The Alluring Dr. Shaw


Amy kept crossing, uncrossing, and crossing her legs again as she sat in the doctor’s office waiting room. Her fingers couldn’t stop vibrating and her heart was running laps inside her chest. She had her face in a Cosmo magazine with a model in a red dress on the cover to pass the time but she couldn’t put her full attention on the words or the photos. The articles about how to make things hotter in the bedroom didn’t help.

It wasn’t uncommon for people to be nervous in a waiting room but Amy’s emotions were a mess for another reason.

Dr. Lisa Shaw was Amy’s family care physician for much of her adult life, which was for the past 7 years. The doctor was in her late-30’s but with hardly a wrinkle or strand of gray, no one could have guessed.

Everything was routine for a while—come in, get blood pressure taken, get weighed, have a physical or checkup, have prescriptions written, and go home.

Soon, during her visits, a few alluring gazes came Amy’s way, a hand would rest on her thigh while the doctor was using her stethoscope, and a brush over her nipples happened a time or two.

Amy started to wonder if that was all accidental or if she was signaling something to her. No, that couldn’t have been true, could it?

Amy and Dr. Shaw could have been considered friends as much as having a doctor/patient relationship. They knew each other’s business. Who they dated, what they splurged on at the boutique, what they cooked last night, and their workplace drama. The good doctor’s fiancé broke it off with her a couple of months ago and that was about the time her hands became extra brave with Amy.

Amy wanted to see her. She was curious how far it would go this time but at the same time, she didn’t know if it would be right. She was another woman and her physician. The doctor was a knockout and sweeter than honey. She was getting moister the longer she was on her mind.

Amy scanned the waiting room. Every chair was occupied though it was quiet except for the characters on the talk show trying to figure out who was the father of the distressed mother’s child.

A silver-haired, wrinkled grandmother wearing a mask, a husband with oxygen tank at his flank, and others were sitting along all the office’s walls. Some were coughing, wheezing, and groaning. Nature didn’t try to hide the fact it was the middle of winter. The room had the smell of some kind of medicinal cream similar to Neosporin or Icy Hot.

Amy sighed. It was 9am and would be who-knows-when before she could see Dr. Shaw. With all the people waiting, she probably wouldn’t have much time for anything more than hi, check her out, and say goodbye.

Amy stared at the TV mounted in the corner and heard nothing more than yadda, yadda, yadda. All drowned out by naughty thoughts of her doc.

She slumped in her seat, propped her arm up on the armrest, and rested her head on her hand.

An hour later and it seemed everyone’s name was being called but hers.

She slid out of her seat and walked over to the counter with the complimentary coffee maker. The aroma of roasted coffee perked her up a bit. She poured herself a cup, loaded it with a handful of packets of sweetener and some cream, and gave it a stir.

After a few cups, she was like a roadrunner on adrenaline. She didn’t want to sit down. She thought she would be able to make it to work for the second half of her shift but it seemed her customers would have to talk to someone else about their monthly rates and if an accident would make their insurance go up. Seeing Dr. Shaw would be better anyways.

Amy leaned on the counter with the coffee machine and remained fixated on the door to the patient rooms as she sipped another cup of the beverage. The door swung open and a nurse held onto the handle as she spoke into the room.

She asked for Ms. Dales and Amy gasped and almost went into shock! At least she hoped she was the only Ms. Dales in the room. She’d never rushed to get back there with the nurse like she did then!

After she was weighed and had her blood pressure and temperature taken, the nurse let her into one of the rooms to wait for Dr. Shaw.

She hopped on the exam table. The tissue-thin sheet rustled beneath her as she got comfortable. The table itself was midnight blue and cushioned. It reminded her of her recliner at home. With the angle the table was at, it was tempting to recline back and catch a snooze especially since she tossed and turned all night in anticipation of her appointment.

The room was all white and felt like it did outside. She kept half of her gray sweater unbuttoned to let the top of her breasts see the light. She had a white shirt underneath but it only came up just above her nipples. In case the doctor needed to examine them, of course! Still, she was contemplating buttoning the rest as she shivered.

She found herself on her back with her legs dangling off the front of the table. She drifted off for a few minutes but popped upright when her ears captured chatter growing çanakkale escort louder outside!

