The Booty-Chocolate Emporium

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“Well. This is the place.”

The address sent me to a mansion in the heart of the upper-class suburbs. The architecture was modern, and honestly beautiful. I knew I’d be nervous before I entered, but my heart was going a million miles an hour. The reviews were rave, and everyone who has gone has put an unbelievable word of mouth. My mind reeled at the thought of all the depravity that would soon come. I had heard of the Booty-Chocolate Emporium through an exclusive online scat fetish forum, and, desperate to indulge in this fetish that has eaten at me for years with its inaccessibility, began to save up all the money I could. A fine dining restaurant of the highest caliber, the descriptions almost didn’t seem real. You pick the woman of your dreams and she gives you the meal of a lifetime. The owner was supposedly a man obsessed with everything to do with the female behind, so much so that he built an entire restaurant around them. I almost would have thought the ones telling me of it were trolling if not for the others all going out of their way to tell me I simply HAD to go and see for myself. I was told to dress formal, as expected with luxury dining. With a small fortune in my pocket and an empty stomach, I steeled myself and knocked on the door.

The door opened, and behind was a beautiful woman in a french maid uniform. She was Caucasian. Blonde with Pigtails. About 5’2, with a slightly curvy figure.

“Hi there! How can I help you?”

My face beet red and my heart racing, I followed the instructions given to me on the forum.

“I would like a seat at the Emporium, please.”

“Ah yes! Follow me, sir! It’s right this way.”


The woman turned around, and I had to fight the urge to gasp. The backside of her dress was completely cut out, and her derriere was completely exposed, bare for me to see! Blinking continuously to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, I was doubly confused by her complete lack of acknowledgement over the fact that her ass was completely exposed. Pausing for a few seconds, I pried:

“Ummmmm, Ma’am?”


“Uh, forgive me for being disrespectful, but there is a hole in the back of your dress.”

She laughed and explained to me.

“The owner of our fine establishment believes a strong first impression is the most important part of service. What better way to showcase a restaurant like ours than this? We literally serve your food out of these things. Plus, maltepe escort you boys pretty much never wander off on the mansion since we started having you follow my ass to the restaurant!”

She turned back and began walking. She wasn’t kidding; I was hypnotized, The cheeks swayed back and forth and rippled with each and every step she took. There was something inexplicably hot about her bare ass hanging out of her dress, and, being explicitly ASKED to stare, I followed with my eyes refusing to gaze upon anything else, with not a blink allowed.

We walked through the halls of the mansion until we hit a doorway to which she told me we had arrived. Large black doors with beautiful stained glass windows that obstructed the view of the restaurant inside. Upon closer inspection, I chuckled to myself as I noticed the stained glass depicted what seemed like a row of female asses. So much for subtlety, I thought to myself. The nerves had mostly dissipated. I could barely contain myself. My stomach rumbled. I had purposely refused to eat anything else for the last day and a half, making sure that I will be able to fill myself to my heart’s content. The reality of the situation had begun to enter my mind. I had really saved thousands of dollars to go to a gourmet poop restaurant I heard about on the internet. And yet, soon as the dinner began, any possibility of regret melted away almost immediately…

I opened the door and finally saw it. The Booty-Chocolate Emporium. The restaurant had a minimalist aesthetic common with upper-end restaurants of this caliber, and the customers all seemed of a class far above my own. If I had not known, I would have never guessed what was being served here. Well, I would have if not for the smell that began to waft into my nostrils after I walked in. The unmistakable smell of farts filled the air, coming from the room in the back, which I would assume was where the staff sat. My stomach roared. For nearly a decade of my life I have yearned to feed from a beautiful woman’s butt, and my mouth watered as the chance had finally come near. A waitress walked up to me. She was of Asian decent, with dark black hair and a slender figure.

“Welcome to the Big Butt Booty Chocolate Emporium! My name is Sarah, and I’ll be assisting you today! Eating alone this fine evening, sir? I hope you’re hungry!” She sat me down and explained that an interview is always conducted upon seating to match the mamak escort customer with the feeder best suited to their particular needs. The questions began.

