The Concert


I don’t often go to gigs, normally sit-down shows, but this was different, I had a ticket that was standing only. Oh well, I wanted to see this artist, so I had to put up with it. There were a lot of people standing, we were quite crushed together.As we dance, the lass in front of me keeps grinding back into me. At first, she apologises, but keeps doing it.I’m getting stiff.She is wearing a loose, loud top, and short frilly skirt, the sleeves of her top had been cut down the sides slightly Sex hikayeleri and as we bob about, I get glimpses of her bare breasts.As she grinds back against me, I grip her hips, pulling her into my rigid cock. She doesn’t stop, just carries on with what she’s doing. I slide a hand down her thigh and back up under her skirt. Fuck, she’s not wearing any underwear! Can my dick get any harder?I slide my hand over her sex, then feeling how wet and aroused she is, I slide a finger Sikiş hikayeleri into her. She carries on dancing, grinding into me and humping my finger. I find her clit, and rub it. I don’t appear to get a reaction from her, so I let her go, undo my trousers and release my throbbing member, lift the back of her skirt and drape it over my cock. While I rub the head of my cock up and down her ass, she spreads her legs. Invite accepted, I push it between her legs and into Erotik hikaye her.She’s still dancing away, now bobbing up and down on my cock as well. I reach under her arms and into the slits she has for sleeves, and find those luscious breasts, fondling them, playing with her already hard nipples.I can feel her pussy clenching, her dance movements getting more jerky as she cums, but she doesn’t stop dancing. I feel myself about to cum, and shoot my load inside her, not pulling out, enjoying the sensation of her movement. Waiting for my cock to go limp until it slips out, she closes her legs and then carries on dancing. I put myself away.I hug her to me and whisper in her ear, “Damn, darling, you are hot. I want you again as soon as we get home.”