The Amanda Story Ch. 02


As I laid in my bed that night I still couldn’t believe what had happened. It just didn’t make sense and then yet again it did. Amanda was the complete shy type, she didn’t say hardly anything to anyone she didn’t know and basically she wasn’t the most in depth conversationalist around. She was dyslexic, had dropped out of secondary school and college, lived on a council estate and even Emma said she left Amanda’s house early sometimes as she was so bored. I know it’s a nasty thing to say, but Emma felt superior when she was around her. Amanda didn’t suffer from down syndrome or anything she was just, simple but still a really nice girl.

Even though she was dyslexic, that didn’t stop me from fantasising myself with her.

After the hand job episode, Amanda picked up her clothes and walked downstairs leaving me with my jeans around my ankles and my flaccid cock hanging. I hadn’t a clue what to do next. I went downstairs and Amanda was sat on the couch watching telly.

“Carpets’ half way done, so I’ll be back around tomorrow..?” I stammered.

“Yeah, see ya then,” she coolly replied.

I was at a loss to say next, so I just left.

The next day before I went round, I was unsure what I’d get, I mean would I get a hand job, blow job, shag, nothing at all? I just didn’t know. But just in case I watched some porn and had 3 wanks just so I’d last longer if anything did happen!

As I approached her house, the thoughts of yesterday came flooding back to me and I started to get a lob on. I knocked on the door and after what felt like an eternity, she opened the door. Amanda looked the complete opposite from yesterday. Her hair was quickly brushed into a ponytail, she had a baggy t-shirt on and a pair of pink baggy tracksuits. You see, Amanda most of the time looked like crap basically, and most guys wouldn’t look twice if she walked past them in the street. When she actually bothered to look good she did look quite attractive. I can’t say I wasn’t hoping for her to look good because I was.

I went in and she asked that I sat down on the couch and I did so.

“Look about yesterday, if you don’t tell Tony I won’t tell Emma,” she mumbled.

“I wouldn’t say anything anyway, I enjoyed it!”

She laughed. “Really?”

“Hell yeah!”

She giggled some more. I asked, “did you really have sex with a black guy?”

“No, I just said that cos I thought it would make you cum quicker, I do that to Tony, talk dirty, but usually about him fucking someone else, he gets mad if I it’s the other way round.” She looked at the floor.

Emma had told me before that Tony was a prick. He always walked over Amanda and even hit her once, I didn’t like him and neither did Emma. Emma would always try to persuade Amanda to dump him when he was a wanker but time and time again she wouldn’t, she was very submissive and scared that she wouldn’t find anyone else and she’d be alone, very sad really.

“Why, what does he do?,” I asked.

“I did it once and he stopped straight away and started shouting and calling me a slut.”

“Amanda, he’s an asshole, just dump him. Me and Emma tell you to all the time. How does it make you feel that he talks about fucking other women while he fucks you?”

“Mad, and horny a little too!”

I burst out laughing and so did she.

“Can I tell you a secret and you promise sex izle to keep it? You can’t tell Emma,” she asked me.

“Yeah go on then.”

She looked at the floor and bumbled, ” I have to say it is Emma who is fucking him when I have to talk dirty…don’t be mad…please.” she looked up.

That dirty bastard I thought. “It’s ok sweetheart its not you’re fault.”

“I know,” she looked at me with a cheeky grin, “but it turns me on thinking of having sex with Emma and Tony…and for that matter you too.”

I smiled and I felt myself getting hard.

“After yesterday, I didn’t know if I should call you back to finish me off as I was really horny after tossing you off.”

“You was horny? How do you think I felt, I had about 5 wanks that night just thinking of you, I think about fucking you a lot.”

Amanda looked surprised. “I have too.”

