The Anniversary


Carl settled in the comfortable leather arm chair, just has he been instructed to do; it was placed in the corner of their bedroom. The room was lit by a couple of low lamps and some candles, on the table next to the chair sat his favourite drink; a vodka and tonic. Emma walked over to him, she was wearing only a loosely tied silk gown and the gaps in its front provided him with glimpses of her magnificent body, he could already feel a stirring in his pants. “I’m going to blindfold you for a few minutes” she announced, picking up his recently discarded tie. Her large breasts brushed gently against his face as she tied the tie tightly around his head. “There’s only one rule tonight” she whispered in his ear “when you are told to, you may remove the blindfold but you must remain seated until you are told otherwise.”

“You may remove your blindfold” an unfamiliar female voice announced, Carl quickly complied, blinking as his eyes adjusted too the light. The first thing he noticed was that Emma was standing naked directly in front of him but her arms were pulled above her, suspended from a hook driven into the ceiling, one that had not been there when he went to work, she was tied to it by what looked like dark velvet rope, her feet tied together by the same material. The last thing he noticed was that her mouth was gagged with a ball gag. Sitting on the bed behind Emma was another women, thin but beautiful, wearing a short PVC skirt, long thing high boots and a very small leather bra, she looked every inch the fetish model, she smiled at Carl. “My name is Anna, I’m going to use your wife, I’m going to explore every inch of her, I’m going to make her satisfy me and I’m going to make her feel things she has never felt before, when I’m finished with her, I will let you use her, before that point you are not allowed to leave that chair, you must watch every minute of it, you may wank if you wish, I’m sure it will not be very long before you feel the need” she said with a pointed look at his crotch.

Anna pulled a pair of velvet gloves from a bag she had placed near the foot of the bed, as she slowly pulled them on she kissed Emma, running her tongue around the ball in her mouth. She then began to gently stroke Emma’s curvy, tanned body; first she ran her hands down Emma’s back and across her firm ass, then while standing behind Escort bayan her she reached around cupping and stroking her enormous breasts and teasing her rapidly hardening nipples. As Anna’s left hand started to make light circles on Emma’s clit she whispered in her ear, “you like being touched by a women, don’t you?”

Emma whimpered with pleasure as she gently nodded. Almost as if this was the sign she had been waiting for, Anna again reached into her bag and pulled out a leather covered paddle, Carl could see it in her hand but Emma couldn’t, the whole scene was turning him on like nothing he had ever seen before, he reached down and began to loosen his belt.

“You’re a very dirty girl and now you’re going to be punished” growled Anna, quickly landing the first blow on Emma’s arse. She delivered 10 in quick succession, alternating cheeks with each blow! She then went back to stroking Emma’s ass with her soft velvet gloved hands, Carl could see that Emma was enjoying it, especially when Anna let one of her hands stray around to Emma’s pussy, rubbing her clit. Just as Emma was getting lost in the moment, Anna started to paddle her ass again, this time landing the blows harder and not stopping until she reached twenty! After this Anna picked something else out from the bag and stood in front of Emma, “since you’ve handled this very well, I’m going to reward you with a little present” she said with a sly smile on her face, “some jewellery to make those massive tits look even more impressive” with that she quickly attached a shinny pair of steel nipple clamps directly onto Emma’s hard nipples! She yelped with pain, which Anna rewarded by tugging hard on the chain that connected the nipples, eliciting another yelp!

Anna knelt down in front of Emma giving Carl a good view of her pert ass in the process, she began to use her tongue to pleasure Emma’s clit, but each time a muffled cry of pleasure escaped from Emma’s mouth she quickly pulled on the nipple clamps. In the chair Carl was now expertly stroking his erect cock, enjoying every minute of the show.

“Now that I’ve got you both warmed up its time for the main event,” Anna grinned as she untied Emma from the hooks, as she removed the gag she kissed her passionately, pushing her tongue deep into Emma’s mouth, urgently pulling on the nipple Bayan escort clamp chain. Anna ordered Emma to get onto the bed, kneeling down on all fours facing Carl.

