The Biker

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I was trying hard to make it through a long and boring Friday afternoon at work. My mood was as gloomy as the gray overcast skies. I should have been excited about a new client and two new job orders to work on. But I wasn’t. My mind was elsewhere.

My eyes kept moving to the windows; hoping to see a certain man who had teased me about showing up unannounced at my window. A modern day Romeo. I was eager to see his smile; more eager to feel his arms around me and his kisses covering my face.

The internet holds a wealth of information about a variety of different topics, but the censors on the work computers limited my ability to pursue my current interest. So I trudged through Linked In, Zoom and Hoovers building a file of information on my new client, their market niche and competitors. I was trying, although admittedly not too hard to concentrate on my work. In reality my mind was elsewhere.

My reverie was interrupted by the deep throaty unmistakable sounds of a Harley. I looked out the window and saw a shiny black Sportster with red and orange flames painted on the tank. The chrome gleamed in spite of the dreary day. It looked brand new. The man straddled over the leather seat was dressed all in black. I noticed the black leather boots with silver buckles that most of the riders favored, the tight black jeans, and the black leather jacket. He wore a helmet, so I couldn’t see his face right away.

Could it be the man that was laying claim to my imagination even though I thought he was miles away; the man whose touch I was feeling even though I was sitting alone at my desk?

I watched in silent anticipation as he unhooked the strap and took off his helmet. He shook his head a bit and I noted the dark, wavy brown hair peppered with grey. My heart was racing. Then he turned his face to the window and smiled.

I jumped up from my desk and rushed out the back door. In the moments that it took me to arrive in front of him, he had gotten off the bike and hit the kick stand. His arms opened to me as I rushed into them. He held me tight against him and I could feel the power and strength of his body against mine. He took a moment to smile down at me before covering my mouth with his. His kisses were sweet and warm; just like I remembered. “Oh my gosh,” I thought, he meant what he said. “What a wonderful surprise.” My arms circled up around his neck and my fingers ran through his hair. I pulled my face from his to smile up at him and whispered, “Thank you.”

“The pleasure is mine,” he said softly as his mouth covered mine again. Kissing with this man was different than kissing had ever been before. He seemed to have the widest repertoire of kisses I’d ever known. Some were soft and gentle, barely there butterfly kisses. Some were soft and yielding, but at the same time firm and sure. Sounds maybe like a funny combination, but he made it work. It was the kiss of equals. A strong man meeting a strong woman face to face on equal ground. Then there were the kisses that were all about power and dominance. I liked those kisses. His lips became firm and demanding. He was staking a claim. At least in this moment, I became his and he was clearly in control. In the heat of the moment, as our mouths opened to each other, our tongues circled in an ancient game of pursuit and pleasure. I rubbed my tongue against the smoothness of his teeth. He gently took my bottom lip between his teeth and alternately sucked gently and bit down softly. It was magic and I could feel my knees buckle. His arms, circling my body, clasped me tighter and closer against him so that I would not fall.

“Easy there. Maybe we should find someplace else to go. Can you take off a little early?”

“Oh yes,” I breathed more than spoke. “Just give me a minute to grab my stuff.”

I headed back into the office only to find several of my office mates including the boss moving quickly away from the back windows. They all had little smiles on their faces and twinkles in their eyes. It was only then that I realized we had been putting on a bit of a show.

“Is that the new man that we’ve been hearing about?” the boss asked.

“Yes.” I blushed. “I’m taking güvenilir bahis off a bit early, if that’s ok,” I stammered.

“Have fun,” he said with a wink.

I saved my work and then shut down my computer. I quickly realized that the briefcase would have to wait until later to make it home. I reached for my hat. As I started to put it on, I glanced outside. He was watching me and at that point shook his head and held up a helmet. I remembered the second helmet, size medium that he had bought; supposedly a two for one deal, hoping that it would fit me. I guess the hat would have to wait too. I grabbed my purse, holding it up and saw him shake his head in the affirmative. I smiled as I said goodbye to everyone and headed out the door.

Outside, he helped me into the helmet and then onto the back of the bike. He took my purse and pushed it into one of the saddle bags that I just noticed on either side of the bike. “Just move close against my back, hold tight to my waist and try to lean with me. You’ll be fine.” Then he hopped on, started up the bike and off we went. My last glance at the office windows showed several smiling faces still gazing out at us as we departed.

To where I had no clue. But it didn’t matter. I knew that everything was going to be more than fine.

