The Best Summer Job Ever Ch. 04


Chapter four picks up with Dan and Ellen’s return from their trip. With just a couple of weeks until the summer ends and Jessica returning from vacation soon too it promises to be a hectic time.


“See you tomorrow honey,” Ellen said with a kiss as she dropped me off at home.

We had just gotten back from our trip to Mexico. Well not just, we did go to her place for sex first. Sitting next to her on the plane for hours had left me hopelessly horny and she wasn’t much better off. Normally we spent hours in bed screwing each other to the point of exhaustion when given the chance, but tomorrow was our last full day until her daughter Jessica returned from visiting her father. It had been Ellen’s idea to stop early and get a good night of sleep in anticipation of an amazing day. Jessica would be expecting to spend a lot of time with me when once she got back.

I’ve been sleeping with both mother and daughter, though it was Ellen a woman almost twice my age that had stolen my heart. I loved her and didn’t care if I ever slept with Jessica (or Hannah or Gwen) ever again. All summer Ellen has been telling me things between us can’t last and there are only two weeks left to finally change her mind. If someone asked me what she was to me I’d call her my girlfriend in a second, but I didn’t really want to know how she might label me. In a weird way, her refusal to acknowledge the validity of our relationship caused us both more pain than me sleeping with all those other women and we both knew it.

Sitting on the sofa, drinking a soda and watching TV I was planning to relax for a few hours before bed. I found myself thinking of Ellen and smiled. I could picture her lying on her couch covered in a blanket and watching a movie, wondering why she’d come up with the stupid idea to send me away for the night. The blinking light on our answering machine caught my eye and I was reminded to check the messages. My parents were away on a vacation as well so no one had checked them in almost a week.

I had just started sorting through them when the doorbell rang. Glancing at the clock I saw it was just past eight and had no idea who it might be. Stopping with the messages I went to answer it getting there just as they rang again.

“Hi Danny! You’re a hard man to track down,” she said hugging me and pushing her way inside.

“Hannah… what are you doing here?” I asked shocked to see her.

“What do you think?” she said with a smirk. Jessica’s blonde haired beauty of a friend was wearing a tiny skirt and a top that stretched tight around her small, firm breasts. I was still trying to gather my thoughts when she cornered me and started kissing me.

“Stop it,” I said pushing her away. “We can’t do this. What about Jessica?”

“Who do you think told me where you lived?” she said.

“That doesn’t matter. It still doesn’t feel right,” I said taking a few steps away from her.

“I can guarantee it will feel right,” she said smiling sweetly as she stalked me, but I continued to back away. “I’ve been here every night since Jessica went away and for once you’re home. Since the first day I saw you I wanted to fuck you Danny. I’ve gotten to share you with Jess but she thought I deserved my own private session so here I am and I’m not going anywhere until I get what I came for.”

“I’m sorry Hannah but I just can’t do it,” I pleaded.

“Bullshit! Look I’ve been trying to track you down all week. I even went over to the Swanson’s but Jessica’s mom was away and I could never find you at work,” she said. “Every time I came here your car was in the driveway but you were never home. I don’t know where you were all week but maybe Jessica can help me figure it all out when she gets back,” she said with threatening smile that told me she already knew too much.

“What do you mean ‘figure it all out’?” I asked calling her bluff.

“Don’t make me spell it out for you,” she said. “I don’t care how many other women you’re screwing as long as I get my turn.”

“What other women?” I said nervously.

“Well you could be fucking say my mom, for example, and I wouldn’t mind. But I’m sure there are some girls out there who might get mad over something like that though,” she said with a shrug.

“Please don’t…” I felt sick.

“Are you going to fuck me or not?” she asked pressing her advantage.

“Yes,” I said in a defeated tone. I would have done almost anything to buy her silence.

“I’m sorry I had to play dirty,” she said kissing me. “Don’t worry your big secret is safe with me. Just tell me which one you started fucking first and who’s better?” she said with a laugh.

