The Bride Who Couldn’t Wait

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Poor Lillian!

Here she was, only married 4 hours, dressed lusciously in her white wedding lingerie of silk stockings, body-hugging Basque, high heels and a sexy veil, sitting on the edge of the marriage bed with her fucking drunk husband snoring his head off! How could he do this to me?

He was an executive rep. for a computer company, she a director for a Graphic Design firm. He swept her off her feet (and onto her knees, he liked to joke) and within four months of dating she had moved in, after six he asked her to marry him. A whirlwind romance, an amazing lover, her Mom loved him and her friends thought he was so cute, everything would have been perfect if it wasn’t for the baboons he kept as friends. Were all men that immature? Did they always behave like ‘little boys’? God, if any of them had a brain between them they’d be dangerous.

Just how much did Brad have to drink; she fumed? He promised he’d take it easy, but oh no, he had to go and ‘celebrate’ with his loser friends. Bastards. They were pouring Jack Daniels down his gullet every time she turned round. Oh, how they must be laughing their asses off, knowing Brad was in a drunken coma and horny Lillian was left wanting. Big joke! She’d never forgive them for this. And even Brad’s best friend, the Irishman Sean. She was surprised at him.

He had a year’s contract with Brad’s firm, moving from Dublin to their hometown and had made friends easy enough. Brad took him under his wing and showed him the town, introducing him around. Lillian heard gossip from some girlfriends that he fucked like an animal, and she’d be lying if she didn’t wonder just what he was like in bed. She smiled. Jeez, and here’s me, a newly married woman!

She just knew he was the instigator. He couldn’t take his eyes off her as she and Brad danced on the dance floor, she knew he was jealous! Why he had to go and spoil her special night was beyond her. What an asshole (a cute asshole, but an asshole nevertheless…)

She sighed, and gazed longingly at her slumbering husband. What she wouldn’t give to feel his big cock in her right now, she mused. Not fair! She so wanted his enormous, hairy balls bashing off her ass, so wanted to feel his erection throbbing inside her. It made her feel creamy, hot just thinking of his big cock. Hmmm, she thought, fumbling with his flies, I wonder?

His cock was soft, floppy. She fondled it in her palm, pulled it, and squeezed his fleshy member between her fingers. Nothing. Instinctively she bent her head forward and took his saggy dick into her mouth, sucking softly. Lillian licked his knob, tonguing his eye. Again, nothing happened. To add insult to injury Brad farted in his sleep. Great, thought Lillian. Thank you!

She tucked her husband’s cock back into his pants, even going as far as slapping his groin with her open hand. Drunk on our wedding night! Ooooooh, you’re gonna pay big time, mister!

Lillian got to her feet and headed for her suitcase that was sitting in the bedroom’s wardrobe. Dragging it out, she unlocked it and rummaged through the contents. Finding her make-up bag she unzipped it, then pulled her vibrator out into the open. Needs must, she sighed.

Rolling Brad onto his side Lillian lay on the bed next to him. Closing her eyes she slowly ran the vibrator between her wet slit, her left hand cupping her breast, caressing the Basque that sensuously pushed her cleavage forward. The smooth tip of the dildo felt good against her soft, wet puss, mmmmmm, she murmured, if only this was Brad’s big cock…

Lillian reached up to cup her breast that slowly poured out of the Basque, her fingers twiddling the nipple that poked over the rim. Through closed eyes she imagined Brad’s big cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy, she scraping her fingernails off his powerful arms, her legs wrapped around his smooth waist, he fucking her with long, deep strokes. Deftly she inserted the vibrator inside her, switching it on, it producing a low buzzing noise as it worked its wonders within her. Her wrist moved the dildo back and forth, tickling her clit, oooooooh, she was so wet! She pictured sucking on Brad’s cock, that big, thick man-meat. She loved sucking cock, and licked her lips at the thought of gagging on his gorgeous erection. Her finger found her clit as she fucked herself with the vibrator, she thrusting her hips to meet the buzzing piece of plastic, her finger rubbing her engorged clit… oh, ooooooh, fuck, she was so close, so fucking close…

When suddenly, there was a knock on the hotel room door. She ignored it, concentrating on her imminent orgasm, but whoever it was they knocked again, again, and then again, until Lillian swore and swung her legs off the bed. Persistent little bastard, she cursed under her breath, grabbing her dressing gown. She threw her veil on the İstanbul Escort floor. Better not be room service with a bottle of JD for Brad, she scowled, wrapping the gown tightly around her, or there’ll be hell to pay.

