The Bus Boy and the Roommates

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Lynn’s long legs tightened around Ted’s body as she had her third orgasm of the night. She held her breath, trying not to cry out in pleasure. Normally, she would happily have given full voice to her satisfaction — but the knowledge that her roommate was only a thin wall away from her lingered in the back of her mind. That thought was quickly fading as Ted pounded his mammoth prick into her relentlessly, forcing a series of moans to escape her lips as her climax arced through her taut body.

It was late August and they were in the midst of a series of “farewell fucks”, as Lynn called them. They’d been doing it almost non-stop as the days trickled down until Ted would leave for college, moving a day’s drive away — a distance they both knew would end their brief affair.

Lynn was under no illusions. She liked Ted a lot, but she didn’t love him. She’d be sad to see him go, but she wouldn’t be heartbroken . . . as long as she had at least occasional access to his dick. Over the last couple of months, he had become the best fuck she could ever want. Her body was used to him now. She could take him easily and frequently and she was loving it. She could ride him as long as he could hold out and just enjoy that wonderful feeling of being completely filled. And he’d augmented his natural skill by learning her body. He could make her cum hard almost at will. True, she didn’t cum as explosively as she had that first time — but that was a good thing really — she couldn’t have taken that for long.

She sensed Ted’s strokes getting frantic as his own climax approached. She tightened down on him and wriggled her hips, trying to get herself off again. His prick responded, swelling inside her.

“You’re so tight,” he grunted into her ear. “You’re making me cum.”

“Oh yes,” she whispered back as yet another climax began deep in her pussy. “Cum in me. Fill me up. I love it when you cum!”

Ted lost his last inhibition. His deep thrusts became frenzied as his load surged out of his balls and filled his penis. He took in the sight of Lynn one last time — her pretty face screwed up climax, her red hair splayed out, her tight body coated with sweat, the nipples of her B-cup breasts jutting out in excitement — and let go. He grunted loudly as his cum blasted into her, filling her vagina, surging upward into her womb and leaking out of her tightly stretched vulva. The feel of his throbbing member inside her set Lynn’s fourth climax off. She cried out softly and tightened her arms around him.

And in the adjacent room, Lynn’s roommate Kristin climaxed. She was lying on her back, her jeans pulled open and her fingers frantically rubbing her clit through her white cotton panties. The climax was a little disappointing but vaguely satisfying — like a wet firecracker. It felt very small compared to what Lynn sounded like through the thin wall.

Kristin lay back and enjoyed the tiny afterglow of her climax while listening to the sound of Ted making his final brutal thrusts into Lynn. For just a brief moment, she wished it was her spasming vagina being filled with hot cum.

But the fantasy faded as quickly as the orgasm had. She sighed, sat up and zipped up her jeans.

To be honest, she was going to be glad when Ted went off to college. She was getting a little tired of Ted and Lynn’s non-stop fucking. Not the least reason was that she’d only gotten sex once in the last six months — and it had been a poor performance at that — desultory foreplay, two minutes of passion and not even a hint of climax. It was frustrating to hear Lynn cumming like crazy several times a day just a few inches away. Any time Kristin heard it, she had to masturbate and it was never very satisfying, which only deepened her frustration.

She stood and headed to the hallway bathroom to get ready for bed.

She stopped short at the doorway when she realized Lynn was already there, contemplating herself in the mirror. Then she stopped and openly stared.

Lynn looked like the most “just-fucked” girl that ever lived. She was barely dressed in a thin t-shirt, through which her hard nipples could be seen. She was bent slightly over the sink toward the mirror, causing the shirt to raise up and expose her tight pink thong panties. The crotch of the panties was visibly wet from either Lynn’s juices or Ted’s copious cum. Her hair was dishevelled, her eyes glazed, her skin positively glowing from her orgasms. Lynn looked at Kristin in the mirror and smiled.

“I’m sorry,” said Kristin. “I didn’t know you were in here.”

“It’s all right. Just getting ready for bed.”

Kristin stepped in and busied herself cleaning her face, brushing teeth, etc. The silence between the two girls was palpable. Finally, Lynn broke it.

“Sorry if we . . . um . . . disturbed you.”

Kristin dropped her toothbrush in surprise.

“It’s just that sometimes . . . well, you know . . . I forget you’re there.”