Hannah squealed in delight as I threw her over my shoulder. As I carried her upstairs to my bedroom I vowed to give this little vixen the fucking of her young lifetime. I dumped her on my bed and started stripping my clothes off. She watched me while licking her lips but still hadn’t begun to strip by the time I was naked. When she tried to sit bağdatcaddesi escort up and suck my cock I pushed he back down roughly. Grabbing her skirt I hauled it down over her slim hips and she finally got the idea taking of her top. Before she could remove her bra I tore her silk panties off ripping them apart and giving her second thoughts by the look on her face.

Luckily for her, her smooth, hairless pussy was already soaking wet. My cock had grown hard almost instantly when it has become clear I’d be fucking her tonight. Aiming it towards her pink lips I rammed it all the way inside her with a single vicious thrust. Hannah’s tight pussy wasn’t used to taking a cock my size with no warm up so she cried out in pain beneath me. She tried to hold me with her arms, but I pinned her wrists to the bed above her head. Glaring down at her while still buried inside, my message was clear. She could have the nice hard fucking her blackmail had earned her or she could get out of my house.

One of her legs had curled around me as if to control my pace. Gripping her by the knee and squeezing tight until the tips of my fingers pressed deep into her skin I flung her leg aside and dared her to try replacing it. She’d gotten the idea now and spread her legs as wide as she could, offering her cunt for the fucking. I rewarded her with another stroke that made her breath catch in her throat. Already I could see beads of sweat forming on her brow. She looked scared and turned on at the same time. I continued to give her one harsh thrust at a time, rattling her slight frame beneath me. Each time I rammed my cock inside her I could feel her arms stiffen in my grip.

As her cunt began to loosen I started doubling up on the hard strokes. Soon I was giving her four or five rapid fire stokes at a time as she held her breath and exhaled loudly when I paused again. The look of fear had been erased from her face and all I saw was pure lust now. Figuring it was safe to release her hands now I let her go ready to seize her once more if needed. At first she look shocked at her new found freedom, but with surprising strength she pulled my lips to hers for kiss. I wanted to kiss her even less that I’d wanted to sleep with her, but at this point it didn’t make sense to fight it. After the kiss she struggled out of her bra and started pinching her sensitive nipples. Fucking her some more I smiled as she foolishly held her breath, knowing I wasn’t stopping until she came this time. She let out a loud series of high pitch squeals as she came then slumped to bed with a contented smile on her face thinking it was over when we were just getting warmed up.

Hannah had a spectacular little ass on her and as long as she was making me fuck her then I wanted to take her from behind so I could enjoy the fine view. Hauling my cock from her tight cunt she sat up thinking I wanted head. I took her hand, pulled her to knees, and spun her around by the waist. Fitting the tip of my cock back inside her pussy, I started fucking her hard once more causing her to grunt each time I slammed against her ass. The longer I fucked her, the louder she got and I pushed he face down into my pillow to smother her cries. Thanks to numerous orgasms with Ellen earlier in the day that had given me superior staying power I still hadn’t cum yet when she collapsed to the bed fleeing my cock.

“Please not yet,” she pleaded when I tried to roll her over.

“If you’ve had enough then get out,” I said pointing towards the door. I was still angry that she had figured out I was sleeping with Ellen and used thinly veiled threats of telling Jessica to get her way with me.

“I’m sorry Danny,” she said trying to give me a soothing touch but I stopped her.

“Go away,” I said bending to pick up my clothes.

“Wait!” she shouted and I stopped to give her a chance to speak. “Jessica and I grew up closer than most real sisters. I’m sorry I threatened to reveal your secret, but I’d never tell her. All she can talk about is this other woman you’re obsessed with, if she found out it was her mother it would break her heart.”

“I never wanted to hurt her,” I said sitting down. This time when Hannah sat next me and touched my leg I didn’t pull away.

“How did it happen?” she asked.

“You girls were away most of the summer,” I started with a deep breath. It felt good to let it all out and Hannah was content to listen. I told her almost everything from the beginning. The only part of the story I left out was anything that included Gwen. By the end Hannah had her arm around me to offer whatever comfort she could.

“Have you told her you love her?” she asked in a soft voice.

“No, but she knows,” I said.

“Well until you tell her she can keep pretending you don’t,” she said and I knew she was right.

“I will tell her, but not yet,” I said. “I can’t risk losing her yet. I’ll tell her the last day when I’m on the verge of losing either way, but I still don’t know what beykoz escort to do about Jessica.”

