The Bookstore Ch. 02


Recap: Paul and Martha’s first day is incredible. Paul brings artwork to George and Cory, two gays living in the neighborhood, and not only makes a great sale but also winds up having a good time with them also. Then they meet Bob and Toby who are going to rep their line of exotic merchandise to their large sex group contacts. Bob is due in today to finalize their agreement.

Paul had just rung up his fourth sale of the morning when the door opened and Bob walked in. A number of people, all men, were browsing in the store so Paul had Bob come behind the counter so they could talk quietly. Since they had agreed upon the commission arrangement, the only things left to do was to decide which merchandise Bob and Toby would carry with them. They decided that working samples of most of the toys would be required so that Bob and Toby could demonstrate them and then fill orders for shipment. They started to go through the toy section and pick samples for them to demonstrate when Bob picked up a monster realistic looking cock and looked at Paul with a solemn face and said,

“You can be sure Toby will wind up using this on me in front of every audience!”

Paul smiled and told him he’d also probably love every minute of it and got a wink from Bob in return. Paul made a note to reorder some toys to replace the samples and figured he was going to be investing quite a few thousand dollars in these samples alone. He liked the idea however and thought that it had great potential especially with salesmen like Bob and Toby, who were perfect for the job.

When they got finished pulling samples from the shelves, including a few special CD’s and books, Paul asked if any of the people in his groups would spend pretty big money for the best erotic paintings, drawings and prints in the world and Bob told him he’d sell the hell out of the art, so he shouldn’t worry about the price being too high. Paul gave him one of each kind of art as samples and beautiful color photographs of all the work available by Tom. They took a look at all the merchandise they had picked and Bob said that he would go over to a case manufacturer not far away, who could supply him with 2 large sample cases which he would need to get all this stuff home. They figured out some rough measurements as to the size cases he would need and he headed out the door saying he would return shortly, he hopes.

Paul happened to glance down and on the top of the pile was a very realistic looking, thick, 8″ cock with a gorgeous crown and the visual image of Bob inserting it into Toby’s gorgeous cunt while a whole group of people watched his demonstration made his cock wake up and he felt it pressing against his pants as it filled with blood. He turned to find a good looking guy in his mid thirties standing at the counter and more or less gawking at the rising mound in his pants.

“I just thought of something very erotic and this is what always happens!” he said to the customer who immediately replied,

“I would like to offer my services if it’s at all possible.

Paul smiled and told him that, as soon as the store is empty, he’d take him up on that. The guy went back to browsing and about 10 minutes later the last of the browsers paid for his merchandise and Paul locked the door and made the sign “Back in 30 minutes!” as he led the guy to the private room.

When they got into the room, they introduced themselves, and Bill asked Paul to please take out that dangerous weapon before it bursts through his pants and sends zipper shrapnel throughout the room. Paul smiled and zipped open his fly and reached in and released his gorgeous, thick organ and his full, tight balls also.

“You have an absolutely fantastic cock, my friend, and I am about to have a wonderful time getting to know it well.”

And, with that he touched the beautiful, throbbing shaft and held it in his hand feeling its thickness and life and then dropped to his knees and starting kissing Paul from his balls right up to the tip of his erection before taking the entire crown between his lips and nursing on it as he played with Paul’s big balls. Paul loved having his cock sucked by someone who really loved what they were doing and sucked cock like they needed it to survive. He looked down and watched Bill’s mouth cover his organ and move back and forth on it as he drew deeply on the shaft. He was good and Paul was in another world from the sucking he was getting. He held Bill’s head in his hands and fucked it like it was a cunt and then his cock exploded and starting spurting cum in streams into his hungry mouth, which was gulping down everything he fed it until his last spasm ended and there was no more.

Bill squeezed his thick shaft from the base up and managed to get another large drop of cum which he happily licked up before letting Paul’s cock go. Paul thanked him and asked if he could reciprocate sometime but Bill said it wasn’t necessary as he enjoyed himself immensely. As they put themselves in order, Paul found out that Bill was a married man who found that he loved cock as much Escort bayan as pussy and has very rarely had real time encounters like the one they just had. Paul asked if he would like to come over for dinner tonight with his wife and party with them as Bob and Toby would be there also.