As we headed out of town and into the more rural areas to the west, I must admit that I did begin to wonder where he was taking me. My curiosity was one of my strongest character traits. Sometimes even my beloved daughter called me “nosey.” I usually didn’t like surprises. Past experiences had made me wary. Often surprises turned out to be of the negative variety rather than the positive. But in this new relationship, I had made the conscious decision to leave the past behind and not bring preconceived notions and ideas into the freshness of this relationship. So I pushed the curiosity out of my mind and chose to trust this man that was carefully guiding us through the summer countryside.

We rode for about 30 minutes. As we did, miraculously, the skies cleared and the sun came out. It looked like it might be turning into a nice summer evening. Finally we turned into the LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve. At least now I knew where we were going, although not why. He ratcheted down the gears on the bike and took the curvy path through the preserve slowly. We traveled perhaps another 15 minutes to what seemed to be the far south end of the preserve. We hadn’t seen any other cars, bikes or people since we first turned in. He finally pulled the bike into a small parking lot and got off, stretching his legs. He helped me off the bike and I immediately fell into his arms again. My legs were stiff from the ride, plus his arms were welcoming. They were always a good place to land.

He looked down into my eyes and smiled like a kid with a secret. He kissed me on the tip of my nose and said, “You ok to stand here for a minute by yourself while I get our gear?”

“Sure,” I said and caught myself right before, “What gear?” came out of my mouth.

He moved around the bike and started emptying the saddle bags. He pulled out a small picnic basket, a small cooler, a large blanket and my purse.

“You ready,” he asked.

“Sure,” I said again, not really sure what I was ready for.

He gathered up the provisions and started walking down the trail. I followed.

We walked for about ten minutes and came to a clearing just off the trail. It was the grassy bank of a small stream that ran through the preserve.

“This looks like a good spot,” he said.

I wasn’t sure what exactly it was a good spot for, but I was beginning to get the idea.

He spread out the blanket and said, “Have a seat.” I did and kicked off my sandals. He opened the cooler and popped the cork on a split of champagne. My favorite. WOW! This man was amazing. I watched him pour it into a flute and then he reached and brought out a really red raspberry and dropped it into the bottom of the glass. As he leaned over to hand it to me, I reached up to kiss him. He almost lost his balance.

“I’ll be joining you down there in a minute. Patience, sweetheart.” He knows I have very little. türkçe bahis He set up a small table and covered it with a cloth. He brought out a second champagne glass and poured himself a glass. Out of his picnic basket he brought two small plates and two cloth napkins. He set all this down off to the sides of the small table. Then he reached in for a larger platter covered with foil and set it in the center of the table. It was filled with wonderful delicacies. Fancy olives, cheeses, pepperoncini, small sausages, rolls of prosciutto, specialty crackers and fresh raspberries and blackberries. A feast.

Finally he slipped out of his boots, dropped the leather jacket and found his way onto the blanket at my side. He raised his champagne glass to click with mine and said, “Here’s to a wonderful weekend, my dear.” Well it certainly was off to a spectacular start.

We sat together in silence, enjoying the champagne, the beautiful change in weather and most of all the pleasure of just being together. After finishing his champagne, he put the glass on the table and reached for me. He cupped my face in his hands and kissed me deeply. “I am really happy to be here with you,” he said. I murmured a thank you through his kisses. His mouth never left my face as he took my empty glass from my hand and placed it too on the table. He eased me down until I was on my back. He laid down right next to me, continuing to explore my face with his kisses and my body with his hands.

He kissed my lips, my cheeks, my forehead and eyebrows. With one hand he gently eased my hair back as he moved his lips slowly across my jaw line to my ear. His breath in my ear sent shivers up my spine. His hand moved down my neck and his mouth followed. I moaned in pleasure.

He moved his face to look into my eyes and asked, “Are you relaxed yet my dear?” He had known that it had been an exceedingly difficult week at work. And he knew exactly what to do to make me forget that world and relax into the weekend and into him.

Before I could respond, he said, “This dress, with all its buttons presents a bit of a challenge. I reached out and started unbuttoning them.

“No,” he said. “Allow me.”

Very slowly; almost painfully slowly, he began to unbutton the tiny buttons. I knew it would be a challenge for his larger, so masculine hands. With each button he unbuttoned, he leaned down to kiss the exposed flesh. Oh my gosh. I was in heaven. As each button slipped open, his mouth eagerly explored the contours of my body. It seemed forever until he reached my waist. He raised his head and smiled at me. I reached for his face and brought his lips to mine. The kisses were deep and long. Our tongues danced around our mouths in that age old rhythm that lovers have always shared. It always made me aware of the intimate connections of people through the ages and the pleasures that God has given us to share and enjoy.