It was Dr. Shaw! Her heart nearly jumped into her throat. She swept across her black dress pants to knock off nonexistent dirt and lint and tugged some wrinkles out of it. She tossed her fluffy, auburn hair and thrust her chest forward. She heard the plastic of the clipboard holding her papers hit against the holder it was in, which was outside the door. There were three light knocks and the door opened!

“Good morning, Amy!” Dr. Shaw said as she burst in. “How are you?”

“I’m great, Dr. Shaw!”

“Stop that! Lisa is okay. I think we can be on a first-name basis now.”

Amy chuckled. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Amy was never happier to be there. And that was with no guarantees that anything beyond her exam would happen.

Lisa didn’t need her high heels to be taller than the average woman. She was a brunette with her hair in a ponytail with a few strands falling over her cocoa irises. Her breasts were about average but her ass was bigger and worked with her tall frame. She had a white blouse underneath her similarly hued coat and her navy skirt was matched in tone by her eye shadow.

Lisa read her chart. “So, you’re here for a full physical exam?”

Amy moved her ass around on the table. “It’s that time again.”

The doctor put her stethoscope in her ears and the chest piece to Amy’s back. “Take a few deep breaths for me.”

Amy was already feeling pulses of arousal with her being so close.

She took her breaths and Lisa lifted her sweater and shirt and Amy filled with more sexual energy as her skin was exposed. Amy couldn’t miss how assertive she was. The doc pressed the metal chest piece to her bare back and she jumped!

“That’s cold!” Amy said as she shivered. “But, I’m okay.”

“Sorry, I should have warned you!”

Amy noticed a hand brush her love handles and run over her tummy. Her hands were warm despite the environment. Amy gasped as it felt so good.

The doc maneuvered herself to Amy’s front. She let a hand fall so innocently on her upper thigh as she pressed the piece to her heart. Amy was wetter as she wondered what she really wanted to do with that hand.

She took a few more breaths and asked, “How do I sound?”

Dr. Shaw pulled the stethoscope from her ears and took back the chest piece. Amy was disappointed when her hand was out of reach since she stepped back to examine her patient.

“Sounds like you’re congested. Have you been ill lately?” the doc asked.

Amy cleared her throat. “I was hacking quite a bit the other day, yes. My chest felt like I swallowed a handful of tacks.”

“Oh, I know that wasn’t pleasant. I’ll give you some samples of a strong cold medicine and decongestant for you.”

“Thank you.”

Lisa kneeled and slipped Amy’s soft leather heels off her feet. “I just need to make sure you don’t have any swelling.”

She said she was checking for swelling but she was rubbing her left foot and giving it a nice massage. She moved to her right one and rubbed the bottom with her fingertips while caressing the top with her thumb. Amy tossed her neck back and soaked in how good her silky hands felt when she made her “check.” Her hands moved from her feet up her legs and she gave her calves a squeeze and a deep rub into her muscle. The doc must have heard her moan a bit as she shut her eyes.

“Are my feet okay?” Amy asked.

“Just fine,” Lisa said as she stood. “So, how has life been treating you?”

Amy played with her fingers. “I bought this cute dress yesterday. So soft to the skin, it flares out at the bottom, and is open at the back. It’s turquoise!”

Dr. Shaw flipped her tresses and tilted her head while staring at her with bedroom eyes—squinted and a slight smile. “Oh, that does sound cute. Do you have a hot date?”

Amy became sorrowful within. She didn’t even know what a date was it had been so long. Her excuse was that she was working all the time and didn’t have time for that. In reality, her ex left her on the curb and was wary about getting back on the horse. It was part of the reason she understood what Lisa was going through and why she sensed a bond between them. Besides, Amy had her eyes on someone else.

Amy said, “I don’t know if I’m ready for a date yet.”

Lisa didn’t respond to her comment but instead pointed at her torso. “Can you take off all your clothes above the waist? I’d like to make sure your breasts are in good health.”

Amy was beyond ecstatic but she was jittery. Never before had she stripped before a woman other than the one in the mirror.

Maybe she was taking too long because the doctor helped undo her sweater’s buttons and pull the sleeves off her shoulders. Amy tugged her shirt overhead. After it was off, she glanced at Lisa. Her eyes didn’t stray one bit from her. Amy reached behind and unclasped her bra. While she looked for a place to lay her garments, çeşme escort the doc pulled out a drawer at the bottom of the exam table, gathered them into her hands, and dropped them inside.

