The Boardroom Table


I stood all alone in the company’s well-appointed, wood panelled boardroom and looked at the large centre piece mahogany table that dominated it.

It hadn’t changed in the last two decades and still had the same dark, highly polished, gleam that I remembered from the first time I saw it all those years ago.

As I ran my fingers lightly across the glossy hardwood surface, I got the identical shivers running all the way up and down my spine that I always seemed to get whenever I was near it.

Standing there by myself my mind wandered back to when I had started my career with the company as a naïve 23-year-old twenty odd years before. Fresh out of college with my recently acquired qualifications I had started work in a lowly secretarial role but with high hopes of a glittering career in business.

The first time I had gone into the directors meeting room and saw the big reddish-brown table-top, I had felt myself becoming aroused. There was something about the way the table’s surface shined spotlessly, reflecting the glint of the overhead lights and paintings that adorned the surrounding walls.

With a dozen or more seats around it, it occupied the centre of the big airy boardroom and, for some reason, my mind had suddenly been filled with an image of me being laid across its burnished surface and thoroughly fucked by some well-endowed but anonymous stud.

Not that I went into the director’s meeting room that often. I was just a mere secretary, not even one of the elite group of P.A.’s who catered for the administrative needs of the company’s board members.

I wasn’t even sure what it was about the table that affected me in that way. I could just envisage myself being bent over it, my hands and face pressed against its gleaming veneer as I received a good hard fucking. Who was screwing me didn’t really matter, it was the table that took centre stage in my mind?

Not that it would ever happen.

At least that’s what I thought back then.

“Kelly. Could you come in here a minute please?” My boss, Mr. Armitage called to me.

Getting up from my desk I stepped into his office, “What can I do for you John?”

“I’ve had a request from personnel. Apparently, Lynn Thompson is going off on maternity leave shortly and they need someone to fill in on a temporary basis as P.A. for Mr. Caldwell.” He informed me offhandedly, “They want to know if you would you be interested?”

I really didn’t have to think about it. I had only been with the company a few weeks so it was a great opportunity and could possibly even lead to a permanent move up to the sixth floor for me.

As soon as I had formally accepted the move, I was sent off to the HR department to finalise my temporary transfer. That done, I then headed up to Lynn’s desk to spend a couple of days getting familiar with my new duties before she went off on her maternity leave.

Using the lift, I ascended to the top floor of the building and sought out Mrs Thompson.

“Hello, I’m your temporary replacement. Kelly Grant.” I introduced myself to Lynn, holding out my hand.

She looked up from her desk and smiled, shaking my hand, “Hi Kelly, I’ve been expecting you, grab a chair and I’ll show you what goes on around here.”

“Is Mr Caldwell about?” I asked nervously, glancing towards his closed office door.

Lynn grinned at me, “No, Rob’s out all day today so it’s pretty quiet. You don’t have to worry.”

I was a little surprised by the casual way she used the abbreviated version of the CEO’s first name but said nothing.

For the next couple of hours, she took me through a whole host of things I would need to know about the position and what my various duties would be as I looked after the company’s chief executive officer.

“Shall I make us a coffee?” I eventually asked Lynn, beginning to feel my brain becoming overwhelmed by all of the information she was passing on to me.

“To much to take in in one go?” she queried.

“Yeah, a bit.” I admitted reluctantly.

“Coffee it is then. Make mine white with no sugar please.” She replied with a friendly smile, “And by the way, Rob takes his black with one sugar. Just so you know.”

Making my way down to the small kitchen area at the far end of the building I put the kettle on and was busy searching for the cups when a voice from behind me made me jump.

“Hi, can I help you?” turning around I saw a petite brunette girl standing in the doorway.

“Oh hello, I’m Kelly. I’ll be replacing Lynn while she’s on away maternity leave.” I introduced myself.

“Oh! You’re the one that’s going to be looking after Rob Caldwell.” She grinned, “He’ll like you.”

“Sorry?” I looked at her, rather puzzled by her comment.

“You’re just his type.” She told me nonchalantly, “I’m Andrea by the way.”

“His type?” I queried.

“Oh yes, most definitely his type.” she laughed, “Tall, very pretty, blonde, slim and young.”

She had summed me up perfectly. I’m 5′ 8″, definitely blonde with long straight hair half-way down Escort Etlik my back. As for pretty I guess that’s a matter of opinion but I am slender with a 34B-23-34 figure.

