The Club Pt. 04


Chapter 6 Return to FemsRace

Whilst Gina busied herself in the kitchen preparing breakfast for me I showered, shaved and dressed carefully in my best clothes and sat applying my make up for a long time. Eventually, I stood up and studied myself in the mirror. I looked really good, very passable, ready for my day en femme and my return to the FemsRace mansion. I was not in any way overdone or tarty, just well dressed and the make up made my face look really feminine. I packed my clothes carefully in a suitcase that I found on top of the wardrobe. It was all beautiful and very feminine with one or two slutty skirts and tops that made my heart race with anticipation. Who would see me in this PVC mini skirt and this off the shoulder satin gypsy blouse? Not Gina that was for sure.

After a sad farewell with Gina, Peter drove me back to the FemsRace mansion. It seemed a long way and Peter confirmed that it was a much shorter walk than a drive. Memories of my mud soaked trip flooded back and this brought reminders of my anal rape. I cannot honestly say that the experience of the rape itself was all bad. I was cold, wet and chained to a tree and my assailant had made no attempt to comfort me, he had just taken what he wanted and walked away. Although I had felt humiliated and degraded at the time and had no wish to be used again in such a callous manner, I did feel that if the same scene of me being dressed, as I was now, and a man about, Peter excepted I regret, if I could command the same attention and that man wanted to rape me….no….make love to me, would I object? My cock stirred at the thought and I resolved to do everything expected of me when I was dressed but try harder to control my partners carnal urges so that it was done on my terms rather than theirs.

We reached the mansion and Peter rescued my suitcase from the boot. He went to shake my hand and I ignored the proffered hand and embraced him fully and kissed him lightly but lingeringly on the lips. He looked a little startled and did not really respond but I felt it was what I wanted to do. This man had been kind to me and quite the gentleman to boot. I waved as he drove away but he didn’t wave back. He was smiling though.

I entered the mansion with my small suitcase and was met in the lobby by Lisa. This time the skirt was very short indeed and the stockings were black and the shiny heels were high. Her hair was slightly different and a sheer blouse was showing her bright red bra. I realised with a shock that the skirt was red rubber.

She saw me looking at her attire and laughed. ” This is the one place in all the world where I can dress like this” she said ” Let it all go. You look really nice” she said, hers eyes dancing over my clothes and understated make up ” quite the lady if I may say so and you seem to have learnt a lot at Gina’s place.”

I felt sort of superior but at the same time a bit pompous and I remembered the PVC skirt and satin top that I had packed so carefully. Maybe I could change into it.

Lisa spoke again ” A lot of the members indulge in dressing up in outrageous outfits. It is a part of our membership and although you are a a man and they know that there might be a man or two in the house, you are not allowed to be in any way sexual or make advances to the members.”

” I understand, Madam” I said ” but I feel a little demure dressed like this. Can I change please?”

She looked at me for a moment and then a broad smile and she clapped her hands together ” I just knew you would be perfect here. You are so………girly!”

I blushed and smiled weakly. “If you say so, Madam” I said.

Lisa led me to a changing room and I lost no time in changing from my lovely pastel skirt and cream blouse into my PVC mini skirt and the gypsy blouse. Both were black and shiny and the sleeves of the blouse slipped off my shoulders to reveal the cerise straps of the skimpy bra and knickers set I had also changed into. With a change of shoe to black 3″ heels I felt really ready and left the changing room to meet Lisa who was organising something behind a desk in the entrance foyer. She looked up and smiled at me with real warmth. “Something missing, hold on” and she rummaged in her bag and held up a lipstick. I found a mirror and applied the bright red lipstick and quite a bit more make up. Lisa popped her head round the door and yelled “Come on you lazy slut, hurry up! Oh, and leave your suitcase there. I will organise getting it up to your room. OK?” I mumbled loudly as I blotted my lipstick.