As they walked back into the store and while Paul removed the sign and opened the door, Bill celled his wife and after a short discussion, told Paul they would love to come. Bill bought a CD and Paul gave him his address and phone and told him to be over at 7:30 and phoned Martha to tell her to put on a couple of more plates and told her why. A few minutes after Bill left, Bob appeared at the door with two large sample cases on wheels. He helped him in with them and they started packing the samples with regard to its genre. Paul had marked the retail prices on the header of each item but Bob and Toby had to learn the prices in case they lost the package once they demonstrated its contents.

After everything was packed, Bob said that he was heading home with the samples and would see them later for dinner. Paul told him about his encounter with Bill and mentioned that Bill was coming over for dinner also and would be joining them tonight along with his wife who Paul hasn’t met and knows nothing about.

“Bill sounds great from what you told me and we’ll just have to hope that his wife is nice also”, Bob mentioned on his way out the door.

The afternoon passed quickly as the store was busy and before he knew it, it was 7 and time to close since he closed up earlier on Monday nights. He walked into the apartment and Martha was sitting in the living room having a glass of wine and watching TV. She said that everything was ready and she couldn’t wait for the evening to start as she was really horny tonight. She asked all about Bill and they both wondered what his wife was like and if she had ever partied before.

As they talked, the phone rang and it was the doorman and a Mr. & Mrs. Walters were here. Paul told him to send them up as he figured it was Bill and his wife and a few minutes later opened the door to find Bill standing next to an absolute Amazon beauty. She was blonde and had to be at least 6’5″ in her heels and had a chest that he wanted to dive into immediately. Bill introduced Tina and he showed them into the apartment and he introduced them to Martha who got them comfortable with drinks as she eyed Tina from top to bottom.

“How long have you two been married?” Paul asked them and Bill told him that they got married in Las Vegas a year ago.

He motioned that he would like to talk with Paul privately and Paul asked him to come inside as he wanted to show him something interesting. When they got in the other room, Bill told him that his wife knows nothing about his love for cock so he was going to sort of feel her out on this as he had no idea of how she would react.

“Have you two been to any parties, as yet?” Paul inquired and Bill told him that they met at a party in Vegas so group sex is nothing knew to them but the group they knew in Vegas didn’t have any bi guys so she never saw him with another guy.

Paul told him not to worry as he would take care of things from now on and led him back into the other room where Martha and Tina were in deep discussion. When they sat down and joined them, Martha told him that Tina hadn’t been with a woman for years and, with a smile said,

“She’s almost a virgin and I can’t wait till after dinner!” Tina blushed when she said that and Bill took her hand and explained that neither one of them had had any bisexual experiences so they would have to offer themselves as virgins tonight.

Bob and Toby arrived shortly after and it was a delight to see Bob’s face when he saw Tina. He was completely mesmerized and couldn’t take his eyes off her. Tina mentioned that Bill had brought home a CD but they hadn’t had a chance to see it as yet and then asked Paul about the store and how long he’s had it. She told him that her father owns an erotic bookstore in Vegas and is doing very well. As they talked, Martha called them in for dinner and proceeded to serve one of her fabulous meals. She kept the portions relatively small so they wouldn’t have that stuffed feeling after eating since the evenings activities took precedence. After dinner they retired to the living room and Paul asked Tina if she had been a showgirl in Vegas and, if so, where? Tina told them that she worked at a few hotels but that she had met Bill while at the Bellagio.

“She was the most gorgeous gal on the stage and I couldn’t take my eyes off her”, Bill said. “Her body is the sexiest and most beautifully shaped body in the world”, he continued.

Bob agreed even though he hadn’t even seen it yet and Bill turned to his wife and asked “Why don’t you show them what they are going to get to know tonight, my dear?” Tina smiled and stood up with all eyes riveted to her as she started to strip in rhythm to the music playing in the background.

