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The Comic Book


The Conan Comic was on the floor right where I had left it when I ran out of the room. Looking at the closed draw, my desire grew intensely. I actually dodging over, landing on my young knees right in front of the drawer.

I reached for the handle of the drawer but stopped. I was seized by the the grip of guilt…it was the last barrier of shame that had blinded me for so long from my own real feelings.

I close my eyes as my desire swelled up like a tidal wave that came crashing over me, drowning the life out of any shame that still remained.

A few seconds later I opened the drawer and pulled the comic book out.

I held it close to my face so I could take in all the details.

My heart heart was racing and my erection was raging.

I quickly flipped it opened it to the 1st page in a frenzy of anticipation. I expected to see images that were just as naughty as what was on the front cover, but instead of naked bodies, it seemed like just a regular comic book.

The whole page was an overhead angle of four boys sitting in circle in what looked like a large, dirty and dark basement. There was a wooden crate in the center of the boys and the only available light seemed to be streaming in from the small, filthy windows to the right above the boys.

I could see that one of the boys was the boy from the front cover.

I looked at the cover to make sure.

It was him and he and the man were also in the same basement as the 1st page. I found it odd that the other boys were not on the cover and the man was not with the boys on the first page.

I opened the comic again and read the caption above the picture.

`Four teenage boys sit in the unfinished basement of an abandoned tire factory. The autumn temperature brings shivers to their young bodies while the fresh smell of urine emanates from a near-by corner.

Sixteen-year-old Jack has brought something from his home that will lead them all down a mischievous path of erotic exploration. Thirteen-year-old Liam sits across from Jack, while the Stanner brothers–fifteen-year old Billy and fourteen-year old Pete–sit on either side of him. They are all very excited to see what Jack has promised to bring to the group…”

I was also very excited, so I quickly turned the page in anticipation.

It was a close-up of the younger boy looking worried with a speech bubble over his head :

“Are you sure this place is safe, Jack? My uncle Richie says that drug addicts hang out here.”

Jack was the boy on the cover.

“Don”t worry, Liam, they got busted a few weeks ago so no one uses it anymore.”

On the next page there was a close-up panel of Jack holding up a dirty magazine. On the cover was a naked man and women laying next to each other in bed. The woman”s hand was gripping the man”s large erection.

Under Jack”s panel was a tier of three panels showing each of the boys shocked expression.

On the next page, Jack”s text bubble was asking if they ever had a `circle jerk”.

“Yep, me and Pete did one with my older cousin Brandon a few months ago” said the speech bubble above a panel of the two brothers.

I didn”t know what a circle jerk even was, which is exactly what Liam”s speech bubble said above his innocent looking expression.

“It”s fun, Liam, we all jerk off together while looking at the pictures.” Explained Jack.

The next panel had Jack standing up unbuttoning his pants, followed by a close up panel of Liam watching closely.

The following panel was a wide angle, with Jack”s pants around his ankle, and the other boys still seated looking on.

Jack”s penis wasn”t hard but it was pretty big for a boy.

The next panel showed a closeup of Liam looking wide-eyed with his mouth open and tongue touching his upper lip.

“You have a big one, Jack.” Said Liam”s speech bubble.

The next panel had the three remaining boy”s also standing up and it was followed by a tier of panels, with each boys pants half way down, revealing each of their soft penis”.

The only boy who had an erection was Liam.

Next was close up of Jack smiling.

“Looks like Liam is way ahead of us.”

All the boys except Liam were laughing in the next wide angle panel.

Next was the same overhead as in the first image, with all the boys cross legged on the floor, sitting naked on their pants and underwear.

“Look at this one”, said Pete in the next close up, handing the magazine to Liam.

The next panel showed a closeup of the open magazine in Liam”s hand.

The image was almost as shocking to me as the front cover had şişli travesti been. The women from the magazine cover was on her knees in front of the man. Each of her hands were on his thighs and his huge erection was in her mouth.

