The Cake


The baker stood at the counter, his tall white hat tilted slightly at the top of his head. Muscular but, lean arms peeked just out of his white t-shirt. An apron randomly smeared with frosting, hung loosely tied around his waist. A smile was deepened by the lines on his face. With warm inviting eye’s sparkling, he whistled happily, as he placed the new cakes behind the glass display case, when the bell chimed at the door.

“Hello? Can I help you?” the baker said as a woman approached the counter.

“Yes. I’m looking for a special cake. One that won’t be easy to forget.” the woman said, looking into the display case.

“You have come to the right place. We have many to choose from.” opening a book, he flipped though the pages.

Cakes in many different shapes, sizes and colors appeared in color photo’s. “Hmm… No, that’s not really what I am looking for.” the woman said, glancing through the book, looking concerned.

The baker stood puzzled, studying her face. “If may I ask, is this for someone very special?” the baker asked with a glimmer in his eye’s.

“Yes. You would be correct.” she said, giggling quietly behind her hand.

“I think I might have something that you are looking for.” the baker said, grinning with clever smile. “Right this way.” as they walked behind the counter into the back of the store.

After walking through the first door, they approached some plastic that was hanging from the ceiling, in place of doors. As he held the plastic aside, she walked in front of him. Silver tables covered with white powder were scattered around. Pots and pans left near a sink held dirty utensils. Boxes were stacked along the floor next to shelves, filled with little buckets, spilling with charms, candies, whistles, and more.

“It appears as though the cake business has changed some.” the woman noticed, looking down at the white powdered floor.

“Yes. We do a lot of different business here and our clients are very loyal.” the baker said with a smile, holding another plastic door back, waiting for her to go before him.

“I have many different cakes back here.” a sexy smile formed at the corners of his mouth.

They entered a much larger room with white paper covering the floor as the woman stopped short. A glimpse of a beautiful but, nude woman stood before another baker. On his knees in front of her, he held a paint brush in his hand.

“Right this way. You can take a closer look.” the baker said, extending his arm out.

Walking further along, the beautiful nude woman came into full view. “This is Bella…” the baker said. “…She is our cake model…” Bella stood very still, smiling back at her. “… And this is Simon. He’s another baker and sometimes painter.” he explained, as his the paint brush continued to change the color of her skin.

Light pink and red hearts covered Bella’s soft thighs. Simon’s frosting-covered paint brush lightly colored in each heart, as Bella looked down watching him.

Frozen with no words to say, the woman stood silently, watching Bella. Ribbons cascaded down from the top of Bella’s head, where her hair was tied. Bella’s uncovered ears dangled with small strawberries. A necklace made with cherries wrapped around her neck with the stems still attached, tickling at the dip in her neck. Bella’s feet were fitted with heart-shaped sandals that kissed the top of her feet.

Simon stood up, coming to his feet as he moved over to the table. Scooping up links of candied hearts, it became clear that they were all attached as he carefully began to pull them around Bella’s waist, forming a short skirt of hearts.

The ribbon was in a knot at her waist, holding the skirt on, while her sugar-dusted folds peeked behind the dangling candies. Bella’s breasts, painted as bright as red hots, shined glossy with the lights reflecting the true, almost hidden, color of her nipples beneath the paint.

The baker stood silently while the woman studied Simon’s decorating. “Beautiful isn’t it?” Bella spoke, smiling at the woman.

“Yes… and such a delicious treat.” the woman said, barely able to speak.

“Do you think that this is the type of cake you are looking for?” the baker asked, waiting for her to answer.

“Yes, yes I do.” The woman said, her smile becoming wider, minute by minute.

“Then we should decide what it is that you want.” the baker continued, extending his arm showing her the way out.

The baker began to walk beside her, showing her the way as she glanced one last time over her shoulder. Bella stood in the light, like a beautiful cake, just waiting to be given away.

Returning to the front of the store, the baker stood at the counter as the woman walked around toward the front of the case. “We need an appointment and a deposit up front before moving forward.” the baker said.

“Do you know what kind of cake you would like?” he asked.

The woman stood there with a puzzled look, as another couple came into the store. She shyly, covered her mouth. “Something Hawaiian.” Escort Etlik The woman spoke quietly, not really sure of what she was saying.

“You can always change your mind.” he said reassuring her as she handed the baker a credit card, smiling back at him.