She left the bedroom, marched into the sitting room then opened the door, expecting to see a grinning Bellhop, but not expecting to see the Irishman Sean! He stood there, his black jacket over his shoulder, his tie loose and his shirt open, and merely said “Hi!”

“Wh-what are you doing here?” Lillian asked, a tone of annoyance in her voice.

“I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”

“No, you’re not, he’s fucking passed out on the bed, no thanks to you!”

“Yes, he did have a bit much to drink, didn’t he?”

“You were pouring it down his throat all night!”

“Actually, the guys were, I was the one who was telling them to stop, and warning him that something like this might happen.”

“You were -?”

“Yup, even when you were dancing together he didn’t look well, I was afraid he was going to throw up on – well, let’s not think about that, shall we?”

“I see…” Lillian said. Shit! So it wasn’t Sean after all. I knew it; it was those other losers. You didn’t see any of them knocking on the door to see if Brad was alright, and when he was supposedly staring at her he was only concerned for his friend!

“So… apart from being unconscious on the bed, is he ok?” Sean asked, looking over her shoulder to see if he could spot his buddy.

“Yes, yes, he is. Actually,” she decided, “Come in, see for yourself.”

She opened the door and let the Irishman in, she shutting it behind them. She led him towards the bedroom (now that would be sexy if circumstances were different!) and presented her husband to Sean. Sure enough, Brad was out cold, still fully dressed, and snoring his brains out.

“I’d say he looks like a baby, but I’d be lying.” Sean quipped.

Lillian giggled. He had a point. Brad was never what you’d call a handsome sleeper. It was something she told her Mother, that Brad –

“I see you started without him.” Sean said.

“Sorry?” she asked, and looked where Sean had cast his eyes. Her vibrator, still wet, was glistening on the bed sheets. Oh, God!

“I, um, you know, I couldn’t – “she blushed, wishing the ground would open and swallow her whole.

“Hey, that’s ok,” he grinned.

Lillian blushed. She went to grab the dildo, holding it behind her back. “I think you better – “

“Don’t worry about it, Lillian; I’d do the same if it had happened to me.”

“Well,” Lillian coughed. “I doubt any girl would dare fall asleep on you.” Did she just say that?

“Oh? Why’s that?”

“They’d have the courtesy to stay sober for their wedding night, for starts, unlike Brad here.”

“I’m so sorry, for you, Lillian,” Sean said. “I can only imagine how you feel.”

“And how do I feel, Sean?” she snapped, and then regretted it immediately.

To his credit he didn’t react to her outburst. Instead, his reply flattered her. “A beautiful woman like you, her wedding night, wanting it to be so special… I don’t know why Brad did this you.”

He was so sweet! “Thank you, I appreciate your concern, it means a lot to me.”

“No problem. And I bet you’re wearing something absolutely gorgeous beneath that robe too.”

“Yes, you, um, could say that.” She blushed. If he only knew! God, she’d love to show him.

“In fact, if I may be so bold…” he said, approaching her, lifting his hand to the knot around her waist. He tugged at it, the robe loosening.

“Wh – what are you?” she asked, but made no attempt to stop him. She was so turned on she wouldn’t dare stop him. The robe came undone, the strap falling limply to each side. Using his hands Sean then slipped the robe from her shoulders, revealing her incredible body, dressed only in her wedding lingerie.

Sean whistled, not quite believing his eyes. “My God, you’re fucking gorgeous.” He whispered, his hands caressing her breasts swelling from her Basque. He squeezed them, his fingertips tingled her warm, supple flesh. Drawing his index finger downward he grazed the zigzag lace before reaching between her legs. Pausing briefly for a moment, he waited for her permission, Lillian licking her lips seductively before smiling at him.

She was wet, her pussy dripping with lustful anticipation, his finger slipped easily into her succulent honey pot. She moaned approvingly, snarling playfully at him as his finger buried itself to the knuckle.

“You are so fucking hot!” he gasped, withdrawing his finger, presenting it to her lips. She took his finger in her mouth, sucked on it, rolling her tongue around his pussy-wet digit.

“Brad doesn’t know what he’s missing!” Sean commented.

“Doesn’t mean that I have to miss Escort Bayan out, now does it?” she asked, bending forward, kissing him firmly on his mouth. Her left hand slid across his face, her right slipped below to fondle his cock. He felt like a big boy! She squeezed his growing cock as they kissed, she sucking on his tongue, he reaching round to cup her curvy ass.

