The Camping Trip

For Women

Far back in the woods, on a little known fishing trail made by wheel drive vehicles, a large campfire gleamed through the thick pine forest. Near the fire a small river roared, sending up tendril of mist which kept the surrounding forest damp. The silence of the forest was broken by a series of laughs, giggles, and catcalls. Sitting around the fire were eight 18-year-old girls celebrating their impending graduation from high school. Four tents formed a neat circle around them. Two four wheel drive vehicles gleamed in the firelight, completing the little camp sight.

“I listen to spice girls when I get high,” Eva, a long haired blonde with a cute turned up nose, confessed with a giggle.

“Oh, gross,” Cindy, a pretty light complectioned black girl said as she accepted the bottle. She took a drink from the bottle of rum and passed it on to the next girl.

“I watch my dad’s xrated movies when he’s at work,” Cindy admitted. The seven girls around her cheered and clapped. “I do that too,” a second girl admitted, even though she wasn’t holding the bottle. “Well I also use my mother’s vibrator on myself while I watch them.”

Sibble, a sweet brunette who was obviously shy and feeling completely lost, took a quick drink from the bottle and grimaced.

“I once peaked through the bathroom window and watched my brother taking a shower,” she said, turning red with embarrassment.

“Well hell, we all do that,” Cindy laughed, rolling into Eva’s lap. Eva laughed, petting Cindy’s soft curly hair absently as her head rested in her lap. May, a dishwater blonde with black roots, took the bottle and drank lustily.

“Ok,” she said after a gasp, “I’ve got you all beat. I once sniffed my mother’s vibrator right after she used it.”

“Uuuugh,” the girls said with looks of disgust. May realized that she had gone too far and raised a hand.

“Ok, I just made that up. I really don’t have a confession to make.” She was jeered and pushed with yells of “strip, strip, strip,” being chanted around the fire. She stood with a sly smile and began removing her clothes, one enticing piece at a time. With a flourish, she removed her panties last, twirled them on her finger and let them fly into the darkness.

“I think May lied,” Doris, a short haired blonde said, “she has secrets but she wanted to strip first. Show off,” the blonde said, watching the now naked girl take a seat next to the fire.

“You’ve got really nice tits,” Lacisha, the second black girl said, chewing a candy bar thoughtfully.

Diana, a black haired girl with an ivory complexion and a sprinkle of freckles, took the bottle and drank deeply. After considering for a moment she drank again and passed it on.

“I had a boyfriend who liked me to pee in his face.”

“Hey, do you mean Marty?” Doris asked.


“He wanted me to do that but I wouldn’t do it. I told him to get out of me house and he just laughed at me, so I had my brother kick his ass. That scum sucking, piss eating nerd.”

“That is SO gross,” Lacisha said drunkenly. “I always wondered who fucked Marty up. He was black and blue for a month. I’m going to bed,” she finally declared, trying to sit up.

“Ok, girls, does everybody have a partner?” Sibble raised her hand timidly then stuck it in her lap and looked around.

“Ok, girls,” Dede, the class president and trip planner stood and clapped her hands for attention, “Sibble doesn’t have a partner, that means somebody else is without one too. Who is it?”

“Me,” May said, now shivering without clothes. “And whoever I fucking get, I hope they are warm. I need heat.”

“Ok, May, you’ve got Sibble. Be gentle, this is her first overnighter.”

“If she tries to use anything that plugs into the car run,” Cindy laughed as Eva lifted her head from her lap and helped her to her feet.

Dede handed an envelope to Doris. Everyone stood waiting expectantly while Doris, with Lacisha hovering over he shoulder, opened the envelope and read it.

“Judges, we are the judges,” Doris said.

“Ok, you and Lacisha are out of it this time, I’ll give you each your hundred bucks back,” Dede said, digging for their money.

“Dede, I think we have to forfeit. Cindy is too drunk to have sex.”

“I’m never that drunk, girlfriend,” Cindy said, trying to straighten without falling into the fire.

“Your hundred bucks is already in the pot, girls, use it or lose it.”

“Hey, I’m sober enough, give me our sheet.”

“Here it is,” Dede handed an unmarked envelope to Eva. Eva tore it open and read and turned the sheet from side to side, trying to understand the diagram, then she screamed at Dede’s retreating back. “Upside alanya escort down? Cindy can’t even stand up, how can we 69 while we’re standing?”

