The Bachelorette Party: Part 5


The wedding was perfect; Cherise was so happy and thanked me for being her friend and confidant. I was so glad she found her true love and hoped they lasted forever. There were plenty of pretty people at the wedding and reception, mostly Eric’s relatives, who must have heard about the bachelorette party and gave me the stink eye as the story spread during the reception. Screw them! We had fun, and I met Vicki. Plus, my dearest friend had a story to tell for the rest of her life if she wanted.I talked with mom for a bit. I’d heard she was thinking of selling and downsizing. If she needed help running the place, I’d move back home and do what I could. I loved that place, and living with mom was fine. I didn’t want her to get rid of dad’s dream, but if she had to, I’d understand.I neglected to call her the week after the wedding. I was busy with work, along with seeing Vicki. We’d gone out for our first date, dinner, then roller skating. I hadn’t been on skates since I was maybe twelve. It was fun and different. We didn’t stay out too long because I had to work the next day. We planned another sleepover instead of a second date during the week because her weekends are always booked.On the day of our date, I was bitchy and moody at work on purpose. My wonderful co-workers have seen it before. This time I was faking it so I could call in sick, and they’d have no doubt it was my monthly malady.After work, I packed an overnight bag at home and texted Ms. Perfect Body to let her know I was heading over. She texted back multiple red lips; she was so cute and delicious. I arrived around six, we hadn’t discussed dinner, and I wanted to eat real food first before you know what. Vicki didn’t want to order without my input, so we made out for a bit, then bounced dinner ideas back and forth.We finally decided on a roasted turkey and avocado blt and a chipotle chicken avocado melt from a restaurant that starts with P and ends with an A. They showed up about thirty minutes after we ordered, which was nice. We ate half our sandwiches and put the rest in the fridge for later.Then into the shower to get all nice and squeaky clean. Mainly because we both liked to have good clean fun.It was close to eight and still light outside when we went to bed. It was too early to sleep, so we made love instead.Vicki, let me start again, just like our first night. I decided I’d save the best for last, so I began to tease her.I thought about asking if she had any restraints. Since it was our second kinda third date, I decided to wait a bit longer to get kinkier. I did ask if she had a blindfold. Much to my delight, she did. So, I asked her to put it on, and I Sex hikayeleri told her she wasn’t allowed to touch me as I worked my way down her body.She was all smiles as she placed the blindfold over her eyes and laid back, waiting for me to start. I sat on my knees close to her torso. I wanted to be able to reach the most parts of her delicious body without moving too much. If we’d been on the floor, this would have been easier. But hindsight is golden; I’d make that change the next time we did this.Without my hands touching the bed to give away where I was leaning, I kept them in my lap. I bent over, kissing her cheek at first, very lightly, like a butterfly kiss. I’d hover over her breast and softly blow on her nipple. Then I decided to lean over her mons to blow there while my forefinger touched her nipple. I kept randomly doing things like that and watching Vicki’s reactions. I had to playfully swat her hand a couple of times because she tried to touch me. We both giggled and went back to my little game.It was fun, alternating hands touching below while I kissed above and constantly mixing it up. Vicki was almost to the point in her arousal that she was going to rip the blindfold off and end the game. So, I gave in and let her take it off. We kissed as we rolled around on her bed, legs entwined and bodies meshed together.When we broke our kiss, Vicki rolled over to open a drawer on her nightstand. It was an awkward position, but how her ass was turned as she reached in made me drool. After some struggle, she found what she was looking for.My eyes lit up when she pulled her feeldoe out and told me she wanted me to fuck her. God, I was falling in love with her. I asked what position she wanted to be in, and she dropped the doe next to her and then got on her knees and elbows with her ass high in the air.I asked for lube, and she said it was in the drawer. I got off our playground, found the lube, used it on the bulb then inserted it in me. With a few slight adjustments, I was ready to go. I put more lube on the dildo part before I eased it into my love. I teased her with it, and by then, she was aching. I didn’t torment her by asking her what she wanted me to do. I slowly slipped in as far as possible and started rocking back and forth into her.Grasping her hips, I got into a rhythm and tried going faster, but the bed bouncing made it difficult. So, I slowed as Vicki matched my pace and began moaning and telling me how good I wasdoing and how wonderful she felt.I almost felt like a Domme, having teased her until she was begging and now giving her what she begged for. It was entirely out of character, but Sikiş hikayeleri I enjoyed it. Of course, Vicki was, too, as she kept telling me