The Bike

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This is a story suggested by a very special friend. The funny part is I actually have a bike for sale! Read me; give me a vote; leave me a comment. As always, I enjoy hearing from each and every one of you. I welcome your feedback and any thoughts for new story ideas.


It was very early on Saturday morning when I was awakened by somebody pounding on my front door. I roll over and look at the clock, “Damn, 8 A.M. and some nut is banging on my front door.” I slide out of bed, put my robe on, checked myself in the mirror, and head for the door. Whoever was at the door was still banging and I intend to give him a good piece of my mind. As I jerk the door open; prepared to speak my peace, all I can do is stand there with my mouth open starring at the most beautiful man I have seen in my short 30 year life.

Before me stands a man who is 6′ 3″, jet black hair, deep blue eyes, and a small beard. All I can say is, “Oh, ah, yes, what can I do for you?”

His response is “Are you Maryann Niden, who has a Harley Davison V-Rod for sale?”

“Yes” I say, entranced by his rich, deep voice.

“My name is Richard Gordon and I came down from Denver to see your bike. If I like it, I am prepared to meet your price.”

“I’m sorry but I’m not exactly dressed to show the bike. If you’ll come in I’ll put on some clothes and we’ll go out to the place where I have it stored.” “Would you like some coffee? I need some to wake up!” I felt like I was babbling but I couldn’t stop talking. This beautiful man had really affected me. “Do you have any questions about the bike? We can talk about it in the kitchen while I put the coffee on.” I turn, cross the floor and enter the kitchen and I will him to follow. Standing at the sink running cold water to fill the pot, I realized that he has stopped at the doorway. Long and lean, arms across a broad chest, his legs crossed at the ankles, he fills the doorframe. I can feel him watching me. I finish preparing the coffee, flipped the switch to on, I turn and smiling I ask, “Won’t you please come in and sit down? I’ll go and change while the coffee perks.” As I set coffee mugs on the kitchen table, add a sugar bowl and milk carton from the fringe, he sits down at the table. “I won’t be very long. Please make yourself at home.” Before I can say anything more, I practically run from the room.

Stopping in my bedroom to gather jeans, t-shirt, panties and bra I head for the shower. Knowing that the coffee doesn’t take very long to brew, I wash and rinse with great speed. With just a touch of makeup, I brush through my hair and looking in the mirror, I think, “Well, not too shabby for this early in the morning”. Stopping in the bedroom to grab socks and my riding boots, I approach the kitchen with only a bit of trepidation. Stopping at the door I see him standing at the window, coffee mug in hand, watching the birds gather at the feeders. “Are you into wildlife, Mr. Gordon?” I ask quietly from the doorway.

“I enjoy the natural beauty of all things. And please, Maryann, call me Richard.”

“I too enjoy natural beauty, that’s why I live out away from town. I can enjoy my birds and even the deer come to visit. Of course, I shamelessly bribe them all with food!” laughing, I pour a cup of coffee and sit at the table. Reaching down I pull on socks and begin to wiggle into my boots. Richard turns and stands in front of me, bending down he lifts one foot and with the palm of his big hand seats the boot snugly onto my foot. As he holds it, I lace and tie and then he picks up the other boot, slips my foot in and pushes it right on. Lacing and tying, I laugh and say, “Well, that’s the easiest those old boots have ever gone on!”

He smiles and comes back with, “You just have to know when to push.” I think to myself, “oh, no kidding…”

I drink my coffee faster than ever before and put the cups in the sink. “Well Richard, let’s go see my bike. Do you want to follow me?” I ask.

“I would love to but I came down on the bus from Denver. Can I ride with you?”

“Oh yes” I say, as I go to the hall closet to get my motorcycle jacket. Richard takes it from me and helps me on with it. His arms go around me; my back presses up against him. “My god, he feels good”. I grab the keys to my Jeep Wrangler and we head off to see the bike.

The bike is stored at a friend’s house out in area known as the Black Forest. The drive is pleasant in the cool brisk morning air. I know that my friend John will be up taking care of his horses, so I’m not worried about the early morning hour. A brief 15 minute ride finds us in the lush pines of the forest. Turning off the main road and onto the long gravel drive we pull up to the detached garage workshop. I wave to John as he turns his Appaloosa, Big Red, out to the pasture. As I come around the Jeep, Richard waits for me beside the big main door. “In here?” he says.