“I can tell her if you want,” she offered.

“No let me and pretend you didn’t know. She might end up hating her mother when she finds out. I need you to make sure they reconcile if I’m gone,” I said.

“I promise I will,” she said hugging me. “Do I still have to leave?” she asked after several long minutes of silence.

“I guess not,” I said and it felt good to see her smile. “They both know we’ve been together so there’s no harm in doing it right. Sorry about earlier.”

“It’s ok I deserved it,” she said. “And I kinda liked it anyway. Maybe Jessica won’t be all that mad when she finds out it was her mom who taught you to fuck like that.”

I smiled and slipped my fingers between her legs to see if she was still wet. She was but my cock had gone soft. Hannah looked eager to be fucked again but she’d noticed my problem too and bent to rectify it. Falling back on the bed I let her suck my cock enjoying the feel of her tongue and lips. The blowjob continued long after I was hard again as I was hesitant to stop what felt so good. I was going to miss all the girls when I went back to school. Ellen was the only one that would feel like a crushing loss, but they’d all come to mean something to me.

When Hannah stopped sucking my cock I was sure she was about to mount me, so I grabbed my cock to hold it still. Instead she lay down next to me and pulled her legs way back holding them with her arms behind her knees. Batting her eyes at me she smiled when I got up ready to fuck her again. Pressing my cock in between her tight lips I started out at a much slower pace this time letting her enjoy it. Her pussy looked so good pressed between her thighs and glistening with moisture. After all the amazing sex with beautiful women this summer I felt like I was about to wake up from a dream at any moment sometimes.

Holding her slim hips I started picking up the pace looking for signs that I’d reached her limits. It didn’t take long for her silence to turn into soft moans and to louder grunts from there. Feeling her cunt tighten around me I knew she was close now. Hammering away at top speed I made her squeal and thrash beneath me before pulling out.

Without letting her recover I knelt above her, keeping her legs pinned against her chest, and swung my cock toward her lips. She sucked it greedily, focusing on the head. Taking it inside her mouth she swirled her tongue all around tasting her own juices. The orgasm has left her short of breath so she kept spitting my cock out to inhale deep breaths, but she always took it back inside. It had gone on long enough now that I was eager to cum. She stopped before I could though and reached down to spread her cunt with her fingers leaving no doubt as to what she wanted.

Hannah held my cock as I pushed back inside her. Instead of releasing me she slipped just a few fingers out of the way so my cock had to pass through her hand as we fucked. It added a thrilling sensation to the sex and she smiled at the impressed look on my face. I could tell she was happy to do something new and exciting for me. Kissing anyone besides Ellen never felt right, but I found myself bending down to kiss her on the cheek and she looked positively elated afterwards.

On the verge of cumming now I pushed her hand out of the way. Pulling her legs apart I threw one to either side of me. I could see her grit her teeth and brace herself for the onslaught she knew was coming as I started to pick up speed. She took everything I threw at her while playing with her breasts again. Bending down I gnawed at one of her nipples as hard as I dared and she held it in place for me.

When I was ready to cum I withdrew my cock from her cunt. Jerking my cock with it aimed at her taut stomach I was ready to cover her in cum any second now. Hannah sat up and slapped my hand away sucking my cock inside her mouth. I had cum for Ellen a few times earlier today so it wasn’t my biggest load, but each shot felt great as it left my cock and there was enough that it spilled from her mouth to run down her chin. Running her tongue across her lips she rubbed her chin and licked her hand clean.

“That was amazing Danny,” she said lying down on the bed and patting the place next to her. “I’d love to watch you and Jessica’s mom in bed. I bet it’s fucking wild,” she laughed.

“Well no offense, but no other woman comes close to her,” I said.

“It’s ok I still want to be third on your list if things don’t work out with Jessica or her mom,” she said.

“There’s no list, there’s only Ellen,” I said seriously. “If I can’t make things work with her then I couldn’t see myself with someone so close to her.”

“I know,” she said soothingly as she rubbed my chest. “If there’s anything I can do to help you with Jessica’s mom I’d be happy to do it. I’ve known her forever so maybe I can come up with something,” she offered and I knew she was caddebostan escort sincere.

“Thanks Hannah that means a lot to me, it really does,” I said.

