The Clan Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 – Justin

Justin had no idea how to do what Jeremy had suggested. His mother picked him up at camp with her usual affectionate greeting, and all the way home they chatted about anything and everything. Justine couldn’t see in his mum anything like what Jeremy had spoken about. However, his opportunity came two weeks later, and he very nearly missed it. During those two weeks Justin thought Jeremy must have been wrong, as he saw no indication from his mother that she desired him sexually. Then he thought maybe he was approaching this all wrong, and that he really couldn’t see ‘the signs’. He decided he needed to really compare his mother to other mothers with guys his age, so he went to the local mall for a whole Saturday. He followed families around without being too obvious, and sat at the food court to listen and watch.

It was immediately apparent he and his mother were very different from other mothers and sons his age. Jeremy had been right, or at least the Dr. and his research had been. Not one of the mothers treated their sons like his mother treated him, not one. They didn’t even come close. Now he could see his mother was far more affectionate to him, then the mothers he watched that Saturday. None of them touched their sons like his mother touched him, and they even seemed to keep their distance with their sons. He sat and thought about this for some time before going home, and came to the conclusion that the reason he hadn’t seen it was because it had always been like this between his mother and himself. But how could he seduce his mother. He thought about this as he walked home, but no plan came to mind.

Justine is a trained singer and part of a school for talented singers and at eighteen would be attending university in a months time to study music and singing further. Two weeks after camp the school had their recital, as they did each year. Justin was the oldest male star, and his mother was at her proudest when he sang.

The night of the recital saw Debbie take up her usual position in the middle of the front row, reserved for the mother of the star. That night she wore a white blouse buttoned high and a long flowing skirt, which was typical for her. Justine was still sure Jeremy was wrong about Debbie, because although she was far more affectionate toward him then other mothers were to their sons; he saw no sexual signs toward him as Jeremy had spoken of. However, what Justine wasn’t aware of was that Jeremy’s words and the mall experience had made Justine more observant of his mother then before the camp.

When he first came on stage to sing, he looked down at his proud mother to see her sitting expectantly, with her hands clasped together in her lap and smiling like the doting mother she was. During his first song Justine watched his mother and something caught his attention, and he very nearly forgot the words. Back stage waiting for his next song Justine ran over in his mind what he believed he had seen. He saw his mother was pushing her clasped hands into her lap, and he believed Debbie was doing it for one purpose, but he had to be sure.

When he was called for his next song he had a plan; to sing to his mother and see what developed. This would be very unusual for Justine, because he always sang to the whole audience, unlike other students who sang to their parent for focus, and not become distracted. His second song was a fast paced Gilbert and Sullivan, and as he began he looked straight at Debbie and sang it to her. The response by his mother was unprecedented. Her eyes glistened with tears, and her hands began not only to push, but also to grind. Justine smiled to himself; that bastard Jeremy was right, he thought.

His third and final song was a slow love song, and as he waited back stage and the wait was killing him. Finally he was called to sing the last piece of the night. He stood and waited for his music, staring at his mother. A change had come over Debbie. Her eyes were wide, her mouth slightly open, and Justine noticed her knees were wide apart with he hands unclasped now with open palms pushed down into her lap. Justine knew Jeremy had been right, and he had now found the key to unlock his own mother. Debbie had given her son all the signs Jeremy had told The Clan to watch for.

The music began and Justine threw himself into the song, singing it to and for his mother. The song was ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’. He used all the right body language, and voice inflections and emotions. Justine watched as his mother melted under the attention of her son’s song. Everyone in the auditorium could see a son singing to his single mum, and they all thought ‘how lovely’, but Justine worked hard for another reason. To her son, Debbie now made little effort to cover the movements of her hands, which only he could see. It was clear Debbie was playing with her pussy because her son had turned her on so much. ‘Bingo’, thought Justine, ‘now let’s see what develops.’

By the end of his song, mother and son were spent, and the applause escort bayan was rapturous. Everyone was blown away by the show of love from a son to his mother, but none more so then Debbie — she was weeping and out of breath. Those around her thought her physical reactions to her son’s performance appropriate, but they had no idea her tears and breathlessness was for a very different reason.