“Yes” I stammer as I struggle to lift the heavy door. Richard bends down and with a good tug he rolls the door to the upright position. The sudden movement İstanbul Escort causes me to stagger and turning I tip into Richards’ open arms. As I steady and straighten up, his hands linger on my upper arms and slowly slide to my wrists. “Careful there, I really want to appreciate this bike of yours and I won’t be able to do that if you are hurt.” I tremble as his voice rumbles so close to my ear.

“No, I don’t want to miss out on this days’ adventure. Thank you for your help.”

Turning towards the open bay, the sight of my bike always causes a catch in my breath. As I stop just to the back of the bike, I turn back to watch for his reaction. “Well, Richard, what do you think of it?” I watch as his eyes cast quick glances from the front wheel along the sleek lines, gleaming chrome offset with brushed aluminum and accented with glowing black. The 100th year anniversary emblem proudly blazoned on the tank. His glance swings long and low, testing the lines, checking the symmetry. Moving finally to the back of the bike, his eyes showing appreciation for its beauty, his glance comes to rest on me. I am standing behind, bent over with my arms resting on the seat, watching him, now watching me. As our eyes meet, I see the curve of a smile begin to tug at the corners of his lips. “Oh so kissable lips.Geez, Maryann, get a grip. You’re selling him your bike not interviewing for a life partner!”

“This is one of the most beautiful bikes I’ve seen in a very long time, Maryann.” He says as he steps forward for a closer look. “If it runs as good as it looks, you and I will be doing some dealing.” He runs his hand along the front bars, over the tank and along the seat, turning to the back. “Are you ready to fire it up and go for a ride?”

Standing and moving to the left side I give my answer. “I am so ready to ride, Richard.” I toss him the key and he hikes his long leg over the bike to straddle it; inserts the key; squeezes the clutch, checks the gear; flicks the switch and it rumbles. There are so many good things in life, but the roar of a Harley is something you have to experience to appreciate. It just cannot be described in words. Of course, the feeling you get riding one also cannot be adequately described. The thrumming of the engine between your legs as you straddle a hard leather seat. Well girls, you just have to try it, that’s all I can say.

Standing beside him, I watch him settle into the seat. Nestling his ass into the best position, he scoots forward slightly to make room for me. He turns towards me with this huge grin on his face. His face lights up and he says, “Ride with me Maryann, please? I want to take these two beauties for a ride.” His look of need; of desire is too much for me to deny. I feel my own excitement growing at an exhilarating rate.

“It will be my pleasure, Richard.” I throw my leg over the back of the bike and settle in behind him. Wiggling so slightly, more to entice than for comfort, I press myself to his back and slip my arms around and rest them on his firm thighs. “Ready when you are.”

As we pull out of the garage, I wave again to my friend and holler out “We’ll be back, John!” Smiling he waves and gives us a thumbs up. At the corner, I tap Richards’ left leg for a turn and down the road we go. Deciding to head north for a ways, I direct Richard by leaning in very close to his ear. It takes all my will power not to give him a lick. Smiling to myself I think about where we can ride that will showcase the bike and perhaps take us down a road we both are willing to travel. We turn and take the scenic route along the edge of the forest, winding up through the foothills. These roads are made for a bike like this. Long slow curves balance against the increasing climb of the grade. The smooth vibration of the bike between my legs has me throbbing. I know from past experience that it can be just as pleasurable for a man as it is for a woman. Close to the top of the pass is a turnout, a scenic overlook for any wayward tourists lucky enough to be on this route. As we approach, I get Richards’ attention by rubbing along the top of his right thigh. Amazing how body language is understood, even between relative strangers.

Pulling into the turnout, he slows to a stop, pops out the kick stand, and hits the kill switch. Staying on the bike, we sit very still, pressed so tight that I think he can feel my heart pounding. Turning his head to the side I lean forward to place my ear at his lips. “Maryann, I have driven this way several times. It is a great road for a bike run. But never have I experienced anything as wonderful as this ride, on this bike, and with such a good passenger. You can ride with me anytime!”

Smiling I respond, “Indeed, I would ride with you whenever you’d like. If you buy this bike I’ll be getting another one and maybe we can ride together that way as well.” “Do you want to stretch your legs for a minute before we continue on?”