My penis bobbed up and down from this visual ambrosia. I couldn”t believe that women actually did that to men, but it really looked amazing and it obviously made the man feel great because his head was thrown back with eyes closed and mouth wide open.

The next panel was a close up of Liam”s wide-eyed expression, and the following panel was a closeup of the women”s face, saliva dripping off her chin and the man”s erection deeper in her mouth.

I was shocked at the next panel, which was another close-up of Liam”s face, his tongue sticking halfway out of his mouth.

I found the thought bubble above Liam just as shocking.

`I wish his cock was in my mouth.”

I had never heard a penis being called a cock before, but I actually like the name…it seemed dirty and naughty and I found it so exciting that I was determined to use it from now on.

But what I found even more exciting was that Liam wanted to put someone else”s penis…cock, in his own mouth. That meant that the boy was a…queer, and for some reason that thought only heightened the pleasant feeling in my belly.

“When a girl does that,” said Billy”s speech bubble, “its called a blow job.”

Jack”s speech bubble replied:

“And it has nothing to do with blowing. It”s about sucking and licking the cock and going as deep as possible. That”s when it feels great.”

A blow job…wow. My heart was pounding from all this new information. All these thoughts and feelings were new to me and I absolutely loved every second of what I was seeing, reading and learning.

All the boys sitting on the floor were looking at the magazine on the wooden crate and doing what Jack had called `jerking off”.

They seemed to be pulling up and down on their hard cocks and it looked as if it felt really good for each of them.

I knew I had to try it, so I jumped onto my uncle”s huge bed, pulled down my PJ pants and began mimicking the boys.

I was immediately rewarded by sensations that I never dreamt possible.

I let go of the comic book and laid back closing my eyes as I continued to jerk off. I couldn”t believe that I had never done this before…that I had been shamed into believing it was a sin to even touch my penis…my cock.

I thought of my uncles beautiful large cock and how I really wish I could touch it. And then for some reason I suddenly remembered several of the boys whose cocks I had peeked at in the boys bathroom. Had I not been afraid I was committing the sin my mother had warned me about, I now knew that I would not have looked away from them so soon.

The details of Carlos Martinez”s cock was suddenly as clear as if it was right in front of me. He had the biggest of all the boys I had peeked at, and when I look up at him before I”d turned away in shame, he had smiled at me before looking down at mine.

What would have happened if I hadn”t looked away and run out of the bathroom. What would”ve happened if we had just stood there looking at each other”s young cocks?

I didn”t question why it was so exciting to wonder what might have happened because I wasn”t going to feel shame about my excitement–not anymore, not ever!

I opened my eyes and quickly turned to my side, opening the comic again.

Each panel on the following pages were filled with more and more great close ups of the boys jerking off.

I focused on the closeup of Liam biting his lower lip while looking wide-eyed at Jack”s cock.

I knew what Liam wanted. It was obvious by that one thought bubble as well as all his expressions as he kept looking at the other boy”s cocks.

Liam wanted a cock in his own mouth. He wanted to give somebody a blowjob.

I knew that it was supposed to be wrong, even forbidden to want to do something like that, but I couldn”t help it. Seeing Liam”s eyes as he watched the other boys jerk off–full of desire while licking his lips–just made me feel more and more excited.

All of the forbidden and naughty thoughts filled me with even more desire as I became more and more aware of a simple fact: every time there was a close up of a boys cock, I loved the way it looked and my penis twitched.

I loved looking at my own erection when I posed in the mirror.

When I had seen my uncle”s cock during my last visit, I knew that I loved what I was seeing. When I looked at the cocks in the school bathroom–especially Carlos Martinez–I knew that beylikdüzü travesti I liked them, even if I had turned away from the shame of that desire.

I loved that it was wrong and forbidden and I loved the new defiance that had taken control of me, especially because all those rules and regulations that had been drilled into my head had stopped me from loving what I now knew was a part of who I was.