With that I stood up, with a huge lob on visible and sat next to her. I leant across and planted a kiss on her lips. She grabbed my cock through my trousers and slowly started massaging my length. She then thrust her tongue into my mouth and mine hers. Our tongues passionately explored each other’s mouths, I had waited a long time for this. I reached down and unbuckled my trousers. Amanda reached down and grasped hold of my length and released it from my shorts. She wrapped her hand around my shaft and slowly massaged it up and down.

I moved my hand to her stomach and placed it under her top. I slowly moved my hand up her shirt until I could feel the hardness of her nipples, I tweaked and rubbed her nipples and she quietly moaned. She pulled her tongue out of my mouth and leant her head forward to my hard cock. She then teased the head of my cock by blowing on it and lightly licking it. With that she plunged my cock into her mouth and began to move her head up and down rapidly on my cock.

I was in heaven, Emma hardly ever gave blow jobs as she hated the taste of cum. Amanda’s head was a sight as she bobbed up and down sucking my cock. As she did so she massaged my balls also, it was true she gave excellent head. Every now and then she would deep throat my cock until she gagged.

After about 5 minutes of the best blow job I had ever had, she stood up and went to take off her top. She pulled her top over head and her sexy tits bounced free. I also began to strip and she pulled her trackies off and wasn’t wearing any underwear. She had a trimmed pussy and I leant forward and quickly manoeuvred my tongue past her pussy lips onto her clit.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!!!…be gentle!!!”

I circled my tongue around her clit and she smelt really wet. I opened her legs her little and slipped my middle finger into her pussy. My god she was wet and tight too. I slowly slipped the tip of my finger in and out of her pussy as I licked around her clit. She was quietly moaning as I did. As I worked my finger in and out, her pussy started to loosen and I managed to slip my finger further in and faster.


She was loving it. I decided to slip two fingers into her pussy and did so with ease. Amanda was incredibly wet now and I could feel her juices start to run down my fingers. I had to taste it as I love the taste of women’s cum. I pulled my fingers out and thrust my tongue into her pussy. Amanda was really starting to fransız porno moan now,

“Oh my God, ohh yessss, ohh don’t stop…that’s it eat my pussy.”

She held the back of my head and pushed my face into her cunt, I gladly ate out her sopping wet pussy.

After 10 minutes of eating her pussy, I decided to slip my finger into her pussy too. I did and then pulled it out and it was very wet. I ran my finger down and found her puckered little asshole. I began teasing it and then slowly eased it into her brown hole. It was tight but after a little while it began to loosen and she moaned even more.

“Oh yeah Craig that’s it finger my ass…oohhhhh yeahhhh!!!!”

Before long I could feel that she was going to come as she moaned really loud and started to buck her hips.

“Oh yeah…oohhhhh…ahhhhh…mmmhhhh…I’m gonna cum Craig…ohhhh…aahhhh…oohhhh…oh myyyy Godddddddd!!!!!”

I really started to give her ass a good fingering as I thrust my tongue as far up her pussy as I could and could feel and taste her sweet pussy juice shooting all over my tongue and my mouth and all down my face. God this girl came like there was no tomorrow!

I licked her pussy clean the best I could and looked up at her. She looked down at me smiled and said,

“I’ve never come that strong when I’ve been licked out!”

I smiled and she leant down and thrust her tongue into my mouth. We savoured her taste as her juices ran through our mouths, Emma wouldn’t usually do that.

“Sit on the couch,” Amanda ordered.

I sat back onto the couch with my cock still absolutely rock hard. I was hoping she was gonna do what I had been dreaming about. She straddled me and grasped a hold of my erection and guided it towards her pussy. As she pushed herself down on my length I let out a long moan as her pussy was fucking delicious on my cock. I slipped in effortlessly into her soaking wet cunt. She pushed herself down until my cock was buried deep inside her, all the way down to my balls. She placed her hands on my shoulders and began to ride my cock.

