The Consultant – Moms and Daughters Ch. 01

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/* This series takes place after the events of “The Consultant – Neighbor Wives”. It is certainly not necessary to have read the first series to enjoy this one, but I won’t give a lot of background here since much of it is already done.

As always, all characters engaged in sexy sex are 18+ years old */

It was good to be home.

I’d spent over eight months in Rock Hill, South Carolina on a project management contract, with only a handful of trips home. It had been a great work experience and quite profitable. I had actually managed to squirrel away some decent money coming out of that job, even though I’d had to pay for my housing there. The project had been very successful and I was sure I’d be considered for future work with the customer.

All that was true, but I had missed my home. I had missed my little college town. And I’d missed my neighborhood, although I found that it had changed a lot in my absence. My friend Joanie and her husband Mark had moved out of the neighborhood and into a downtown loft in Durham, Ramona had moved in with my friend Ben, Alli and her husband had decided to close their open marriage and there were a lot of new folks around.

I was back working for a previous customer that I liked a lot. The money wasn’t quite as good as the South Carolina gig but I loved the hours. I was again spending a couple of early morning hours on the phone with the folks in India, then talking to the team in the UK, then taking a long mid-day break before picking back up with the West Coast team.

I was also happy that my tendinitis had subsided enough that I was starting to run again. Before I got into contracting (that is, before I was unceremoniously laid off), I used to be an early morning runner but I liked having the time to go for a run at noon, take a shower, eat a quick snack and make a 2pm meeting (11am for the team in San Jose).

I’ve previously mentioned the university-owned woods that back up to our neighborhood. It was riddled with trails, both a double-track maintenance road and lots of single-track mountain bike/running paths. There was a cut-through from our neighborhood to the woods that ran past Alli and Scott’s house that I could take to get to the trails and it was easy to put together a nice three-mile loop.

I had been back in town for a couple of months and was working myself into reasonably good running shape as the weather warmed up into a nicer-than-usual spring. The annual pine pollen blizzard had just ended and the azaleas were blooming and the dogwoods were just starting to open. Beautiful weather for getting outside.

I’d also gotten back into the groove of this project. Most of the players were the same as before and having spent eighteen months together on the first phase of the project, we knew each other’s ways of working. This phase of their migration would be trickier but I was confident that we could manage it as well as the previous one.

So I was feeling pretty good as I loped through the woods for my mid-day run. I finished my loop and crossed the drainage ditch separating the woods from our neighborhood, continuing down the trail towards home. The path was separated from Alli’s back yard only by some low shrubs and a couple of small trees.

I glanced over at the back of Alli’s house, then my mouth dropped as I saw her on the back deck, completely naked, waving at me. I mean, totally sans clothing. Completely nekkid. Staring at her instead of the trail was a mistake, because next thing I knew, I had tripped on an exposed root and was coming down hard. And badly.

I managed to twist a little on the way down, hoping to take the fall on my left hip instead of my face. And I did, right onto a couple of decent-sized rocks. There was a disorienting moment of sharp pain and then I think I blacked out.

I doubt I had been out for more than a minute before I opened my eyes again, trying to peer through the strobing spots still flashing around my eyes. I had rolled over a little and was looking up, and swore I saw an angel backlit by the mid-day sun, leaning down to either comfort me or to signal my end.

Then I realized that the wings I was looking at were really a thin white robe that the naked but probably not angelic blonde was shrugging over her shoulders while she leaned down to see if I was okay. I still couldn’t see very well, but I looked up and half-whispered, “Alli?”

I was not prepared for the reply. “No, Mr. Kennerly, it’s Zoey. Alli’s daughter.” She had me by one arm and was trying to help me up. “Let’s get you inside and get you some bandages.” I managed to stand up on my right leg but when I tried to put any weight on my left, it almost buckled from the pain. The second try was a little better so with Zoey’s help I limped back to her house.

She got me up onto the low deck and then into the eat-in kitchen, sitting me down on a vinyl-covered kitchen chair before handing me a bottle of water from the refrigerator. I finally got a good look at her and I immediately Escort Şişli understood my earlier mistake.

She looked remarkably like her mom, with a couple of exceptions. She was blonde and thin like her mother, with maybe a little less chest but a little more of an athlete’s build. And she had the same caring smile. But she was at least five inches taller than Alli, probably 5’9″ and looked like a high jumper or a hurdler.

