his buddies were loaded on a personnel carrier and shipped off to Kosovo where the war from twenty years earlier never really ended, only going off the front page. The conflict had been raging since he was born but being the patriotic sort, he joined up to do his part.

Only hours into his first mission, and somewhere just across the border he heard the explosion before everything went black. When he awoke he was alone.

“W-Where am I?” he cried out as he tried to adjust his eyes to the bright light shining in his face.

“Shut up War Criminal!” was the reply. It was an angry voice, but distinctly female. The old lands of Yugoslavia being the hodgepodge of ethnic rivalries he distinctly made out the accent. ALBANIAN!

Constantine was very afraid now and his young body instantly became drenched in cold sweat. All through school his teachers had taught him of the evil ways of the Albanians and it was this group, he was convinced, who not only destroyed Yugoslavia but meant to kill all Serbs. Realizing that he was now their captive, his stomach dropped as he nearly peed on himself, only his great shame at such a thing happening and his iron willpower preventing a humiliating display.

“On your feet Serbian scum!” the voice ordered.

As he scrambled to his feet his eyes finally adjusted to the light and he discovered he was alone in some sort of town hall. His hands were tied behind his back and he had a few cuts and bruises on his arms but otherwise was he was OK.

As he surveyed the room he noticed that the auditorium was filled with only women, dark alluring and beautiful Albanian women, and seeing this a great sense of relief washed over him. Surely a group of women could do him no REAL harm, his chauvinistic attitude giving him a false sense of optimism.

“What should we do with him Miska?” an attractive dark haired young girl called out.

“Such a pretty one” she answered. Miska was obviously the leader of the group and continued to speak. “Would be such a pity if he met the fate of all of the others.”

“Where is my unit?” Constantine yelled out, suddenly discovering a hidden reservoir of courage. “What have you done with them?”

“They are all dead!” Miska answered matter of factly, her nonchalant response to the death of his buddies chilling Constantine to the bone.

“You killed them!” he cried out as the fear returned and now he was really scared.

“No we didn’t. They were killed in the accident that, amazingly, you survived. We Albanians don’t kill indiscriminately as do you Serbians.”

Although he was completely helpless, and in a very dangerous position, his upbringing kicked in and Constantine’s national pride was hurt.

“You LIE! Serbians do not kill unless provoked.”

“Oh?” Miska answered. “Look around you. Notice anything strange in this room?”

Constantine stared into the room again, afraid to open his mouth as he realized an outburst like he had just had could end up Maltepe Öğrenci Escort getting him killed. Seeing his hesitation at speaking she spoke.

“Notice that all the men are gone? Serbians did that! Last year soldiers from YOUR country came and killed all of the men in this village, and raped most of the women. Now my daughters are doomed to a life either as a prostitute or as a spinster as no Albanian man would have them now!” Miska screamed, so overcome with emotion she broke down in sobs.

Constantine’s mind could not handle the tale that was being told as this flew in the face of everything he had ever been taught. Part of him feared it was true, but the conscious part of his brain switched into complete denial. His emotions building, despite the danger of his situation he screamed.

“IMPOSSIBLE! Serbia would never commit such atrocities! You Albanians are liars and always have been! YOU LI….”

His rant was cut short as a rag was stuffed into his mouth to quiet him. Seeing him struggle to get loose, Miska continued.

“So, tomorrow we will take you to the town square and decide your fate then. Think about what your country as done and tell me why we should not kill you.” As the rag was taken from his mouth and before he could answer pain shot through his body as he was hit hard on the back of his head and knocked out.

As dawn broke Constantine struggled awake. As he grew conscious he discovered to his horror that now he was standing in the middle of the town square, wrists and ankles bound to an X shaped wooden frame. As he tested his bonds he discovered also that he was completely helpless, unable to move more than a centimeter in any direction. As the day began, the town square began to fill up with residents and Constantine was amazed that such a small village had so many women without a man in sight. He was mortified to think to himself that he found so many of them attractive but being a red blooded male it was hard to ignore their beauty.

Being a poor village these girls were shabbily, yet unintentionally erotically dressed in simple peasant dresses and all barefoot. Farm life made them all very fit and his cock twitched as he surveyed the delightful large breasts that so many of them were sporting. He was conflicted as his male urges reacted naturally to the sight of so many young attractive women, yet the rational part of his brain wanted to hate them. These were ENEMY women; how could he be thinking this about them?

After an hour or so, the square was now completely filled with women of all ages, without a single man in sight. Many, if not most, of the women were visibly shaking in rage at the sight of such a young Serbian army recruit tied up in their village, and taunts and invectives were quickly hurled. Some of the younger ones though looked at him rather lustily, but still with a foreign and hate-filled look in their eyes.

“What should be done with him?” Miska asked the crowd.

