The Awakening



Dressed in a black lace babydoll chemise my satin red bra and matching thong can be seen, the only other clothing I have on is a black trench coat I can barely wait to have him deeply in my throat. Slowly I stand, meet his gaze and once again we share a knowing smile, looking into each others eyes I undo Ethan’s belt, unbutton his jeans, and free his beautiful cock from it’s confinement.

Our gaze never parting, I swiftly unbutton Ethan’s shirt from the bottom up & am excited by what I see. As each button exposes another part of Ethan’s chiseled chest, I leave a seductive trail of kisses upward until finally reaching the top button and pushing his shirt over his shoulders where it crumples to the floor. Spurring me on Ethan trembles with excitement, I lower my head and begin to circle my tongue around his nipple. Slowly and softly to start, as his nipples begin to harden and his breath becomes heavy, I bite down twisting & thrashing his nipple with my tongue.

Ethan grabs the back of my hair and pulls me off of him, he clamps his mouth down on mine and kisses me ferociously. I know we can waste no more time. I put my hands on both sides of his face and push him back from me, gently I kiss his lips and whisper “it’s time”. Ethan nods in agreement, with haste I turn him around and put the black blindfold over his eyes. For the remainder of the evening he is going to have to rely on his other senses.

Ethan is shirtless his pants hanging loosely from his hips. My right hand reaches out to his, he follows my lead and entwines his fingers around mine as I lead him to the bedroom. Adoringly, I look at him and can’t help but giggle, blindfolded & half naked, we are going to have FUN!!

Entering Ethan’s bedroom for the first time I find he’s been thoughtful enough to have the room lit with candles. There is music playing it’s soft, alluring, sexy, but I am unable to identify his selection, regardless, I’m pleased with his efforts. Standing behind Ethan I embrace him, I press my breasts into his naked back and wrap my arms around the front of him.

Placing light kisses on his back and shoulders, my hands softly caress his chest, exploring every part of him I move my hands slowly downward, at last my hands make their way into the front of his jeans. In anticipation of me finally touching his engorged cock Ethan inhales deeply, at the moment he expects I’m going to embrace it, I pull my hands back and place them on his hips sliding his jeans to the floor.

Ethan is now naked & blindfolded, I’m in heaven, with his back still to me I begin to rub his shoulders with more force than I had previously touched him. Enjoying his scent and taste, I caress his back continuing downward as I leave a trail of kisses on his spine. I get to the top of his ass & take both of my hands softly caress his cheeks, sensually tracing my tongue down the middle of his behind, Ethan releases a low growl deep from within, I’m thrilled to hear he’s pleased, in that moment I know Ethan’s is ready to lay down, that Escort Ankara in fact, he needs to lay down as his knees are beginning to tremble.

Focused I lead Ethan to the bed instructing him to lay face down and get on all fours, I ask that he stroke his cock while I go and retrieve the pink box from the foyer. My eyes are tantalized watching him stroke his cock. It’s difficult for me to leave the room, I want to stay and be a voyeur, the site of Ethan naked, blindfolded, on all fours stroking his cock is more than I can bare, my body reacts I can feel my pussy contracting with desire.

Quickly I leave & return with our box of fun, silently laughing at how easily I’m distracted watching him play. I join Ethan in the bed and touch his ass, asking him to lay down. Reaching into the pink box I contemplate as my hands move over the contents, what first?!

I pull out a small purple pocket rocket, it has several different attachments yet I choose the rounded smooth surface. The low hum of the vibrator fills the room as I methodically move it up and down the crevice of Ethan’s ass. Goose bumps cover his body while low moans part from his lips, immediately I’m pleased with his reaction and know he can handle more. From the pink box I retrieve a cooling lubricant dabbing the head of the purple rocket. Taking it further I pull the cheeks of his bottom apart running the rocket head down the inside of his crevice until reaching his entrance. With circular motions I put pressure on his opening, Ethan is in heaven, with every moan he makes, gasp he takes, I become hotter.

Turning the rocket off I place it on the bed and reach into the pink box for a black cock rink with attached butt plug. I put a little lubricant on the end of the plug and ask Ethan to get on all fours for me again. Reaching between his legs I grab his hard throbbing cock sliding the ring down to the base, pulling back the ring I settle the butt plug in place at the opening of his ass.

From behind Ethan, I stroke his cock, pull back the cock ring & put hard pressure on the butt plug. Ethan’s moaning has become a low carnal growl, his breathing deep and heavy. I worry he may be ready to cum, as Ethan is still on all fours, I lay flat on my back & push my head between his legs. I’m a girl who loves cock, always have been, the anticipation of finally being able to taste Ethan has my heart pounding. As I take in the full beauty of Ethan’s hard throbbing member I’m in awe & my pussy contracts.

Excitedly, I extend my tongue to the head of his cock tasting the pre cum dripping from him, he tastes amazing, as I knew he would. I taunt, stroke & suck every inch Ethan has to offer me, reaching underneath him I grab the back of his ass pushing his cock deeper into my mouth, as I encourage him to throat fuck me I’m putting more & more pressure on the butt plug in Ethan’s ass. I worry again he may be ready to cum and direct him to flip over me and lie on his back.

Once again I take in the fully beauty of Ethan’s ever impressive Ankara Escort manhood, still hard as a rock his cock glistens. Ethan lies back comfortably, placing his arms behind his head with the sexiest smile lighting up his face. I’m happy, straddling Ethan I playfully kiss him, thank him for being such a willing participant, and ask if he can handle more, I get the answer I want.

