The Bull is always Ready


This morning when Dee got up, she has one thing on her mind. She needed real sex not a dildo. She has only one man in mind that she knew could give it to her. With out hesitation she texted me. “ Hallo! what time do u go to work?”
She didn’t have to wait long for a reply. “ Around nine. Why?” “ U have time for me today?” “ For u always. U want to come for a visit?” “ That will be nice, but I can`t stay long thou.” “ What can I get u to drink?” “ Nothing thank u. I`ll see u soon.” Dee is 33 has never been married is small business owner that does business with one of my companies. I meet her a month ago at a charity event. She is like me, when she wants things, she wants it now.
She really needs it, and with me. Why me? I’m good at what I do. I have been divorced for a long time and She doesn’t have to worry about our relationship. We have known each other for only a month with no strings attached. We have had sex about 10 times. She gave me time to shower. Then just before half past 5, she parked in the garage. She came up to my penthouse and I opened the door and she knew she still wanted me. “ Hi.” She said as she stepped in. “ Hello.” Was my reply with a kiss. I wanted to go to the kitchen and she went and sat on the long couch in the living room. I asked if she wanted some coffee and she replied no thank you, she was fine for now.

We chatted for a few minutes. Then I said I was glad she texted me, I was thinking of her. Dee couldn’t take it any more and said, she texted me cause she wanted to be fucked. I nearly jumped on her. Dee jumped up and went to my bedroom. She got undressed leaving everything in a heap on the floor. I was ready when she got onto the bed, I was on top of her and and ready. I knew what she wanted. No foreplay today. Dee put a little oil in and around her pussy. Suddenly, I mounted her, wrapping my arms around her chest, grabbing her breasts. My cock slammed against her vulva, searching for her entrance. I reached down positioning my massive rod just inside her. I thrust hard with my hips shoving my cock forcefully into her womb. The sheer size spread her inner walls as if she had engulfed a man’s fist and arm. Then it feels as if her insides are going to be pulled out of her cunt as I pull back. Another massive thrust rocks her forward and she screams with pleasure. I’m slamming into her now. Each thrust driving me deeper as she relaxes allowing my massive cock to enter her with less resistance. Several more thrusts takes her into escasty. She almost passes out as her body gives its self to the onslaught and grips the massive cock inside her. She had four orgasms without stopping. I groaned my Sex hikayeleri triumph over her and with a final thrust, filling her with my seed.

Dee can’t have taken no more. I had taken her to a height of escasty, she has never been to before meeting me. It is then that the realization of what she has achieved hit her and she relaxes in her thoughts. “ Did you come?” I asked. Dee can’t talk so she put two fingers up. We both laid on the bed for a few minutes. Her body still tingling from her climaxes leaves her to want more. She leaps up onto all fours, spreading her legs apart and eagerly returning her fingers to her cum filled cunt. She ground her torso into the mattress as she fingers and probes her wanton pussy. Suddenly she feels the heart-stopping sensation of me licking at her thigh. Dee spun around to find me at her side, with that same hungry look in my eyes. She became horny even more with my sensuous gaze. She leans back and again spreads her legs in an obvious display of sexual invitation. I immediately took the suggestion and begin licking her ever-moistening cunt with fervor. My rough tongue sending chills of pleasure up Dee’s body. Her ass begins to grind up towards my eagerly lapping tongue. I begin to groan in increasing tension as my saliva lubricates her pink and juicy pussy; my long tongue excites her, her body contorting from lust. Dee stares at me becoming entranced in my extended stimulation of her extremely sensitive clit. Then her eyes widened as she sees my huge cock is again hard and ready. It is even bigger now then it was before as it lengthens and thickened in unbridled lust. Nine inches protruding from my massive loins as it still grew and hardened in powerful throbs of power. Dripping of my cum fell from its tip as it almost touches her slender calves, while I’m standing before her. Dee’s emotions become volcanic as she gazes at the enormous dimensions of my throbbing cock.

Suddenly I stop my cunt-licking to survey my intended bitch again. Dee feeling inside the same animal lust that I’m feeling. She slowly turns over onto her knees to await our coupling again. Her ass cheeks are directly in front of my face, she feels my hot breathe on her soft inner thighs. My tongue went to work once again on her dripping pussy. ” OOOooohhh!” she moans as my rough tongue bathes her pulsating pussy and licks at her profuse fluids that now are seeping down her thighs onto the satin sheets. Then I came up onto the bed directly behind Dee’s waiting ass. She closes her eyes to shut out the bestial mounting I’m about to do, my arms begin to wrap around her upper torso, when my body tenses for a moment and Sikiş hikayeleri pause. I let out a low growl and then I lay on top her back ramming my huge bulging cock into her wet cunt, burying it up to the hilt. ” AAAAAaaaahhh!” she cries out as her eyes shot open and she found herself staring at my huge thighs between her legs. My golf-ball sized testicles hung heavy below her dripping slit, slamming against her sensitive clitoris. Then I draw back for another forceful thrust as Dee hung onto the mattress for dear life. My massive cock again slamming home into her throbbing hole sending more of her juice down her thighs. Dee feels then what she thought was impossible, my cock is getting even bigger!

