The Bar


You walk into the bar and see me sitting on a stool. I am wearing a long silk midnight blue dress, slit up to my thigh on one side. My legs are crossed and as I chat with the bartender one leg swings back and forth, my shoe hanging from the tip of my toes. I’m laughing at something he said as you walk towards me. I sense you at my side without even looking around. I can smell your after shave mixed with the scent of your desire. My shoe falls to the floor. you kneel down, pick it up and slip it onto my foot your hand running up the length of my leg as you stand back up. your eyes move to my breasts as you watch my nipples harden. I say thank you in a breathless voice and watch you walk away to a table in the corner. Should I follow you?

Picking up my drink from the bar I slowly walk over to your table and ask if I may join you. Your smile lets me know you aren’t expecting anyone to join you and are very happy to have my company. You stand up and move out of the booth and let me slide in then you follow. I feel the warmth of your body as you move to face me – our arms and thighs touching. Your eyes look me up and down making me quite breathless. My tongue slowly licks my now dry lips then I raise my glass to take a drink the ice clinking as I take a long gulp, trying to steady my nerves.

I finish my drink in one gulp nodding to you as you motion the bartender for another J. D. and coke for me and a beer for you. There is something in the air tonight I feel very uninhibited and free. As you hand me my glass our fingers touch – electricity sparks between us. I watch as you lean your head closer to my lips as if to kiss me. Instead you move slightly to whisper in my ear; would you care to dance. You take my hand pulling me out of the booth to the dance floor. A slow sensuous song is playing. You draw me close pressing your body against mine your hand goes to the low part of my back as you move me around the dance floor. I feel your cock harden as it presses into me – my nipples rub against your chest as we move together as one.

The music is slow and has an erotic beat that seems to keep time with my heart. The palm of your hand is seared into my back. Your lips brush the nape of my neck. I feel your teeth nibbling the lobe of my ear. This is driving me wild. You have me wrapped in your arms tight, our bodies barely moving now as we stand and sway to Escort Ankara the music – not caring what is going on around us – your cock stiff pushing against my pussy trying to move my legs wider apart as if to slide between them here on the dance floor. My body obeys your every move; I have no control over it. In the darkness of the room I watch as you bend down slightly to suck my nipple thru my silk dress quickly – listening to my gasp of pleasure – then back up before anyone noticed. My pussy is so wet right now – your lips reach mine as you kiss me slowly with your tongue sliding into my mouth gently, then leaving me begging for more, you come back to me this time with more pressure and long deep kisses over and over. If you touched my pussy lips right now I would cum all over your fingers. The music has stopped and you lead me back to the table.

My legs are unsteady as we walk to the table. You help me slide back into the booth – grinning in a very maddening yet sexy way as you stare at me making me blush. You slide next to me as close as you can get, our lips barely touching, as you ask if I want another drink. My head nods no as you motion the bartender for another round. Your hand dips down to my lap, your fingers caressing my thigh as you run your hand up my leg moving the slit of my dress to the side. My gasp of pleasure is all you need to continue your journey.

My legs move slightly apart as I hold my breath in anticipation. I feel your fingers probing my pussy lips noticing the look of desire in your eyes as you realize how wet I am for your touch. The bartender brings the drinks and makes a hasty retreat not wanting to intrude. I try to take a drink but your fingers are teasing my clit and fucking my pussy, making me loose control. God I want you now right here. I am so nervous, so aroused, I spill a little of my drink, feeling you inside me as we sit in this public place – laughing inside at all the people in the bar who aren’t enjoying themselves like you and I. my long tapered fingers reach to your cock – rubbing it over your pants with my palm – looking around and seeing how really dark it is in this bar.