Kristin finally responded. “It’s not that you do it — it’s that you do it all güvenilir bahis the time. You guys sound like you’re trying to break some kind of record. It’s ever day, sometimes twice.”

“Actually, it’s more like two or three times a day. Once we did it five times. I could barely walk after that.”

Kristin blushed furiously. She and Lynn had known each other for a long time and were fairly open about their sex lives. But it was still not a subject she was entirely comfortable with and Lynn’s uninhibited matter-of-fact attitude was still a bit shocking to her sheltered upbringing.

Lynn stuck out her tongue at Kristin. “Don’t look so appalled! We both know it’s not going to last after he goes away to college. So I’m just trying to get all I can out of him. Who knows when I’ll find someone else that . . . talented.”

Kristin was silent for a while before she muttered. “He can’t be that good.”

“Well, let me put it this way — in the two months with him, I’ve had more orgasms than all my other boyfriends combined.”

Kristin’s pussy moistened at the thought. She had always thought Lynn prone to exaggeration. And her talk about Ted would have unbelievable if she hadn’t heard Lynn’s moans and screams for herself.

“I thought he was a virgin when you met him?”

Lynn nodded. “Well, I already told you how big he is, right? Well, he really knows how to use it now — he doesn’t ever hurt me. And the other stuff is amazing.”

Kristin sighed. “I wish I could meet a guy like that. It seems like every guy I’ve tumbled has been on a stopwatch.”

Lynn’s eyes flicked down to her roommate’s big breasts. She could see Kristin’s large erect nipples pointing through the fabric of her shirt. She bit her lip and smiled.

“Well, who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky some night.”

“I doubt it,” replied Kristin disconsolately. “I’ve barely had anything for the last six months. You know that.”

Lynn though about this for a moment. She reviewed what she knew about her roommate’s sex life. Kristin was shy, but her body attracted more than her share of men. To her knowledge, Kristin had bedded five men and not been satisfied with any of them — at least not sexually. She remembered a conversation they’d had a year ago in which Kristin has drunkenly confessed that she rarely came with a man — and when she did it was “like a wet firecracker.”

Lynn thought about Ted. He could certainly give Kristin what she needed. She was surprised to find this thought stirred no real jealousy in her — only a dim excitement. Lynn knew that Ted had noticed Kristin — few guys failed to. But few guys got anywhere with her. She was generally shy. That factor combined with her voluptuous figure to make her almost unapproachable — and certainly unapproachable to an unassuming guy like Ted.

“You know …” Lynn began


Lynn blushed. “There’s plenty of Ted to go around.”

Kristin goggled at her. Lynn grinned.

“Just a thought.”

With that, she turned and walked out. Kristin finished and wandered back to her own room, a little dazed. Under normal circumstances, she would assume Lynn was joking. The redhead has a ribald sense of humor when it was just the two of them.

But something in that grin made it seem like Lynn almost meant it. That Kristin could get a piece of Lynn’s action.

The thought repulsed and intrigued her at the same time. On the one hand, the idea of Lynn handing her some dick was a little weird. It made her feel cheap, like some girl who was just looking for a good lay. and would take it anywhere she could find it. Shit, she barely even knew Ted. He seemed nice enough, but having sex him? Just to get fucked? It just seemed so sleazy.

Yet she couldn’t deny that her nipples hardened at the though. And her pussy got just a little wet. Why shouldn’t she? Guys cheapened themselves all the time. Why should she pretend she was Little Miss Morality and cow-tow to some outdated model of feminine behavior? She was flesh and blood. Why shouldn’t she satisfy her needs if the opportunity arose? Why shouldn’t she get her brains fucked out just for the thrill of it?

She closed the door to her room and sighed. This was pointless. Just the fact that she had let some little remarks from Lynn affect her like this was a sign of how sexually frustrated she was. She flopped down on the bed and hugged a pillow to her chest, trying to make the confusion go away.


In the next room, Lynn was cuddled up to Ted. She had stripped down to just the panties and was idly stroking his cum-streaked dick while they talked. Ted was toying with her nipples — teasing them, watching them grow, letting them fade, teasing them again. Lynn loved and hated it when he did that. It eventually made her so flustered that she’d attack him.

“Well, I guessed she could probably hear us,” said Ted finally. Lynn had, of course, immediately told him what Kristin had said. For the moment, she’d left out the part where she’d hinted that Kristin could türkçe bahis get some.