Amy’s nipples stiffened when the chill swirled around them and they pointed at Lisa like they wanted her attention.

The doctor rubbed her breasts in circles and pressed her fingertips into them. Amy was kicking her heels against the table and filling with excitement.

“Oh, my God…” Amy said but not realizing it.

“Am I making you uncomfortable?” Lisa asked as she ceased rubbing but Amy wanted her hands back.

“No, that felt kind of good, actually.”

She continued massaging her breasts with more pressure and intensity. “I don’t see why a woman as beautiful as you wouldn’t one day find a man that loves her for who she is.”

Amy was fading into a world of immeasurable joy when the doc took her nipples between her fingers and flicked her thumbs over them. “Ah, what?”

“You said you weren’t ready to date again. I was responding to that.”

“Oh, right…” Amy said but she forgot she even said that! “Oh, yes. Sorry, I was lost in how much I love what you’re doing.”

Lisa twirled some of her own hair strands around her finger. “I shouldn’t get you too excited. Your exam will be over soon.”

“Aww, okay,” Amy said with her bottom lip hanging.

“Are you groaning that your exam is almost over? You’re an interesting one. I think that’s new to me.”

Amy’s pores opened and her skin dampened as she was trying to find words to describe what she wanted to tell her.

“Uh, well, you must get lonely, right?”

“I think about Walt sometimes. I don’t try to. It just happens. Makes me wish I had someone occupying the cold spot in bed next to me at night. Why?”

“Just asking,” Amy said as she looked down and away. Her face filled with heat and changed rosy red. “Sorry, we should finish the exam. I’m sure you have a lot of patients waiting.”

She couldn’t tell her how she felt. Amy beat herself up in her head and she probably wouldn’t have to see the doctor again for 6 months for the next physical providing nothing happened to her before that.

The doctor said, “Take off your pants and panties, please.”

Amy scooted off the table, undid her pants, and pushed them down. She was mad at herself and sure nothing was going to happen now. Not that it was going to anyway.

Her panties, which were satin and barely covered her ass, followed her pants and rested at her ankles. She bent over to pull her clothes off her feet and sat with her legs pinned together and hand over her pubic patch. She wasn’t sure if the doctor was interested in her and to show her drenched pussy would be embarrassing.

Lisa held onto her knees and spread her legs. Amy wasn’t able to stay still as she awaited what she was going to do.

The doc pushed on her shoulder and Amy got the signal to relax.

Lisa caressed the insides of her thighs and glided her touch to her pussy. She traced around the pinkness within her lips before plunging a digit in and rotating it around. Amy gripped table and moaned louder than before. Another digit joined and she finger-fucked Amy while moving them in circles each time she entered. She was thrusting them in with force and ripples flowed through her legs and between them. Her breathing picked up when the doctor pushed them in as deep as possible, held them there, and pulled out. In again and deep. She curled her fingers upward and fucked her some more and Amy shifted her hips around. And the doc stopped. Amy was gasping with her hair also wet.

She rose up. “That’s part of the exam?”

Lisa was using a cotton swab to catch some of her juices and she spread them across a microscope slide. “Why yes. I like to be thorough.”

“But, I thought…” Amy said but stopped her lips from moving.

“What is it?” the doc asked as she placed the slide in an airtight bag.

“Nothing. What else do we have to do?”

“I’ll need you to lean on the table so I can examine your luscious ass,” Lisa said in a low voice.

Amy wasn’t sure she heard that right. “What was that, doc?”

Lisa looked to be fantasizing about her and it took a while for her to snap out of her mind. “I’m sorry. I said that I need you to lean on the table so I can make sure your backside is okay.”

Amy sharply inhaled. “Is that part of the physical, too?”

“Yes. Don’t worry. I promise it won’t be as bad as you think.”

“Okay…” Amy said as she took what seemed like ten minutes to ease off the table. “That has only been a one-way street for me so be careful.”

“Trust me. Now hurry up and bend over. It’s not like I have all day.”

Amy gulped. “Yes, doc.”

She laid over the table with her ass poking out at Lisa. She didn’t know what to expect. Nothing had ever been in there and she’d heard horror backdoor stories from her friends.

She heard Lisa move something diyarbakır escort off the table. She felt the doc’s finger rub some cool gel over her asshole. At least that part was soothing.