First the button then the zipper – so quickly I have taken care of them you barely realize your cock is standing stiff and straight – with my hand grabbing it and starting to stroke it before you can say a word. We are Ankara Escort in our own little world now and god I want to suck you. You remove your fingers from my wet and aroused pussy, bringing them to my mouth, watching in fascination as I slowly suck my juice off your fingers one by one. Your cock thickens in my hand at the sight – drips of precum show on the head of your cock. You kiss me hard and deep then glancing around, you press down on my head lowering my mouth to your cock. Your moan as I first take you into my mouth – deep in my throat – makes me cum. Your hand guides me – up and down – sliding your cock in and out of my mouth. I can feel you ready to explode – a big hot load in my mouth. Not here though. Where will you take me?

You pull me from the booth – my clothes in disarray and we run out the back door laughing and panting. The back parking lot is dimly lit with a few cars remaining. Now you turn to me cupping my face in your hands giving me a long slow deep sensuous kiss that makes me weak at the knees. You lead me to your car but before you are able to unlock the door I put my hands on your chest and gently shove you against the door. I see your eyes widen in anticipation – my body presses into yours against the car door as we kiss once again.

Suddenly without warning you twirl me around, scoop me up by my ass, and sit me on the hood of your car, your head buried between my breasts as you move my legs apart with your knee. There is a heavy fog rolling in – moisture in the air – my nipples harden in the cold and with anticipation. Nearby we hear the whistle of the train that rolls thru town twice a day – lights are on in the individual cars – knowing no one could possibly see us from the train – but wondering if perhaps they can – very erotic; a moan escapes my lips as I watch in agony/pleasure? As you lower your head to my pussy – wet and creamy with juice between my thighs – I feel your tongue lick me ever so gently – almost like a breeze touching me – so erotic Michael – I can barely stand it – your devilish laugh rumbles against my pussy lips as you take great pleasure in making me so wet. Your tongue -stiff and hard – dives deep into my cunt- my back arches as I raise my ass up off the car – begging you for more – my muffled scream of pleasure is all you can hear in the still night air. I feel your teeth bite me gently Ankara Escort Bayan on my clit – swollen and hard – then your mouth sucks on it with abandon as I take my hand to guide your mouth down lower – lower Michael please.

Your fingers part the moist folds of my pussy as your tongue moves down to my sweet asshole – puckered and tight you lap at the entrance while your index finger slides inside my pussy, finding my g-spot and rubbing it hard. Your hand is coated with my juice as you fuck my cunt with you finger faster and harder. Your tongue is teasing my ass – my body is on fire I cant get enough of you now – I reach to my tits pinching my nipples – as I moan your name. Your cock is rock hard now – the power you have over me right at this very instant makes it stiff and straight – the tip poking out of the waistband of your pants. Michael – I moan louder now – mmmmmmichael please.

Your tongue continues its teasing and I can’t take it any longer. My hands force your head deep into the V my legs make – fuck me Michael – excited beyond anything either has felt before your head moves from my wet sticky pussy and ass and kisses my mouth – such a wonderful long sweet sensual kiss – tongues meeting and twirling around each other – mmmmmmmmm – you pull my hips down to the edge of the hood – holding my ass in your hands to steady me – you reach down with one hand and unzip – god there it is – your cock slides into me in one swift motion – full and thick it makes my pussy shiver in pleasure as you stay inside for a second – not moving – both of us slowing down – fuck you are so masterful Michael. Your balls are smashed against my ass – you look deep into my eyes then lightly kiss my lips, the tip of my nose, my eyelids, before returning to my swollen mouth, taking it with force, almost making me cum right then. My sighs of pure pleasure rumble against your lips – mmmmmmmmm please fuck me now – I’m so close god your cock is so hard in me.

My begging whispers set you off and you start to fuck me right there harder than I have ever had – deeper and so intense – your eyes close and your head goes back – fuck me over and over – slamming into my hot tight pussy – I cant take this any more – grabbing your shoulders to hold on I meet your thrusts – yes Michael fuck me now – stroke for stroke our bodies slam into each other – your cock builds – I feel it ready to explode – yes yes please faster I’m so ready fuck NOW Michael… both of us cum in an explosion of wet sticky cum – your cock pulsates over and over – holding each other my pussy throbs and lets loose with a orgasm like I have never had before. mmmmmm…