The Animal


Author’s Note: “This was one of my first stories, hence the very flowery names. This very private story was taken, photocopied, and distributed around to teachers and students. Very embarrassing at the time, but I became famous for it. So here it is, slightly re-worked but the pure inexperience still exists….”


The night had already been an active one. A group of us had gone out on a pub crawl, or more like a club crawl. The time had been spent on all the dance floors around town, getting down to the latest and not-so-latest music. Morning was young by the time Jason and I got back to his apartment. We were the best of friends, doing everything together. That night we were both hyped up to the max, making completed fools of ourselves and not caring one bit.

Both sweating from the night’s activities, we made a dash for the shower. Jason got there first and, being the gentleman he was, he had first shower. As I filled the kettle for a cup of tea, I heard him get in and turn the water on. Something in the pit of my stomach yearned to be with him. That feeling Gaziantep Sarıgüllük Escort spread throughout my body, till it was dragging me to the bathroom.

By the time I reached the bathroom door, I was naked, my clothes having been stripped off as O was drawn to the door. Carefully and quietly I opened the door. After moving through the small gap I had allowed for myself, I closed the door just as quietly. The feeling in my being seemed to double, then triple as I approached the shower. Waiting till his back was to the curtain; I crept inside and joined Jason in the shower. Before he knew I was there, I had pushed myself against his back, pushing my groin into his buttocks.

Startled, he turned to face me. I slipped under the exposed shower. The water was so hot on my skin, and Jason’s gaze was just as hot. He began to say something, maybe a protest, but as he opened his mouth I caught his lips to mine. His mouth invited my tongue to join his, an invitation I couldn’t refuse. As our tongues began a soft caress of each other, my hands went to his hips. In one stroke I had coaxed him against me, his manhood meeting, for the first time, the hungry animal I kept between my legs.

With one had grasping his buttocks, the other hand grasping his neck, I pulled him closer. His lips began to crush mine, his teeth nipping my tongue. Slowly I lowered my head bringing his mouth with me, then we parted. Stretching my head back, I allowed room for him to suckle my neck. He began to descend past my neck, to each breast. One at a time he placed them in his mouth, taunting the nipple with his tongue till it was erect. As the water poured over me he continued his journey down my body till he was at my innermost inhabitants, The Animal.

On his knees, he gently spread my legs and began the journey up my inner thighs to the Animal. Upon reaching his destination he gave it his tongue. With one hand on his head, I rested back against the wall. Chunks of his hair were interlaced in my fingers as every lick sent wild shivers through me. My head rocked from side to side, whispers of delight escaped my lips, and my hand forced his head to remain where it was, tormenting the Animal. I knew it wasn’t long till feeding time, I could feel it.

My legs began to get weak. Suddenly the Animal roared with anticipation and I began to shake, the orgasm so close I could nearly touch it; it was time. Still holding Jason’s head, I led him back up to face me. His muscle already erect, I raised one leg onto his hip. In that one movement I had said a thousand words, and he had accepted them.

Pushing me up against the wall, he drove himself into me. My eyes closed with the first thrust. The second brought his mouth to mine. The third saw my hands on his shoulders, hanging on. The thrusts began to speed up. His hands were on my hips applying a downward force with each thrust, causing him to go deeper and deeper inside me. Once again I began to shake. The Animal had nearly finished eating. Eventually the thrusts became one long pleasurable dive into me. Our lips parted allowing each other to scream in ecstasy. His orgasm and mine were in unison. We clung to each other as we floated on pleasure.

Returning consciousness brought back the shower, a ringing phone, and our bodies, still joined, being caressed by the water.