I loved cocks, whether they belonged to boys or to men.

The next panel showed Liam looking past the wooden crate at Jack”s cock, which was followed by a close up of Jack smiling at Liam.

Billy had a crazy expression in the following panel, his speech bubble confusing me because I had never heard the word:

“I”m gonna orgasm!”

He was standing up in the next panel with his back arched and white fluid shooting from the head of his cock–

“AHHHHHHH…FUUUUCK!!!” said his speech bubble.

It was followed by his brother with a similar face.

“I”m cumming…OOOHHHHH!!!”

Even though Pete had not stood up, a close up panel of his cock showed the same white liquid shooting out of his pee hole, some of it landing on Liam”s bare knee.

I had no Idea what that stuff even was, but guessed that `orgasm” and `cumming” had to do with it. Obviously, whatever was happening looked like it felt good… really, really good. I guess it was what happened when you jerked off long enough, and I was hoping it happened to me.

Jack and Liam were looking at each other still jerking off, which was followed by the overhead group shot with Billy and Pete putting on their pants.

A close up on Billy showed him looking at his watch.

“Shit, Pete. We have to book. We”re ten minutes late for dinner.”

Jack looked upset in a closeup panel.

“What? But me and Liam aren”t finished yet.”

Pete and Billy were standing next to each other.

“We”re already late, Jacky. Mom”s gone kill us as it is. See you guys at school tomorrow.”

The next panel was of the two brothers walking up a ragged stair case in the distance with Liam and Jack in the foreground still jerking off.

Jack looking at Liam

“Can you stay?”

Liam”s was looking past the crate at Jack”s cock.

“Yeah, I…I can stay.”

“Good, cause it takes me a while to finish. Scoot over.”

They were now sitting next to each other in the following full page and both were looking at each other jerking off.

I turned the page to a tier of two panels with each boy looking down at each other”s cock, followed by one of Jack looking at Liam”s face.

“Ya think a blow job feels the same if it”s from a boy?”

Beads of sweat were dripping down Liam”s forehead.

“I don”t know, I guess so.”

“Wanna try?” Jack had a sinister smile on his face.

In Liam”s closeup he looked worried.

“I don”t know…doesn”t…doesn”t that mean that we”re queer?”

Jack was smiling.

“You mean Gay?”

It was at that second that I suddenly remembered hearing my uncle use that word back when he had explained how some religions discriminated against gay people.

So being gay was the same as being queer. It was definitely a nicer sounding word and it also sounded much less insulting.

“Maybe it means you”re gay, maybe not. Hey, if something feels good and tastes good, then it really can”t be bad, right? I mean, I”ve tasted my own cum a few times. Does that mean and I gay? No, I was just curious.”

“I did that too.” Liam offered.

Jack smiled.

“It doesn”t taste that bad, right?”

Liam nodded, adding: “I liked the taste, actually.”

“Me too.”

The next panel was Liam looking at Jack”s cock.

“Ok, but…are we gonna…will you tell anybody if I do that to you?”

– A close up panel of Jack smiling:

“Are you gonna tell on me?”

The next page was a tier of three panels, each showing Jack leaning over, then closer, then really close to Liam”s erection.

I turned the page so quickly that I almost ripped it in half.

The next full page panel was a closeup of Liam”s cock deep inside Jack”s mouth.

I inadvertently moaned.

I scanned the page, looking at all the details closely. Whoever the artist was, he must”ve worked on real comics because the artwork was phenomenal.

There was saliva coming out of Jack”s mouth and running down Liam`s hard cock. And it looked like Jack really loved what he was doing.

And then for some reason, while seeing the image of Liam”s cock in Jack”s mouth, I suddenly remembered the Banana game that my older cousin Carlos played with istanbul travesti me and his Friend Jacob.

It was during a yearly visit my family took to visit my cousin Carlos and his parents in Florida.

The rule of the game was simple–who ever could put a banana all the way in his mouth three times without gaging, was the winner. By the third time, the banana was a bit mushy and covered with spit.

