The Change Ch. 2


i was lost in thought, wondering what was gonna happen to me, why He had changed so dramatically in such a short time. Wondering what He meant when told me He had to go for He had to get up early. Then it hit me as i heard the van crank up.

“Oh GOD! NO!” i thought, “He’s leaving me here!”

My head was spinning, i couldn’t figure out what was happening, the only thing i did know what that i was scared to death.

“What if He doesn’t come back?” i thought, “Oh no, what if He does? Which would be worse for me?”

Then i got to thinking about my friends and my parents, how they didn’t know where i was or whom i was with.

“Oh no! Mom and dad must be going out of their head, i’m sure they know by now, Kala and Lexi have probably told them by now, and they are looking for me…….i wonder if they have called Him to either find out if He has heard from me or just to let Him know that i was missing.”

i started to cry, not knowing if i would be alive to see my parents again, to see my family and friends. “Oh god! Why?” i screamed in my head sobbing the whole time.

i must have cried myself to sleep, or passed out shortly after that realization that i may not see my friends and family again, for the next thing i remember was the feeling of warmth on my back, that i guessed were from the sun shinning through a window.

i heard a car pull up and turn off. “Oh god! Its Him!” i thought frantic, then a thought hit me “Oh no! What if it isn’t Him?”

i heard someone pull the steps down and climb up. i was trembling, more from the fear than the cold now.

“Good morning slut! And how was your night?” He said chuckling “I trust you slept well?”

i couldn’t say anything; all i could do was sniffle and shake. i was still crying, trying to come to terms with what was happening to me.

“Oh, how beautiful, I love tears. But I guess you didn’t know that did you slut?” He said walking over to me, standing so close i could feel His breath, smell His cologne, almost feel Him.

“I guess Manavgat Escort there is a lot you didn’t know about Me, now isn’t there? I’m sure you didn’t know that I would do something like this huh?” He said as He touched the nipple clamps, just slightly running His finger over the metal then my hardened sore nipples, causing me to jump and bite the gag to keep from screaming.

“Oh, I think W/we should take these off, they have served their purpose,” He said jerking the clamps off by the chain.

i couldn’t stop it now, the blood rushing back to my extremely sensitive nipples was more pain than i had ever known before, and i screamed loudly, despite the gag in my mouth.

He didn’t miss a beat, as soon as they came off He was stroking them, first lightly, but even that caused me exquisite pain. “Ah, now that’s better, such hard nipples,” He said as He went down i felt His mouth on my nipple, sucking, biting, licking.

It hurt, but in a way that made me want more…I needed more. All that i had thought of the night before had begun to slip away as He went back and forth between the nipples, licking, sucking, and biting them.

“Mmmm, very nice indeed.” He said stepping away from me, “Tell me, are you hungry or thirsty slut?”

i nodded my head yes, not able to speak.

“Ok then, lets get you down from here, and get these blindfolds and gags off you, but first three things.” He said stepping behind me, so close that i could feel His hardness against me. “Number one, you must promise me slut, that you will not try to run when I let you go.”

i nodded my head, yes, and trying to say “No Sir,” though it came out muffled.

“Good girl. Now number two, I must admit I do like seeing you like this, tell me do you hurt, are you aching?”

i shook my head yes, and said muffled “Oh yes Sir, very much.”

“Mmmm, good.” i heard Him say as i felt Him ram His hard cock into my soaked cunt. “Oh mmmm, that is nice, nice and wet and tight and hot!” He continued as He rammed Escort Manavgat me harder and faster.

“Isn’t this what you wanted? Me to use you? To take my pleasure from your body? Well that is what I’m doing, and I’ll be able to do it as much as I want, for as long as I want.” He said pulling out of me and walking in front of me. “Now number three, I really must get a picture of this.”

He walked across the room, and then walked back, and i heard the snap of a camera. “Very nice, now let’s get you down from there.

He undid the chains that bound my ankles to the poles on the floor, then He went and lowered me down to where i could touch the floor and then undid my wrists. i could barely stand up, it hurt so much.

“On your knees!”

i fell to my knees, my back straight, my head up, but even under the blindfold my eyes were down. He undid the gag and took it out of my mouth. Then He took off the blindfold. And for the first time i could see the room where i was. There were chains, rope, bungee cords and other things hanging from the rafters. There was a St. Andrew’s cross in one corner, a long table with metal shackles attached to it at one end of the room. There were floggers of leather, nylon, vinyl, and even metal, paddles of the same, some with spikes, bullwhips of all lengths handing about the room. There were knives, swords, scalpels, candles all around the room. i could do nothing but stare with my eyes wide open.

SLAP! “Eyes to the floor slut! I didn’t tell you, that you could look around the room now did I?”

i was shaking, my voice trembling in response “N…no Sir.”

“‘No Sir’ What?”

“No…S…Sir, You didn’t tell me i could look around the room.”

“That’s better, but since you did, do you like what you saw?” He said crouching down beside me.

“S…Some of it Sir,” i said still trembling.

“Hmmm, some of it? Well before W/we are through I’m sure you will come to know and love everything in this room…. Well maybe not love!” Manavgat Escort bayan He said laughing. “Now what would you like?”


“Would you like something to drink, eat, or would you care to use the bathroom?”

“i…i would like to use the bathroom Sir.”

SLAP! “you will refer to yourself in the third person, like ‘this one would like’ or ‘this girl would like’ You understand?”

“Ye…yes Sir, this girl understands.”

“Much better, good girl. Now you may go to the bathroom, but first.” He walked to one end of the room and came back with a set of dark purple leather wrist and ankle cuffs and collar. The ankle cuffs are attached to each other by a chain, as are the wrist cuffs. The collar is locked around my neck with a padlock.

“There now I know you won’t run off, now the bathroom is just right down there in the corner. Hurry back”

i thought for a minute and decided that instead of walking, perhaps He would like it better if i crawled. So i began to crawl across the floor towards the bathroom.

“Very nice, very nice slut, you are learning.” He said, i could feel Him smiling, “I will have to reward you for this.”

When i returned from the bathroom, He was at the St. Andrew’s cross. i crawled over to Him and kneeled behind Him quietly.

“Oh good you are back,” He said turning around.

“Sir, may this girl have something to drink, if You would also care for something to drink.” i said regaining some of my composure.

“Ah, good girl, you do learn fast. Yes you may, but first bring me some coffee, its over on the table.” He said turning back around to fix one of the restraints on the cross.

i crawled to the table and got the coffee, then i had to think of how i was gonna crawl back to Him with the coffee. i thought about it for just a few minutes and then decided instead of crawling on hands and feet, i would crawl over on just my knees.

i did so, careful not to spill a drop.

“Sir, here is Your coffee.” i said lifting the cup up over my head, and up to Him.

“Ahh, thank you. Now You may go back and have something to drink and something to eat, for you will need Your strength for the rest of this day.” He said grinning evilly as He sipped His coffee and watched me crawl back to the table for my breakfast.