“Missy” the baker looked up, reading the name on the credit card.

“We can also deliver your cake, should you need it to be.” he explained, pointing to the truck parked out in front of the store.

“Thank you.” Missy said, as the baker handed her the appointment card.

“We are looking forward to seeing you again. Call if there are any questions or concerns.” the baker said as he watched Missy wave with a smile, leaving his store.


Arriving home late, Missy walked in the door. Andrew was all stretched out on the couch, watching a game. “Where have you been? I’ve been worried!” Andrew said, standing up, walking toward her.

“I was shopping, sorry sweetie. I know should’ve called you.” Missy said, with a warm smile.

“You don’t have any bags. What were you shopping for?” Andrew said puzzled.

“I wasn’t shopping for me. I was shopping for you.” Missy said, leaning forward to kiss him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Andrew slipped his hands around her waist, pulling her tightly up against him. “Me..? Ohh… well, in that case your forgiven.” Andrew chuckled under his breath, kissing her softly on the lips.

“So… where is it?” looking around behind her back.

“You can’t have it now. It’s for your birthday.” Missy said with an evil laugh.

“Ohh. A surprise? I love surprises!” Andrew said, picking her up, moving over to the couch.

“Do you think you can stand to wait?” Missy began to run her finger along his lips.

Andrews head slowly dropped down as he began to place small kisses at the base of her neck.

“I promise it will be worth it.” Missy continued. “But, you have to do me one small favor.” pulling his chin up with her finger.

“Name it!” his eyes, wildly curious.

“You have to be here when it arrives. You can’t be late!” Missy grabbed his chin firmly with her hand, making sure he was listening.

“Deal!” he quickly answered.

A few days later…

A chime rang at the door and Missy entered the store. Simon appeared from the door behind the counter. “Hello, are you here for a cake?” he said, not remembering who she was.

“I’m here to design one.” Missy said with a glowing smile.

“Ohh… yes! Missy is it?” Simon said suddenly, realizing who she was.

“Yes.” Missy said, walking toward the counter.

“Right this way.” Simon held the door open for her as they walked toward the back of the store. Approaching the papered room, they stopped next to one of large silver tables. “Now we just need to figure out what style of cake you’d like.” Simon said, studying her body, like a painter would a new piece of canvas.

“What’s your husband’s favorite cake?” he asked, holding Missy’s arms out to the side, waiting for her to answer. “Anything with chocolate in it.” Missy said, softly.

“I have the perfect cake for you.” Simon said quickly.

“Okay… so now you need to go to the changing room. There’s a bag in there, put everything in it. Once you’re done, slip into the robe that hangs from the hook and then come back and we will start your cake.” Simon explained, pointing to the soft lit room that was a couple feet away.

Pulling the curtain over the rod, Missy began to undress. A large empty paper bag sat at the bench in front of her. A long mirror was bolted to the wall with a soft, light bulb hanging from the ceiling, almost touching the top of her head. A long white robe hung on a hook next to the mirror.

Missy looked into the mirror. The nervous excitement began as she pulled the robe around her bare shoulders. Picking up the bag, she walked back to the table.

Simon stood over a large mixing bowl as the beaters whipped around, making that familiar mixing sound. A dash of this, and a dash of that, and then he stopped the mixer from moving. Taking the bowl from the mixer, Simon began to pour the chocolate, velvet batter into the big round pan. Turning around, he opened the oven door, sliding the pan inside.

Grabbing off the shelf above, an old beat up timer. “There. That will be ready when we need it.” Simon said, as he set the timer, turning to look at Missy, standing there in silence.

“Okay, I’ll take that bag.” he said, Missy looking a little worried.

“Oh don’t worry, your things will be going with you.” Simon said, reassuring her.

Leaving the room, for what seemed like a long period of time, Simon returned with Bella at his side. “I’m going to need an extra pair of hands. You don’t mind, do you?” Simon asked with a warm smile.

“Not at all.” Missy softly spoke, smiling at Bella.

Walking over to the wall, Simon and Bella grabbed a giant platter, pulling it up and onto the table. Simon then turned, pulling a large sheet of cardboard over to the table, Etlik Escort placing it inside the platter. Under the table, he grabbed two large bags, ripping them open. The sweet smell of coconut began to hit the air.