I was shocked when she gave me a hug and then a kiss on the cheek before getting dressed. She really was a sweet girl and the conniving blackmail from earlier was totally out of character for her. Seeing the changes in her since telling her my story I knew she felt horrible for how she’d gotten me into bed tonight. For me it was a relief to have someone to open up to. Gwen was far too close with Ellen to ever become a true ally and I certainly couldn’t tell Jessica what was going on behind her back. As I was sharing it all with Hannah I could see her body language change. It was encouraging to know that she thought there was a chance for Ellen and I after hearing about our summer together.

When we had both dressed we went downstairs and sat around talking. Together we tried to think of a way to tell Jessica about my relationship with Ellen. There didn’t seem to be any solution to the problem. Each idea we came up with always ended up relying on Jessica to be forgiving and understanding, something that might have worked if the other woman had been anyone but her own mother. I knew that if I was going to have any success in forging a lasting relationship with Ellen, then I needed to tell Jessica in a way that wouldn’t cause her to hate me or resent her mother. By the time Hannah left we were no closer to figuring it all out.

The next morning I headed over to Ellen’s anxious to see her. Have spent almost a full week together in Mexico my bed felt empty last night. Punching the security code in at her front gate I went straight to her house and let myself in. I was there extra early so I could catch Ellen still in bed. Rushing straight to the bedroom I was happy to see that she was asleep. Stripping out of my clothes I got into bed with her and began caressing her naked body as I woke her up with my kisses.

“Mmmm… I missed you so much last night,” she said rolling over to kiss me back. “Can you forgive me for the stupid idea to spend the night apart?”

“Done,” I said kissing her over and over again. My cock had grown hard long before I’d gotten to her bedroom but I didn’t want sex yet. I wanted to tell her I loved her but I couldn’t force the words from my lips.

“Someone’s ready to go,” she smiled as she touched my cock. “I need to get my pussy wet first though,” she added with a hopeful look.

“I’ll see what I can do,” I said throwing the covers back. She was naked except for the necklace I’d given her on our trip.

Ellen’s darkly tanned skin and hourglass figure was an awe-inspiring sight no matter how many times I saw it. Beautiful from the start, our countless hours of hard fucking over the summer had toned her body and left her looking even better than before. Gazing down at her face I thought she looked like one of those women you’d see in commercials for skin creams. You could tell she was a little older but at the same time you knew there was no cream in the world that could make a woman look that good. I loved her big brown eyes, her full lips that whispered kiss me every time I looked at them, and her bold nose that I could vaguely remember thinking was too big for a woman. Kissing down past her neck, I stopped at her large breasts with dark nipples that sagged a little but were perfect for sucking.

Ellen was tall for a woman, only a couple of inches shorter than my six foot one frame, and her height had blessed her with long shapely legs. As I traveled down her body those long legs spread to give me unobstructed access to her pussy. She kept it waxed completely free of hair and her tan covered her from head to toe in an unbroken shade of sun-baked brown. The pussy nestled between her sexy legs had loose, dark outer lips that hung open a little to show the pink entrance that led deep inside her. I could lie there staring at it for hours on end and never get tired of it. There wasn’t a more beautiful sight in the world as far as I was concerned.

Months ago I’d come to Ellen’s bed a competent pussy licker, but as the weeks passed she’d turned me into a master. Prior to meeting Ellen my sexual experiences had been a little awkward and the younger women I’d been with were often shy in bed, afraid to tell me what they liked. That had never a problem with Ellen. She knew exactly what she wanted in bed and had never been timid about telling me. I had no doubt that Jessica and Hannah wouldn’t have been nearly as impressed with me if she hadn’t taught me so well.

The first touch of my tongue against her warm, soft lips made Ellen sigh happily. Her fingers quickly joined me to help work her pussy into a lather as I moved to her lower lips to give her space. When she offered me her wet fingers to suck I mimicked some of her favorite blowjob moves on them and she recognized them right away laughing loudly. It took only a few minutes to make her wet enough to fuck, but my licking and sucking went on much longer. I was never worried about missing my turn with Ellen, I knew my chance would come and was more than happy to give her oral sex for as long as she wanted it. Seeing her reactions to my tongue was always thrilling enough for me anyway.