The Card Game


My wife, Kim, and I have been friends with Dawn and Steve for several years.  They are a fun couple and we try to get together at least once a month.  I thought we knew them fairly well, but our last get‑together showed a side of their marriage that we hadn’t seen before.Dawn is an extremely attractive blond, vivacious, intelligent, and with a bubbling personality.  Steve, on the other hand, is much more reserved and inclined to limit his conversation to topics he’s comfortable with and knowledgeable about.  Both of them have an excellent sense of humor and Kim and I feel very comfortable with them in any setting.Last Friday, we were invited over for dessert and then to play some cards afterwards.  Arriving around 7:30 p.m., we were treated to various deserts that Dawn had prepared and then Steve and I sat back and listened to the ladies chat on about twenty‑five different topics as we tried to suppress our boredom and disinterest.  Finally, after about forty‑five minutes of endless yapping, Steve interjected (maybe just a little too bluntly) and suggested that we play some cards.  I was surprised by the scowl that Dawn shot him in response to his suggestion, but passed it off as a minor consequence to ending a limited female discussion and moving on to an activity at least geared to a foursome.We paired up by couples and as the ladies set up the card table, Steve and I fixed some drinks and made a couple of little jokes about the mindless chitchat that we’d had to endure.  Steve mumbled something about killing the pain as he fixed himself a double and plastered a smile on his face as we returned to the game table.Dawn and Steve are excellent card players and normally Kim and I come out on the short side.  However, the card gods must have been looking Sex hikayeleri down on us as we won hand after hand after hand.  Steve’s frustration started to show and in an effort to gain his composure, journeyed to the liquor cabinet in between losses to fix himself a couple more drinks.  His continued imbibing must have upset Dawn, as she followed him to the bar and engaged him in some whispered debate.  As they returned, neither looked too happy.The room became unusually quiet as we started the next hand.  Finally, Kim engaged Dawn in another female-oriented conversation as Steve and I continued to focus our attention on the game.  The hand was close and Dawn had a chance to clinch victory but selected the wrong card on the next to last play and Kim and I eked out another victory.As Steve headed back to the bar, he mumbled (a little too loud), “If only you’d shut your mouth for a fuckin’ minute and play cards, we wouldn’t look like idiots.” Dawn bolted out of her chair and again hushed dialogue was occurring between husband and wife.  However, this time animated gestures accompanied the unheard words that implied strongly Dawn’s displeasure with Steve’s actions and comments.I don’t know what Dawn’s final words were, but upon hearing them, Steve immediately stopped talking, dropped his head and his facial expression turned from anger to embarrassed resignation.  With a quick glance at Kim and me, Steve turned and headed toward their bedroom. Dawn turned to us and stated, “I’m very sorry for this interruption.  I need to discuss a few things with Steve, so please forgive our absence.  Make yourselves a couple more drinks and there’s plenty more food in the kitchen.  Just make yourselves at home and we’ll be back in just a little bit.  Sikiş hikayeleri Again, I apologize.”Needless to say, Kim and I were confused, amazed, and a little bewildered at the events that had just taken place.  We whispered our wonderment at what was being discussed between Dawn and Steve currently.  Kim commented that she was surprised that Steve had been so rude and abrupt the whole evening, as he was normally so polite and enjoyable.I know I shouldn’t have, but I tried my darnest to eavesdrop on the muffled commentary eliciting from their bedroom.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t make out any of their conversation until I heard Steve shout, “Please, honey, no.  I’m sorry, I screwed up.  Please, Dawn, don’t!”Dawn’s calmer voice was harder to distinguish, but I think I heard, “Tough.  You had your chance and blew it.  Now I don’t want to hear another word out of you.  Do what you were told ‑ NOW!”As I strained to hear more of their conversation, I was surprised to see Steve enter the room.  Without any comment, he walked passed us, picked up his chair from the card table and placed it in the middle of the room.  Then he moved to the side of the chair and with cheeks flushing, just stood there staring at the floor.Dawn followed behind and after Steve had adjusted the setting of the chair, she seated herself and addressed Kim and me. “Guys, I’m sorry that Steve has been so rude and belligerent this evening.  I thought we could have an enjoyable evening with friends that we always look forward to spending time with, but Steve’s behavior tonight has been atrocious.  I wanted to provide Steve’s discipline in private, but he continued to be a jerk, so now his correction will be public.”[Discipline???  Correction???  What the hell was she Erotik hikaye talking about?]”Steven,” Dawn commanded.  “Apologize to our friends and then tell them exactly what’s going to happen.”Steve’s head snapped up obediently and he began his oration, “Kim, Phil, I’m very sorry for my behavior tonight.  I don’t know what got into me, but that doesn’t excuse me from being verbally abusive to my wife or to friends that we cherish very much.  I hope that you will forgive me for my transgressions and because of my offensive behavior, Dawn will now discipline me.””Not good enough, Stevie,” chided Dawn.  “Tell them EXACTLY how you are going to be disciplined.”Steve’s shoulders slumped and his eyes returned to staring at the floor.  In a sporadic, stuttering monotone he continued, “I’m… I’m going… uh, Dawn’s… er, Dawn’s going to… Dawn’s going to give me a long, hard spanking on my… bare bottom.”I couldn’t believe my ears.  Did he just say that he was going to get a spanking?  Worse yet, did he say that spanking was going to be on his `bare bottom’?Confirmation of my rhetorical questions were answered as Dawn unsnapped and unzipped Steve’s jeans and pulled them down to his ankles.  As my jaw dropped to the floor, she quickly grasped the waistband of his underwear and jerked them down a similar descending path.I couldn’t believe it.  Here was a half‑naked man standing directly in front of me, stripped of any dignity or male ego and about to be spanked like a little boy.  I glanced at Kim to see if she was as unbelieving as I, only to find her staring at the scene in front of her with a half‑suppressed smile on her face.I was about to suggest that Kim and I should leave and let them finish their task in private, when Dawn looked at us and directed, “Please sit down.  I know Steve’s embarrassed, but I think this is the only way he’s going to learn to behave properly.  Again, I’m sorry that you have to witness this, but Steve brought it on himself.  I apologize again and thank you for your tolerance.”