The Belt Ch. 02

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The sun began gradually creeping through the curtains of another Sunday morning, one more day before the monotonous weekly regime started all over again, but something in my mind suggested this Sunday might be something just a little different.

As I surveyed the unfamiliar surroundings of the bedroom I saw first hand the evidence of the previous nights encounter. Clothes, strewn across the floor, seemed to make a mockery of the otherwise tidy space, everything in its rightful place.

The memories came back as my head screamed out at me at a rapid pace, my brain seemingly trying to escape from within. It had certainly been a good night indeed. From standing there, nonplussed and contemplating an early night, to that first alluring image of Jane as she wrestled with her non-compliant belt, my helpful assistance and culminating in a night of wild unbridled passion well into the early hours.

As I gently lifted my head, again much to the advice given by the rest of my body, to check on the time, I was surprised to see it was still early, well, as Sunday mornings go anyway, just after 9am.

My movement though must have disturbed Jane as she lay there, her hair a fine mess after the earlier exertions. One eye open, and the realisation of the night before finally dawned on her. She could just about raise a brief “hey” her voice croaky, her throat dry, probably not helped by the copious amounts of alcohol both of us had consumed in the previous hours.

“Hey back” I replied as I moved over towards her, taking her naked body closely into my arms. We held each other close and tight, the warmth of our bodies feeling comfortable, but bearing in mind our passions the night before it wasn’t long before my body started to return to its normal state, especially my cock which gradually began to stir, brushing gently against her smooth, young skin.

“Someone ready for more?” Jane asked, clearly feeling my morning erection more now, as she reached down under the covers and gave it a gentle squeeze.

Once again, her hand held firmly against me sent almost bahis firmaları immediate pulses of joy throughout my body and I could just about grunt in acknowledgement.

“Well let’s get cleaned up first” she offered, and I had to agree, hoping the hot water from her shower would liven the rest of my body up, and go some way to relieving the self-inflicted headache.

Normally never a morning person anyway, it took some doing to clamber out from underneath the covers but the potential benefits certainly seemed to outweigh the disadvantages as we picked our way between the remaining clothes and both strolled confidently, naked, to the bathroom, my now firmly erect cock leading the way like a flag being first taken into battle.

Now there’s something I like about a shower. This was perfect. The jets of water were hard and fast, and importantly, hot, feeling like each stream was impregnating my body with bursts of electricity. It was the sort of shower I would never want to get out of and even more so when Jane joined me too. Thankfully it was big enough for the two of us both. Not too large that we were far apart, but comfortably close, our warm, wet skin brushing up against each other and my erection, which still hadn’t abated just occasionally brushing against her heightening the pleasure even further.

As the bathroom filled with steam, and our bodies glistened with the fresh pulses of water, Jane reached her hand down my chest, gently scraping her perfectly manicured nails against me, grazing with a lustful look in her eyes. The sort of look that left me in no doubt that she wanted, needed more and I had every intention of satisfying her desires.

As her hand got lower, tangling with the hairs on my chest, each one feeling like it was about to stand on end, the goosebumps created by her touch were so extreme, my cock couldn’t help but respond and, as she reached there it was fully erect, twitching with every touch as her fingertips slowly slid over the tip with just enough pressure to be comfortable but also intensely erotic.

Her hand moved swiftly kaçak iddaa back and forth, exposing the wet, glistening head, only serving to further increase the temperature within not only both our bodies but the bathroom too. The idea of getting clean was out of the window now as her hand cradled my balls, squeezing, toying with them, the scent of pure lust filling the moist air.

Our lips crashed together in unison, a kiss of passion, tongues entwining, our breathing becoming all the more ragged. Without a word, we both sent the signals to each other as my hands explored, roaming wildly across her back and pulling her closer as I pulled her hips closer towards me.

But her mouth had other ideas. After all, we’d come this far, and I didn’t really think a kiss, no matter how passionate would quite cut it now. She broke off from the kiss and moved to my neck, always a soft spot of mine, planting it with tender, rough, tender, rough kisses, nibbles and bites. My head arcing back in enjoyment and allowing her a greater range of free access.

And if I thought she was good with my neck, I almost squealed with joy as she firmly took first my right, then left nipple into her mouth, her tongue swirling and rotating around each before sucking it rapidly in and out. Her hand now stroking, scraping and twisting around my cock which seemed to be feeling even thicker than even I had known it previously.

Still I craved more and with her slightly bent at the waist whilst she tormented and pleased my nipples in equal measure, I reached swiftly between her legs, yes, wet, but this wasn’t just the shower doing it’s work. It was as clear an invitation, if one was needed right now that she craved satisfaction. We both did as I gently slid one, then two fingers within her, her lips parting to accept me.

“I need more than that” said Jane as she looked down, waving my cock as if it was suddenly holding a flag on the end, the look on her face suggesting that there was only one place this was going right now. With that, and without any further ado, she promptly pulled kaçak bahis away from me, turned off the shower, turned around to face the white tiles and demanded: “fuck me.”

Now who am I to argue at such a direct statement, as I grabbed the base of my cock, squeezing a delightful, delicious drop of pre-cum from the head and pushing her into a bending position, one hand on her hips, the second on her shoulder, the unwritten code that simply says “I’m ready.”

She backed up against me and reached behind, not wanting to waste any further time. Grabbing my cock and putting it against her pussy, one push being all it took as she rapidly engulfed my length. A gasp of pleasure emitting from her lips, a groan of delight from mine as we playfully rocked, gently, softly at first, becoming accustomed to one another yet again.

It wasn’t long before her head, and her hair, now appearing much longer from the water were touching the base of the shower, allowing me to impale deeper within her, my hands on her shoulders, pulling her back each time I thrust forward, gasps and moans becoming louder, the sun beating through the steamed up glass as if it wanted to join in our fun. I’d never been a good judge as to when a woman had reached an orgasm, or even if it was the real thing or they were good at acting, but this time there was no doubt, as my hands moved to her breasts, taking in, rubbing and roughly squeezing each nipple she came, and this time it was loud. It was passionate, her voice seemingly restored from the drunken antics of the night before.

The urge and craving of my own body soon started reaching a crescendo too, the slight tingle, spurred on my her grunts and moans, holding herself up against the wall with her hands, sliding down and having to adjust every few seconds soon became an itch, a feeling, the one that suggests the point of no return as my own body bucked, my legs tensing, losing all control as I let go of everything I had, planting it within her.

A few seconds of silence, of reflection, it seemed were eventually broken with a gentle sound as I exited her. She turned to face me, a dirty, well fucked grin across her beautifully framed face as she knelt to kiss the tip of my cock, taking just a small taste of the both of us.

“Breakfast?” she asked.

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