The Boss , The Maid Ch. 01


She hid in the tiny alcove off the living room, not meaning to hear her boss’s yelling at each other them But she didn’t have any where to go without being seen.

“I’m sick and tried of you. Some wife you are, you do not want to have sex any more, yet you wont let me have a lover on the side. Yet its ok for you too.” he yelled at his wife.

“Well I do not love you anymore, if I ever did love you. I married you cause you were so pitifully with your love for me that I had to.” she yelled back at him.

“You are a fucking lie, I knocked you up and you married me because i had a lot of money for you to spend, not once did you love our son, you haired a nanny and she took care of him until he left three months ago for college. Your nothing but a fucking snob bitch and YOur out, pack your stuff and get out of my family home, and so you know the prenup you signed is all you are getting from this marriage. Everything else is in my brothers name so you cannot touch it.” he told her.

“ You can’t even get it up anymore unless it’s a young girls standing naked in front of you , and then you would go limp before you can get it inside her pussy to fuck her.” she told him.

“Get out now!! JENNY, CARLA, ,PAULA.” he told her then called the maids.

Carla and Paula came in seconds later.

“Help Mrs. Bush pack her bags she is leaving.” Escort Ankara he told them, and watched as they left the room. He walks over to the alcove and stood looking out the little window, he did not notice her there. He was so turned on from yelling all the things a his wife that he unzips his pants and pulled out his cock, slowly stroking it.

She covered her mouth quickly, when she saw him pulling out his cock. His cock was not a little thing like his wife yell, he had an enormous hard cock, and she wanted to taste it badly. Quietly she reached out and wrapped her hand around his cock and stood up ,leaning into him she whispered to him.

“Oh Sir, please, please let me taste and touch your cock. I will please you.” she whispered.

He looked down at Jenny, a maid of his wife’s. He wanted her the first time he met her. He nodded for her to go ahead, and watched as she kneeled down and took his cock into her mouth sucking him deep into her throat. He had a big cock, and he had not found a lady yet who could take his whole cock in her mouth let alone her pussy. He would not last long she was a great cock sucker.

She was glad he wanted her to suck him. She loved sucking a man cocks. Then she quickly moved away when she heard the door open and his wife walk in. He did not turn around.

“I’m taking Carla and Paula with Ankara Escort me, When you see Jenny send her to me also.” she told him.

“God ahead, take all the staff, I do not care, I am selling this place and moving soon.” he told her with his back to her.

The door slammed, could be heard threw out the big house. He did not care. Then he felt her mouth closed back on his cock and he groaned loudly and push forward. She grabs his hips and showed him what she wanted, and she wanted him to fuck her face. He started moving slowly, picking up speed, soon his cock was moving in and out of her throat and mouth fast.

“OH GOD I’M FUCKING GOING TO CUM. OH FUCK I’M CUMMING NOWWWWWWWWW!!!” he grunted, filling her mouth with hot blast of cum.

She sat back on the seat and waited. He put his cock back in his pants and told her to come with him. They went into his office and he told her to take a seat.

“I know that you now heard everything we yelled at each other. Now I am giving you the choice. You can stay with me or you can go to work for my soon to be ex-wife. What do you want to do?” he asked.

“I don’t want to work for her she is not a nice person.” she told him.

He sat there looking at her, she was beautiful, sexy, and he wanted more of her body.

“ May I see your tit’s?” he asked her.

She stood Ankara Escort Bayan up and proudly pulled her top off. Under her top she wore nothing. He loved them.

“Do you like having them licked, and sucked on?” he asked her. Then asked her to take off the rest of her clothes too.

“Yes, I love having a man play with them, to lick them, and to suck them. I also like having a man’s cock sliding between them while I suck on the head.” she told him as she took off her clothes.

Her pussy looked like a little girls pussy, hairless. His cock was already getting hard again. He stood up and took off his shirt and undid his pants letting them fall to the floor. Then sat back down.

“Come over here, call her to let her know you wont be working for her anymore.” he told her.

She walked over and stood in front of him bending over the desk and place her call. She felt his hands caressing her ass when she heard Carla pick up the phone.

“Hey Carla, how you doing? …….Then why did you go with her.(she felt him tug on her she turn and he mouth that she could come work for him if she wanted)…..Well Mr. Bush said you can come work for him if it doesn’t work out. No I am not going to tell. You can tell her I wont work for someone who cannot keep a civil tongue in hr mouth. OK Bye for now.” she said, hanging up the phone.

She went to stand up, but he stop her with his hand on her back. He stood and eased his cock between her thighs, rubbing against her pussy. He leans over her back and lick the back of her neck, as his hands cupped her tit’s, and pinching her nipples with his fingers.