“Yeah, I’d like that. I seem to be a bit uncomfortable right at this moment.” As I slip off Bayan Escort the bike, I can’t help but notice the huge bulge at the front of his jeans. Biting my lower lip to keep from giggling, I turn towards the incredible view of the mountain range. Standing in the crisp clean air, I feel him move up behind me. I feel his hands rest on my shoulders. I slip back into his arms as we stand silent, drinking in the beauty of our wonderful state. “Maryann, can we go somewhere, uhhhh, maybe a little less, uhhhhh visible?”

Turning in his arms, I look up into eyes brimming with emotion. I am sure that what he sees in mine is merely a reflection of his desire. “I know of a place not too much farther” my answer husky, my voice trembling. Back to the bike, we get mounted and back on the road in no time. The road continues to wind and climb as we crest the pass and begin our decent. About 5 miles on the down side I spot the turn off to the lake. Tapping again left I indicate the turn and slowing we leave the pavement for packed dirt. The trees form a solid tunnel and we slow cruise through the flickering sunlight. “Just about a mile farther is a wide area to pull off”, I breath into his ear. I feel his shudder as he shifts on the seat. We both spot the turn off at the same time. He slows to a stop and kills the engine. As I hop off he follows quickly. Reaching out with both hands; grabbing my arms; spinning me around; pulling me to him, his lips descend on mine. Pressing deep and hard, his mouth devours me. My reaction is instantaneous. Deepening the kiss, my mouth opens and I suck in his tongue. Pulling it deep into my willing mouth, I suck. I feel his groan vibrate through my mouth causing increased excitement and a tightening low in my body. I feel the juices begin to flow and I know that I am getting very wet. Breaking the kiss, we both gasp for air. Pressing my hands flat against his big chest, I step back. “Come. Follow me down this path to the lake. It’s more private there.” My voice is shaky, low and husky. Turning with his hand in mine, we follow the path through a tunnel of green. The day has grown warm and smells of pine and fresh mountain air.

“Is it much farther, Maryanne?” I hear his deep voice ask quietly.

“There is a small lake right around the next turn. It’s beautiful there this time of the year. Very private, so we won’t be disturbed.” Smiling, I slip out of my leather jacket as we forge ahead down the path. Richard, anticipating our arrival, follows my lead and slips off his jacket. Taking my jacket in hand and laying it over his arm, he snakes his other arm around my shoulder pulling me close for the last part of our hike. The sky above us appears as we move to the end of the path. An open glade before us extends along a gentle slope to the waters’ edge. The sky blue water of a mountain lake glistens in the morning sun. The huge boulders scattered along the waters edge gleam with the morning dew.

“Wow” Richard says. “This place is beautiful! How did you ever find this?”

“It belongs to a family member. I come out here every now and then, when I really need to escape. There’s a cabin but it’s much farther into the woods. Sometimes I come out for a couple of days.” Turning towards Richard, I run my hands down my sides and look up into his eyes. “The rocks are warm from the sun”, I whisper. I turn and walk to a large flat boulder and sit at its’ edge. Richard stands for a moment, his eyes roaming over my body; his hands flex then run up and over his arms. He moves up close, stopping at my knees; he drops our jackets beside the boulder. Leaning in, his lips brush over mine in the softest of kisses. Then his hands reach out to my shoulders and run down my arms to my wrists. Bringing my hands up, he holds them to his chest. I slide my hands down and grasp his t-shirt at his waist and tug it from his jeans. Lifting higher and higher, I pull it up and over his head, tossing it to the ground. Smiling, he lifts my t-shirt and raising my arms he tugs it over my head. It descends to the join the growing pile of clothes. Standing in front of me, his jeans bulge at his center. Giggling, I reach out with a trembling hand to unbutton the top and then take the zipper between thumb and finger. Tugging, the zipper sounds loud in the quiet mountain air. As it reaches its stop, my hands slide up and out splitting the jeans open and pushing them wide. His navy blue briefs are stretched to their limits over his incredibly engorged crotch. The tip peeking out the top of the band is red and swollen. Grasping the elastic I pull them and jeans out over his hips and down to the knees. Pushing them all the way they descend to the ground and he steps out. His beautiful cock stands at attention, rigid and ready. Reaching down and leaning in he pulls me to my feet. His hands slide down my sides, hard and tight stopping at my waist. Richard unbuttons and grasps my zipper; lowering it he pulls and tugs tight jeans over my hips and down they go to join the clothing pile on the ground. Standing in the morning Eskort light his naked body bathed in its light, my mind racing through thoughts of what he’s going to feel like.