Back stage Justine was congratulated by everyone, especially his teacher who had tried for years to get that type of performance and emotion out of him. Debbie couldn’t trust herself to go back stage and waited for him in the car, and he sort of guessed why. They drove home in silence. Once home Debbie went straight to her bedroom to change because she was so wet, and to her en suit to refresh herself. When she walked into the lounge room Justin was sitting in his armchair as if in a daze, and Debbie knew he would be coming down from the high singing gave him.

Justine looked up at his mother; she was wearing her clothes from the recital, but this time her blouse buttons were undone to show a little cleavage, something he had never seen from her before in his life.

“You sang beautifully tonight,” Debbie bubbled to her son as she sank to her knees in front of him and placed her hands on his knees.

“I wanted to sing for you tonight mum. I’ve wanted to sing to you like that for a few years now,” Justine looked down at his mother and into her eyes as he told her this, and he could see her eyes glistening again. She kissed his knee.

“It was so beautiful the way you sang to me, I was overwhelmed,” she told her son.

“I could see you were enjoying it,” he smiled at her and she rested the side of her face on his knees.

“Oh boy, when you sang like that to me, to me I was, I was…” his mother seemed lost for words as she looked into her son’s eyes.

“You were overwhelmed?” Justine helped his mother and she nodded.

“Yeah, but there was something more to it this time, it did more for me then usual,” Debbie told her son looking lovingly into her son’s eyes. Justine leaned toward his mother and asked her quietly.

“It turned you on didn’t it?” His mother’s eyes widened and she smiled coyly like a schoolgirl sitting at the feet of her school hero.

“Yeah, I guess it did,” she confessed softly to her son.

“Why don’t you sit on the couch like you sat in front of me tonight, because I want to sing to you again,” and he motioned toward the couch and Debbie quickly complied, leaning back into the corner of the couch. Justine wanted his mother in a particular pose, so he asked her,

“Can I make you more comfortable?” Debbie nodded, mesmerized by her son’s attention. Justine allowed her left foot to stay on the floor, and he gently lifted her right knee up and out to rest along the back of the couch. Justine had spread his mother’s legs open and her skirt dropped into the opening. He then took her hands and placed them palm down in her lap. Debbie was totally compliant, like someone under hypnosis. She stared at her son in high expectation with a slight smile on her mouth, and he wasn’t going to let her down.

Justine chose the song ‘When a man loves a woman’. As he began to sing he knelt before his mother, and placed his hands on her knees. Debbie in her hypnotic like state, with a smile playing on her mouth, allowed herself to melt into the moment. Justine put more emotion and facial expression into this song then he had earlier that night, and he surprised himself with how strong his emotions were as he sang. He found that his love for his mother reached all the way to the depth of his soul, and intertwined into every fibre of his being. It was as if he was seeing his mother in a totally new light; not as his mother, but as a woman, a beautiful and very desirable woman. Justin found himself attracted to his mother as she was the only thing in his life.

As he sang to his mother he glanced at her hands and her fingers were working themselves into her lap, into her pussy. Justine could also see the love and desire in his mother’s eyes. He slid his hands under her skirt and pushed it up her silky thighs, and she didn’t make a move to stop him. When his hands reached her hips he felt the sides of her small panties, and still she didn’t stop him.

He was singing with all the passion and feeling he could muster, and the effect on his mother transformed her. Debbie was beginning to writhe under the attention of her son and her fingers, and she was moaning softly. Debbie was abandoning herself to her son and Justine could see it.

He lifted her dress higher to expose his mother’s small black, thin, cotton panties, and she shifted her hands to allow her son to pull her skirt up, and they returned when he had. Now Justine’s mother only had the thin material of her panties between her fingers and her pussy. With her legs spread so wide Debbie was able to get both hands on her panties, and without escort bayanlar any apparent concern that it was her son in front of her, she raked at her pussy and her writhing and moaning increased.

As Justine’s song was coming to an end, he stared at his mother’s crotch watching her fingers working through her panties. Then Debbie pulled her panties to one side to show her naked pussy to her son. Her lips were darker then her surrounding skin, and very full and glistening with her pussy juices. As he sang the last two lines of his song, Justine reached his right hand to his mother’s exposed sex and for the first time in his life he felt the smooth skin that was his mother’s pussy.