Many called for his execution and Constantine really began cold sweating now. Others called for him to be held hostage. The crowd bantered many things back and forth until one woman spoke up. “Make him repay us for the crimes against us!”

This provoked much consternation. What did she mean repay? How could he repay? The crowd asked as they whipped themselves up into a fury. Calming the crowd, the mystery woman spoke.

“Since Serbia deprived our young women of the joys of meaningful womanhood, perhaps this young man, who I have seen you all lusting after, could repay the girls of this village.”

A nervous laughter went up from the crowd. “Are you serious?” Miska asked.

“Quite” the old woman responded. “We are an isolated village, are we not?” The crowd agreed.

“And the likelihood of our daughters finding suitable mates is now gone due to their violation and shame and the murder of all of the young men in town.”

They again nodded their heads in agreement.

“Well then, why not make this young Serb boy act as stud to our village. He will live out his days as slave of this community, his freedom forfeit for the crimes of his countryman. Each girl will get him one week of the year to do with as she pleases. In many ways this may be a blessing in disguise as none of our daughters will ever have a man, why not take THIS man to be their personal bitch for life!”

The crowd roared with approval as it did seem wasteful to simply kill the handsome Serb as it was obvious that his dark good looks had awoken the natural feminine desires in the young village girls.

Constantine, turned white as snow as the enormity of what was happening hit him and although his brain wanted to resist, his more natural reaction was clearly evident in his pants as he was now VERY hard at the thought.

Seeing the tent in his uniform, Maltepe Çıtır Escort Miska grinned. “Let’s begin by getting a good look at our new property.” She cackled as she approached him with a knife.

Hopeless as it was Constantine struggled valiantly to maintain his modesty but it was no use. Relentlessly, Miska and a few of the others cut away his shirt and removed his boots and socks, slowly stripping him naked before the increasingly animated and cheering crowd. As they continued, one of the more attractive girls in the village came up to his stocks sand ran her nails down Constantine’s chest as she reached for his buckle.

Although humiliated beyond belief, he was tremendously aroused now and it clearly showed. Again they made short work of his belt and cut away his trousers and now he stood before him clad only in his briefs. The wind roaring through the town square chilled his body as it enveloped his nearly naked body and the women stood back to display him to the crowd.

“Well now, that is some FINE Serbian MEAT!” one voice yelled out.

“Yeah, I will have my ass on that face every minute it is MY week!” another called out.

All stood and admired the blushing Serb as he stood there nearly naked. With great fanfare, Miska and the attractive young girl showed the knife to the cheering crowd and pulled the fabric of his briefs out tight. Two little snips were made and his briefs were cut away and thrown to the crowd.

Now naked as the day he was born, tied, helpless, naked and to his great chagrin, hard his face turned beet red. The young beautiful women went crazy as he was revealed as most had not seen a fully grown naked man before in their lives. The fact that Constantine was well hung was instantly commented on and his face burned in shame as he desperately tried to close his legs to hide himself.

“Well, Well” Miska chuckled as she snapped his cock back and forth like a pendulum. “It seems our little Servile Serb is raring to go.”

Constantine, his face flushed with shame, drooped his head in abject humiliation. Having never been naked in front of even ONE woman before, to have his first experience be his shameful stripping in front of an entire village was beyond humiliating. He closed his eyes tight and hoped that this was the worst of it, but as he heard Miska speak, he feared this was only the beginning of his shame.

“But first we must give him the Albanian purity test!” She announced to the crowd’s obvious delight.

Constantine lifted his head up quickly now as curiosity now overshadowed shame as the primary emotion he felt. Seeing the look on his face, Miska grinned as she knew he had no idea what was being referred to. Grabbing his chin and holding it up to the crowd she loudly explained to him what was coming.

“Every time a young Albanian woman is preparing for her wedding night; the sacred female elders of the village are sent to her home to administer this test to her. Now, since you are lower than any woman, and you are to be essentially the bride to the village, you must be tested as were they.”

His brow still furrowed as he still could not imagine what they were going to do his face was blank until he saw the object in question. Made of ivory and obviously very old, the purity tester was brought forward and Constantine was horrified at the prospect of it being used on him. It was shaped in the form of a man’s penis and the ancient model had obviously been a very well-endowed man since the cock measured 15″ long and at least 8″ wide.

“NOOOOOOOOO!” Constantine screamed as three beautiful girls bring it closer to him, giggling uncontrollably as they prepared for his anal invasion.

Roughly he was unchained from the X frame and pulled forward and strapped over a saw horse. His legs were further widened and his arms were chained down tight rendering him completely immobile. He tried with all his might to keep his ass cheeks closed, but it was no use, he was completely under their control.