Looking into his eyes, I reach behind my back and flick the clasp. My hands cup under my breasts holding the bra to me. He softly caresses across my belly; running fingertips into my waistband and slipping it down. As my panties hit the ground I release the bra. It tumbles to the top of the pile; the final piece of clothing. We stand naked before each other. Our eyes roam up and then down, followed by hands. Then our lips take up the chase and begin to kiss and then lick over and around any part that can be reached. His hands caress my breasts, my hands stroke his cock. Stepping back, my lips kiss over and down his chest. Out to the sides circling now hard nipples, my lips suck them in deep; each one in turn until they are wet and firm. His hands on the back of my head press my lips to them. Releasing I slip down and down, lower to lick the belly button, then on to nuzzle into soft downy hair.

My tongue explores and roams. Flicking out touching his tip, I feel him twitch with the contact. His cock jumps and my lips capture it. Slipping him into my mouth, I bathe his rock hard cock in heat. His moans fill the air as I close my lips just under the tip; lock them tight; and hum…..the vibrations ripple down his cock to his base and as my hand cups his balls, he cries out my name. “Oh my god, Maryann, that feels incredible.” Releasing my lip lock, I press forward and take him deep and long to the back of my throat. Swallowing, my muscles grip and hold him. As I suck hard he growls loud, deep and long and thrusts his hips. “ARRRGGGGG, baby if you keep that up, I’ll cum”. Sliding up the shaft so slowly, my lips nibble towards the tip, licking and sucking. I pop him out of my mouth and kiss the tip. Standing, I reach up and step into his arms as he pulls me tight to his chest. Our lips devour; our tongues dance.

Richard steps back to sit at the edge of the rock; laying back he pulls me onto his chest. Our lips continue their play. Running over soft lips, along each chin and out to the neck they trace wet paths. His cock presses so hard against my tummy. My pussy, wet and slick, slips over and up his center. Richard slips his arm under my leg, lifting it, knee bent. One shift and I am centered over his solid shaft. I slide easily to the very tip and he pushes me down onto him. His huge cock stretches my tight pussy. His groan speaks of his need. My moan answers with equal desire.

I begin to move up and back, shifting and rocking. Starting slow with my movements, they increase rapidly as I feel my orgasm begin to build. Richards’ moans increase with each thrust deeper into me. Our rhythms match as we rock together in the warmth of the sun. Sitting up I ride quicker now, first undulating and then grinding. I pull each of his thrusts deeper and they drive me closer to the edge. Building together as one, we push closer and closer, our panting loud. “Richard, I am so close. Cum with me baby, cum with me.”

“Maryann, I can’t hold out any longer, I want to shoot deep into you; fill you with my hot cum.”

“Yes, now….take me…I’m cumminggggggggggggg!” I scream out. Driving one deep thrust, I feel Richard explode in my pussy.

“Cumminnnngggg, girl, I’m cuming nowwwww!” My muscles convulse and grip his hard cock, milking it of every drop of sperm. “My god, I can feel you squeezing me. You are remarkable, woman”. I lay on top of him, our chests heaving as waves of pleasure roll over us. Rolling me easily to his side, he softens and then slips out. His arms hold me to him; his lips on the top of my head, kissing. Rolling to my back we lay side by side, the warm sun drying our sweat soaked bodies. “Maryann, I have to tell you something” Richard says.

“What is it, Richard?” I answer.

“When I decided to come and see your bike, I never expected that anything like this would happen. You were incredible” he says smiling.

“Mmmm, why thank you, Richard. I hope that you don’t think we did that, just so you would buy my bike?” smiling my response. “Because, I enjoyed it very much and hope that it won’t be the last time we can be together. I also hope that you will buy my bike.”

“I’m hoping that I can see you often, if that’s acceptable to you, Maryann? And now, we are going to get up, get dressed and go back to your house and talk about my new bike”. Gathering up and sorting through our clothes, we get dressed in a short amount of time. Richard once again helps with my boots and then he slips both jackets over his arm. Walking hand in hand back to the bike, we discuss the advantages of couples who own two bikes.

The ride back to John’s house and my Jeep is magnificent in the bright warm sun and it ends way too soon. Pulling into the drive we head straight for the workshop where I had left the Jeep. Richard pulls the bike up next to it and stops. As I hop off and step up to his side, he just sits there smiling. My grin matches his as my friend John approaches from inside the shop. “Well, one look at the two of you, and I can tell that a deal has been negotiated!” laughing, John comments. As I look at Richard, my eyes silently ask that very question.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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