I’m thrusting faster and faster; my enormous shaft expanding thicker and thicker at the base to seemingly join my cock with her cunt forever. Dee’s orgasms becoming unbearable. Her cunt is spasming rapidly around my invading cock. My saliva begins dripping down her back and down her arms as I’m panting faster with my oncoming climax. My arms are almost hugging the breath from her lungs, while my hands squeeze her breasts hard. Dee then reaches back between her legs to feel my thrusting cock. She feels the huge veins and thick shaft divide her sticky fingers with each fucking motion. Faster and faster I drive my massive throbbing cock into the spasming wet hole of the wanton bitch. Her ass rippling with my powerful thrusts; her vaginal tunnel stretched with each inward push of my enormous cock. Then I begin to groan as my orgasm became eminent. My cock expanding even bigger to seal in my cum. Then my body tenses as I begin to shoot my hot cum into Dee’s tortured cunt. Dee’s orgasm blew into final explosion as she feels the hot jets hit her womb and fill her pussy. I came in massive blobs of sticky white sperm, quickly overflowing her convulsing opening. I thrust my cock with lust crazed force to jam my hot semen into her uterus. Then suddenly I stop. I will have to wait until my now engorged cock receded enough to pull it from her. Dee gasping for air and bathed in the glow of the most satisfying fuck she has ever had. But it is not over yet.

Dee’s over-ravished body slumps to the mattress. She fell asleep immediately, while I laid beside her. A hour later I suddenly got up and begin to lick Dee’s battered pussy once again. She awakens from her restful stupor and realized what I was doing. She tried to push my invading face away, but it is to no avail. My long wet tongue begins to send sexual impulses through her body again, completely beyond her control. She unconsciously begins to undulate her curvaceous ass towards Erotik hikaye my lapping tongue, turning onto her stomach once again. Flat against the mattress, her buttocks are pressed together but still I manage to fully reach her entire crotch with my tongue. My wetness slipping between her ass cheeks to her puckered asshole and bathed it with my saliva. My saliva further lubricated the crack between her cheeks until the combined fluids of my saliva and Dee’s juices bathed her ass in wetness. She begins to raise her ass from the mattress to further expose her pussy to my fervor licks. But the exhaustion from the previous session left her in only a semi-awakened state.

I once again mounted her in dog-typical fashion and begin my entry preparation thrusts. But Dee is a bit low this time. My huge cock is bumping against, not her sweet pussy, but her anal opening. Suddenly with a fast and powerful thrust, I shove half of my cock up Dee’s unsuspecting asshole. Dee’s eyes pop open wide in surprise and pain. She tries to shake me off, but I’m too quick and is shoving the remainder of my lubricated cock up her stretched asshole. ” Aaarrrghhh!” Dee gasping as she feels my invading shaft pumping in her ass with bestial lust. I’m even more excited than before by this new tight opening. Again my cock begins expanding in all dimensions, further stretching Dee’s ass to new limits. Dee begins to experience tingly pinpricks all around her hot and sticky crotch. The pleasure/pain connection has been made. She reaches back and tries to spread her ass cheeks further apart to allow my massive cock to penetrate to deeper depths. Then she lets her hands drop to her dripping pussy to rub her now swollen clit and perhaps reach a more powerful orgasms than she has before. Every thrust expands Dee’s tight asshole and brought erotic pleasure. She feels my cock sliding in and out of her ass through the thin barrier in her wet cunt. Dee is being ass-fucked for the first time in her life.

Soon I begin to heave and thrust harder as my cum boils up from my huge balls. Dee met each thrust with a thrust of her own. She begins to pant in synch with my rapid breaths. Then Dee feels my massive cock expand once more and blast forth sperm into the depths of her heaving belly. The feeling of cum filling up her asshole pushed her own orgasm over the edge as her sphincter muscles milk the sperm from my enormous shaft. Dee is in heaven as my labored thrusts subsided. My cock slowly shrank and pops out of Dee’s gorgeous ass with a final plop. I return to the living room, after cleaning myself, and fell asleep. Dee feels both revulsion and excitement over what she had just experienced. She has never experienced unbridled lust with any man until now. Primal animalistic rough sex will be a part of her life and Dee will never again be hesitant to surrender to me.