“That’s your problem, sweetheart, you drew a blank envelope just like the rest of us.”

“Shit. Will somebody trade?” Eva asked in desperation as she watched Cindy swaying just outside the entrance to their tent.

“Hey, Dede,” Sibble raised her hand. Her and May were the last two at the fire.


“Ours calls for a ladder, but we don’t have one.”

“There’s a three foot ladder in my bronco,” Dede called then dropped the flap behind her and Diane.

“Let’s start with Dede,” Lacisha whispered to Doris. Doris nodded and went to Dede’s tent. Dede and Diane were still undressing. Dede handed their instructions to Lacisha, who read it and showed it to Doris. Doris giggled and handed it back.

Now naked, Dede knelt in the middle of the tent, on her sleeping bag, and motioned for Diane to lay in front of her. Diane stripped off her panties, then slid her naked body across the sleeping bag until one foot rested on each side of Dede. Dede reached down and grabbed Diane’s body around the waist, lifting her shapely ass up to her face as she knelt above her. Diane quickly pushed until her pussy was in just the right position for eating, holding part of her weight on her hands. Her legs draped over Dede’s shoulder and hung behind her back.

“Ok, she’s up,” Lacisha said to Doris. Start timing them. Dede bent her face forward and began eating Diane. Doris clicked the top of the stopwatch and sat back to watch.

Moving her head from side to side, Dede mouthed Diane’s pussy for a moment then stuck her tongue down into Diane’s hairless mound and swirled it around inside the upside down girl. Diane arched her back, then rested it on Dede’s shapely legs. Resting on her elbows, Diane could reach her tits and mash them as Dede ate her pussy. The object was to make each partner come as fast as possible, while maintaining a physically demanding position. The mere fact that a girl was upside down tended to delay her orgasm, as they all knew. It was simple chance that decided which envelope they drew.

Diane was growing hot now, but her legs were aching. She reached up and grabbed Dede’s arms to help support herself. The fact that all the blood was rushing to her head, dulled the fire in her upturned pussy. Dede was making up for this desensitivity by eating harshly, where she would normally eat slowly and thoughtfully.

Dede took Diane’s clit in her teeth and bit down lightly, then held the pressure of her teeth while she let the clit slide out. Diane squealed. The muscles in her back and legs bulged, as she fought against gravity and the painful pleasure in her pussy. Dede strummed the clit with the tip of her tongue and watched the inner thigh muscles jump in time with her tongue. She watched Diane’s breathing to see how soon it would be until Diane came. They were both surprise when Diane suddenly began panting and clenched Dede’s legs in her hands, humping her sex against Dede’s mouth while she came.

Doris watched until Diane relaxed and slipped out of Dede’s grip. She pressed the top of the watch and held it up for Lacisha to see.

“Five minutes, thirty seven seconds.”

“That’s just the first time, now we have to time Dede.”

“Don’t worry, I’m fast,” Dede said confidently as she lay on the floor. With a groan, Diane rubbed her aching neck and positioned herself between Dede’s legs.

“Don’t even try to cheat,” Lacisha warned. “I’ll know the difference.”

Dede nodded as Diane lifted her into place. She immediately placed her warm red lips over Dede’s wet pussy and began licking like a dog. Dede moaned and clenched her leg muscles. She gripped Diane’s legs in her hands to help hold her weight. The liquid sound of Diane’s tongue in Dede’s pussy was as old as life itself. It resembled the sound a cat makes when it licks a bowl of milk clean, but a woman’s tongue can cause so much more pleasure.

Dede was beautiful, tall, slender, and had ample breasts. Few people doubted that she would grow up to be a fashion model. For now, she was content to be the class president and leader of the Overnighter Club. Only the women in the club, and those approached for membership knew what the Overnighter Club really was. It was an outdoor club designed especially for lesbians, to conduct sexual encounters without being discovered. Many girls envied Dede and many wanted to be her personal friend. Diane was just her choice for the weekend, the next encounter would include a different girl. Dede was diplomatic.

