The Arrangement


The arrangements were made, the time was set and my mind was anxious to see her. After all, we had been chatting over the net for several weeks now. It was funny how all of it progressed.

We Afound@ each other as we were both searching for something a little different than the normal cat and mouse banter that usually happens in cyberspace. The meeting was just a little more polite than “hey lets play”. It WAS a courtship although each of us were very aware that the other was married. We had exchanged pictures (I am sooo happy that mine were fairly recent), and I hoped that she was somewhat close to what her pictures showed.

It wasn’t until some time into our acquaintance that we got around to “where are you from”? We were both shocked when we found that we lived on opposite sides of the same city. About 40 minutes apart. That’s when everything REALLY started to build up.

Our first talks were almost innocent , we were very polite to each other and both of us made sure that the other knew of a happy marriage. Then it lead a little farther into those secret desires that we wish we could have, but knew full well that life could not provide. All except the one we both agreed we could pursue today.

We liked each other; we liked each other a lot. The Internet meeting lead to phone conversations (I loved her voice), and the phone conversations lead to more explicit Internet chats. Funny, but it seems easier to say things in type than in real time. Anyway, we were both very revealing about our most deeply hidden secrets.

The hidden secrets, now that I think about them, they were/are not so extreme. They are really about what most of us want. For Rebecca and I it was a total release of our erotic creativity. It took a very long time to get to that but when we did it became an outpouring of erotic desires and thoughts were freely exchanged. We had both masturbated with, and for each other, over the phone and on the Internet. It was wonderful, in some ways better than real sex (I guess it really is real sex though).

With a lot escort mecidiyeköy of conversation and consideration behind us, we transcended the fear of meeting face to face by firmly understanding that we could not allow ourselves to fall in love and we had no intention of replacing our spouses. What this was and is, is an erotic extension and release and FUN!

We picked a Holiday Inn Restaurant about half way between us and located on the Gulf beach in Clearwater. It was one of the newer ones that had a great view of the Gulf, an outdoor patio and privacy seating, that is, tables that are set up on the beach side with a tented surround that really is totally private. The meeting was far better than I expected. We immediately recognized each other. Of course we knew what each was going to wear. For me, she wanted to see me in my *Restaurant* attire , blue shorts and a white shirt with epaulets. I wanted her in a polka dotted summer dress .. Rebecca is 44 but .. Rebecca looked as though she had just finished college. Beautiful, much more than I had expected, she was breathtaking. I felt much older than she. We met with a polite kotc, she standing a little on her toes and pressing her self against me. I shuddered … We joined hands and had the beach valet show us to our luncheon beach tent.

The conversation started quickly and flowed easily, yet it was somewhat stressed because we both knew what we really wanted to talk about. Lunch was served, Club sandwiches and Iced tea. The waiter said he would attend us when we flagged. (A little stripped flag that could be put up when service was wanted. Otherwise we were totally alone, like being on a desert isle.

The waiter hadn’t been gone more than a minute when we started to get more open about our planned meeting and what we agreed to. We agreed to bring with us a favorite sex toy. It was to be a secret and then we would show each other what we brought and take it from there. I had mine in my beach bag and she was carrying a huge handbag. We played a game of who goes first, and decided bayan escort to turn our backs to the table, reach behind ourselves, lay the toy on the table and then turn around. … and We did.

We were both surprised, delighted and laughed out loud when we saw what was in store for us. Rebecca had brought a velvet bag, opened it and laid the device on top of it. It was a very real looking replica of a vagina, the use was apparent, it was for a man to masturbate with. I almost forgot about what I had brought for her Y it was a replica of a cock complete with balls. It also was a vibrator and had an air squeeze that was used to make it cum.

We pushed the toys across the table to each other when I felt her toes sliding up my thigh. I already had a hard on, and without shorts she quickly was resting her toes against my balls. Ummmmm. Feeling this I said “hey turn about is fair play” and removed my sandal to run my toes up her thigh, she had no panties on and she was already moist, she murmured outloud a sigh. Now both of us were flushed and I was seriously wondering if our vow of no real sex had any chance of holding. Now looking at each other, flushed, lust filled and not knowing quite what to do, she took the lead. She giggled at me, said “hey I have an idea” , she took the cock from me and said, “lets pretend that these are you and I” with that she opened a small bottle of baby oil she had with her, lubricated the cock (I almost came watching her do that), and said “lets watch them fuck”. She placed the head of the cock against the lips of the pussy and inserted it a little. “here, put your hands on mine, and lets fuck each others toys”. This was as erotic as anything I could ever imagine.

“lets do it one handed” she said, knowing full well what we would both do with the other hand. I held the vagina toy, and Rebecca started to run the cock against it. Surely as if planned, our other hand went beneath the table down to our sex. I was now rubbing her foot and pushing my cock against her arch. She was holding my foot hard against bayrampaşa escort bayan her cunt and pushing herself into it. We were now fucking the others sex toy, watching the cock go in and out, matching each move with our hands and toes masturbating each other and mentally fucking each other.

It was soooo hot, I wanted to do everything sexual that I could think of to her, and it was plain that she had the same feelings. She removed the cock from the vagina cunt and opened her mouth, she leaned back in her chair pushing her foot farther against my cock and pushed her cunt harder against my foot. She began to suck the cock, my eyes were riveted on her as she slid it into her mouth, eyes glazed and without a word, telling me to do something to the vagina toy. “Eat it she said” ! I brought it to my mouth and started to lick it, then I held it firm and stuck my tongue into the vagina toy, it was so real. We both sat back, foot fucking each other and eating, sucking and licking the toys we brought.

“Lets change toys” she said , “I want to see you suck a cock for me, and I want to taste the vagina. We exchanged toys, then she said “wait, I have a better idea” , handing me the vagina she said “give me the cock and lets fuck them before we eat them. It was only a moment when I plunged myself into the vagina, and Rebecca was pushing the cock into herself. We had now moved away from the table and were in full view of each other’s activity. It was almost like watching her fuck another man, and her glazed look was now focused on my cock going in and out of the vagina toy pussy.

… It ended when I started to cum, she did to at about the same time. Watching each other toy fuck, and toe masturbating each other before, was to much to take … Panting and humping, toy fucking and cummming.

The wet towels that had been left by the valet were very handy. We used them to wipe ourselves. Not speaking for a few minutes, then standing it was impossible to keep from smashing our bodies together in a long passionate kiss. At that moment I loved her more than anything in life.

We both knew that this was far more intense than planned, and that liking each other is better than loving each other. The deep feelings that we both have now has a release that is safe and complete …. we’ll meet again for lunch.