She unzipped him, pulling on his enormous member. It felt thick, long, pulsating in her hand. She simply must suck this big, fat cock.

“A present, for the bride.” Sean said, taking hold of his cock as Lillian crouched downwards, coming face to face with the Irishman’s erection. Absolutely gorgeous.

“And I graciously accept!” she replied, licking the underside of his hard flesh, her tongue dancing towards his knob, licking his fingers as he gripped his cock for her. He gently whacked her face with it, her cheeks, her chin, she trying to swallow his length into her mouth, trying to lasso him with her tongue. He smeared his knob off her out-stretched tongue, he tasting divine. And using her tongue as a pillow he slid his throbbing cock into her mouth, she clasping him with her lips, before sucking hard.

“Jesus, that’s good!” he groaned, gazing down at Lillian who slurped and slobbered messily on his great erection that disappeared and appeared from her mouth at random. He didn’t need to thrust, for Lillian bobbed her head back and forth, taking him deep into her mouth, deep-throating him, his soft pubic hair tickling her nose. She’d suck him like this, his balls nestling next to her chin, before releasing him, thick saliva mixed with pre-cum oozing from her lips. Taking him in her hand she slowly released him from her mouth, her tongue stabbing his eye.

“Will you fuck me with your big cock, Sean?” she asked, squeezing his thickness between her fingers.

“Bend over,” he told her, she getting to her feet then stretching across the bed. Her husband continued snoring. She heard him undress, letting his pants and shirt slip to the floor then felt Sean kneel behind her, he lips suddenly upon her naked ass. He parted her cheeks, his tongue striking out, catching her wet slit. She moaned as his tongue struck her exposed clit, lapping at her juices that spilled from her sweet love nest.

“Oh yeah, eat me!” she cooed, as Sean’s tongue lapped and licked at her soppy slit, she reaching back with her hand to caress her open lips, fingering her engorged clit. Sean’s tongue lashed out at her anus, licking the taut, brown rose, stabbing it, his saliva drooling down her smooth buttocks.

“Mmmmm, I love having my asshole licked!” she moaned, twisting on the bed as he continued to lap at her anus. Lillian frigged her clit harder, biting her bottom lip, her eyes closed with pleasure.

She felt Sean standing behind her, and turning her head she saw him position his bulbous cock to her red, wet, puffy pussy lips, then suddenly thrust – he was immediately buried to the hilt.

“Oh God!” she cried out, his big, beautiful cock within her feeling sooooooo good. She continued fingering her silky smooth clit as his cock pounded into her, the Irishman gripping her hips and fucking her brains out.

“Almost… virgin… tight!” Sean wheezed, Lillian’s dripping hot pussy squeezing his hard love muscle, seemingly penetrating her deeper with each long, hard thrust. Fuck, she was so fucking gorgeous!

“Spank my ass!” she told him, rising her rear a little higher. Sean needed no second prompting; he brought his palm squarely down on her naked cheek, leaving a red imprint.

“Oooooh, yeah!” Lillian cooed, the stinging sensation teasingly pleasurable, and cried out again as he spanked her ass once more. She was aware of her husband Brad stirring in his sleep next to her, yet she continued to claw the bed sheets and mouth obscenities as the big-cocked Irishman fucked her puss good while slapping her ass at the same time. If Brad woke up now she wouldn’t have cared – fuck you, Brad! Fall asleep on me, would ya?

Sean withdrew and flipped Lillian over onto her ass. He pulled her forward, she sitting on the edge of the bed, spreading her legs wide. Leaning back, she watched open-mouthed as Sean penetrated her again, his big, shiny cock slowly sliding into her sucking slit, his big balls nudging against her ass. The bed shock as they fucked, he gripping her stocking legs, placing one on top of his shoulder. Lillian groaned appreciatively as his gorgeous cock grazed against her clit, throbbing veins pulsating off her love-button deliciously.

“Fuck me, fuck me you bastard!” she cried, spurning the Irish stud on, reaching down to finger her engorged clit that sent electric bolts through her body with each stroke.

“You fucking slut!” Sean spat, taking hold of her thigh and slamming his cock Eskort into her, his ass a blur as he thrust piston-like into her wet honey-pot. Being called a slut thrilled Lillian – she told him to call her that again.

“You fucking slut!”

“Ooooooh, yes, again, tell me I’m your slut!” She was coming!