“Oh shit, that looks good,” Lacisha moved closer artvin escort and watched Diane’s lips working in Dede’s sweet red pussy. She moved closer to watch Diane, while Dede lay upside down on the floor and stared up under Lacisha’s short skirt. Dede snaked a hand up under Lacisha’s skirt and began rubbing the crotch of her panties.

“That feels good, girl, but don’t think it will sway my judgement,” Lacisha said with her eyes closed.

“Sit,” Dede gasped. It was hard to talk while upside down and being eaten by an expert.

“Shit, I wish I could,” Lacisha whispered, watching Diane’s eager mouth sucking Dede’s mound.

“Go ahead,” Doris whispered, now as horny as the rest of them.

“Not until the contest is over,” Lacisha said resolutely.

“You’re taking this contest much too seriously,” Doris said. “We’re here to have fun, aren’t we?”

“Sure, but not until the contest is over. If Dede eat’s my pussy it will make her hotter, and it will be like cheating.”

“You must be made of stone,” Doris smiled.

“Right now I feel like I’m one big pussy,” Lacisha said, crossing her legs in agony, “that needs to be eaten.”

“I’ll take care of you when this is over,” Doris promised. Lacisha kissed her on the cheek and glanced at the watch.

“Relax, girls, the 537 time stands. You went over.”

“Good, I can relax and enjoy it,” Dede said gratefully. “Now will you sit?”

“Yeah, I would love too,” Lacisha said, stepping out of her panties. She lowered her dark brown legs until her black haired pussy was touching Dede’s lips. Dede instantly began eating the slender black girl’s pussy. Lacisha moaned and grabbed her own tits through the material of her blouse, lifting her firm tits in her hands, and letting them slide out slowly. Lacisha suddenly dropped her hands and began twisting Dede’s nipples. Dede twisted in Diane’s grip. Only the top of her busy head showed under Lacisha’s tight ass.

In a moment both girls were moaning. It gradually increased in volume until both Dede and Lacisha were screaming and clenching their thighs around the face of the other girl. In a few more minutes everyone relaxed and Diane breathed a sigh of relief, rubbing her arms and shoulders as she smiled down at the red face of her lover.

“Relax girls and enjoy yourself,” Lacisha said, pulling on her panties. “We are off to tent two.”

They entered the second tent and found May and Sibble waiting. Both girls were naked, talking quietly until the judges entered. There was a three foot tall stepladder in the middle of the tent. May handed Doris their sheet. It showed a girl with her feet hooked into the steps of the ladder, leaning over backwards and eating her partner, who stood behind her.

“Ouch,” Doris said, handing the paper to Lacisha.

“Ow, that Dede is one mean bitch.”

“She get’s her ideas from a sexual positions book,” Sibble said. “I’ve seen it at her house. Most of it is leather and dungeons. These are the tamer things in the book. It’s a book designed for a mistress who wants to torture her slave.”

“Well, are you slaves ready?” Doris asked, holding up the watch.

“What’s the time to beat?” May asked.

“Five minutes and 37 seconds,” Doris said with a smile.

“I don’t think I can hold myself up for five minutes, Sibble, so you’d better come fast,” May said, seating herself on the ladder.

“No problem, girl, I’ve got an idea,” Sibble said, taking a three inch wide brown cloth belt out of her bag.

“That’s your karate belt,” May said.

“Not right now. Now it’s a sling,” Sibble said, putting the belt around her shoulder and neck, then measuring it with her eyes before she tied a knot in it. She let the loop hang. As May hooked her toes under the step of the ladder and leaned back, Sibble helped to slide her body into the sling made by her belt. It was perfect. May could hang by the belt, supported mostly by Sibble, while her face slid between Sibble’s legs and stopped in just the right position. All Sibble had to do was take one step back and May was ready.

“Hey, that will work,” Lacisha said in surprise. “Go for it.” May raised her head slightly and kissed Sibble’s pussy. The full lipped kiss nearly made Sibble’s knees melt. She steadied herself and leaned forward to put one hand on the ladder. It was hard to support May’s weight and concentrate on her orgasm, but they had been doing such things for years. Physical condition was part of the great thing about making love. Those in the best condition, made the best love. All eight girls were in perfect condition. The girls of the overnighter club were practically worshiped by the students in burdur escort their school. They were considered the elite.