There was more than one gasp Bayan escort of approval as she revealed more and more of her magnificent body and when she had stripped down to her garter belt, stockings and high heels, she started a “showgirl gait” around the room and had everyone’s eyes traveling over each curve in her body. Martha stood up and announced that she definitely wasn’t trying to compete with Tina since she couldn’t hold a candle to her magnificence but she just wanted to undress and join Tina in her nakedness. Toby jumped up and joined her as the two of them took off their clothes and Paul motioned Tina to come over and sit on his lap as they watched the two gals. Tina noticed the bulge in his pants and asked him to please show it to her before she sat down on it.

Paul unzipped in a flash and whipped out his throbbing erection and big, tight balls and Tina exclaimed in delight as she settled herself over the thick pole and captured it between her sexy thighs as she settled on his lap to watch the girls finish undressing. Paul reached around and played with her large, erect nipples as she kept up a running commentary on how gorgeous the girls looked. When Toby and Martha were naked they walked over to Tina and excused themselves to Paul as they took her hands and helped her off his rod and led her to the couch where they asked her to lay back and relax as they would like some desert after that wonderful dinner. Martha got down between Tina’s gorgeous, sexy thighs as Toby pressed her lips to Tina’s and tweaked her nipples as they soul kissed.

After Tina was taken from him, Paul sat there with a huge hardon until Bob walked over and sat down between his thighs and took the thick shaft in his hand and idly stroked it as they watched their wives losing themselves in a magnificent woman. Then Bob suggested that they get undressed also and the three of them were naked in a flash. Paul motioned Bill to come over and asked him to sit down alongside him to watch also and, as Bill got comfortable, Paul reached over and began to run his fingers over the beautiful erection. Bob moved over and began licking Bill’s full ball sac as Paul stroked him and suddenly they heard a shrill cry and looked up to see Tina in the throes of a wild orgasm with her eyes riveted to her husband’s organs as they stroked and kissed them.

Tina was babbling about how sexy it was to see Bill being had by two guys and Martha and Toby told her that, if that turned her on, she should wait till later when the real action started. Bob asked Bill to move forward on the seat as he wanted to get to his anus and after Bill presented him with his objective and Bob began to lick and tongue the tiny, puckered hole, Paul leaned over and began licking Bill’s thick shaft from the base up to the swollen crown. As he covered the entire crown with his lips and began to nurse on it, Tina cried out in orgasm again and told them that she has never seen a more exciting sight than her husband being sucked by a guy.

After some time, Paul asked Bill to take Bob’s place and, as he got comfortable between Paul’s thighs, Tina told him to take Paul’s beautiful cock in his mouth and show her how to suck cock properly. Bill looked up at Paul with a surprised expression and immediately dipped his head and began to orally worship the gorgeous, thick organ in front of his face as his wife urged him on.

“Suck it baby, show me how much you love cock!” she cried as she held Martha’s head in her hands and rubbed her cunt all over her face.

Martha and Toby changed places so that Toby could taste Tina’s delicious juices also and as soon as she dipped her tongue into the warm, wet opening, she began to moan as she sucked on the tasty labia. Bill meanwhile had lost himself in the pleasures of sucking Paul’s cock and Tina couldn’t tear her eyes from the sexy sight as Bob was down sucking her husband’s erection and Toby gave her sensation after sensation with her talented mouth. She kept urging Bill on to take more and more cock until his throat was stuffed with Paul’s penis and he was having trouble swallowing. Paul was looking into Tina’s eyes as her husband sucked him.

“I love what your husband is doing to me, Tina, and I know I’m going to want this often. Will you watch whenever he sucks me?” and Tina went into orgasm again as she nodded her head to him and her eyes glazed in passion.

Paul tapped Bill on the shoulder and suggested that they go over and break up the girl action and take care of Tina properly. Bob reluctantly let the beautiful penis slide from his lips and joined them as they asked the girls to get up since they figured it was time for Tina to be broken in the right way. They took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom and had her lay back as Paul got down between her thighs and pressed his lips against the swollen labia, which looked like the petals of a flower and tasted heavenly. Bob straddled her chest and fed her the head of his cock to suck as her husband sucked and gently bit her erect nipples. After playing like this Escort for some time, Paul lifted his head from her dripping cunt and asked her if she would like a cock in each of her openings.