“In think people in the next city can hear us,” replied Lynn with a little giggle.

“So is she pissed off?”

Lynn grinned and rubbed his cock. Even soft, it was intimidating.

“I think it turns her on more than anything else. Do you know she’s only gotten laid once in the last six months?”

Ted snorted. “I don’t believe that. She’s . . . well, I’d think she’d have no problems.”

Lynn shook her head. “She’s shy. I mean, you’ve been cumming here — oh, ha ha — I meant ‘coming’ here for three months. How much have you talked to her?”

“Well as I recall, I don’t do much talking when I’m here. Yelling, yes. Talking, no.”

“We don’t do it all the time! Well, maybe most of the time. Anyway, I haven’t seen you two having engrossing conversations.”

“I don’t think she likes me.”

Lynn nodded. “You see. She’s shy. And most guys think she’d being haughty.”

“OK, so maybe she’s only gotten it once in the last six months.”

Lynn smiled. “And I don’t think she’s ever gotten it good. You know, she was telling me the other day that she’s never had a really good orgasm?”

Ted didn’t reply but his cock twitched in her hand. Lynn grinned. She knew now she had his full attention. She now felt a definite excitement of the idea of getting her two friends together. Her pussy moistened a little bit as she spoke her next words.

“I sometime think the best thing that could ever happen to her would be to get a really amazing fuck. Just have one night of getting the shit banged out of her.”

Ted was surprised to find himself getting aroused at the thought. He would have though himself complete sexually satisfied. That summer had been a fuckfest like something out of his wildest dreams. Work days were long teases as they ogled, flirted and fantasized about each other. Then the second they were alone, they would fuck like crazed animals.

He and Lynn had screwed in every imaginable position and in ever place they could think of at work, in his parents’ house or in her shared apartment. They’d done it standing up in the shower, they’d done it the cramped back seat of a car, they’d done it in a public park.

Several times, when they’d been closing together, they’d be cleaning separate rooms. She’d walk in, kneel down, fish his cock out, blow him until he exploded down her throat, zip up and walk out — all without a word. Or he’d find her, bend her over the nearest convenient surface and fill her up or eat her until she came — also without a word.

He’d even once filled her tight cunt in a closet during work. She’d dragged him inside, raised her skirt, pushed aside the strip of her panties and mounted him. That had been one of the best — fucking her up against the wall in her sexy skirt while she came like crazy. And then catching the knowing looks from the other staff and even a high-five from one of the cooks.

Actually, the best moments were right before he entered her, when she’d give him that unmistakable look of pure surrender. No girl had ever looked at him that way before and it always made him screw her like a maniac.

But no matter how much Lynn was sating his lust, the thought of Kristin was not one easily dismissed. It was true that she was quiet and difficult to talk to. But now that he thought about it, she seemed nice. Shyness was certainly a better explanation for her behavior than arrogance. She was certainly smart. He’d enjoyed the few occasions he’d spent some time with her.

And certainly his eyes would wander over her every chance they got. It was difficult to avoid. She had long straight blonde hair that caught the eye. Her face looked a little owlish with the glasses she favored — but it was cute in a sexy librarian kind of way. What was most noticeable about her, however, was her body. She was about 5’7″, a bit leggy and had a nice round bottom that was just fat enough to be tantalizing. Her big hips curved to a narrow waist, which then gave way to a spectacular pair of tits — at least DD’s that defied gravity proudly on her chest. He would have thought they were fake except that she was self-conscious of them to the point of being ashamed. She usually wore conservative clothes and ironclad bras that concealed her body — with only limited success. Ted had to admit he’d fantasized about her once or twice — getting his hands on those massive globes — making the cute slightly nerdy girl cum like crazy. And the thought that he might be the first to make her cum really hard was extra tantalizing.

His prick twitched as these thoughts circulated. Lynn grinned from ear to ear. She had him.


Kristin was tossing and turning in the next room. The thought of fucking Ted would simply not leave her mind. On the one hand, the idea of sleeping with some guy she barely knew made her feel . . . well, like a slut. On the other hand, she couldn’t get Lynn’s description out of her mind. And she’d heard the animalistic güvenilir bahis siteleri noises from Lynn’s room when Ted had been over. It had set her masturbating more than a few times, imaging herself in Lynn’s place — imaging what it must be like for a man to bring a woman to climax.

