The Big Bang

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Lawrence Baylor walked out of history class feeling somewhat smug for having made a fool of the professor. He really didn’t like the man but he had to take his class as one of the core courses. He would much rather be spending his time studying physics and math. As he was walking down the steps a girl came up behind him.

“Hi Larry. You were incredible in class. What you did to Professor Milford, well, that was just hilarious. He was so mad he could hardly finish.”

He turned and looked at the pretty girl addressing him. He wasn’t used to girls giving him compliments. Usually they laughed at him or just ignored him. Besides, what he had done was no big deal. He had merely pointed out an obvious error in logic that the professor had made. It took Lawrence a few moments to come up with a name.

“Hello Elizabeth. My name is Lawrence. I don’t go by Larry.”

“It’s Beth. Anyway, I’m starving. You want to get something to eat.”

Lawrence fidgeted with his arm. He had no idea how to act in front of a girl. Spending time alone with her terrified him. He was about to decline her offer but she never gave him a chance.

“Okay, it’s a date. Pick me up in front of Taylor Hall in 15 minutes. Don’t keep me waiting, Larry.”

Why did she keep calling him Larry? He was about to correct her again but she was already gone. What was he going to do? He could just ignore her but then she would see him in class the next day and make a big deal in front of everyone. He decided to meet her and then explain why he could not join her for lunch.

Beth had changed out of her blue jeans and was wearing a green pull over dress that fell to mid thigh. It was held up by thin straps over her bare shoulders and was cut low enough to show ample cleavage. Lawrence didn’t recognize her until she walked up to him from behind and taped him on the shoulder.

“Right on time, Larry. I like that in a man. Let’s go to the Patio. They have great burgers.”

Beth hooked her arm through his and dragged him away. Lawrence was not able to make the speech he had so carefully planned. He was too terrified. He was going to have to gut it out and hope lunch would end quickly. They placed their orders and waited to be served. Beth was doing all the talking.

“… and so Nadia pretended like she was this big drinker and got so shitfaced she could barely stand. I heard that they carried her upstairs and she did you know what with half the Frat House and that they recorded it and sent it to one of those college party web sites. That’s why I don’t drink… well not much anyway. How about you, Larry? Have you ever been drunk?”

Lawrence had not been listening. He was too preoccupied with escape. When there was a pause in Beth’s monologue he noticed her looking at him inquisitively. He fidgeted with his arm hoping this whole thing would just end quickly.

“That’s okay,” Beth continued, “You don’t have to tell me. It’s really none of my business. Hey, do you like my dress? My mom bought it for me so I would have something nice to wear besides jeans. I decided to put it on since this is our first date. I like the dress because of the way it shows off my tits. That’s my best feature don’t you think?”

Lawrence choked on his hamburger. They weren’t on a date were they? Lawrence had never been on a date. Then she blurted out that thing about her tits. It was hard not to notice them. He had done his best to avoid looking but every so often his eyes would wander to her well exposed cleavage.

“I mean my ass isn’t bad but it’s a little on the chunky side. Girls worry about things like that. Look, I have to go pee. Why don’t you get the check so we can leave? We could go Dutch but then it wouldn’t be a proper date, would it Larry? See you in a few minutes.”

Lawrence sat there stunned. He wasn’t used to being around girls and certainly not ones that talked about tits and asses and having to pee. He was in way over his head and had no idea how to extract himself. After paying the bill Lawrence wandered towards the entrance. Beth intercepted him at the front door and hooked her arm through his.

“Let’s go back to my room,” she suggested.

Lawrence needed to end this now. She had finally given him a legitimate excuse to escape from this nightmare.

“Uh… I can’t. I have to study for tomorrow’s physics test.”

“You are such a stitch, Larry,” Beth laughed punching him in the arm. “You’ll have plenty of time to study. We’re still on a date. You don’t want to get a reputation as someone who runs away from girls do you?”

Lawrence didn’t know how to respond. Would she really tell everyone that he ran away from her? The bullies in the school would use that as another opportunity to stuff him in a trash can or even worse. Rather than object he let her drag him like a puppy dog back to her dorm. She draped a small sign over the doorknob that said “Men at Work” then pulled him into her room and closed the door.

“My roommate and I have this agreement about not interrupting when we’re entertaining. That’s why we use the sign. My roommate uses it Side escort all the time with her boyfriend. They fuck like rabbits.”