A digit pushed into her ass and it widened and squeezed around it. And another finger came and she pushed them in deep. Amy clinched the cushion and gasped. The doc fucked her ass and she was moaning. It felt different and tight but still had her going wild.

The inside of her cheeks was stretching to take her fingers. She sealed her eyes as the doc fondled her pussy and wound up with both of her holes filled. Amy laid her head on the cushion with her elbows at her side. She was screaming as she absorbed the feel of those digits sliding about in and moving about in her.

Though her ass was a little sore, she didn’t want it to stop but it did and she was left wanting more.

“All done, Amy,” Lisa said. “I think you’re the first one to ever love taking an exam so much.”

Amy chuckled. “Ha. An exam? I had this silly notion that you liked me.”

“I do like you.”

“No, I meant really like me.”

“I do really like you.”

“Are you messing with me?” Amy asked as she tracked her physician’s movements across the room.

“No,” she said as she rolled her stool by the table, sat, and wrote on her chart. “You’re an awesome person and you’re one of my few patients that actually follows the doctor’s orders.”

Amy reached for her clothes with reluctance. “I thought you were having fun with my body. That exam was more extracurricular than most I’ve had.”

Lisa’s pen paused and she looked up. “Did I go too far? I’m sorry.”

“No, it was fine. I’m trying to ask you out, okay?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t want to violate the doctor/patient relationship.”

Amy stood at her side and stroked the length her some of her locks. “I want you to. I think you do, too.”

Lisa lifted her chin and Amy met her gaze. Like there was magnetism and sparks firing off between their lips, Amy fell into a kiss that melted her lips. She kissed her again and Lisa pressed harder on her lips and smooching noises emitted from their embrace. Amy puckered once again but a draft was where her doctor’s lips used to be. She parted her eyelids to see her sliding away on the rickety wheels of the rolling stool.

“I’m sorry. I don’t think I should have done that,” Lisa said as she stood. “Get dressed and come on out. I’ll have your samples ready by the time you check out.”

Amy sighed when she heard the door open and close. She believed she messed up their friendship, too, but with the way they kissed, she figured something had to be there. Not that anything was going to be done about it anytime soon.

She dressed, straightened her hair, and went into the hallway. It was a long walk to the receptionist but when she was in sight, she noticed Lisa leaning on the counter and jabbering.

Amy spoke to the receptionist. “I just saw Dr. Shaw.”

The doctor smiled and touched Amy’s hand. “I want to see you back in a week to see how that cold is doing.” She handed her miniature-sized boxes and a prescription. “You have an antibiotic prescription and some cold medicine there.”

Jolts were rushing throughout Amy. “Okay, thanks.”

Amy headed home unsure of how much she was looking forward to the next visit.

At home, at work throughout the week, driving—no matter what she did, her thoughts about her doctor followed her. It was possible she was caught off guard. Yeah, that had to be it.

The week seemed like two but like a good girl, she was back in the doctor’s office when the sun was blinding and the air was brisk and nippy.

After checking in with the receptionist, she stopped at the coffee table and the box of bagels whispered, “I know you want us!”

Well, what she really wanted was her doctor having her way with her again but a bagel with cream cheese would have to do.

After she took a bite, her chewing halted when she spotted Dr. Eye Candy behind the receptionist’s desk!

They couldn’t stop eyeing each other and Amy felt heat and her pussy became wet again.

When the doctor was out of sight, the trance cast over Amy was released. She exhaled and went back to devouring her bagel like she wanted to do to Lisa. She couldn’t quit thinking about it!

The doctor had her hair flying loose, her blush was a subtle bronze, and lips pink. It was that look she had, though. Most alluring.

Amy looked around while sipping her coffee. Every other seat was empty and there was a good chance she wouldn’t have to wait long to get “checked out.”

Before she could see the bottom of her cup, a nurse called her back. Amy downed the rest of her brew and scampered to the back.

After the requisite blood pressure taking, weighing, and thermometer under the tongue routine, Amy was in Room 5 again. Her hands were between her legs and she was rocking back and forth on the table.

It didn’t matter what the weather was. Amy was in her new, knee-length turquoise dress that displayed her peach-toned legs and was wearing black flat-heel shoes. And with turquoise teardrop earrings, her hair curled, and a few sprits of vanilla lavender fragrance, she thought she was on a date!