The Chubby Bully and her Himbo Ch. 07

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Like most mornings, Jessica’s partners woke up before her. She was still snoring in bed when Scott came back from his morning run.

Getting her pussy eaten was probably her favorite way of getting woken up, and she gleefully eased herself into consciousness. Her hands went down and found their way into her boyfriend’s short hair. To her great pleasure, he had gotten considerably better at giving head in the last year.

She reached her orgasm, howling lewdly in their bedroom. Once she was done peaking, Scott climbed on top of her to kiss her with his pussy-flavored mouth. Her own vaginal perfume was almost enough to cover the powerful smell of musky male sweat.

“Good morning, babe,” he whispered in her ear after slathering cunt-juice all over her lips.

“Good morning,” she cooed, still recovering from her orgasm. He not only smelled like he had just exercised, he also felt like it. As he lay on top of her, she felt his warm sweat sticking to her naked body.

“I’ll leave you be for now, I gotta go take a shower.”

“Wait, no!”


“Not yet. I like it when you’re all sweaty like that.”

He gave her a smile. They had been together for long enough now that he wasn’t surprised anymore by her weird inclinations. She loved sucking his dick and eating his ass when they were covered in sweat, and he wouldn’t stop her from enjoying his natural scent.

He happily sat on her face, and she was just as happy to stick out her tongue. The powerful aroma of his ass crack overwhelmed her senses and she let her mouth go wild, licking and kissing to her heart’s content.

Scott’s huge cock rested on top of her large breasts, spewing precum as he obviously got a kick out of getting his ass eaten. His large strong hand caught hold of her big veiny breasts and squeezed them, causing her to moan into his taint.

He wasn’t too rough, which she appreciated as she hadn’t been awake for that long already. Extreme bdsm slamfucks were much more fun and manageable when they came after her first cup of coffee.

Eating Scott’s perfectly toned booty was delightful, but at some point, she had to stop him; She wanted to play with his huge hard cock.

She sucked him off for a minute or two, making sure to lick all of the sweat from his big hairy balls and his beautiful veiny shaft, then she gave him the lovey-dovey look that he knew meant “I want you to stick that huge fucking thing in my needy coochie”.

He fucked her slowly, kissing her and holding her hands as he did. Before him, she had never really been into this kind of romantic vanilla sex. But there was something about the way he filled her up with his massive dick while holding her tightly against him and whispering the loveliest words against her ears.

“You’re perfect. You’re my perfect girl. I love how soft you are in my arms, I wanna lose myself in you.”

“S-Stop it… You’re the one who’s… who’s perfect…” It was too early in the morning for her to be able to properly sweet-talk him back.

“You’re adorable when you get all flustered.”

“Stop that,” she pleaded. Blushing from praise was more embarrassing to her than anything else they did in bed. But Scott had more than earned the right to embarrass her like that.

“You got the best pussy in the world; I could spend the rest of my life inside you.” He pushed forward until his dick was completely sheathed inside her, and then he hugged her tight. They stayed still for a moment.

“Why did you stop moving?” she asked while looking up into his pretty face.

“I wanted to feel you. To take the time to appreciate being inside you. It’s so warm and comfortable, I love that feeling.”

She had to admit, she also liked it. Cuddling tenderly while he was fully hilted, feeling his warm dick inside her.

“I love you, Jess.”

“What do you love about me?”

“You know what I love about you.”

“Yeah, but I wanna hear you say it.” She moved her hips against his, as if to push more of his dick inside her.

“I like your eyes.” She would have known that even if he had said nothing, just from the way he was gazing at them. “I like your nose, the way it naturally points up a little. I like your big lips, they’re so fun to kiss and touch and fuck. I adore your hair; I just absolutely love it. I didn’t have a thing for redheads before meeting you, but now it’s my favorite hair color.”

This was the first she was hearing about the hair thing, and it made her gasp. To know that she had changed his propensities so drastically, she couldn’t help but feel a little jittery.

“I love your big boobs; They’re just so fun to play with. I love your fat ass; I can’t get enough of fondling it and putting my face in it. I also like your big belly; It’s cute and it’s like one big perfect pillow. I love how soft and squishy you are; You’re so fun to cuddle.”

He nuzzled his head against her neck and covered her skin with kisses.

“And of course, I love your pussy.” He flexed his dick inside her, which made her twitch under him. “It’s the absolute Beşiktaş escort best pussy in the entire world.”