Pushing back, I kneel between his legs swiftly taking his cock and deep throating him once more, this time I have the luxury of seeing the rapture on his face, my pussy reacts, moist, ready, & contracting, I can’t wait to have him inside of me. Carefully I take the black cock ring and roll it off his beautiful member.

Out of the pink box I retrieve the scorpion, this time describing to Ethan what it looks like. The scorpion is a vibrating cock ring which has a long tail with a vibrating stinger on the end, it is for both our pleasure. I then explain to Ethan how this toy is exceptional for him, what it’s tail can do, like all Scorpions, the power is in the tail. I allow Ethan to feel the scorpion, his hands move down the cock ring to the pearl like tail of the scorpion, he discovers the end of the tail, it’s stinger.

I see a look of understanding pass over his face and worry he may say no, decide this is not for him. Then, I see that naughty grin of his return… My heart is happy as he has truly embraced the dirty girl within, I’m full of joy & lust!! Sliding the top of the ring down Ethan’s cock I’m almost overwhelmed with anticipation, the ring is tight making his cock harder & bigger. I turn on the vibrator at the top of the ring and see Ethan’s cheeks and chest are flushed, his cock is throbbing under the stimulation of the vibrator.

All signs that his body gives tells me he’s enjoying this experience. I take the tail of the ring, turn on the small vibrator on the end & for the second time tonight I ask “are you sure?” Ethan doesn’t disappoint he submits his body to my will. I put a generous amount of lubricant in the palm of my hand and lather the tail of the scorpion, pushing Ethan’s legs apart I seductively apply lubricant to the opening of his ass.

For the first time this evening I can tell he wishes he could watch. Stroking Ethan’s cock I take the tail of the scorpion in my hand & run the vibrating stinger over the base of his cock, his balls, and outside of the opening of his ass. I reassure him that if he’s not comfortable at any time, ask me to stop. I continue to tease, play & stroke, ensuring Ethan is comfortable and relaxed. As his moaning intensifies and breath deepens, I know it’s time and I gently insert the first pearl stinger into his ass. The sound that comes out of him, it frightens me, I’m worried he doesn’t want this. Checking in with Ethan he assures me he’s just fine, in fact, he wants more!

I insert the rest of the tail, one pearl at a time, Ethan is speechless, the only way to describe it would be to say carnal euphoria. With the ring vibrating around Ethan’s cock and the Ankara Escort Bayan tail vibrating deep within his ass I move slowly up his body showing gratitude with a trail of bites and kisses, until reaching his lips where we share the most intimate kiss I have ever had.

With brute force & undeniable passion, Ethan throws me off of him, straddling me he peels off the blindfold. He’s had enough, it’s HIS turn to be in control. His mouth closes on mine with such intensity I almost explode. He rushes his hand down my body and within seconds his fingers are entering me. Ethan smiles, my pussy is wet, he’s impressed that focusing solely on him has made me as horny as I am. He brings his fingers to my mouth encouraging me to lick them clean, I happily obey.

Mischievously he looks in the pink box where he discovers a glass dildo & swiftly has it inside of me. Fucking me with the dildo Ethan licks & tugs my clit, circling & flicking his tongue with knowing and experience, I’ve come undone… I didn’t want things to end like this, but I have fully submitted to Ethan, I couldn’t resist if I tried.

Knowing I am close to cumming he fucks me harder with the dildo, his tongue continuing the magical dance with my clit. Twisting & pulling I play with Ethan’s hair as he remembers & respond to the scorpion wrapped around his cock & deep inside him, the idea of cumming with all this stimulation electrifies him. Telling me how unbelievably hot he is Ethan encourages me to cum, hearing his voice, giving me permission was all I needed. I explode into an orgasm like I’ve never had before, wave after wave takes over my body.

As my fourth wave hits Ethan flips me over on all fours pulls the dildo out of me, grab my hips, and plunges his cock into me. I let out low guttural cry, having his cock plunge into me while orgasming takes me to a place I’ve never been. With his left hand Ethan grabs my hip, his free hand grabs my head & pulls me back by my hair, it hurts, but I like it.

Ethan fucks me hard and it’s not long before he is overcome with all the sensations he’s experiencing for the first time, the scorpion tickling deep inside, the vibrator at the base of the cock ring, along with my wet pussy contracting and squeezing his cock has he thrusts in and out of me. Knowing he is about to brim with his own explosion Ethan releases my hair, puts both hands on my hips and plunges his cock hard & deep inside me one last time. Every sensation he has is new to him, Ethan cums hard and wildly collapsing onto my back, we fall into each others arms on the bed, both of us is a state of carnal bliss.


I recognize it’s early morning based on the blue light of dawn entering my bedroom, shifting between slumber & consciousness I remember my dream. WOW, what was that?!?! I met Ethan online a few short weeks ago and we’ve yet to have our first date, in the brief time since we “met” I know he will appreciate my dream. Smiling at the thought I fall back into slumber before jolting awake!! Where am I? I am instantly alert & realize I’m in a man’s bedroom and I’m not alone! What happened last night?! My head is spinning! Not wanting to disturb the man next to me I cautiously shift under the blankets to face him. It’s Ethan!! Last night was not a dream…