Then I followed her eyes down to my injured left thigh and got really queasy. There was a wound about as big around as a softball covered in blood, dirt, pine needles and ooze. It was way too many shades of red and purple and it hurt like crazy.

I looked back at Zoey to see that she had pulled a stepstool over in front of the refrigerator and was stretched up to reach into the cabinet over it. I could see every inch of her through the thin robe and felt more than a little tingle despite the pain in my leg. She pulled out a prescription bottle, checked the label, and brought it down with her, then held it up in front of me.

“This is Tylenol 3,” she said. “Heavy dose of acetaminophen along with codeine. You don’t want to take it for long but it acts quickly and it will help.” She handed me some (2? 3?) and motioned to the bottle of water, so without thinking too much about it, I swallowed them.

She took another look at the wound and looked back up at me. “I’m going to go get the first-aid kit. The big one. You just sit as quietly as you can and let the Tylenol do its thing.” She disappeared into the house and I just leaned back in the chair, trying to will the pain away.

She wasn’t gone more than two minutes before she came back with a large red soft-sided case with a big white cross on it. She put it down on the table and then took her robe off and laid it over the back of another chair. She noticed my confused look and said, “I don’t want to get blood on it.” That seemed both logical and ominous.

After rummaging through the bag for a moment, my naked proto-nurse brought out a pair of scissors and before I could object, she cut through the left side of my shorts from bottom to top. When it finally registered with me what she’d done, she patted my other leg and said, “Don’t worry. I get you a pair of Dad’s you can borrow to get home.”

I hadn’t noticed that she’d also brought a small plastic bucket in with her as well. After relieving me of my shorts, she had me scooch my butt out a little on the seat and put the bucket below my thigh, then started wetting a washcloth in the sink and squeezing it out over my wound. The bucket soon was half full of dirty, bloody water but my leg started looking more like a leg and less like roadkill.

She patted it dry with some sterile gauze before using tweezers that she produced from the kit to pick out the small gravel, leaf grit, and other crap from the trail that washing the wound hadn’t cleaned out. She was very meticulous, starting at the bottom and working her way up to the top.

A barrel of triple antibiotic ointment and 5 miles of sterile bandages and tape later and I was feeling a bit better. The heavy dose of acetaminophen (and the codeine) had started to kick in and the pain lifted enough for me to really notice that I was sitting pants-less in Alli’s kitchen with her very naked, very cute daughter standing over me.

“Zoey, thanks for patching me up. It’s feeling a lot better. But I gotta know, what the hell were you doing running around naked in your backyard in the middle of the day for?” I asked, trying to be cool and not stare at her and failing miserably. I was already half erect and while I wasn’t really trying to hide it, I wasn’t trying to flaunt it either.

She looked at me with a shy smile, that made that half-erection grow to at least three-quarters. “I was waiting for you, Mr. Kennerly. I’ve seen you running by the house the last few weeks and I… well, I… uh… well, I’m trying to catch up with my mom.” She ducked her head, looking a little embarrassed.

I was still a little out of it so it took me a minute to get what she was saying. “Catch up with… oh. Oh!” I looked at her a little funny. “How did you know… you know, about… us? Me and your mom?”

She looked at me like I was really slow on the up-take. “I listen, silly. I loved hearing Mom and Dad tell each other about their sexy sex time. I miss it now that they’re… you know… exclusive. She said nice things about you.”

Her eyes got brighter. “I love my mom. I think she’s the greatest person in the whole world and I want to be just like her. So I’m trying to figure out how to do that. And it might sound silly, but fucking the guys that she likes, other than Daddy of course, was a way to find out more about her.”

I looked at her a little funny. “So I’m not the first neighborhood guy you’ve gone after?”

“Uh, no,” she said, managing to look at least a little embarrassed. “You’re actually the last guy on my list. You were gone for a while Sultangazi escort and then you seemed so busy,’ she said. Then she glanced down at my now-full erection and smiled. “It doesn’t seem like the idea turns you off, exactly.”

I looked at her again, partially in disbelief. “Sweetheart, how old are you again?” I asked, and when she said “almost 19,” I shook my head in disbelief. “You seem much more mature – in a good way!” She smiled wider at that.

“So, Mr. Kennerly-” she started.

“Jim,” I cut in. “I think you can call me ‘Jim’.”