Now Lawrence was shaking. She said the “F” word. What would she do next? He’d never even kissed a girl other than during spin the bottle in Junior High and that had terrified him. It wasn’t that Lawrence had no interest in sex. He watched his share of porn and masturbated frequently. He liked girls. He was just terrified of them.

“So Larry, do you want to kiss me?” Beth asked stepping close and putting her arms around his neck. “I mean I know it’s only our first date, but what the heck. We’re in college. Let’s sit down on the bed and do it. It’s easier that way.”

“Um… listen,” Lawrence stuttered while pushing her away, “I really need to go. Thank you for having lunch with me.”

He turned to leave. Beth grabbed his arm and pulled him back. She pushed him down until he was sitting on the bed.

“You’re not going anywhere Larry. We’re not done here yet. This is going to be your lucky day.”

Beth pushed him back on the bed. She climbed on top of him and straddled his legs. Lawrence could feel his heart beating fast. He desperately wanted to escape but felt helpless to even move. He closed his eyes hoping it would all just go away.

Beth leaned forward and sunk her teeth into his neck sucking hard until there was a big red hickey on his skin. Her pussy ground against his cock through the clothes they were wearing. Despite the terror still throbbing in his head his body responded to her advances. His cock slowly grew bigger and bigger until it was fully erect.

Her mouth pressed against his. Beth forced her tongue between his lips. She practically devoured him. Her pussy continued to rub up and down the length of his hard cock. Desire and sexual arousal slowly mixed with the terror he was feeling. Lawrence felt his balls churning and became concerned that she might make him cum in his pants. That would be a disaster.

Beth sat up still straddling his body. She lifted the green dress over her head. Then she reached back and unsnapped her bra. Two perfect pear shaped tits capped by light brown nipples with eraser sized tips bounced on her chest. Lawrence stared with his mouth open. Beth lifted her hands and caressed her two beauties, squeezing them with her fingers and rubbing her thumbs across the hard nipples.

“Do you like them Larry?”

He stared at the first pair of naked tits he had ever seen. His cock twitched and released a trickle of pre-cum. The pounding in his head became more intense. He couldn’t take much more of this. Beth took both of his hands and moved them to her firm breasts guiding his fingers across the soft flesh and over her hard nipples.

“Mmmmm… that’s good Larry. I just love having my tits squeezed. Do it harder. Now pinch my nipples like this. Oooohhhh… yes.”

Beth kept her hands on his so he couldn’t pull them away. Lawrence closed his eyes and tried concentrating on anything but what he was doing to keep from shooting in his pants. He tried to think of a physics problem but it didn’t work. Her tits felt too good… so soft, so warm… so alive.

“Would you like to suck them, Larry?”

Beth scooted forward slightly and dangled her tits in his face. This took the unbearable pressure off of his cock in the nick of time. It was still throbbing but he could feel the impending explosion settle back into his balls. Her nipple brushed across his lips.

“Go ahead Larry… suck it into your mouth. Lick it. Roll your tongue around it. Make me feel it, Larry. Make me feel it all the way down in my pussy.”

Lawrence did the only thing he could do at the moment. He sucked her nipple between his lips and rolled his tongue across the hard tip. Then Beth fed him the other nipple. She slid a hand into her panties and rubbed her pussy. Lawrence continued to lick and suck her swollen nipple.

“Mmmmmm… that’s good Larry. Keep it up… ooohhhh… yes.”

Beth’s fingers flew across her clit. Her moans got louder. Lawrence became more aggressive as he succumbed to the passion of the moment. He moved back to her other nipple and eagerly feasted on it. Beth plunged two fingers into her dripping cunt. Her gasps became more desperate. Her body began to tremble. She tensed. Then the pressure released.


Juices gushed from her pussy and flooded her panties. Her body jerked and thrashed wildly. Her finger moved back to her clit. Lawrence wasn’t sure what was happening. He kept his mouth clamped around her nipple. Another explosion rocked her world. Beth finally collapsed forward onto Lawrence breathing hard.

“Fuck… that was a good one… wow.”

Lawrence lay there helplessly while Beth caught her breath. Then she slid down his body. His head was spinning with everything that was happening. Was this going to ever stop? Did he want it to stop? She unbuckled his jeans and yanked them down his legs along with his briefs. His throbbing cock sprung to attention in front of her face.

“Holy Side escort bayan shit Larry, what have you been hiding from me? It’s huge.”

