The Beach


It was a hot spring day. The air conditioner at work was not working properly and offered little relief. It was one of those days that made you sticky all day, a day where clothes cling to bodies like saran wrap. Chelsea looked at the clock. She had an hour before her lunch break. The office was miserable. There wasn’t a lot of work to be done so she decided to take the rest of the day off.

Chelsea drove to her townhouse and stripped off her clothes the minute she got through the door. Her body glistened with perspiration. The cool air made her get gooseflesh and her nipples hardened. She had decided to head to the beach for the afternoon. First she had to take a shower. Then she would pack her beach bag, get dressed and get on the road.

As soon as she got on the freeway, Chelsea decided against using the air conditioner in her car. She needed fresh air, and the coastal breeze was cool. After she put down the top on her convertible, she pulled back onto the freeway.

There wasn’t much traffic at this time of day. She turned up the stereo and relaxed in the driver’s seat. It didn’t take long before the effects of the sun; breeze and good music hit Chelsea.

The thin halter top and wrap around skirt caressed her skin. She reached down between her legs and her fingers found her smooth mound. She just teased it, savoring the excitement of arousal.

Just as she had rubbed the hard nodule between her folds, sending currents coursing through her body, an 18-wheeler passed her. The driver honked his horn and gave her the thumbs up sign. Chelsea just smiled.

The exhibitionist in her did not mind the stranger’s intrusion, not one bit. In fact, it made her even more exited and anxious to get to the beach and find a secluded area.

Chelsea pressed her foot down on the accelerator. The wind whipped through her long mane and danced across her torso. Though the sun was warm, she finally began to feel relief from the stifling heat. “It won’t be much longer,” she thought.

In less than a half hour, she exited the freeway and made her way to the parking lot at the beach. It was practically empty and finding a spot was not difficult. She raised the top on her car, grabbed her beach bag, locked her car and set the alarm.

“It shouldn’t be too hard to find a nice secluded spot,” Chelsea thought. She walked down the shoreline, the waves rushing up to cool her feet. Humming to herself, she walked until she came to a spot just past some rocks. There wasn’t another soul in sight. She opened her bag, pulled out a beach blanket and spread it out.

She untied the halter top she wore letting it casually fall from her breasts. The halter was then replaced by a bikini top, which accentuated Chelsea’s full, round, firm breasts. Next, Chelsea untied the wrap around skirt and bent over to grab her bikini bottom from her bag as the skirt cascaded to the ground. The breeze blew between her legs blowing gently on her rear end and into her soft, moist folds.

Chelsea finished unpacking her bag then settled into the spot she’d found on the beach. She rubbed tanning oil everywhere she could reach then laid back to sunbathe.

She turned on the radio and opened a bottle of cold water. She also set the timer she brought with her to avoid burning. When it rang, she would turn over. Smiling to herself she thought, “It’s kind of like basting a turkey!”

Soon, Chelsea started getting drowsy. The sun and the cool breeze could do that to a relaxed person. Her eyelids started getting heavy so she decided to take a swim to wake herself up.

Chelsea was a graceful swimmer; she swam out several hundred yards then let the waves bring her back toward the shore. She did not notice the man standing just beyond the rocks and the spot she had staked out for herself.

He stood there watching her, as her arms sliced through the water and then her breasts bobbing along the top of the water as she floated back to shore. She rubbed her wet skin, wiping the water from Escort Ankara it, as she walked out of the water and back up on the beach.

She glanced around, and saw no one. She took her wet bikini off and wrung it out then spread it out on a nearby bush. Unaware of her audience, Chelsea smoothed more oil on her body and lay down on her blanket again.

Still aroused, she lazily traced her body lightly with her fingers. She flicked her taut nipples with a finger she had moistened in her mouth. Using both her hands, she explored her own body. As she did, she breathed faster and more shallowly. She took her time, savoring the exquisite sensations caused by her surroundings as well as her hands.

Chelsea began to moan. She didn’t even think about someone hearing her. Her moans became louder and higher pitched as she worked herself into frenzy as she used one hand to spread her lips and the other to rub her clitoris in circles. Her finger increased in speed and applied more pressure as she came closer and closer to an orgasm.

Beyond the rocks, the man watched Chelsea with awe. She was a beautiful sight. Her tan skin glistened in the sunlight. Beads of perspiration bejeweled her forehead. Full lips lay under a straight nose. Her long hair fanned out around her head on the ground.