as I happily humped away. Now and then, I’d slap that perfect ass just because it seemed fun. I received no complaints, just encouragement to do it harder. I may have been drunk with power because I started calling her my sweet ass bitch and asking whose bitch she was. Vicki didn’t seem to mind. In fact, I think she was getting into it, also. She was begging me to swat her and pound harder, which started to scare me. Luckily, she was very close and soon reached her orgasm. I kept thrusting but eased back as she went through her gyrations.When I withdrew, Vicki was exhausted, and I was surprised at how I acted. I didn’t know I had it in me to be like that. Plopping down next to her, I looked over at my spent angel. Her eyes glazed over as she reached over to pull me closer for a passionate kiss.Between kisses, Vicki whispered to me, “Oh god, baby. That was something. I’ve never had a lover tease me and then fuck me like that. You are exceptional, Susan. When my heartbeat returns to normal, I want to feast on that sweet pussy of yours.”I purred, “I’d love that, Vicki. I don’t know how I did that. It wasn’t my normal self.”Vicki smiled, “Well, whoever it is, tell her I loved it and hope she visits again.”Her breathing had slowed to normal, so she kissed me once again, then licked and kissed her way to my pussy. I was already tingling from the doe. It didn’t fit right or something because I didn’t get as much stimulation as Vicki did. But, now using her tongue and fingers, Ms. Perfect Body took me to the edge and back multiple times before she allowed me to climax. Unless something significant occurred between us, I could see the two of us telling mom we were a couple. Maybe eventually, a married couple. But this was only our second week knowing each other, and in my limited experience, we didn’t have enough ‘us’ time yet for me to make any long-term plans. I was enjoying the ride so far, and I hoped it would last a very long time.After Vicki brought me to another fantastic orgasm, we cuddled and fell asleep. I slept soundly in her arms once more, waking up when Vicki sat on the edge of the bed, offering me a cup of coffee.Smiling, she greeted me, “Good morning, sweetness. You were sleeping so soundly that you didn’t notice me leaving. You must have had a good night.”I sat up and propped the pillows to drink my coffee.I smiled at her, “A kiss before my coffee, please, Ms. Perfect Body.”Vicki leaned in to kiss me, and I placed my hand behind her head to keep her there. Erotik hikaye I didn’t press because I was afraid I might spill the coffee on her. We parted lips, and she had that look in her eyes. I’d seen it before when my parents had kissed years before. It was something magical, and I felt it too.I took the mug from her and thanked her, then settled in to sip and talk with my love.Her mug was on her nightstand; she slipped into bed with me and snuggled as we talked and drank. We discussed the night before and how well we made each other feel. I told her I was going to my mom’s place and talking with her, not about me, but about her possibly selling the ranch.Normally, I wouldn’t have mentioned it to anyone, but I felt something with Vicki and wanted to confide in her. I knew it was still too soon, but I felt a connection, and I think she felt it, also. We continued talking until our mugs were empty. We set them on our nightstands, slipped down, faced each other, and began making love again. Slow, sweet mutual orgasm, love, and after that, we cuddled, napped, and did it all over again before taking a long hot shower and having breakfast together.I left Vicki’s house a little after eleven, feeling all was right in the world. It was just after twelve when I arrived at mom’s place. I parked in front of the house and walked up to the front door, which was locked. I have a key, and I know mom locks the door when she leaves the ranch to go into town.Near the stables, I noticed a suburban which belonged to mom’s favorite boarder, Audrey something. And I thought I recognized Debbie, the stripper’s car there too. I walked over and down the length of the stables, wondering what was happening.Since I had tennis shoes on, I didn’t make much sound as I walked along the concrete. A few of the horses snorted as I walked by, but as I got closer to one of mom’s horse stalls, I heard a girl’s voice. It sounded like Debbie, and she was talking to someone or something and telling them what a good girl she was. I thought it was Princess because it was her stall. That is until I saw Princess trotting around in the corral. I crept closer and peeked into the stall door.At the back corner, up against the wall, stood Debbie. Her top was off, and I could have sworn the girl suckling Debbie’s breasts was Audrey’s stepdaughter Candace. Debbie was sifting her fingers through the girls long brunette hair praising her for how well she was sucking on her big boobs. Candace was enjoying it, one of her hands was in her jeans, and I assume she was fingering herself as she devoured Debbie’s tits.They looked hot together, but I didn’t want to ruin their fun, so I backed up slowly, then turned and headed back to the house. I let myself in, got a glass of ice water, and waited for mom to return.I wasn’t going to mention it to mom because I didn’t know why Debbie was here, how Candace knew Debbie, or what was happening.