“Oh my goodness, I would love it”, she cried and Paul lay down next to her and asked her to sit down on his cock and, as she fit the crown to her wet opening and lowered herself on the thick organ, she cried out in pleasure as each inch filled her cunt.

Bob came over behind her and asked if she was ready for the next cock and when she nodded her head, he rubbed some precum over her tight anus and pushed the entire crown inside with a pop as she gasped,

“Fuck my ass, baby, it feels great!”

Then Bill came up in front of her and fed her his penis to suck while the two cocks worked their magic inside her. She was moaning as Paul and Bob fucked her in rhythm to her movements on their organs and her husband was telling her how sexy she looked with three cocks inside her at one time.

Bill told them to keep doing what they were doing to her as she was giving him a great hum job with her moans of pleasure and the four of them went off to never never land together. Martha and Toby had been playing with each other and watching them but decided to join in as best they could. Martha worked on Tina’s large breasts and nipples as Toby licked and sucked Paul and Bob’s balls while they thrust their hard organs into her beautiful holes.

Suddenly, Tina groaned as she sucked Paul deeply into her mouth and her body tensed as she shuddered in orgasm. Paul felt the contractions around his shaft as her cunt began milking his penis and he couldn’t hold out a moment longer as his sperm shot out into her cunt in stream after stream. Bob cried out that he could feel Paul cumming inside her and his penis exploded pumping his hot cum deep into her anus. Bill, who was watching all this, and going absolutely wild, also cried out in orgasm and held Tina’s head in his hands as he started pumping hot cum down her throat. She was going wild with the three cocks pumping cum into her every opening and she experienced another orgasm as they filled her with their juices.

When the four of them came back to life, Martha refreshed their drinks and, as they sat back to relax, she asked Tina how she enjoyed having three cocks inside her.

“It’s fabulous just feeling those gorgeous cocks moving around inside me but having them all cum at the same time, is fantastic!” she replied with a smile.

She also added that she never knew it would be such a turn on watching Bill being sucked and sucking another guy and both Martha and Toby welcomed her to the club. As they rested, Bob told Paul that he was going to do their first demonstration this coming Saturday at a party in Nyack where about 30 couples had been invited to a friend of their’s home. Tina looked perplexed and asked what kind of demonstration they were talking about and Paul explained that Bob and Toby were going to be selling his sex products and demonstrating them at parties throughout the metropolitan area.

“That sounds like fun”, Tina exclaimed and volunteered to help out in the demos if they needed her. Bob looked at Toby and said that they would think about that as she might be able to give them a hand with certain things.

“You might as well consider me also,” Bill said, “since Tina and I travel as a team”. Toby told him they wouldn’t mind him joining them either but would have to figure out just how they could help before committing to it. Tina suggested that perhaps she and Toby could demo a double ender and then have Bob and Bill demo the same item right afterwards and Bob smiled and thanked her for her ideas.

He told Paul that they had gone over the prices of the items all afternoon and knew the whole line pretty well including the quality of the materials used in their manufacture as well as the proper cleaning methods for each toy and were pretty well prepared for their debut Saturday night. He told Paul that he had arranged to have all the merchandise displayed in the dining room and had purchased a few folding easels to showcase the artwork. He told them that he and Toby would start the party off with demos of the toys in the living room and would then be available in the dining room to take orders all through the party. Paul wished them luck and Bill and Tina reminded them that they would be available to help out anytime if needed

Bob suggested that they cap off the evening with a slow fuck and asked Tina if she would mind pairing off with him. In answer, she held out her arms and, as he got between her thighs, reached out and guided his already hard penis into her waiting opening. Paul moved between Toby’s parted legs and fit the crown of his organ to her wet hole and pushed it inside to her gasp of pleasure as Bill entered Martha’s sweet organ and listened to her moans as he fed her his cock inch by inch. Each of the gals played with the other’s nipples as they were being pleasured by the men and soon all six of them were lost in the fabulous sensations they were giving each other. Tina was the first to cum and her shudders and moans soon had Martha and Toby shaking in orgasm as they threw their legs around their men’s hips and ground their bodies into them to get as much cock as possible.