Between her full, round, firm breasts and her smooth mound, a flat, hard stomach heaved with each breath. Her arms danced along side of her as her hands worked their magic. Long, lean legs flexed as her feet dug into the sand. The man could not resist, he crept towards her quietly so as not to disturb her.

Before he reached her, she cried out with joy as her back arched and her pussy spit out its juices. Almost as quickly, she rolled onto her stomach and started to doze. The sun warmed her backside and she spread her legs slightly to ensure an even tan.

Chelsea had no idea of how long she lay there. It didn’t seem like very long and almost suddenly, she could feel the sun being blocked. She paid no mind to this, the clouds would block out the sun quite frequently during the day.

Her arms were stretched out, palms down. She spread her legs even farther apart. The man could clearly see her shaved pussy and the wetness still covering it. He was close enough to smell her had the brine not diluted her scent. He had the overpowering urge to touch her, taste her…he kneeled down between her feet and walked on his knees to get between her legs. Chelsea did not move, except the air in her lungs raising her torso slightly off the ground.

The man hesitated only a moment. He was already naked just as she was. His swimming trunks lay in a heap just beyond the edge of her blanket. He reached out his hand slowly, not wanting to startle her. He ran a finger, ever so lightly, up the inside of her thigh.

He saw her butt wriggle its approval. As he got closer to her mound, she unconsciously raised her hips. He traced the folds of her pussy with his finger then dipped it into her well. It was hot and wet. He could feel the walls of her vagina clamp down on his finger. Chelsea softly moaned as he moved his finger in and out of her hole.

It was as wet as a tongue when he pulled it out and started massaging her clit. Chelsea raised her ass even higher into the air. The stranger’s member was standing at attention. His need was demanding as he continued to work Chelsea’s hard little nodule.

Tingling strands of fire struck deep within her as a quiet moan of pleasure escaped her lips, the first sign of acknowledgement. She felt his hands move over her back. He could feel the movement of her firm muscles. His hands moved down her back. He pushed her forward slightly and spread her cheeks to fully expose her anxious, moist opening, and then he bent down to taste her warm salt. Chelsea gasped as his tongue reached forward and found her erect clit peeking out from behind her folds. She pulled her knees under her and raised her ass up in the air.

He prodded Ankara Escort and nuzzled after she moved to give him easier access, then he dipped deep into her well, tasting and exploring her depths. Chelsea was hardly aware of anything except the hot pulses of sensations coursing through her. Chelsea wasn’t sure if her excitement was heightened by the location or the uncertainty of the man who fondled and licked her so expertly. Every spot he kissed or touched burned like fire. She burned down deep to that ultimate spot that tingled with desire.

Only he could hear her breath coming faster and the cries of pleasure she was making. He straightened up behind her, moved in closer and slowly entered her hungry man-eater. As he did, she rocked back, pushing him in until she had his full length buried deep inside her. A cry of pleasure escaped his lips at her unbelievably warm welcome.

He grabbed hold of her hips and pulled back slightly. He reached around with one hand and found her swollen node of pleasure and stroked it as she shoved back onto him, again taking in his full length.

When he sensed she was close to her climax, he began stroking her harder and faster. She rocked back and forth on his rock hard member. He steadied her with his free hand and pulled back again. Then he plunged back into her and pulled back.

Not wanting this sensational experience to end too soon, he pulled completely out and turned Chelsea over. She could not easily see his face in the shadow of the sun directly behind him. He bent over and took her breasts into his hands. As he felt the warm fullness of her large, round, firm breasts, he grazed a nipple with his tongue. Then he took it into his mouth and pulled it. He suckled each nipple until he felt her hips buck beneath him, signaling her impatience to have him inside her once again.

Chelsea felt the soft skin of the tip of his cock tickle her thigh. She started to reach down, wanting to force him to enter her, but he grabbed her wrists and held them in his hands. A short-lived wave of panic washed over Chelsea when she was pinned to the ground.

She could finally see his face. He was gorgeous. His eyes were such a deep brown; she could barely see his pupils. He had strong facial features and a wide, sexy smile. She was too excited to really be picky about the man’s looks but she was even more turned on now that she saw him.

He let go of her wrists and backed down between her legs, tonguing her once again. He loved the taste of her. He pulled her clit into his mouth sucking it hard. He could see her breasts heaving with each breath she took. Her fingers found their way into his hair, and she pulled his head even closer. He slowly pushed his forefinger into her quivering pussy.