And it wasn’t like she didn’t know him at all. They’d had a few conversations. He was nice and had a brain in his head. And she liked the way he treated Lynn. Kristin, whose dating experience, like Lynn’s, had previously been confined to athletes and pretty-boys, had not been aware that a guy could be that genuine.

These thoughts had been chasing each other in her mind for half an hour when they were interrupted by the sound of Lynn’s door opening. She recognized Ted’s heavy footsteps as he headed down toward the kitchen. She paused for a moment, biting her lip in contemplation. Then she sat up. Quickly, she changed into her night clothes — shedding her bulging DD-cup bra, jeans and t-shirt. Usually, when Ted was over, she’d wear her bulkiest most concealing pajamas. This time she picked up the long shirt she usually wore to bed — with its permanent double bump in front. She then stole quietly out of the room and tiptoed down the hall until she found her way into the kitchen.

Ted was in front of the fridge, illuminated by the light coming out of the open door. He was wearing only a pair of boxers. Kristin took a good look at him. His body was about average for a guy. He wasn’t a muscular hunk or anything but he was reasonable. Her eyes inevitably drifted downward toward the sizable bulge of his crotch. Her pussy tightened ever so slightly as she looked at it, wondering if Lynn’s description was accurate.

Ted pulled out a can of soda and closed the door. He turned toward her and started, dropping the can loudly.

“Jeez, Kristin, sneak up on a guy! You startled me.”

She found herself blushing slightly and fought it. “I’m sorry. I just came down for some water.”

She walked over to the fridge. She could feel Ted feeling her up with his eyes. Her clothes left little to the imagination. The t-shirt was a little tight over her generous bustline and stopped just a few inches below her panties, leaving most of her shapely legs exposed. She stepped in front of him and opened the fridge; leaned in to get some water.

Ted’s eyes almost popped out of his head. Every time he’d seen Kristin before, she’d been fairly covered up. Perhaps on weekend, she might wear something a little tighter than hinted at the astonishing figure beneath. On the rare occasions he stayed over and saw her at night, she was usually wearing some loose pajamas.

He had imagined what her figure was like and his dick had certainly hardened a few times when he’d get a hint of what was there. But her t-shirt and panties left little to the imagination and he goggled at her. She bent over and the light from the fridge spilled down her back, illuminating her 39-29-42 figure in all its glory. He could see panty lines through her shirt defining the generous curve of her hips and ass. And he could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra, which made her firm high bustline even more tantalizing.

Kristin found a bottle of water, closed the door, turned briefly to him and smiled before heading out. She turned again in the doorway to get a glance at him. She could see the bulge in the front of his boxers had grown measurably.

“Good night,” she said.

She hurried up the stairs into her room and closed the door, then flopped onto the bed and buried her hot face in the pillow. She couldn’t believe that she’d let him get such a good look at her. But it had turned her on immensely — especially that last sight of his swelling boxers.

She heard the door to Lynn’s room close. She heard the bed squeak slightly. Then she heard Lynn’s voice.

“Mmmmm. What is it? I was having the best dream.” Pause. “Oh my, someone’s turned on, aren’t they?”

Lynn’s bed squeaked some more.

“No, I’m ready for you now. I was dreaming about this. And I was getting close to cumming. Just go for it. I need to cum.”

A loud squeak.

“Oh, that feels so good.”

Kristin’s hand stole downward her panties again while the squeaking of Lynn’s bed began to get louder and more rhythmic. It turned Kristin on immensely to think that Ted might be thinking of her while he was fucking Lynn. She played with herself for the fifteen minutes and two Lynn orgasms it took for Ted to fill Lynn with another blast of semen. She had another little orgasm when she heard him firing away into Lynn. And she fell asleep with her hand still in her tight panties.

Kristin was having the best dream. She was in the kitchen again with Ted. Only this time things unfolded differently. When she bent over to get the water, he moved closer to her until she felt something firm press against her ass. She straightened up with a moan, backing into him and pressing her generous bottom against his growing erection. It felt massive to her, intimidating. She was wet at once.

His hands slipped around her body and found her heavy breasts. She moaned as he rubbed her sensitive nipples and squeezed the firm flesh. And she responded, grinding her ass into him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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