I clattered out of the changing room and Lisa declined the proffered lipstick and said “keep it” I put in in my handbag with all my other make up and shouldered the strap as Lisa and I walked chatting altyazı porno into the members lounge.

The lounge was not really crowded but was large and sumptuous with pillars supporting the ceiling. No natural light but extensive lighting pooled in certain areas and shaded in others. On all the walls and quite a few pillars were art works depicting the nude or semi nude male and female form in all its artistic beauty. Thee were tables and chairs plus settees and coffee tables and I spotted a maid in full costume behind a bar serving tea and coffee. I wondered idly whether she was really a she…..a fantasy for many men who cross dress, I believe. I wondered whether I could dress like that and felt my cock stir at the thought. My thoughts were obviously plain to see as Lisa gently coughed and I looked at her as she grinned at me. I blushed. “Yes you can” she said gently “let me know when you are ready and I will arrange for you to be trained”. I blushed even deeper and felt my cheeks get hot. Be a maid!! Oh wow!

Lisa and I settled on a sofa and a maid fetched us some coffee. The next few hours passed in a beautiful way with us chatting and touching and discussing the stables and my journey to them. Even my sexual encounter with Gina had an airing. Throughout, without me really noticing, Lisa was asking lots of ‘how did you feel about that?’ questions. She became very girlie indeed when we discussed the shopping trip and asked me why I picked what I picked. Again ‘how did I feel?’ came up time and time again. I felt absolutely delicious dressed as I was and I could feel and hear my stockings swishing as I crossed or uncrossed my legs. It was only later that Lisa leant towards me conspiratorially and whispered ” You do realise that you have not had an erection throughout our chat?”. It was a bombshell and I went quiet for a second. A slow smile crept across my face and I felt my make up flex. “No, I haven’t have I?” I replied and, at that moment I realised what I wanted. I wanted to be a T Girl, to be seen as a girl and mix with them on the same level, to enjoy dressing up in feminine and sexy clothes.

That of course, begged the final question……..why? If it wasn’t sexual in terms of shagging women, did I want to attract men? Was I gay? Was all this heading for a sex change? Would I be happier as a result.

I looked long and hard at Lisa. We had become good friends or at least, my feminine side was Lisa’s friend. I was enjoying her company. I idly wondered whether she was a lesbian and, of course where that left me as a TV male. Did she fancy me dressed? My cock remained flaccid but I still felt good, warm, amongst friends. Obviously, the removal of outside pressures gave me a sort of peace of mind, gave me the opportunity to just relax and enjoy being a girl. I had never gone this far before with cross dressing and I found the experience of being at FemsRace very inspiring. Was it just a holiday feeling or was this something bigger. Certainly my make up skills and dress sense had come quite easily to me and I was surprised how often I was looking in mirrors at myself, checking my ‘look’. I walked carefully and daintily to the ladies and used the facilities for a pee and a make up freshen. Only on the way back did I realise that I had quite naturally gone there on my own, sat down to pee and exchanged looks and a greeting with another girl in there, I also noted that I was walking carefully and daintily and when I sat down again, I smoothed my skirt as I did so.

I looked at Lisa. “I think I could get very used to this, Lisa.”

Chapter 7:- David becomes……….

I think it was about this point that I started to take charge of things. Up to this point it had been abduction and, to some extent, forced feminisation. Nevertheless, this excursion, for want of a better word, had made me realise that I had been drifting for some time without any purpose. The thought of becoming a T Girl, even a TransSexual left me with butterflies in the tummy but I knew that I had to control it and nurture it myself to see how far it went. Frankly it was this afternoon with Lisa and the session with Gina plus the anal rape that had made me thoughtful and receptive. I wondered whether this FemsRace society had seen this feminine side of me or whether they had a failure rate with other men. I was past caring. I was going to do this for me, to express a part of me that I had not known about. This new part intrigued me and I wished to explore it.

At this stage, I knew that I needed some help and that I needed to get a routine together that enabled me to be this T Girl for as long as possible and as often as possible. Indeed, I could already see some problems ahead with amatör porno documentation like passport, driving licence, even credit cards. I wanted this so badly that I knew I would find a way round it all.