“One of the things we find most fascinating about this fetish is the psychology of it. Can you explain why you desire to consume the waste of a beautiful woman?”

I began to explain. “All my life, I have worshiped women’s asses. They are the most beautiful thing in the world to me. Part of what makes them so beautiful is the duality of women’s butts. The butt is sexualized and glorified, but even for a beautiful woman, the butt is where farts and poop come out. I fantasized about eating asses for years and eventually it progressed to a desire to eat FROM them.” I explained how I have yet to ever do it and how excited I was to eat a girl’s poo tonight. She asked me several questions about my preferred type of “meal” and I gave her the details. A big thick log, darker brown color and earthy in both its texture and smell. The bigger the better. She thanked me for my answers and seated me, telling me to wait a few minutes and my feeder will be here shortly. As she walked away I noticed the back of her outfit was similarly cut out to the lady from the entrance. The owner clearly felt similarly about women’s asses to myself.

15 or so minutes later. A beautiful woman walked up to my table. I could not believe this was happening. She was white, about 5’2 with darker brown hair. Her body was breathtaking, voluptuous and curvy, as she wore a tight red dress that showed off her figure. I could not believe my meal was going to come out of her tonight, I could faint from excitement. Before saying a word, she farted. It was a rather loud bassy one. “Just an appetizer for your meal tonight” She says as she winks at me. My jaw was on the floor. The smell filled my nostrils and my stomach growled. She sat next to me and introduced herself. Her name was Ally. She was in her mid 20’s, and had a large fascination with pooping ever since she was a teenager. She would always get men staring at her ass, and wished men would appreciate her ass in all its true glory, which is what brought her to the Emporium as a feeder. I couldn’t believe she was real, the whole situation was so perfect. I shook her hand and began asking my questions, to which she answered as nonchalantly as humanly possible, like this interaction was as normal as could be. She tells me she poops once every 3 or so ankara ofise gelen escort days, and they are always enormous.

“I brag about how big my shits are all the time! Subway doesn’t have shit on these foot-longs!” She laughs. I was beyond eager to move past the formalities and get started. She could clearly sense my excitement.

“someone’s hungry!” She stands up and slowly turns around, lifting her dress up. She bends over and sticks her ass out directly in my face.

As I said before, if there was any lingering doubt or regret over this whole ordeal, it melted away right about now. Her butt was MAGNIFICENT. So big and round, pale in color. The cheeks forming a perfect heart as she bent over in my face. She reaches back and pulls her cheeks apart, showing me her butthole with its darker skin tone. “This is the oven I’ve been making your meal in for the last 3 days. Get ready…”

Almost as if on cue, Sarah comes by and leaves a plate at our table. “Enjoy!” she smiles and says as she walks away.

I hear Ally strain as she hands me the plate, gesturing for me to hold it out as her booty makes its’ offering to me. I am DYING to feed at this point, both through my own hunger and sheer lust. I stare, jaw agape at Ally’s butthole, slowly beginning to stretch open as I hear a crackle sound. My mouth waters. She pushes and grunts, and slowly I see a dark brown mass begin to emerge from this beautiful butt I am so enamored with. Her anus opens to a point of disbelief to accommodate such a large meal. Finally, after nearly a minute and a half of straining, the width of her ass fruit seems to have fully revealed itself, at an almost comically large circumference. I moan both in hunger and excitement. She braces herself, and begins to push once more. Her butt seems to be a never-ending provider of food for me, pushing and pushing until nearly a foot of thick, unbroken booty chocolate falls onto my plate. She sighs in relief. The earthy smell fills my nostril and I bask in its glory. On my plate is an enormous amount of ass fudge, fresh from the booty of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. She laughs and tells me this is what her poops are normally like, much to my disbelief.

Again, almost as if on cue, Sarah comes with a fork and knife, along with a handkerchief napkin. Ally sits next to me as my plate sits in front of me at the table, waiting for me to take my first bite. I cut into the turd. I admire its rich texture, absolutely blown away at how something so magnificent can come out of this beautiful woman’s behind and be considered “waste”. I eagerly put the first bite in my mouth, and revel in the taste. My hunger is finally satisfied. They definitely earn another great review…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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