Standing in front of Emma blocking Carl’s view Anna order Emma to lick her pussy, at first she was a little hesitant, it was after all her first time with a women, but Anna’s quick pulls at the nipple clamps encouraged her.

She ran her tongue up and down Anna’s pussy drawing tight circles on her clit and probing her moist pussy with her sharp tongue, as a climax began to grow in her, Anna grabbed a chunk of Emma’s hair and used it to push her face deeper into her pussy, Anna began to really grind her pussy down onto Emma’s tongue, riding it until she came with an almighty cry of pleasure. Although he couldn’t see what was happening, the noises both women were making turned Carl on so much that as he stroked his cock he knew it wouldn’t be long before he came.

A hard black vibrator was the next thing to emerge from Anna’s bag and it wasn’t long before she was teasing Emma’s clit with it, the vibrations pushing Emma close to orgasm, but just as she thought she would come the vibrator would be removed and Anna would use her now gloveless hand to spank Emma’s ass! Finally she plunged the vibrator deep into Emma’s dripping wet pussy and began to fuck her with it, this drove both Emma and Carl wild, they both reached climax almost simultaneously, Carl’s cum shot across the room, splashing onto Emma’s face; she licked at the bits she could reach, swallowing her husband’s salty juices!

Anna, was looking pleased with herself but the couple were both surprised when Anna ordered them to stay were they are, she also order Emma to continue fucking herself with the vibrator! “I haven’t finished with you and we need to re-inspire your husband, so you can properly pleasure him” , Anna said this as she pulled a harness out of her bag and strapped it around her waist, before attaching a large black dildo, standing in front of Emma she said “your going to suck my fat cock, and you’d best do a good job because after that I’m going to fuck you in the ass with it, so the better the job you do the less it will hurt!” With that Emma began to suck Anna’s cock with the passion she used on her husbands member, after a few moments of this Carl Escort could feel his cock starting to harden again, especially when Anna grabbed Emma’s hair and used it to force her to deep throat the rubber cock!

After a few more moments of impressive oral performance, Anna removed the cock from Emma’s mouth and positioned herself behind Emma ready to fuck her doggy style, “while I’m fucking your tight little arsehole with my fat, black cock, your going to fuck your self with that vibrator, your going to have both your holes filled!”

Without hesitation Anna plunged the dildo deep into Emma’s ass, the pain was sharp but muted by the pleasure of the vibrator in her pussy; Anna grabbed Emma’s thighs and began to fuck her ass, hard and fast. She fucked her like she’d had a cock all her life and it wasn’t long before Emma was crying out in pleasure, close to reaching orgasm. “Carl get up and stick your cock in her mouth” ordered Anna, Carl was quick to comply and soon Emma’s skilful tongue was running up and down his shaft and he could feel her teeth against his skin as he aggressively fucked her mouth. It wasn’t long before Emma reached her climax and enjoyed the sort of orgasm that could only be produced by having a cock in every orifice; Anna pulled her cock out of Emma’s ass and removed the vibrator. “Now you will fuck your wife, while I watch” with that Anna sat herself in the chair, draping her long legs over each arm and began to pleasure herself with the vibrator.

Leaving Emma bent over; Carl manoeuvred behind her and began to fuck her doggy style, just like she loved. He spanked her ass and pulled her hair as he rode her, after a few moments just when he thought he was about to come he heard Anna say “Emma, ride him you filthy whore, let me see what you can do!”

Pushing Carl onto his back Emma lowered herself onto his rock hard cock, she looked at Anna as she started to ride him, and then began to play with her tits, she grabbed and squeezed them, playing with her nipples at the same time, Carl grabbed hold of her ass cheeks and held onto them while he watched his beautiful wife ride his cock, pleasuring herself at the same time, it didn’t take long for him to come, he filled her moist pussy with his red hot cum, just as he heard Anna getting herself to orgasm. The couple collapsed together in a sweaty heap, Emma looked at Carl, she was exhausted and dripping with sweat but sexier then ever, “Happy Anniversary hunny” she smiled, Carl smiled back kissing her forehead.

As Anna left the room, she called out to Carl, “Maybe next year we’ll tie you up!”