With his mouth never leaving mine, his hands reached behind me and propped me up a bit. With one hand he unhooked the red lace bra that I had been wearing and then lowered me back to the ground. I moaned as his mouth left mine and found the exposed nipples. First one and then the other. With his mouth he teased and kissed and sucked each nipple. With his hand he held the warm, pale globes of each breast and gently tweaked the nipples between his finger tips. I continued to moan and could feel the moisture between my legs growing. He leaned into me and I could also feel the heat and hardness of his erection against my thigh.

His sudden movement startled me. Quickly he moved to kneel between my legs and slipped his shirt off over his head. His head came down again quickly and he rested a moment in the warm space between my breasts. Then he continued with the buttons. He slowly exposed my tummy covered by the red lace of my panties. He continued to kiss each exposed part of my body and also now to run his hands up and down my curves. When he finally reached the end of the buttons he spread the dress away from my body and gazed down at me. “You are beautiful,” he said. “Really beautiful.”

I sat up and slipped my shoulders out of the dress. My mouth met his, güvenilir bahis siteleri but my hands reached down to undo his belt buckle, then the snap and zipper of his jeans. I hooked my thumbs inside his pants and pushed them down. His huge, rock hard penis sprung forward, finally freed from the confines of those tight black jeans. I moved as close as I could with him still straddling my legs and caressed his steamy hot shaft between my breasts.

After only a moment, he gently pushed me back down on my back and said, “Patience, my sweet.” I watched him stand and slip out of his jeans and a pair of tight blue underwear. He stood over me in all his male magnificence. He was tall with broad well muscled shoulders and arms. His chest was well defined and covered with a light sprinkling of curly brown hair. His abs while not quite a six pack, were smooth and tight. His penis was incredible. Standing upright and at attention surrounded by a carefully groomed patch of pubic hair. He was gorgeous.

I rose to my knees and moved closer to him. Smiling up at him, I gently kissed the tip of his penis. It was already glistening with his juices. I wrapped my lips around the head and sucked up the sweetness of him. One hand moved to the base of his penis, my fingers firmly holding it in place; the oher hand gently cupped his testicles. My tongue moved up and down the hard length of his shaft. Up and down until it was really slippery. Then my hand moved up and started stroking him. Firmly, but gently, hovering right at the precise balance of pressure, I moved my hand up and down his slippery hot penis. I heard him moaning with pleasure. I quickly moved my hand away and in one swift continuous motion covered the entire length of his penis with my mouth. I drew him in deep, tickling the back of my throat with the tip. Inside my mouth I alternately sucked and tickled the ridge of the head with the tip of my tongue. I could here his moans getting louder and his knees began to buckle. I didn’t want him to come in my mouth this time, so I reluctantly backed away from him.

I laid back down and said, “Come to me. I want to feel you.”

He knelt down and gently pulled the red lace panties down my legs and off. Then he lay down beside me and began kissing me again. These were those strong and dominating kisses. He was clearly in charge now and I was totally responding to his lead. As his mouth devoured mine, he slipped his fingers into the warm wet spot between my legs. I moaned through his kisses and moved my hips in response to his touch. He pushed his fingers in and out, mimicking the motion that his penis would soon be making. He found the sweet spot of my clit and rubbed first slowly and gently and then quickly and more forcefully. His mouth never left mine which is the only reason I was not crying out loud with pleasure. When his mouth finally did leave mine, he moved his fingers, sweet and wet with my juices first into his mouth and then to mine.

“Come into me.” I said. “I want to feel you inside of me.”

He knelt between my legs. I spread my thighs and raised my knees to open myself to him. With his eyes never leaving my face, I felt him drive his rock hard penis deep into my wet warm vagina with one strong thrust. His penis was on autopilot; like a missile locked into its target.

“Is that what you want,” he asked with a smile?

“Oh yes, “I said. “Oh yes.” And with that he started to move. In and out, out and in. Sometimes thrusting so hard it made me cry out. Sometimes so slowly and gently with just the head of his penis breaking into my sweet spot. It was magic and it seemed to last forever. The variety of his movements was even more magical than the variety of his kisses. He slipped in and out of me and I moaned with pleasure. His thrusts were deep and hard and I was quivering inside. He was hitting just the right spots and I felt myself start to slip over the edge. I was shaking from the inside out as the first orgasm racked through my body. “Harder,” I cried out. “Don’t stop.” And he didn’t. For a long while he just kept pounding into me and I cried out as wave after wave of orgasms filled my body.

Abruptly he stopped. And when he did I could feel how deep inside me he was. I could feel his penis throbbing inside my warm welcoming vagina as he ejaculated inside of me.

He smiled down at me and said softly, “Welcome to the weekend bright eyes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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