“He has a type then?” I asked still a little surprised by her comment.

“Oh unquestionably. Haven’t you noticed how alike you and Lynn are? Apart from the fact you’re a lot younger.” Andrea raised an eyebrow.

I had to admit I had thought there was bit of a resemblance between us but I just put it down to coincidence.

After Andrea showed my where the cups were, I finished making the coffee’s and, with an offer from her of help any time I was stuck, I headed back to Lynn’s desk.

“Sorry I took so long. I was chatting to Andrea.” I apologised.

“She’s a sweetie.” Lynn told me what I had already guessed, “Any problems just ask her, she’ll sort you out.”

Drinking our coffee, we continued to go through my new responsibilities for the remainder of the afternoon until Lynn finally called it a day just after 5 o’clock.

“I’ll see you tomorrow at 9?” I checked with her before I set off for the small rented flat, I called home.

“Yes. See you tomorrow morning.” She responded as she put on her coat.

As I wouldn’t meet my director, our Chief Executive Officer Robert Caldwell, until the following morning I headed home that night still unsure about Andrea’s comment in the tea room. What had she really meant when she said I was his type? How would he react to me taking over, albeit temporarily, from his, obviously very experienced, existing personal assistant? Maybe he wouldn’t like me.

The following morning, I was a nervous wreck. I had never even seen Robert Caldwell, let alone met him and now I was going to be his PA for the next however many weeks. Lynn had told me not to worry but I couldn’t help myself becoming anxious.

Getting up early I spent an age putting on my make-up and selecting what to wear trying to make myself properly presentable for him and the role I would be undertaking.

I wasn’t sure exactly what I expected him to be like but it certainly wasn’t anything like the person I was introduced to. Rob Caldwell was only nine years older than me, tall, athletic and very good looking. His dark hair had been left to grow over his collar and he had incredibly piercing blue eyes.

He had been brought in recently to restructure the company and revive its failing economic situation but he was certainly not the older cynical sort of businessman you would imagine fulfilling that role.

“Mr Caldwell, this is Kelly. She’ll be taking my job and looking after you while I’m away.” Lynn introduced us.

“Hello Kelly.” Robert Caldwell smiled warmly and held out his hand.

“Oh… ahh… I… err… Ummm.” I blushed, my heart hammering against my ribcage, and forgot myself as I stared into the deepest bluest eyes I had ever seen.

He dropped his hand and winked at me, “Well if you need anything Kelly just ask. I don’t bite.”

I giggled girlishly and flushed an even deeper shade of crimson.

“What was all that about?” Lynn asked me, wide eyed, once our boss had walked away.

“Oh my god. He’s absolutely gorgeous.” I gushed.

“And charming and rich and a real playboy by all accounts.” She warned me, “So, if I were you, I’d stay well away.”

I spent the rest of the day desperate to catch another glimpse of Robert Caldwell as Lynn and I worked through the huge list of tasks that would become my responsibility when I took over from her the following week. However, it wasn’t to be and I went home that night feeling more than a little disappointed.

That Friday was Lynn’s last day at work and at 4 p.m. we had a small celebration in the office for her, which Rob Caldwell attended.

After making a short speech and presenting her with a maternity gift he brought out several bottles of champagne and then, looking around, he picked up two glasses.

“Hello again Kelly.” He made his way over to me and handed me one of the drinks, “Will you be ready for me next week.”

As usual I blushed profusely and stammered, “Oh… err… Hello… Mr Caldwell… umm… y… y… yes, I… I suppose so.”

He leaned a little closer to me making my pulse race, “Am I really that scary Kelly. And please call me Rob.”

I giggled nervously wishing the floor would open up and swallow me, wondering what was it about this man that made me virtually wet my knickers every time he spoke to me.

“Oh… ok Rob.” I looked at the floor certain he could read the lustful thoughts going through my mind.

“I’ll look forward to us getting together on Monday then.” He smiled disarmingly and I felt my knees almost give way.

“Err… yes… umm… Monday.” I mumbled, taking a sip from my glass, as he walked away.

I stood watching him go when Lynn’s voice at my shoulder made me turn around quickly.

“Oh my god, you’ve really got the hots for him, haven’t you?”

Chewing my lower lip anxiously I frowned and asked her, “Was it really Etlik Escort that obvious?”