“You said that already,” she muttered with red cheeks.

“I know, but I wanted to repeat it again.”

Jessica bit her lip to stop herself from correcting him. You can’t say “repeat it again,” that’s redundant.

“Well then, it’s a good thing I love your dick,” she finally said before giving him a big sloppy kiss.

She wrapped her thick legs around his lower back as they kissed, both enjoying the feeling of being intertwined.

When he got to moving again, he kept a slow pace, and she moaned louder than she would have thought she would. Sweet, romantic, vanilla sex wasn’t her thing, and yet at that moment she could feel her heart beating loudly in her chest, her breath was short, and her mouth kept letting out embarrassing noises.

Jessica reached her climax first, and then rode the wave of bliss while Scott continued to make love to her. When he stopped moving again, it was because he had reached his own peak.

She thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of getting creampied, especially by someone she loved so much.

Eventually Scott pulled out of her and gave her a big kiss on the cheek. She stayed in bed and checked her phone while he went to take a shower. Before turning the water on, he peeked back into the room to throw her a towel, which she greatly appreciated. She cleaned the jizz between her legs while checking her phone.

Slighty-Nefarious Bitch: Good morning babe. Have a nice day.

-received 7h45 A.M.

Me: Love you too sent 9h18 A.M.

When Scott came back to the bedroom, smelling of manly soap and aftershave, he was wearing nothing more than a towel.

“Hey babe, you know what I just realized?” Scott said with the cutest little grin.

“What is it babe?”

“In a month it’s going to be Halloween.”

“Yes, that’s how calendar days work.”

“Yeah, but like, it’s gonna be our anniversary of being friends.”

She smiled back at him. When she got up to get dressed, he gave her a gentle slap on the ass before laying back down on the bed and grabbing his phone.

Jessica looked at herself in the mirror, admiring her most recent tattoos. The dark spiderwebs around her nipples looked even better than what she had hoped for, and they had healed enough at this point that she could get rough with her tits again. It could be worse; I could be healing from some big bimbo breast implants. Poor Kitten… can’t get her nipples tortured while she recovers.

“Did I gain weight lately?”

Scott looked up from his phone. “No, I don’t think so. Maybe. I don’t know. Why? Do you think you did?”

She looked back at her cute himbo. Observant was definitely not one of his qualities. She wasn’t quite sure whether she had grown bigger, but she hadn’t weighed herself in a while and she tended to gain weight when she settled in a happy relationship. Oddly enough, breakups also had a similar effect on her waistline.

“You look gorgeous babe,” Scott said. “I’m not going to love you any less if your weight changes.”

“I know that.” She gave him a genuine smile to support her words.

She put on a black cotton dress with some thick gray pantyhose, then chose a selection of rings and bracelets. She put on her moon-shaped earrings, her heart locket, and her choker. According to the clock, she still had a good hour left before her first class of the day.

If she did well on her exams and finished all her projects in time, this would officially be her last semester. She couldn’t wait to be done with university.

“You look really cute, babe.”

“Thank you, but I was aiming more for fuckable. Did I succeed?” She asked while thrusting her butt out towards him.

“Miss Hill, are you trying to entice me right now?”

Fuck. She liked it when he called her that. It made it sound like she was being called out by a professor.

“Me? Entice you? That’s nonsense, Mistah. I’m a nice, demure little lady. It’s not like I want you to plow my ass right now.”

He gave her the arched eyebrow look of disbelief.

“I’m serious, I just finished getting dressed. Look how clean and proper I look right now. Leaking cum through my pantyhose and onto my seat would be pretty inappropriate class behavior.” She bit her lip. The thought of her boyfriend’s sperm marking her in public was exciting, and she gave him a sultry look to share that information with him.

“It wouldn’t leak if we plugged it.” He responded with a nonchalant smile.

“Oh, so you wanna sodomize me, and then put a buttplug in so that I keep your sperm inside me all day, is that it?”

“You know, it almost sounds like you’re just describing what you want me to do.”

“Me? Pffff…” She looked back and saw that he had taken the towel off. His cock was fully erect.

“You’re staring an awful lot, Miss Hill.”

“I’m sorry, Mistah… It’s just so… so… so pretty…”

She was glad that she hadn’t done Beşiktaş escort bayan her hair and makeup yet because they were about to get all messed up.