Chelsea felt her head spinning and a familiar eruption building up deep within her. Her legs began shaking as she tried to catch her breath. The man got on his knees and guided the head of his penis to the entrance to her womanhood. Her hips rose to meet him and her hands reached out for him.

Again he grabbed her wrists and held her down. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him farther into her, her pussy swallowing him whole. He penetrated her fully and felt his own climax nearly found its peak. He plunged in and then pulled back once more. He sensed her readiness and began to stroke her harder and faster.

Her hips met each his every stroke as he penetrated her fully. The sight of her was more than any man could bear. Her breasts danced about to the beat of his intrusive cock. Her tongue wet her full, luscious lips. Her fingers dug into the sand beneath the blanket, and he could see the lean muscles in her arms flex. Her flat, toned stomach seemed to know with the excitement of his touch. The hips topping her chiseled legs framed the soft area above her slit. She was clean and he could not recall seeing such a smooth pussy on a female since grade school.

The sensation of her soft, smooth skin caressing Ankara Escort Bayan his straining dick and his nut sack was unbelievable. Just looking at this gorgeous woman sent blood rushing to his tool, making it even harder than thought possible.

She was beautiful, lying naked on the beach before him. She was the nearest thing to heaven he’d ever seen. The response he received from her hot, willing body was more than he could have asked for.

Chelsea was way too aroused to take a similar inventory of him though the man kneeling between her legs was very easy on the eyes and knew his way around a woman’s body.

Chelsea didn’t hear her own breath coming faster and faster, or the moans erupting from her but he did. He let go of her wrists and grabbed her buttocks, lifting her off the ground and opening her up so he could delve to the very depths of her.

He felt the head of his dick hit the back wall of her vagina, her cervix consume the tip. She grabbed each breast in a hand and massaged them in time with the rhythm of his penetration. She took in every bit of his hardness, the lips of her pussy reaching out for his balls.

He felt her wonder walls quiver and spasm as her pussy got wetter and hotter. He pushed in and pulled out of her fully, as her hunger enveloped him.

Chelsea could feel him growing inside her. His cock touching places never touched before. Her mind was reeling from the electric shocks coursing through her body.

She felt she would soon explode. Not a single word had been exchanged between the two. He looked at her, visibly aroused, and felt her body reacting to the elements and his touch.

She had to close her eyes as the climax erupted from her…it started deep in her lower abdomen and quickly spread to her squirming pussy and then the rest of her body. She screamed out, “fuck me hard, fuck me, fuck me now!” as she came.

He could not believe how her pussy clamped down on him as it showered him with her juices. Barely able to move inside her, he forced his way as deep as he could go as he felt his hot fluid push at the opening on the head of his throbbing cock. As he buried himself deep inside her, his come mixed with hers.

The bodies first tightening then relaxing once spent. He collapsed on top of Chelsea and he kissed her full mouth, his tongue flitting in and out of her slightly parted lips. She could taste herself on him. When he pulled back to look at her, she was smiling and he smiled in return. Then he pulled himself completely off of her, stood up and looked around.

Silently, he walked over to the spot where he’d dispensed of his trunks and picked them up. Casually, he put them on and started to walk away. Chelsea continued to lay there totally astonished with what had just happened to her. Blissfully she rolled to her side, grabbed her bikini and sat up. As she dressed, she watched the man walk away from her.

She felt the stir of longing as she witnessed each step he took. Fighting the urge to call out to him and break the silence they had shared, Chelsea ran to the water and waded out until she could immerse herself. She swam for a while then walked out of the water.

She picked up a few seashells from the beach as she walked back to her blanket. She could still feel her legs quivering and her heart beating in her pussy.

When she got to the blanket, she noticed a piece of paper as she sat down next to her bag. There was a note on it, which read, “Thanks for a spectacular time. You are the most beautiful woman I have had the pleasure of knowing intimately. I don’t know if the incredible experience could be duplicated but it would be interesting to try, don’t you think? My phone number is 555-0807, give me a call if you care to take the chance.”

He signed it simply with a smiley face. She grinned and packed up her beach bag. Her cell phone was in her car. She was definitely ready for more unbelievable sensations coursing throughout her body and she ran all the way back to the parking lot.

Breathless, she reached her destination. As she unlocked her doors, she looked up and saw the man a few rows down watching her. She smiled and picked up her phone. Chelsea held it up so he could see and he smiled as he walked towards her.