“You gorgeous fucking slut, what are ya?”

“I’m your slu-ut-ut-ut-ut… oh Gooooooooooood…” she stammered, her head falling back, her breasts wobbling, her mouth agape as her orgasm rocked through her, her body heaving with pleasure as she gave in to this forbidden yet exciting climax.

Sean, though, had no plans of coming just yet. Withdrawing from the quivering Lillian he got to his feet and pulled her head to his glistening cock. Bleary eyed she took him in her mouth, tasting her pussy off his erection, savoring her orgasm from his pre-cum oozing cock.

“Lick my balls!” he told her, which she gladly obliged, his length stretching across her nose as she tongued his big, hairy balls. She took it in turns to suck upon them, rolling them around in her mouth. He moaned, squeezing her breasts as they spilled from the rim of her Basque.

Taking him in hand she pulled on his sticky cock as she sucked the tip of his knob, wondering just what he tasted like.

And then; a voice, her husbands, asking, “Lillian?”

She nearly had a heart attack. Sean fell to the floor, hoping for the best, while Lillian raised a finger to her lips to tell him to be quiet. (Like he was going to announce his presence.)

She lay back on her bed, her body resting against his. Composing herself, she replied, “Yes?”

“Did you collect my car?” Brad asked, more clearly this time.

Did I collect his -? He’s still out of it, she smirked. Talking in his sleep. Any other time and it would be cute.

“Yes, Brad, I did, now go back to sleep.” She assured him.

“What time is it?”

“Late, honey, now go asleep.”

“Ok… nighty-night…” And with that he sighed, before snoring again.

Lillian slowly lifted herself off the bed, to see Sean staring up at her, a huge grin on his face. She resisted the urge to burst out laughing.

“I think we better let him sleep,” she suggested, as she helped the Irishman to his feet, he carrying his clothes.

“Close,” he noted, dryly.

They exited the bedroom, Lillian quietly closing the door. Sean had put back on his shirt, and was struggling with his pants. He still had an erection! After nearly getting caught fucking his best friend’s wife on their wedding night the Irish bastard still had a fucking great hard-on!

“You’ve still got a – “Lillian pointed out to him.

“Huh, oh, right, yeah. I was about to cum when he woke up. Takes ages to go down if I don’t, you know…”

“What, cum?” she giggled.

“Yeah!” he grinned.

“Well, allow me, so,” Lillian said, kneeling in front of the stunned Irishman. “We couldn’t have you leaving like that, now could we?”

“Oh, you slut – ” he hissed as her mouth once more engulfed his cock, wrapping her lips tightly around his iron hard erection, her tongue rolling around his taut flesh, her throat sucking him deep.

“Suck it, suck it…” he coaxed her, her head bobbing back and forth, breathing through her nose, huffing against his hairy tummy as she slurped on his throbbing member.

“That’s it, oh fuck, yes, I’m nearly – “He gasped, squirming where he stood, thrusting deep into her mouth, her lips a warm, wet vice. She fingered his balls, squeezing them gently, and then pulled on his shaft, masturbating his big fat cock into her gulping throat. He made a lot of noise, his cock seeming to grow in her mouth.

“I’m coming, oh fuck I’m coming!” he groaned, and as his cock twitched and spluttered Lillian clamped her lips down tightly as suddenly her mouth was filled with Sean’s creamy seed, jets of white hot cum splashing the back of her throat, she swallowing each salty blast.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnngh…” he moaned softly, his face flushed, his eyes watering, gazing down at Lillian who licked and sucked his now floppy wet dick clean, cum dripping from her red lips.

He lifted her up, hugged her, they kissing. His hands clasped her ass, squeezing her there.

“Once again, congratulations!” Sean said, Lillian giggling in his arms.

“You bastard!” she mocked, hitting him playfully on his shoulder.

“Our little secret?” he asked her, and this time she knew he was serious.

“Yes, our little secret,” she replied.

Sean tore himself away from her, tucking himself away. “I better get back. They’ll be wondering where I am.”

“Probably thinking you got lucky,” she said.

“And they’d be right – hey, in the morning, will you tell Brad when you get back from Paris that I’ll call round for those documents he wants me to look at?”

“Sure, though phone first.” She told him.

“Oh, to see if he’s home?”

“No, silly,” Lillian said, approaching him, her breasts pressed against his chest, she squeezing his cock through his pants. “See if I’m alone and wanting some!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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