Scott let her come to him, and he gently grabbed her hair when she started kissing his balls. She moved to his cock, kissing and licking it along the length until she reached the tip. She sucked on it a little, then went to the end table to get the bottle of lube and a plug. There were plenty to choose from, and she went with the thick pink one with a thin horizontal end. If she was going to wear a plug for an unknown amount of time during the day, she didn’t want to pick one with a big round head that would chafe against her butt cheeks. A soft silicon one that spreads up and down would be more comfortable after several hours.

She also picked up a small wooden ruler.

“I lied, Mistah. I haven’t been a nice lady,” she said in an over-acted tone while handing him the wooden ruler.

“Oh. You want me to…?”

“I’ve been a bad, bad girl.” She got on all fours in front of him, showing him her ass.

He reacted quicker than she had expected, pulling her dress up and putting his hands all over her thighs and butt. He pulled down her pantyhose and then started hitting her with the ruler, making her wince and moan as covered her backside with red rectangular marks.

The pain was moderate, as he no doubt tried to not be too harsh. He knew she would have to sit on an uncomfortable plastic chair for several hours afterwards, and thus didn’t give her the full extent of his strength.

“Did you have enough, you devious little minx?”

“I’m so sorry, I promise I’ll be good.”

“No, you won’t. You’re going to misbehave again because you like getting punished.” He got on top of her and grabbed her hair, then whispered in her ear. “Lucky for you, I love punishing naught bratty bimbos like you.”

She almost came right there, hearing his powerful low voice from so close, feeling his hands grasping her hair and his dick resting between her buttcheeks.

Cold gooey fluid fell onto her asshole, and she couldn’t stop it from flexing and puckering. Scott’s finger pushed past her rim to properly lube it, but they were quickly replaced by the wide tip of his cock. It went in quite easily.

“Damn, you are so loose back there.”

“It’s not my fault! You and Josie are always stretching it!”

“And who keeps asking us to do it again and again?” He pushed in to accentuate his point.

“I-I do.”

“Right answer.”

He grabbed a handful of bright red hair and pulled hard. He fucked her with bestial speed, so much so that he came in record time. In any case, that time was much quicker than when he had fucked her slowly before his shower.

As soon as he pulled out, he pushed the pink plug in to make sure that she would keep his creampie inside her, then replaced her pantyhose over her ass.

She took a moment to regain her spirits, then went on to do her makeup and brush her hair. She kissed him a few more times before going out, and on her way to class she could feel the thick plug that was keeping his sperm inside her.

Fuck, I am so going to spend my breaks running to the bathroom to masturbate, this is so naughty!

Jessica was very flustered when she arrived home; She still wore the plug that Scott had pushed up her ass. Josephine greeted her at the door, wearing her very cute office attire. She looked marvelously hot in a white blouse, a pencil skirt and pantyhose.

With a grin, she took her girlfriend’s hand and pulled her back to the bedroom, where they proceeded to kiss for quite a long time. Within minutes, the two girls were covered in lipstick marks.

“Hey, is there anyone else in the house right now?” Jessica asked while slipping her hands under her girlfriend’s skirt.

“Not yet. Scott’s eating out with his pals and none of my pets will be here before seven. In other words, it means it’s just me and my slutty pig for the next few hours. I’ve been dying to get my ass eaten by a professional.”

“I’d rather spend that time using your pretty little mouth.” Jessica had just aced a test with a plugged ass full of cum, she felt powerful; She was in no mood to submit to anyone that day, not even her gorgeous concubine.

She got on top and pressed her weight down on Josephine, locking eyes with her and grabbing her chin. After a deep kiss, she turned to bring her wide ass over her girlfriend’s face.

“How long have you been wearing this?” Josephine’s voice made it sound like she was impressed. Impressed that Jessica had endured the toy all day, or maybe that the toy hadn’t slipped from her often-abused hole.

“Since this morning. Now eat my pussy.”

“Woah, we’re feeling bratty today, huh? And now you want to push your drenched smelly crotch all over my face?”

“You were out working all day, I’m sure you’d like to take a shower anyway. It’s not like some pussy juice will make it any worse.” She turned her head back to blow a kiss down at the woman laying Escort beşiktaş down below her. Josephine gazed back with a hungry look.

She pulled up her dress then sat down, and soon a tongue met her wet folds. She moved back and forth to help her girlfriend lick every part of her cunt. Josephine’s skirt was quickly doffed. While she rode her face, she covered the fingers of her left hand with spit and then slipped it between the other woman’s legs, teasing her clitoris with her thumb and pushing two fingers against her butthole.