Beth wrapped her fingers around the throbbing flesh and stroked him a few times. Lawrence could feel his cock pulse and knew it would not take much to make him shoot. Beth leaned forward and swirled her tongue around the swollen knob. His world was spinning out of control. She heard him moan. Beth looked up at his agonized face and smiled.

“You’re going to love this Larry.”

She plunged her lips down his shaft and took him deep into her mouth. She kept her hand wrapped tightly around the base as she bobbed her head up and down slurping and sucking on his throbbing meat. Spit drooled down his shaft and over his balls. Lawrence could feel his knob punching into the opening of her throat again and again.

Lawrence felt his bills shrink and his cock swell. Just as a surge of cum was about to explode up his shaft Beth pulled her lips from his cock and squeezed the base so tightly that she choked it back into his balls. Lawrence was seeing stars. He felt the urge slowly pass. Belt licked the small trickle that leaked out from the tip and then plunged her lips back down his shaft.

Lawrence no longer felt terrorized. It had been replaced by a desperate need to empty the huge load of cum churning in his balls. He looked down and watched Beth plunge her lips down the length of his huge cock again and again. Spit drooled down his shaft and over her hand which was wrapped around the base. She looked up at him with hungry eyes. His cock was buried deep in her mouth.

“AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH…” he roared lifting off the bed.

Beth kept her lips clamped firmly around his shaft. The first surge was so powerful that she almost choked. Cum came shooting out of her nose. She kept her lips wrapped tightly around him as stream after stream of hot cream erupted into her mouth. She reached down and pressed her fingers against his scrotum forcing even more out of his spewing cock.

When he was finally drained Beth slipped her lips from his spent member. She straddled his chest and shoved a hand into her panties. Lawrence saw her looking down at him while she fingered her pussy. Cum was drooling from her lips and dripping onto her tits. Her fingers were digging in her panties and flying across her clit. Her moans became more desperate. Her eyes were wild with lust.

“Ohhhh… oh… oh fuck… gggghhhhhhh… aaaarrrggghhhhh…”

Lawrence watched her twist and squirm against her fingers. Pussy juice had soaked through her panties. Beth finally pulled her fingers away from her gushing cunt. She brushed them across his lips and pushed them into his mouth. He could taste the musky flavor of her secretions.

“Do you like the way that tastes, Larry?” Beth asked as she climbed off his body and removed her drenched panties. “I hope so because now you’re going to eat some pussy. Don’t look so worried. It’s easy. Just put your tongue in me and wiggle it around. Make sure to lick my clit. You’ll figure it out.”

Lawrence was still in a daze from his huge orgasm. Beth swung her leg over his head. Lawrence looked up at the swollen pussy perched just above his face. It was shaved of all hair. Pink folds glistening with cunt juice peeked out through the gash down the middle. He could see her throbbing clit poking out from its sheath like a tiny button. The musky aroma filled his nostrils.

Beth lowered her dripping sex onto his mouth. Lawrence did the only thing he could do. He stretched his lips around the swollen mound and plunged his tongue into her steamy chamber. The powerful taste of her pungent secretions flowed into his mouth. She squirmed against him like she was trying to drive his tongue even deeper. He wiggled it around inside her.

“Lick my clit Larry, and use your fingers. Put them in my pussy.”

And so he did. His tongue flew across her clit. He pushed a finger into her steamy hole and pumped it in and out of her body. Beth moaned and squirmed against his face more aggressively.

“Use two fingers.”

Lawrence pushed a second finger up her cunt. They made squishing sounds when he pumped them in and out of her body. Juices seeped out of her gash and over his lips and chin. Beth leaned forward and continued to mash her pussy against his fingers and mouth. Lawrence felt her lips slide down his cock. She was sucking him while he was eating her.

Beth opened her throat and pushed out her tongue. She felt his swollen knob slide past her gag point and enter her throat. Her lips continued down his shaft until they pressed against his pubes. His throbbing cock was buried deep in her throat. His tongue was flying across her clit. His fingers were pumping in and out of her cunt. Beth could feel the explosion building in her loins.

Lawrence couldn’t believe that she had swallowed his entire cock. He could feel her throat muscles massage his throbbing shaft. She pushed out her tongue and licked his balls. The sensations pounding in his head were almost too Escort side much to bear. He felt her body tense. Her pussy clenched. Juices splattered onto his face.