Filling the bottom of the platter, he formed a soft blanket of coconut. Simon turned and looked at the stove. “Bella can you remove that from the heat and stir it please. Let me know when it’s cool enough to the touch.” Simon said, approaching Missy.

“Okay, and now for you, Missy. Can I have your robe?” he said, with soothing voice.

Missy stood still, taking a deep breath. Without an answer, her fingers slipped into the tie, pulling it loose. Letting it drop from her shoulders, Simon reached for it. “You’re breath taking, Missy.” he said, holding the robe, folded over his arms.

“Thank you Simon.” she said, biting at her lip.

“Okay now, up on the table.” Simon pointed, as he grasped Missy hand, helping her climb the small step ladder.

“Here, turn and sit here for the moment.” Simon instructed.

“Bella? Is that chocolate ready?” Simon asked her, as Bella touch it will a finger.

“Yes, it won’t burn the skin but, we must work fast before it hardens.” Bella snickered.

Bella brought the large pot of melted chocolate over to the edge of the table. Carefully, Simon dipped one of Missy hands into the chocolate, up to her wrist. “Hold it up, don’t put your fingers together.” Simon instructed. Then the other, as Missy held them up in front of her, keeping them apart.

Dropping down to his knee’s, Simon held her ankle still, while dipping just her toes into the chocolate. Little goose bumps began to form on her soft legs. Then the other ankle, his warm hands holding her still as he dipped her toes once again.

He handed the pot of chocolate back to Bella. “Buzz, Buzz, Buzz.” the timer went off.

“That’s the cake, Bella. Could you get it and flip that over onto the rack for me.” Simon asked, as he held Missy’s arm.

“Missy, climb up onto your knees, onto the platter.” he smiled, helping her climb onto the bed of coconut.

Her fingers at the top of the platter, pressed into the coconut, while her feet lay over top of the coconut, at the end of the platter. The hardened chocolate covered her fingers and toes like gloves, her beautiful body held still, under the bright light.

Simon began to pull her hair back, tying it with small black and white ribbons, allowing the loose ribbon to stream down the sides of her face. Walking around the counter, he grabbed a tall bottle. He started at her feet. Simon began to shake it as powered sugar dusted Missy’s uncovered skin. Her body turned as white as snow while she held still, watching Simon cover her skin.

“Bella, can you put some of that warm chocolate into a bowl for me, please.” Simon continued to dust her arms.

Bella stood beside Missy as each breast was carefully dipped into the warm chocolate. The sweet inviting scent, the feeling of warm and cold combined and Missy began to feel dizzy with desire.

Simon walked over to the other table, picking up the rack that held the cake, as he walked over to Missy, standing beside her. “Hold still now, until I get this placed.” he said.

Bella took a spoon, smearing warm chocolate over Missy’s lower back. Flipping the cake onto his open hands, Simon placed the cake on top of the chocolate. Looking over her shoulder, Missy could see the cake, set up on top of her lower back. “Just a few more minutes and you’ll be on your way.” he said, walking beside her.

Minutes went by and the cake was now frosted. Bella stood quietly, placing candles around the outside of the cake. Simon piped white strings of chocolate, up and down the backs of her legs as Bella finished with the white laced cuffs around Missy’s wrists. Grabbing a small bow off one of the hooks, Bella tied it around Missy’s neck. Simon stood beside her, dripping what was left of the chocolate down off the cake and onto her sides. He stood back for a moment looking at Missy, as she began to turn her head.

“You look like a beautiful display!” Missy smiled, speechless with no words to say, only thoughts to herself. “I can’t wait to see the look on your face Andrew.”

* * *

Bella and Simon began to surround Missy with a large red box. A large roll of clear tape attached to the top and bottom of one end which now kept the sides fitted together. They pulled a large pre-formed lid off a shelf. “We are all done now Missy. Now it’s just a ride home, where your husband is waiting for you. There will be two bakers loading you into a truck.” Simon said with a bright, anxious smile. “When you arrive, your things will be left with your husband.” he continued.

“Thank you, Simon. What an experience it has been!” Missy said with a nervous smile as Simon pulled the lid up, covering her inside the giant cake box.

While putting the last bow on top of the lid, two bakers entered the room. “This cake is done. Load it onto the truck and be careful Etlik Escort Bayan with it! We don’t want the cake to slide.” Simon said, instructing them, as Missy could hear him talking.