I grabbed hold of her meaty ass as she started riding my cock like she was riding a horse. Amanda wasted no time in fucking my cock as she looked into my eyes and we again shared a passionate snog. We had only just gotten started when I sensed that Amanda was close again. She sped up her rhythm as I slapped her ass and once again slipped my finger into her ass. That put her over the top. She started screaming the house down, she was so loud it was unbelievable, not even Emma moaned that loud when she had an orgasm.

“Oohhh myyyy Gooddddd…I…think…I’m…having…an…orgasm!!!”

She was now fucking my length like there was no tomorrow. Then with that she screamed a scream I’d never heard that loud in my life and sunk her nails into my shoulders and bucked her body as the most powerful orgasm she had ever had wrecked through her body.

“Oh my God, I’ve never had an orgasm before! It was fucking unbelievable!,” she gleamed.

I felt so proud of myself. I’ve only had sex with Emma, so to give both girls I slept with their first ever orgasm was one hell of an accomplish in my view!

“I hope your not forgetting me,” I joked, “I need to come too!.”

“Oh don’t worry, I’m not finished with you yet.”

With that teen porno she stood up turned around and slipped back onto my cock and her back was facing me. She leant forward and started to bounce up and down on my cock. It was a great sight seeing my cock slide in and out of her soaking wet pussy as she slammed down hard on it. She was really going at it, slamming her wet cunt down hard on my prick. I was glad that I had had 3 wanks earlier as the rate Amanda was going, I would of cum a good while back.

“I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

I couldn’t believe my ears! I had tried once or twice with Emma but it hurt her too much bless her heart. She stood up and my cock plopped out of her pussy. I got up too and knelt her onto the couch and stood behind her, her ass at my mercy. I slipped my cock straight back into her pussy first though, so her cunt juices would act like lubricant around my length. I also slipped in my finger alongside my dick and then pushed it into her ass, moistening it up.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy and told her to pull her ass cheeks apart, which she did. I aimed the head of my dick onto her anus and slowly began to push in. I only just managed to get half of my head in when she screamed.

“Oh fuck, God it’s big…I’ve never had one as big as that…oohhhh…don’t stop until that cock is buried deep inside my ass!”

I pushed harder and then I felt something go in her anus which allowed me to get in a little easier and just made Amanda scream a little louder! My cock was about two thirds in her ass when I decided to start slowly moving back and forth in hope that her anus would loosen up.

After a minute or two I started to build up my rhythm and I started to slip in deeper and deeper. Soon my whole 7 inches was buried in her ass. I started to bang her ass hard and I could feel my balls slapping against her wet cunt. I reached under and thrust three fingers into her wet cunt and with my other hand I slapped her bare ass. I was loving it and so was she, she was moaning and groaning and telling me how horny it was to have my cock in her dirty ass while I gave her soaking cunt a good fingering, she said she felt like a dirty whore and I was loving it.

I fucked her ass doggy for a good ten minutes and by then she had come another two times. I could feel that I wasn’t too far myself.

“I’m gonna cum soon baby.”

“I wanna feel you pump your load in my dirty ass, come on baby fuck my ass harder!”

I couldn’t hold out for long as I felt my hot cum travelling down my shaft and erupting into her well fucked asshole. I never came as strong, it felt as though the life had drained out of me I came that hard! She giggled to herself and said;

“Oh yeah, pull your cock out of my ass so I can feel that spunk run down my pussy and thighs while its still warm.”

I duly obliged and eased my wiltering cock out of that well fucked shitter. The cum quickly came running out of her ass and went all down her cunt and thighs. I was surprised too see so much cum as I’d had 3 wanks already.

Amanda reached under and scooped up as much cum with her fingers as she could and pulled her cum covered hand up to her mouth and licked her fingers clean. She moved her tongue to each finger and sucked them dry with a real dirty look on her face.

“Mmmhhh, I love spunk, I really enjoyed that it was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

I smiled and replied, “me too, definitely.”

For the rest of that day, me and Amanda fucked liked rabbits, but I can assure you the sex gets a lot dirtier and extreme.

Look out for Chapter 3