The Bad Day Ch. 05


This time when I woke up I knew that I had passed out. It was dark outside and the rain had started up a steady tempo on my window. I wasn’t sure that I could move yet, but I knew that if I turned my head a little I would be able to see my lover who had apparently not decided to disappear before I woke up.

I was sprawled over my usual side of the bed, the sheets over my ass and nothing else. I felt pleasantly flushed and well used.

This, this is what I had been craving for so long…

I wanted to see what he looked like, hair tussled from our lovemaking and asleep in my bed. I forced the muscles in my neck to turn so that I could see the aftermath of our desire.

I ended up staring into his dark eyes, which were locked on me.

I felt my cheeks flush.

He gave me a slow sultry smile that warmed up my stomach immediately. I felt my eyelids droop and the warmth in my cheeks turn into something else.

“Hello” he murmured, “I was thinking about waking you up…”

“Have you been awake long?” I asked.

“No, just long enough to enjoy watching you sleep.”

I suddenly felt slightly awkward. “You do realize,” I started, “I don’t even know your name.”

His smile went from sultry to almost childish. He reached a hand out towards me. “Do forgive me, how unutterably rude of me, but then, I wasn’t actually interested in talking a bit back. Please allow me introduce myself. My name is Adin Greensborough.”

I reached out my hand to give him a firm handshake. “Launa Marcum”, I returned. “So very nice to meet you Escort Ankara Adin Greensborough.”

“Oh no, dearling, I think in this case, the pleasure is all mine.”

Oh that accent….I felt my toes curling into the bed. Im sure at this point even my ears were flushing. I let out a contented sigh and sank a little further into the mattress. His hand had kept mine in his and he had rolled onto his back, keeping my hand cupped in his on his chest. I snuggled a bit closer, so that I tuck myself under his arm pit and up against his side. I nestled my head into his shoulder and wondered what happened next. I still wasn’t sure that I would be able to move.

The hand that wasn’t holding mine slipped around my back and began a soothing rubbing motion that if it was possible made me relax even more. I thought that if my muscles relaxed anymore then Id probably never move again and that would be the end of it. He would have killed me after all. I sighed again, wouldn’t be such a bad fate that.

I felt my eyes closing again when his touch went from a gentle massage to something different. I purred. I couldn’t help myself.

He moved fluidly so that he was now curved around me body and my face was buried in the pillows. His fingers dug into my back and into knots I didn’t know existed. Oh yes….I could handle this….all day and all night if he wanted. The man had utterly marvelous fingers.

His hands paused and I felt one of his fingers trace over the phoenix tattoo that was on my shoulder. “Funny that,” he said, “I didn’t even Ankara Escort notice that before. Naughty girl.”

I shrugged my shoulders at him. I had several tattoos, he just hadn’t been paying attention to anything beyond what we had been doing at the time.

He moved again to straddle my body with his thighs and then the real massage began. His fingers moved up into my hair and rubbed behind my ears and in those odd places on your skull where you just need some good pressure every now and then. From there he moved to my neck and shoulders, digging his fingers deep into tendons that had balled up with the tension of sitting over a desk and reading a computer for hours and hours on end.

As he moved down to my shoulder blades and mid back he started placing wet kisses on my neck, where it met my shoulder and small nibbles that made gooseflesh rise on my arms and legs. The lower he went, the more wet kisses were placed in lines down my spine and over my muscles.

His hands finally began kneading my nicely rounded derriere when his hands curled around my hips, pulling them up. His hands kept massaging my muscles, though now they moved to my thighs, pulling them higher and wider apart as he kept at it. I had flexed my arms straight out in front of me under the pillows to hold onto the head board at this point and I couldn’t help but to wiggle myself invitingly at him as he kept up his torturous kneading.

Im sure that I was nicely exposed to him now. My pussy dripping once again, begging for him to take advantage of the situation, Ankara Escort Bayan and he did.

I felt him move up and place the tip of himself against me once more. I really didn’t have any warning as he paused and then thrust himself back inside of me. It was a good thing that he had kept his hands on my hips, because the rest of my body went limp, and he was the only thing keeping me propped up.

He moved one hand around my hip to reach between my legs to tweak my clit and began a rhythmic thrusting. It didn’t take long, my orgasm was long and gentle this time around.

His hands had moved up to cup my breasts and he curved his body completely around mine, gently driving me into the mattress as he continued his gentle, but demanding thrusts. I felt his pubic hair rasping across my ass and his balls slapping me every time he moved and I felt myself building up again.

How many times could he do this to me before I would self implode?

And then he suddenly picked up the pace, losing his rhythm and jerking roughly against me. His face was buried in my hair and I felt the long hot spurts of his cum inside of me as he came as well. It was enough to send me over once more.

We ended up in a heap on my pillows, nearly crammed up against the headboard. His breath was hot against my ear and I think that it was his turn to not be able to move as his body was limp against my back and he seemed to be quivering.

“God that was good.” He moved his mouth enough as he speak to kiss my ear once more. “I think you might kill me yet.”

“Funny thing, Adin” I replied. “I was thinking the same thing.”

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