“No, not at all. Only about as obvious as the fact that I’m eight months pregnant.” She laughed.

I felt mortified, “Oh god no. Do you think he noticed?”

She shook her head smiling, “He’s a man. Of course not.”

We both laughed but I couldn’t help but worry what Robert Caldwell might have thought about me.

That week-end was spent in a state of nervous despair about my upcoming first day in my new post. What if Rob had noticed my lusting after him? What if he didn’t really like me? What should I wear?

I was exhausted by the time my alarm went off at seven o’clock on the fateful morning of Monday 26th April.

Showering quickly, I spent as much time as I could on my make-up, trying to look my best for, what I considered to be, my first day before rushing to get dressed.

Choosing to wear my sexiest white lace underwear, I rolled the tan coloured stockings up my legs, fastening them to the clasps on my suspender belt. My skirt was a pale beige, ending just a couple of inches above my knee, while the deep burgundy top was elegant and, I thought hopefully, not to revealing.

Rob was already in his office when I arrived at 8.30 and, after depositing my bag and coat at my desk, I went straight in to see him.

“Good morning Mr Caldwell, coffee?” I asked nervously, keen to get my first day off to a good start.

He looked up and smiled at me sending my heart rate up a couple of dozen beats a minute.

“Good morning Kelly and if you don’t call me Rob, I’m not going to answer you.” He grinned.

I swallowed hard, trying calm my palpitations, “OK. Good morning Rob, would you like a coffee?”

“Much better. Yes please. And get yourself one, we need to go through my schedule for the week.”

By the time I returned with the coffee’s I had managed to calm down slightly, although my pulse was still racing. I put the cups down on the desk and took the seat opposite him, trying my hardest not to stare.

Waiting for him to finish what he was doing I sat quietly and fidgeted, uncrossing and re-crossing my legs then tugging at the hem of my skirt trying not to expose to much of my thighs. I was genuinely beginning to regret wearing stockings when he looked up and gave me that gorgeous smile again.

I barely managed to stop myself sighing and forced my attention back to what he was saying.

“First thing to focus on today is the board meeting at 2 p.m. I need you to print off the agenda and also take a dozen copies of each of these documents to set out in the boardroom if that’s ok Kelly?” he asked me in a brusque business-like manner, handing me several sheets of paper.

“OK I can certainly do that.” I confirmed, before he went on with a number of other tasks that he would need me to attend to over the coming week.

Once we had finished detailing my work for the next few days, I spent the rest of the morning copying and printing all the necessary paperwork he had given me for the afternoon’s meeting. It was lunchtime when I finished and I should really have gone to lunch but instead I headed to the boardroom to lay out the documents on ‘that’ table in readiness for the directors meeting.

It hadn’t been my intention to get carried away but as soon as I saw the burnished mahogany surface again, I couldn’t help but stand and stare at it.

In my imagination I had never seen who my lover was when they had me across the table but now, suddenly, their image was as clear as crystal.

It was Rob Caldwell.

I ran my hand across the polished table-top, immersed in an erotic daydream where my boss made love to me as I lay back on the lustrous table-top.

“Oh yes Rob. Yes.” I whispered to myself, lost in the moment, visualising him fucking me as I lay there.

My fingers lovingly caressed the wood and my breathing quickened, my heart thudding against my ribs so loudly that I didn’t hear the door open and close.

“Kelly?” Rob Caldwell’s voice just behind me jerked me out of my sensual daydream.

I spun round, an expression of total surprise plain to see on my features, to find him literally face to face with me, his lips just inches from mine.

“Rob… I…”

Before I could finish my sentence, he leant forwards and kissed me, his tongue darting into my mouth and cutting off my words.

I stood in a state of utter shock, my eyes open wide as I neither responded to or rebuffed his kiss.

“Oh god. I’m so sorry Kelly.” He pulled his lips away from mine, “I just couldn’t help mys…”

He never got to finish what he was saying as I flung my arms about his neck in a belated reaction, kissing him passionately and pressing my body against his.

Pulling me tight to him we stumbled back against the table our mouths locked together, tongues intertwining feverishly, as he returned my kisses.

“Oh god Kelly.” He groaned, his breath warm on my lips as he lifted me, perching me on the edge of my fantasy Etlik Escort Bayan table, his hands pushing my skirt up my thighs and over my stocking tops.