To his further shame they turned his widely spread ass to the crowd and one girl on each side spread his cheeks to the maximum they would stretch. Miska stepped forward and dipped her hands into a large barrel of animal fat that had been brought up on stage and unceremoniously, she slapped a good handful square onto his anus, as she whispered into his ear.

“You will thank me for this lubrication one day!”

He heard gasps from the audience, so he knew it was almost time and he bit down hard as he tried to prepare. As the phallus entered him he screamed in a mixture of terror and pain louder than he had ever yelled in his life as the hard ivory reamed his ass. Never had he felt so violated and degraded, but to his horror his cock, now hard as steel exploded with the biggest release of sperm of his life as his ass Maltepe Elit Escort was completely filled and his prostate was rammed. Now spent and wracked with pain, Constantine collapsed, whimpering and sweating. The last thing he remembered hearing before he blacked out were the words “HE PASSED!”

When he awoke he found himself still naked but now chained to some peasants bed. As he looked down his chest he noticed that his balls and dick had been tethered by another chain to the headboard, so he was pretty much incapable of getting away. He did not experience any pain from this, but wondered as to the purpose of this additional bondage. As he struggled to get free, in walked the painfully beautiful peasant girl Luna, the same girl who he had noticed in the crowd and one of the two who had helped with his “purity test”.

Although still frightened by his captivity, he was obviously excited by her body as she was achingly beautiful. She wore only a loose fitting linen shirt which prominently displayed her amble breasts and her long dark hair was now taken down and swirled around her ample curves, hanging down below her knees. Most alluring however was the look on her face as she eyed him. She had that same intense stare a dog gets when you cook steak, and Constantine knew this was directed squarely at him.

As she sat on the end of her bed and looked at her naked bound prisoner, she slipped her shirt off and finally revealed her astounding and amazing breasts. Despite his ordeal, and the fact he was a POW, he could not help but grow hard at this sight and his smoky lust filled eyes and obvious erection made her smile.

“Want to lick?” she giggled as she lifted a toe to his mouth.

Constantine, raised in a society where men were thought to be superior to women could not bring himself to kiss it, even though deep down in his reptilian brain he wanted nothing else but to suck on that delicious foot until he came just from the taste. Pride overcoming lust, he shook his head no.

“As I thought?” she cackled. “I have been assigned to break you and by God by the end of the week you will be licking my feet and eating my pussy on command, you Serbian DOG!”

“HA!” Constantine yelled defiantly but shaky as he knew he was doomed.

His words were cut short as she gripped his quickly hardening cock with her hands and leaned forward on the bed to hover over his cock. Slowly she ran her tongue around the head, sending electric shock waves of pleasure through his body listening intensely to his reactions so as to NOT accidentally allow him release. As she nibbled on his member she also slowly ran her nail up and down the center of his ball sack, driving him wild.

Constantine, now thrashing with pleasure, struggled desperately against his bonds as he felt himself getting ready to shoot. Just as he was about the reach the point of no return, she stopped and laughed as she sat back up on the bottom of the bed.

“Frustrating isn’t it?” she giggled as she got up. “I will be back in five minutes.” She yelled as she left the gasping Constantine reeling on the brink.

Luna continued her teasing well into the night, teasing for an hour, then taking a fifteen-minute break before starting back over again. Finally, around dawn the strain really began to show on her prisoner and he was reduced to a continuous moaning shaking mess as he begged.

“Please Luna! Please let me cum!” he screamed in a pathetic plea for release, having slowly been transformed over the night from proud Serbian soldier to abject slave.

Confident of final victory Luna brought her foot to his mouth.

“You know what to do!”

Mindless of the degradation, Constantine slaked his tongue over each toe in a frenzy, licking sucking and kissing like a wildman. As she again undressed she held her moist pussy just out of his mouth’s reach.

“Beg me to let you eat me and I will release you from your torment” she smirked as Constantine, eyes flooding with tears wept his pleading.

For an hour he blubbered and begged, pleading and moaning until finally she laughed.

“Ok, you convinced me!” and with that she lowered her hot moist dripping sex on his waiting mouth. As he hungrily devoured her, she slowly lathered his cock up and released it from its tethered prison. Slowly, not wanting him to cum too fast she began her manual manipulations. She would not release him today, only keep him teetering on the edge as she “trained” him for village service. She would not release him tomorrow either, nor all week nor often really as the longer he was denied, the better he served the village.

Constantine was ecstatic though, not knowing of the perpetually teased and denied future before him, too busy thoroughly enjoying the sweet ripe taste of the first woman he had ever had tasted. He had never eaten pussy before, nor had anyone he knew, but now as her glorious sweet honey poured into his throat he was in heaven. In Serbia, such a thing was unheard of, but yet here he was eagerly slurping the moist naughty bits of his new Albanian mistress and Constantine knew then and there his life was changed forever.