“Oh fuck… ooohhhhh,” Beth gasped pulled her drooling lips from his shaft. “UUUNNNGGGHHHHH…”

She slammed her mouth back down his cock. Another orgasm exploded from her pussy. Lawrence pulled his fingers from her cunt and clamped his mouth over her gushing mound. Her thighs squeezed his head. Her body was trembling. A muffled squeal preceded another spasm that sent more juices pouring into Lawrence’s mouth. She finally pulled away from his tongue and slid up his body.

“Oh… oh god… wow,” Beth gasped. “Now you get to fuck me Larry.”

Beth continued to slide up his body until she was straddling his cock. Lawrence was mesmerized. It was like he was dreaming. His eyes feasted on her plump ass cheeks and the swollen pussy hanging between her thighs. He watched her guide his cock between the open folds of her glistening cunt. He was about to lose his virginity. Her hot pussy enveloped his knob. Then she plunged down his length.

Whatever Lawrence thought it was going to feel like having a hot pussy wrapped around his cock it had to be ten, fifty… a hundred times better. The walls of her cunt clung tightly to his throbbing shaft enveloping him in a sheath of pure bliss. He watched his cock move in and out of her body as she lifted up and plunged down on him again and again.

“Fuck me… fuck me hard… god I love your cock.”

Filth continued to spew from her mouth. She leaned forward. Her ass lifted and fell as she impaled her cunt onto his cock again and again. Beth reached between her legs and rubbed her clit. She could feel his hard shaft sliding against her fingertips. The pressure in her belly was building towards another orgasm. Her fingers went faster and faster.


Lawrence felt her pussy clench against his cock. A white froth oozed from her cunt and dribbled down his shaft. Beth sat up and fell back against Lawrence with his cock still buried inside her. She pulled his hands around her body and pressed them to her tits. She moved a finger to her clit.

Lawrence thrust his cock up into her pussy. Beth rocked against him trying to make him go even deeper. Her fingers flew across her clit. She felt Lawrence pinch her nipples. She lost it. Her body shook and bucked. She squirmed against his thrusting cock as spasm after spasm sent her spinning out of control.

“Ohmygod,” Beth gasped as her pussy clenched one more time around his throbbing member, “You cock is incredible. I need to catch my breath before we continue.”

She rolled over and kissed him on the lips. Then she slid down his body and took him into her mouth. It wasn’t going to take much to make him shoot again. Beth slid back up and straddled his cock, this time facing him. She teased him letting his knob slide through her gash and over her clit as they kissed. Then she reached between her legs.

“Okay. I’m ready for some more. You can cum in my pussy if you want. I’m on the pill.”

Lawrence groaned when her hot cunt enveloped his hard cock. She fucked him slowly and gently. They kissed. He found the right rhythm and pushed into her as she was lowering her pussy down his length. Sometimes she would hold him deep and swirl his cock around inside her. Lawrence could feel his balls filling with cum but she had a way of keeping him on edge. It was driving him crazy.

“Okay Larry,” Beth said looking into his eyes. “Now we’re going to fuck. I mean really fuck. I want you to squeeze my tits and ram your cock hard into my cunt. I want to feel it Larry. I want to feel you fuck me. Then I want you to cum in my pussy.”

And so they fucked. Beth rode him hard lifting all the way off his cock until just the knob was inside her cunt. When she slammed down on him he drove his cock up and into her body. She could feel it bouncing off of her cervix again and again. Her head was shaking and her hair was flying. His fingers crushed her tits and pinched her nipples.

“Fuck me… fuck me… deeper… oh god… harder baby… make me feel it… make me feel that big cock all the way up into my throat.”

She slapped his face hard and then again. She threw her head back and bit her lip. Her squeals were loud and non-stop. One orgasm after the next crashed through her body causing her pussy to clench in a series of spasms. Beth continued to ride him recklessly slamming down on his shaft again and again. Lawrence slid his hands to her ass cheeks and dug his fingers into the smooth skin pulling her down on his cock each time he plowed into her body.

“I said fuck me Larry,” Beth screamed at him while she slapped him across the cheek a few more times. “I want it hard. I want it deep. I want you to get on top and fuck me like a man.”

When they rolled over Lawrence felt some uncontrollable force from his subconscious take control of his actions. He pushed her legs to her shoulders and repeatedly slammed his hard cock straight down into her body like a madman. Beth was completely out of control. Her legs and feet were flailing wildly. Juices poured from her cunt and dribbled across her asshole. Her fingers clawed at his chest in a desperate attempt to hold on to her sanity. Her squeals turned to screams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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