“Suck me good,” Sibble gasped, both from exertion and pleasure. Even with her knees shaking, the warm mouth attached to her soft mound was absolutely heavenly. May’s upturned mouth was creating fire in her loins. Waves of heat were generated in her pussy, then passed into her ass and up to her chest. When time clicked by and it began to look like May and Sibble would lose, May changed, pushing herself back until her tongue came into contact with Sibble’s tight ass cheeks and the buttery soft skin in between. She eagerly licked the crack of Sibble’s ass, then forced her tongue against the puckered ring. Sibble gasped and spread her legs slightly. After several minutes May returned to the juice dripping pussy and sucked and tongue the little slit eagerly. Fire seemed to explode between Sibble’s legs. She panted and gasped, then tightened her ass and squealed as her orgasm exploded in her loins. It seemed to go on forever, then she finally lifted May’s pretty blonde head and helped her sit up. May groaned and rubbed her legs. Doris and Lacisha helped her off the ladder so she could sit on the sleeping bags.

“How do you feel?” Lacisha asked in real concern.

“That depends on our time.”

“Five minutes and 57 seconds,” Lacisha said in regret. “If you want to win, you have to change places.”

“I don’t think I can do it,” May moaned.

“You have too,” Sibble said, taking a seat on the ladder. “I need that money for my prom dress.”

“Hell, I’ll lend you the money,” May said, falling back on the sleeping bags.

“You’ll let Dede win after what she’s done to you?” Doris asked incredulously.

“Hey, I heard that!” Dede said from the tent next door.

“Sorry,” Doris said with a giggle.

“Come on May, I’ve got the hard job,” Sibble said, handing May the belt. May took it reluctantly and hung it around her neck. She stood with a groan and moved over to the ladder.

“Atta girl,” Sibble said in triumph. They all heard Dede moan from next door. Sibble smiled and leaned back with her arms extended so May could guide her into the loop of the belt.

Sibble not only wanted to win, she wanted to eat May. It was the first time she had been paired with the short haired blonde and she wanted to eat her sweet pussy in the worst way. May had a short little turned up nose, beautiful eyes, and a mouth with a perpetual smile and dimples. She was probably the cutest girl in the school. There were several girls more beautiful, even in their own club, but May pegged nearly at the top of the meter in cuteness, something like a puppy.

Sibble took one last look at that cute little face looking down at her before she slid between May’s athletic legs and her mouth touched May’s pussy. With eager lips she tasted the girl, then she slid her tongue inside and began licking furiously. The contest was forgotten, for the moment, Sibble just wanted to make May feel good.

Sibble reached around behind May and mashed her ass cheeks in her hands. She loved the feeling of the firm cheeks. As Sibble ate her eyes went to May’s little pink ring above her face. On inspiration, she slid her finger inside May’s pussy to wet it, then bought it around behind her back and placed the tip against May’s ass hole. May gasped, about to object until the finger slid persistently up inside her ass. With a moan, she felt the fire begin inside her ass as the finger wiggled inside her. The fire built and joined that being generated in her pussy. She was afraid the fire in her ass would detract from the feeling in her pussy, but before she could express her concerns, she realized that she was coming.

“Oh shit, I’m coming,” May gasped in surprise.

“Don’t hold back,” Lacisha said as she knelt behind May and watched Sibble eat. She had been paired with Sibble before and knew she was good.

“Oh shit, oh shit, OH SHIT!” May gasped. Her knees turned to jelly as she came. She stumbled and fell to her knees, dragging Sibble and the ladder down with her. Sibble ignored the ladder and everything else. She continued to suck on May’s sweet pussy while the girl came. When it was over Sibble realized that she had pain over much of her body, including the back of her left heel, where the falling ladder had scraped her.

“Five ten,” Doris said triumphantly. “You beat Dede and Diane.”

“Shit,” Dede called from the tent next door. “You still have to beat Eva and Cindy,” Dede called with a laugh.

“No they don’t, Eva said from the tent door. Cindy passed out. Congratulation, girls, I wouldn’t have wanted your challenge.” Sibble clapped and laughed. “Now we can have real fun,” Sibble said enthusiastically. “Eva, do you want to join us, since your partner is unconscious?”

“Oh could I,” she gasped in delight.

“Sure,” May said with a groan, “but first, throw that damned ladder out.”