The Clean-up Game

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I had been watching TV when the doorbell rang. I looked up to see my girlfriend’s face through the window. I opened the door and let her in.

“You’re early,” I said. “I didn’t expect you for a couple hours at least.”

“Well, I thought since your parents aren’t home yet, I could . . . help you clean your room.” She ran down the hall and started up the stairs. This was a little game we played. My room, was always messy and my girlfriend would run upstairs to clean it. I would then stop her by . . . various methods.

I caught my girlfriend halfway up the stairs, grabbing her around the ankles. This pulled her cute little butt right up to my face. She wriggled free in that sexy way that drives me wild, rubbing her body up against mine. So, I of course had no choice. I grabbed what I could reach, the end of her shorts. I loved these shorts because they were tight, yet stretchy and easy to get a hand into. They also slid off easily, as they did now, leaving me with them as she ran up the stairs in her baby blue thong, exposing nearly half her beautiful body to me.

I dropped the shorts and ran, catching her halfway down the hall and dragging her to the floor. I laid her down and got on top of her pinning her down. She tried to break free once again, wiggling her hips up against my crotch and looking for an escape route.

“No,” I said. “Yes,” she replied, matter-of-factly. “No.” “Yes.” “No. taksim escort “Yes.” “No.” I kissed her, hoping she wouldn’t be able to reply with my lips warmly on hers. “Yes,” she managed to mumble. “No.” And I slipped my tongue between her lips, as she did to me. We rolled our tongues around, sucking in the warmth and softness.

“Fine,” she said. “I’ll distract you.” She flashed me her breasts. That certainly did. She slipped free for a moment, but I grabbed her again.

“How’s this for a distraction?” I slipped my left hand down the front of her thong, and gently laid her down again with the right.

“Not quite good enough,” she said, about to escape.

I found her clit and began to stroke it gently. She let out a moan of approval so I slipped my index finger down further and into her opening. It slid in easily as she was incredibly wet by now. She jumped, apparently not expecting this. I moved my finger around, finding her G-spot and watching her reaction. She looked in ecstacy, and sounded that way too based on her moaning.

“Here, I don’t want this getting all wet,” My girlfriend said, smiling as she slid her thong down her incredibly sexy hips, her thighs, her gorgeous legs. She threw them behind her. I slipped another finger in. She moved her pelvis in rhythm to my fingers until she eventually shook with the release of what looked topkapı escort like a great orgasm.

“Enough of this, let’s play army, she said.”

“Army?” I asked, pretending I didn’t know.

“You know, you lay on the floor and I blow the hell out of you,” she said as she unzipped my pants, reaching in and finding what she wanted. An extremely erect penis already wet around the head with pre-cum. Grasping it firmly in her left hand, my girlfriend unbuttoned my pants and slid them down, letting go of me for a moment to do the same to my boxers and laying me down as I did to her earlier.

She lowered her mouth down onto it and began to lick all the way around. She sucked on the head while using her hands on the rest for a minute, then went to moving her mouth up and down. Even with her amazing ability to fit things into her mouth, I didn’t quite fit. It felt so good. Better than what my girlfriend had looked like it felt before. She teased my testicles with her lips and then with her fingers as she licked me all around with her mouth. I eventually came and she swallowed it all greedily.

Now, before I could think, my girlfriend began to remove her shirt. She slid it off sexily and I went to help her with her bra. I unfastened it in the back and she let it fall off, exposing a naked body. I couldn’t resist her. I went and began tüyap escort to kiss her, then changed my mind and picked her up, carrying her to my room and placing her on my bed where it would be more comfortable. She pulled my shirt over my head, throwing it to the floor. I placed my lips on hers, moved down to her cheek, stopping to kiss all over her neck, and moving down to her breasts. I licked and sucked all over them, running her nipples between my fingers. I then moved down further, kissing her stomach and down again to her luscious vagina. I licked up and down the slit, causing her to squirm. I put my tongue in and sucked on her clit, then moved it deep into the opening, lapping up the sweet juices.

“Hold on a minute.” I said. I ran and got a condom from my secret stash and put it on my now erect again self. “Are you wet enough for this?” I asked, knowing the answer. She giggled and put on a fake French accent. “I want you now..give yourself to me, you sexy man.”

“Never!” I teased, lying on top of her. She tried to wiggle herself on to me. Failing, she flipped me over and got on top of me. “Then we’ll do it my way.” She said.

She now placed me into her. She moved up and down and gyrated her hips. I laid back and let her do her thing. It felt wonderful. After a minute, I said “My turn,” and flipped her over. “No,” she said. “Yes,” I replied as I plunged myself deeper into her. She gasped and said, “Okay, you win.”

I moved up and down and moved my hands all over her, kissing her all the while. Eventually she reached another orgasm. I stopped holding back and did the same.

I laid there, fondling her for a while. We both got dressed and sat down in front of the TV just as my parents pulled into the driveway. I smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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