My legs parted, wrapping around him while my fingers dropped to his trousers frantically searching for his zipper. Somehow, I fumbled his pants open so my hand could curl around his hard cock, the shaft feeling long and thick to my touch.

Our lips were glued together while I stroked my small fist along his length, feeling it jerk and pulse against my soft palm as I guided his cockhead towards my soaking pink slit. Rob’s hand was in the way, obstructing my progress, his fingers running along the thin strip of wet lacey material that was protecting my virtue.

“Oh… please fuck me Rob, please… fuck me!” I gasped into his mouth, wanting to feel him inside me.

He hooked my white lace knickers to the side allowing me to pull his erection closer to me, the tip of his dick nudging between my labia and against my entrance. I had only just released my grip on his member when he thrust into me, burying his cock all the way up inside my pussy in a single stroke, making me groan with delight.

“Oh yes Rob… yes, yes.” I laid back onto my elbows looking up at him as he hooked my legs over his arms and started to fuck me.

My blonde hair hung down my back, the ends brushing across the table as Rob’s deep thrusts rocked my body and made my pert breasts jiggle in my bra.

“Oh my god… yes… yessssss… oh Rob.” I could feel the sensations building in me as I lay back on the glossy wooden surface, my eyes half closed, finally fulfilling my fantasy.

“Uhhh… Aaahhh… Unnhhh…!” standing between my stockinged legs Rob hammered his hard length up into my pussy, grunting with every stroke.

His shaft glistened with my cream as it pistoned deeper and deeper, splitting my puffy labia apart so the pink lips were wrapped around his swollen girth. Cushioning every thrust of his manhood into me they made each stroke he made even more pleasurable for him.

I bit my bottom lip stifling my cries, my eyes widening as the sensations started to overwhelm me, I could feel my orgasm building, ready to explode in my core.

“Oh Rob, Rob… I’m… I’m… ccuuuuummmmiiiinnngggggg!” unable to hold back any longer, and shuddering with ecstasy, I climaxed, my squeals of pleasure as muffled as I could make them.

Grasping my thighs Rob slammed into me another half dozen times, my vaginal muscles clenching tightly on his organ, before he buried it in me one final time.

“Oh fuck… Kelly… I… Aaaahhhhh.” He groaned out loud as he ejaculated, his cock pulsing inside me as he spurted a copious amount of his seed deep into my belly.

Spent we gazed at each other, gasping for breath, both of us wondering if the other was about to break the comfortable post-sex silence that had settled over us.

If we had been alone, we would probably have spent some time talking or whatever but voices in the corridor outside interrupted our coupling, prompting us to react urgently to avoid being caught in such a compromising position.

Rob slipped out of me, his sperm immediately starting to ooze out of my gaping slit, hurriedly stuffing a very moist cock back into his trousers before helping me up off the table. I quickly tugged my panties back into place and smoothed my rumpled skirt down over my thighs, directing my attention to laying out the various documents on the table as the door opened.

It had turned out we made it just in time as, with just a second or two to spare, several of the board members entered the room a few moments after we had separated to take their seats for the meeting.

As personal assistant to the C.E.O I was required to sit in on these gatherings and take notes which was rather unfortunate. Now totally embarrassed by what had occurred I spent the whole time avoiding looking at my boss, keeping my head down, my eyes focused on my notes.

I also had to spend the next two hours or more with Rob’s sperm slowly, and very uncomfortably, congealing in my knickers.

By the time the meeting was over I was feeling utterly mortified at having had sex with my boss earlier and I also had a desperate need to rush off to the bathroom. Jumping up I hurried to get out of the room as Rob moved to stop me before one of the other directors intercepted him and engaged him in conversation. Seeing my opportunity, I dodged past him and made my escape to the ladies.

When I eventually returned to my desk Rob’s office door was closed and it seemed that any opportunity for Rob and I to talk had passed.

I was unceremoniously jerked back from my nostalgic reflections to the present by Rob Caldwell’s hands sliding around me to cup my breasts through my dress.

I hadn’t heard him come in and his touch startled me, making me jump.

“Rob! What are you doing?”

“It’s April 26th Kelly.” He whispered in my ear reminding me of our annual tradition of screwing on the boardroom table on the anniversary of that very first time.

“Someone might come in Rob.” I protested at his attentions, albeit not very strongly.

He lightly squeezed my tits, his fingers finding my, already hard, nipples through the thin material, pinching them gently.