Josephine’s tongue moved faster in rhythm with Jessica’s fingers, and her long fingers dug themselves into Jessica’s meaty thighs.

The sound of her girlfriend’s muffled moans was delightful. She was rarely the one getting gagged or squished, so hearing her in a seemingly submissive situation was a rare treat. That, and her cunnilingus skills were spectacular, so much so that Jessica felt like she might be the first one of the two to reach an orgasm. However, her fingering skills were also above average.

Josephine’s legs twitched when she reached her climax and her hands grabbed Jessica’s wrist to make her stop. Her voice was lost between the fat asscheeks smooshing her face, but Jessica felt the reverberation throughout her lower body.

After getting up from her seat, she looked down at Josephine’s face and she had to make an effort to suppress a giggle; It was rare to see the domme in such an indecent state.

Josephine was panting loudly, regaining the full force of her lungs now that there wasn’t a huge butt on her face. Jessica’s butt-sweat and grool had completely smeared her makeup and there were thick orange hairs all over Josephine’s cheeks, nose, mouth, and chin.

“You look so pretty right now,” Jessica quipped.

“Shut up,” Josephine responded. “Now I really need a shower.”

Jessica bent down, brushed off a hair from the other woman’s lips, and then gave her a big sloppy kiss.

“Your mouth tastes like heaven.” There is nothing quite like tasting myself on someone else’s lips. I taste delicious.

“Thank you. Now, can you move off from me so that I may go clean myself?”

“You think I’m going to let you go without making me cum?”

“What’s gotten into you tonight?” she asked with a slight hint of unease in her voice.

“I don’t know. I’m feeling powerful right now. I feel like I can crush anything in my path.”

“Cochonnette, you should thread carefully here.” Her eyes were defiant.

Jessica grabbed her girlfriend’s chin and locked eyes with her. “Don’t try it, babe. I’m not submitting to anyone tonight.”

Josephine’s eyes stayed fierce, but she didn’t try to fight back under the weight pinning her down.

“I wanna peg you,” Jessica blurted out.

Josephine’s eyebrows shot up. The defiance in her eyes turned to reluctant curiosity.

“I’ve never been the one to fuck you. I wanna try it. I want to make you squeal and howl and moan like an animal, to be the one in charge.”

“Didn’t you just say that you wanted to get your own orgasm?”

“I’ll use the one with the pussy attachment. This way we can both have our fun.”

Josephine turned her head towards the clock, then brought her attention back towards Jessica. “If I let you take charge, you can’t tell anyone about it. Not Scott, not the Girls, and especially not my pets.”

Jessica gasped. She had not expected her to fold so swiftly. It was almost as if she wanted it. “You’re really going to let me dom you?”

“You got the next twenty minutes. After that I’m really gonna need to get cleaned.”

“Can I choke you?”

“I don’t want you to leave any marks on me. Only light choking and hair pulling, no biting, hitting or slapping.”

“Understood. What safeword do you want to use?”

“Is it okay if I use yours for this?”

“Oh? Are you afraid to choose your own? I get it; If you designed specific words for when you sub, that would tell me that you’d want to do this again. And you’re the big bad domme, you’re the one in charge.” She bent lower until her lips brushed against Josephine’s ear. “You couldn’t admit to anyone, much less to yourself, that sometimes you like to be an obedient little fuckpet. Isn’t that right, you naughty little minx?”

“I…” Her mouth stayed open, but she was clearly at a loss for words.

“But it doesn’t matter how you feel. Right now, all that matters is that you obey and serve me.”


“Say, Yes Mommy.” She made sure to press her massive tits down on her girlfriend’s chest when she gave her the order.

It took a moment, but the red-cheeked woman did utter, “yes Mommy.”

“Good girl.” It felt so satisfying to be the one to say those two words to her.

Jessica was all giddy as she fetched the strapon. One side was a thick pink dick, while the other was a vibrating vaginal stimulator, the latter which she inserted inside herself.

While she lubed up her toy, her girlfriend took off the rest of her clothes and positioned herself on all fours. Her toned ass was magnificent, and her arched back made her an inviting target. Jessica couldn’t help herself and gave a big sloppy kiss to the puckered hole, pushing her tongue against it and going as deep as she could. After pulling her mouth away, she grabbed Josephine’s arm to get her attention.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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