His mother let out a long sigh and closed her eyes, to signify her appreciation of her son’s touch. Justin’s fingers lightly traced each of her pussy lips up and down several times. Debbie moved her hands away to accommodate her son’s touch, which she so desperately wanted. Debbie’s hands moved from her panties to her blouse and she undid all he button and opened the material to reveal her small, gorgeous breasts to her son. Justin stared at his mother’s see through bra and her beautiful breasts inside them. He could see her little nipples perfectly, which had hardened by her manipulation and now her son’s light touch on her pussy lips. Debbie cupped both of her breasts, kneaded them a few times and then began to play seriously with her little nipples, rolling them between her forefinger and thumb through the thin material of her bra.

“Touch me Justin,” Debbie pleaded with her son and he looked back down at his mother’s pussy, to see her lips begin to part with her juice stringing between them. Justin could not contain himself any longer. He stood and undid his trousers, pulled them and his boxers down to reveal his hard dick to his mother.

“Oh no Justin you mustn’t,” his mother cooed at him, but she raised her hips to him and spread her legs further. Justin knelt with one knee on the couch and took hold of his dick to guide it into his mother.

“No Justin we mustn’t,” Debbie sighed in her highly aroused state, but reached for her son’s hips to help guide him to her.

Now her son’s dick was poised in front of her gaping pussy, as her lips had parted to accept her son. He suddenly realized his mother still had her panties on, and not wanting to break the moment he grabbed one side and tore her panties off. Debbie groaned loudly when her son did this, it was such a ‘take charge’ move by him and she was very surprised how greatly it aroused her. Debbie’s legs had remained wide open to her son, inviting him into her gaping pussy.

Justin now eased the head of his dick between his mother’s pussy lips and slowly up inside her. Debbie’s head slowly went back as her eyes closed and she emitted a long loud moan of absolute pleasure, as her son began to fuck her.

Justin was pleased his dick reached all the way into his mother, with a few millimetres to spare. He was so turned on that he came almost immediately once he was fully inside his mother’s love tunnel. He gave no thought to pulling out, it just didn’t occur to him and his mother wouldn’t have had it any other way. The very thought of her son’s dick pushing up into her was almost enough to bring her almost to a climax, but when she felt him pump his cum into her she did came to a shuddering orgasm.

Mother and son lay panting together and as Justin got his breath back he asked his mother,

“Are you angry with me mum?” Debbie’s eyes were still closed and she was stroking his hair in the after glow of her orgasm. She shook her head,

“Oh no my lovely boy, I’m not angry, I’m so satisfied. You fucked me and I wanted you to so much, and have for so long. Will you fuck your mother again?” she asked in a soothing voice. Justin couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Whenever you want me too,” he told his mother.

“Good,” she told him in a dreamy voice, “because I want you again very soon, within the next half an hour. I want us to spend time on each other next time, ok?”

“Oh yeah,” Justin replied and his dick began to stir already. Debbie held her son like a lover, stroking his hair as she felt his juices begin to ooze from between her pussy lips.

“Can you hop up a minute honey, I need to clean myself up?” his mother asked him and Justin begrudgingly left his mother’s arm, and she got off the couch cupping her pussy. Justin lay back on the couch mulling over in his mind what has just transpired with his mother.

For many minutes Justin thought on it and then an ugly thought hit him like a tonne of bricks. He was her son, and she was his mother, and that was taboo. ‘What would his mother think once her passion had faded?’ he wondered to himself. He now sat terrified that his mother would be very angry with him, on a number of levels.

Firstly, they were mother and son; secondly, his mother was a very ‘proper’ woman and avoided all of society’s bayan escort taboos; lastly, he believed he had seduced his mother. Justin felt a cold sweat rising and that cold, empty feeling in the pit of his stomach. He heard his mother returning to the lounge room and he waited for the inevitable. Debbie walked into the lounge room with a loving smile on her face, and giggled at the look on her son’s face. She was wearing her short nighty, as if she were about to go to bed. Debbie sat next to her son on the couch.