I was the youngest of the three of us and yet I won every single time.

I remember the way the banana looked deep in my cousins mouth and it was eerily familiar to the image before me right now.

I snapped back to the moment and turned the page quickly.

Jack was looking up at Liam, the cock was no longer in his mouth.

“Stand up, Liam.” Said Jack.

Liam stood up and Jack dropped to his knees.

It was followed by a series of closeups:

•    Jack licking the head of Liam”s cock.

•    Liam with his eyes closed and mouth wide open.

•    Jack with Liam”s cock in his mouth…then another with more cock in his mouth, then deeper, then even deeper, then one so deep that Jack”s nose was pressed into Liams lower belly.

Each of the close panels was making me light-headed with desire–it should have made me feel grossed out to see one boy”s cock in another”s boy”s mouth, but instead those nicely drawn images were making me want to be the one on my knees sucking Liam”s beautiful cock.

Yes, it was true. I really wanted to lick another boys cock and I felt no shame at all about it!

The next image was from Jack”s point of view, with Liam looking down.

“I want to try it.” Liam said.

“Yeah, I could tell you did from the moment I pulled down my pants.”

They were now both standing up facing each other, their faces only inches apart, and Jack had his hand on Liam”s shoulder.

A close up of Jack”s face showed an almost sinister smile.

“Get on your knees.”

I don”t know why, but seeing Jack”s expression and his `command” to Liam printed above his face, really, really turned my on.

Liam was wide eyed and full of anticipation as he made his way down.

Liam”s face was now inches from Jacks hard and curved cock. He looked almost cross-eyed, staring at Jack”s cock head.

It was in his mouth soon after, his eyes now closed.

Panel after panel showed the ecstasy that both boys were experiencing.

At one point Jack had his hand on the back of Liam”s head, and the drawn motion lines around Jack”s hip made it obvious that he was thrusting in and out of Liam”s mouth.

The look on Liam”s face was one of surprise.

The next panel was a close up of Jack looking in total ecstasy:

“I”m gonna cum!”

The vibrations drawn on Jack”s hands gripping Liam”s head in the next panel, meant that Jack was obviously feeling incredible.

“Swallow it!” Jack said, his face contorted in pleasure.

The following image was a closeup of Jack”s cock deep in Liam”s mouth–Liam”s eyes were wide and his cheeks blown up. A dribble of white liquid dripping from the side of his lips.

Jack was forcing Liam to swallow the white stuff that had come out of the other boys.

I found myself jerking off faster and faster, then I suddenly started feeling something strong building up in my rock hard cock that felt almost painfully good. My breathing was getting heavier and faster and the sensation was starting to feel so unbelievably powerful, that I started getting afraid because I had never felt anything so intense before.

Was I being punished for all that I was doing?

Was God breaking my erection because I so badly wanted to lick another boy”s cock?

I quickly let go of my erection in fear, yet wanted so badly to keep going as if I needed to finish something.

I looked back at the comic. Jack was using his t-shirt to clean the saliva and cum off his cock.

“You better go, Liam. It”s getting late.”

Liam stood up and looked at Jack.

“What about me?”

“Maybe next time, Liam. I want to be alone right now.” The look on Jack”s face was as if he felt ashamed at what had just happened.

Liam looked confused as he zipped up his jeans.

“I”ll…I”ll see you tomorrow Jack.”

“Yeah, sure.”

Liam left Jack alone, who the sat on the crate behind him.

I couldn”t help but feel bad for Liam. I would have been happy to have sucked his cock and let him cum in my mouth. I have no idea what it would taste like, but the way I was feeling at that moment, he could have pissed in my mouth and I would probably have swallowed it–especially since I had drank my own pee a couple of times.

Mom never said that doing that was a sin.

I put my hand back around my painfully hard cock about to keep jerking off, when I heard a noise from the living room. My uncle was unlocking the door.


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