The bakers stood at each end, lifting up the cake box. Bella and Simon lead them through the store, guiding them through each doorway. Out the last door now and standing in front of the store, people stopped on the sidewalk as they watched them bring out the giant box.

Missy could hear the people outside, marveling at the over sized box. “Can you believe how big that cake is? Wow!!” one voice said. “Wonder who’s having the big party?” another said.

Missy held onto the cardboard edge as she felt the box move from side to side. She giggled under her breath but, was unable to remain quiet. “If you only knew what was inside the box.” she laughed.

“Knock, knock”

“Psst, you must be quiet.” the baker whispered at the edge of the box as Missy felt them push the platter, all the way into the truck. The sliding sound of the large truck door slammed, followed by the driver and passenger doors as the truck began start.

Time passed while the truck moved along. Her thoughts racing with wonder thinking of Andrew, patiently waiting for his surprised to show up. The truck came to a stop as Missy heard the doors open and then close. The door slid open as she heard a whisper.

“Okay, we’re going to move you now.” one of the bakers stated as she gripped at the cardboard edge once again.

The platter began to slide and then with a sudden lift, they began to move. Missy could hear the bakers talking between themselves.

“You got it?” one of them said.

“Yes. You kick the door.” the other said, as he tapped it with the top of his foot.

They waited for what seemed like forever as Missy held still, feeling as if she was floating while the bakers held the platter as still as they could.

The sound of the door was heard as it opened. “Yes?” hearing Andrew’s voice, it shot through Missy’s body like fire. Then a sound of his shock followed. “Ohh… wow! Come right in.” Andrew said.

The platter began to move as the bakers walked through the front door. “Here put it on the dinner table” Andrew said, his voice echoing, right beside the box.

Missy bit at her lip, just dying to see him as she felt the platter slide onto the table.

One of the baker’s extended his hand and giving Andrew a quick shake. “Enjoy your birthday, Sir.” as he turned, walking toward the door.

Andrew followed them, showing them the way out as he glanced back at the table looking at the large box. “One moment Sir, I have one last thing to give you.” one of the baker’s said, grabbing a smaller wrapped box, out of the truck.

Handing it to Andrew, he smiled. “You’ll want to open this one later.” the baker said, with a chuckle, leaving Andrew standing there puzzled.

A quick wave and the baker started the truck and began to leave.

Walking back into the house, Andrew left the small box on the coffee table, walking into the dining room.

Missy quietly remained still, almost holding her breath as she waited for him to begin unwrap her.

Andrew looked at the top of the box and grabbed a taped envelope, next to the bow. Upon opening it, a book of matches slid out of a card.


“I think you should have your cake and eat it too!”

Love, Missy

Andrew began to laugh as he set the matches down next to the box. Grabbing the lid on each side, he began pulling it up, as he turned, dropping the lid to the floor. At the side of the box, he ripped the tape off the one end. He pulled it apart as chocolate covered toes, began to appear. His eye’s moved slowly, following along the beautifully dusted skin.

White strings of chocolate covered beautiful thighs, and motionless white powered cheeks appeared. As Andrew anxiously, pulled the rest of the box out of the way, Missy caught his eyes.

“Happy Birthday, Andrew.” she said, her brave eyes wildly looking at him.

In total amazement, he stood staring at her decorated body.

Andrew began walking along the table without a sound, every curve and every line not left unseen until he stopped at the edge of the platter, looking into her eyes. Slowly kneeling down inches away, Andrew extended his finger out, touching her dusted lips. Leaning forward, his soft mouth reached the sweet powdered sugar, his tongue softly licked at Missy’s lips. His eyes filled with desire, he picked up one of her chocolate covered fingers, slipping it into his mouth.

“Mmm, delicious. Chocolate never tasted so good.” In a deep voice, turning her hand over, he licked little pieces of coconut off her palm.

Walking beside her, looking at the cake, he took a finger, ripping off a piece while kneeling down along beside her.

“Stick out your tongue…” watching her bright pink tongue, part her white lips, as he smeared some chocolate cake onto it. “… Mmm, fudge frosting.” Andrew moaned, licking what was left on his finger.

Missy felt the heat of her skin begin to boil as she watched him walk around behind her. His eye’s pierced her uncovered skin as he began to kneel. Looking over her shoulder, smiling deviously, he leaned down licking at her toes.