“You look so worried,” she observed with a grin.

“Well aren’t you mad with me?” Justin asked apprehensively.

“Of course not, why?” his mother asked him disbelievingly. Justin was very nervous and swallowed hard before he answered.

“Well we’re mother and son, and I seduced you,” he told his mother. Debbie giggled a little.

“Oh, you think I’m upset about us being mother and son?” Debbie asked for clarity and he nodded, still worried. Debbie now lounged back into the corner of the couch as she did earlier, and she was smiling lovingly at her son.

“Well if I told you I can’t wait for you to fuck me again and as often as possible, would that quell your fears?” Debbie laughed at Justin’s reaction to his mother’s word. His eyes flew open as his furrowed brow gave way to raised eyebrows, and his mouth fell open.

“Absolutely,” Justin managed to blurt out, “you don’t have a problem with us being mother and son?”

“Do you,” Debbie asked her son.

“No, I don’t and you?” he needed to know.

“No, and I’ve waited and hoped for this moment for some years now. Will you be my lover?” his mother asked in a husky voice full of desire.

“If you will be mine,” Justin countered and they both giggled, glad that an intense moment between them was gone.

That was all Justin needed to hear and he pushed his mother gently back against the couch, and lifted her short nighty to see she was naked underneath. He stared once again at her pussy and knew he had never seen anything more beautiful in his life. He felt drawn to her perfect pussy lips and Debbie once again spread her legs for her son, as his head moved in between them. He gently placed his mouth on her pussy lips and he tasted her juice, and was surprised that it tasted ok. He remembered the DVDs Jeremy had got them and how those men had performed oral sex. He licked gently at first.

“Harder, honey, harder. Ooo that’s it honey, that’s it, that’s how I love it honey.” Justin was licking her fast and hard, and looking from his mother’s pussy to her face. Total pleasure was written all over her, as she groaned loudly now, totally abandoning herself to her son’s tongue. Debbie’s pussy was open to him, so Justin brought his fingers to her pussy lips and gently opened her up more. He pushed his tongue into her love tunnel, and Debbie reacted immediately.

“Oh honey yeah, do that, do that, oh yeah, oh yeah.” She was beginning to rock her body from side to side, and as Justin moved his tongue to his mother’s clit, her rocking bordered on the violent and her groaning took on an urgent ‘Uh, uh, uh’ to it.

Justin looked up to see his mother virtually rip her see through bra off to get at her nipples, which she rolled under her palms and then squeezed, alternatively. Justine was so aroused now his dick was screaming out to not only be released, but to plunge into his mother’s pussy. His body yearned to fuck her again. He couldn’t take it any more; he jumped to his feet and pulled his jeans and boxers down in extra fast time. His dick was as hard as a rock. Debbie realized her son’s tongue was no longer on her pussy and looked to see what he was doing, and she smiled as she watched him once again guide his dick to her open and gushing pussy. Debbie wanted her son’s dick in her so bad, she could taste it, and she made a mental note that that is exactly what she must do next time — taste him.

Justine knew he would last a lot longer this time, and he wanted to try some things he had seen in the DVDs. As he brought his dick to his mother’s pussy he tapped her clit with it. Owing to the efforts of his tongue up until a few seconds later, the light taps on her sensitive clit sent violent shivers through his mother’s body and brought gasps from her mouth. After several taps he pushed the head of his dick into her pussy, but only about half an inch, and then out completely again. He did this several times quickly, and his mother’s body continued to react as with his taps on her clit. Suddenly Debbie screamed at her son,


Justine pushed his dick all the way into his mother’s love tunnel to the very end in one fast thrust, and Debbie’s eyes flew open and then she yelled,

“OH, OH, OH,” as her son began to thrust back and forth with speed.

His mother had been so wet from his tongue that neither felt any resistance from her love tunnel on the first plunge of his hard dick, nor any friction as he thrust in and out as fast as he could because she was so lubricated.

Debbie really couldn’t remember being fucked so completely before, and the thought that it was her son only added to her speeding to her second climax because of his attentions… ah no third climax, she thought as she remembered earlier at the recital.

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