Lisa looked at me intently. ” I can see the gears going round, David.” ” Tell me what you are thinking.”

So I let it all go. The fact that I was loving being a girl and being with other girls who accepted me at face value, my fear of what lay ahead, the constant maintenance and grooming so I could slip into fem mode whenever I wanted. Would I be brave enough to go to work as a girl? Was I convincing enough to be in the real world dressed, as in Tesco or the local garage?

So Lisa laid it out for me. Body hair could be removed semi permanently with electrolysis but it was expensive and time consuming. Shaving, waxing or hair removal creams were the only other options and would require attention at least every other day. I would need to spend many hours with creams and lotions to make my skin soft. It was also obvious that if I were to do this, only the finest and most feminine clothes and underwear would do. There was not an option for just jeans and a T shirt unless I was planning to go full time as a woman with all that implied.

I could short circuit some of this with hormone treatment which would make me grow breasts and my cock and balls to shrivel away and it would help me to think in a more feminine way. At the same time, a T girl would not want to have erections whilst dressed although many do and that is why they dress. On the sexual front, it was fairly obvious that a good T girl would be attractive to men. Surely I would not want to be servicing men sexually. At the same time I had idly wondered what it would feel like to suck another man’s cock and to take a penis up my bum. I had once tried to get a girl friend to put a strap on up my bum but she had declined at the last moment saying it was disgusting.

Certainly I knew that there were several avenues to explore and I looked forward to that with some anticipation.

Lisa and I spent all afternoon discussing girlie things and me as a girl. Lisa certainly found me easy to be with and we laughed and touched just as two girls would. I don’t think I had ever been this relaxed before or more relaxed in the company of a woman. I do remember asking Lisa what sexual orientation she enjoyed. I cannot remember the answer but got the impression that she was not that bothered about it. I think she laughed it off. Anyway, it seemed to be getting late but I realised that I had no watch and now noticed that there were no clocks or watches anywhere in evidence.

” Are you hungry, then?” Lisa asked to my enquiry as to what time it was. I certainly felt that I could eat something although tea and biscuits had been readily available throughout our soirée. I noticed that Lisa ate and drank very little and I idly wondered whether I should be tucking in to such fattening foods. I must watch my figure if I really wanted to be a T Girl and pass in public.

Lisa took me through to the dining room via the ladies where we freshened our make up and teased our hair into shape. Dinner was delicious and well served by the maids who were unobtrusive but effective.

I did notice at this point how often I checked and smoothed my appearance both in any mirror that I passed ( and there were lots! ) and my compact mirror. It didn’t seem wrong and I accepted it completely. I had noticed a very slight softening of my facial features and I noticed that hair growth seemed attenuated in some way or I was shaving more often, I really couldn’t tell.

When we returned to the lounge area it was quite crowded and I did no more than scan the room with a cursory glance and I realised with a mild shock that I was actually looking at the clothes they all wore rather than anything else. Amazing!

At that point Lisa sat next to me, quite close and leaned to whisper conspiratorially in my ear. ” There is another scene for you to … experience tonight” and I looked at her quizzically. She looked more serious and our eyes searched each others. I felt this woman was my close friend and I grabbed and held her hand. ” I am yours to command, Lisa my darling, the experience here has been good and I trust you.”

“You might not say that later” she said earnestly and I could tell that she was struggling with something. “It is just that you have come further than we expected and much faster too so this ….scene…was arranged before we knew that.”

I looked at her. I knew she was a bit uptight about it but the man side of me felt strong enough to cope with almost anything so I invited her to ‘go ahead, bring it on’.

“Come amatör porno with me” Lisa said and stood up. I rose gracefully, legs together and smoothed my skirt, adjusted my straps and shouldered my bag. We both lapsed into silence as we left the lounge area and used the wooden stairs that led to my bedroom and bathroom.

This time Lisa led me to another door of the landing and unlocked it. The door swung open and Lisa stepped in. I followed her. Inside was a room bare of any furniture or indeed furnishings. It was stacked high with dress rails, the type that stood on four legs. Each rail was completely full of dresses, skirts and jackets and all other types of female apparel. I did note that some of it was black and shiny. Rubber! A favourite of mine. Without preamble and still in silence, Lisa picked a hanger and sure enough a rubber garment came into view. As it fell away to reveal its length, it became plain that it was a catsuit. I did notice that there were some boxes labelled ‘jewellery’ on shelves behind the dress racks but Lisa didn’t bother with anything else but told me to strip to my panties. I did so. It would be difficult to be shy with this woman and anyway, my cock didn’t stir. Nerves I suspected.

For those of you who have ever struggled into a rubber catsuit, the next ten minutes need no re-telling. A lot of body lube and talc after a bath and the now routine shave and some help from Lisa as the zip on this one was down the back. Unusually, I noticed that the zip was purely at the back and gave no access to my now limp and small penis contained in my gaffe. Of course not having any form of erection was much more comfortable and unbecoming for my new girly side anyway. To be frank, I hardly noticed my penis at the time and only writing about it now makes me remember this.

The catsuit was pretty sensational once on. Smooth and a good fit ( Tailored? ) an application of shine finished the effect and I slipped back into my black heels and paraded up and down in front of a mirror adjusting and settling the tight rubber. I loved the way creases appeared at each movement and disappeared as I moved again. I was in heaven! Lisa embraced me and I felt her rub her rubber skirt against me and I am sure I heard a low groan from her.

She looked deep into my eyes and I smiled gently back at her. ” The next part is not so nice. You will need to trust me that this scene needs to happen even though I have gone on record to the…management that you are already way past this.”

“OK, Lisa, honey, I will trust you and if I need to, endure it.”

“It will only last a few hours.” she said.

She turned away from me and bent down to a box that was under a rack of clothes. I swear I heard her rubber skirt squeak! Anyway, the contents of the box were a large selection of rubber dildos with attached straps and several hoods. She selected a floppy hood and helped me remove my wig and placed it carefully on a waiting plaster head on the windowsill. The hood went over my head and she pulled and patted the tight fitting garment which exposed my face from just above the eyebrows to just beneath my mouth. I could feel the pressure on my cheeks as she laced it up at the back. She tucked the loose shoulder flap under my catsuit. Mittens were placed on my hands and my fingers curled up as she tightened the leather cuffs and the lacing up to my elbows. I felt a little restricted now and I felt the butterflies of fear.

Next, I had to don countless dildos that were strapped to my ankles, knees, elbows and wrists. Next came a strap on that buckled tightly around my waist. Then a sort of bra was fastened around my bust and that had dildos on each cup. Last was a dildo gag in my mouth. All of them were long and thin and waved around obscenely when I moved.

Lisa then led me back down the stairs and to my mortal embarrassment, across the now crowded lounge. Everybody was staring at me and I felt my unseen rubber clad cheeks go red as the forest of dildos waved about as Lisa led me past them their staring eyes.

At last we reached the far side and went through a door into a large but dimly lit room which contained nothing but a huge low bed. Without preamble, Lisa bade me lie face up on the bed and then spreadeagled my arms and legs and tied them to ropes from each corner. My dildo forest stilled itself as I ceased to move. Lisa leant over my face and I could see concern written there.

” Are you OK?”. I could only grunt a reply and to be honest, it was not really an affirmative. Nevertheless, I had agreed to allow Femsrace a free hand with me and, so far I had enjoyed the experience, even allowing for the negative sides of which this was merely one more.

I heard Lisa leave the room but I didn’t hear the door close behind her. Through my rubber hood I could just hear the faint murmur of voices. I could barely lift my head or move very much so I stopped wondering and just rested myself, wondering what happened next.

I was not long in finding out.