“Jim,” she started again. “I’ve been staring at that beautiful cock the past few minutes and I’m thinking that this doesn’t all have to be a waste. I asked Mom about you and she said you were getting better at going after what you want. What do you want, Jim?”

Maybe it was the codeine. Maybe it was the mostly dulled but still present pain in my thigh. Maybe I’m just a horrible horn dog. Maybe I was thinking about how much fun I had with Zoey’s mom and that I was a little sad that it didn’t continue. Maybe I’m just a dirty old man.

Whatever the reason, I looked up at her and smiled while trying not to leer. “I’ll tell you what, Zoey. I’ll be happy to check out your oral skills and tell you how you stack up to your mom. I’ll warn you — she gives incredible head.”

Zoey smiled wider and said, “I’ll have you know, Mr. Kenn-, sorry, Jim, that I have a growing reputation as an expert cocksucker. But you can see for yourself.”

Instead of kneeling between my thighs, she stood and spread her legs a bit, better exposing her shaved pubes and her puffy outer lips. Then she bent over at the waist and lowered her head until she was just above my straining cock. She looked up at me with a leer. “You sure you can take this, old man?”

I just grinned. She had one hand on my right thigh and her other on my left knee, carefully avoiding my injury. I reached down and slipped my hands under her hair, gently holding her head between them. She didn’t need me to guide her — I just wanted the contact.

She licked the length of my cock once, then again, before dipping her head down and giving my balls the same royal treatment. She started with kissing them but quickly moved to firm licks and light nibbles before moving back up and engulfing my dick in her mouth.

She wasn’t kidding about being good. Her mom might have been a little better but she had years of experience on Zoey and my new young friend seemed keen to make up for that gap. She took me all the way in and slowly pulled out until just the head was still in her mouth. She kept her tongue pressed firmly into the bottom side of my cock, adding pressure in all the right places.

I had thought that the strangeness of the situation along with the dull pain in my thigh would slow me down but if anything, it added spice. Zoey’s steady rhythm up and down my cock was getting me close way faster than I wanted. I almost asked her to back off before realizing the obvious fact that she really, really wanted me to cum.

So I relaxed and enjoyed the building pressure in my balls and looking into those pretty blue eyes as she looked up at me to see my reaction. I held her head a little tighter as I got closer but I didn’t try to set the pace — I left that to her.

Soon I knew I was reaching the point of no stopping. “Fuck, Zoey, sweetheart, I’m going to cum, baby. You’re going to make me cum so hard!” I expected her to pull back but instead she took me in as deep as I would go, working her tongue against my cock and massaging my balls.

She had to have felt it as my nuts drew up. Then I started cumming hard, spewing rope after rope of jizz into the back of her mouth, which she frantically swallowed. She did pull back some while I was cumming, mostly so she could pump my cock to try to get every drop. She looked me in the eyes as she slowly pulled back until my cock released from her lips with a pop.

“That was a lot of cum, Jim. I don’t think you’ve been getting out enough since Mama cut you off!” She grinned up at me, a little of my jizz dripping down the corner of her mouth. “Speaking of Mama, I heard her tell Daddy that you know your way around a cunt.” She backed up to the kitchen counter and pulled herself up, spreading her legs until her heels were resting on the countertop on either side of her in an amazing split.

Her outer lips were swollen and pink and I could see her wetness glistening as she reached down to spread herself, showing off and getting me hard again in a hurry. I carefully stood up and limped the couple of feet over to her, ignoring the pain. There was a moment there that I wondered what the hell I was doing screwing around with a girl 30 years younger than me. I beat that thought back like it was a rabid dog and leaned over to taste my first teen pussy since I was a teen myself.

I had my hands on her thighs because she really hadn’t left me any place else to put them, but leaning on my Taksim escort bayan hands served to open her up even further. I lowered my head to one side, planting wet kissed on her soft inner thigh, working my way up until I was kissing the cleft at the very top.

She grabbed the back of my head with both hands and pulled me over to her dripping pussy, but I still teased her a little longer, planting little kisses down one side and up the other before I gently sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked it with the tip of my tongue.

I heard a gasp and looked up to see her head thrown back and her eyes rolled back in her head as she pulled my head against her even harder. I gave her clit a couple more licks before moving down and sliding my tongue into her sopping wet pussy. I loved the way she tasted, much like her mom but not quite the same. She was definitely her own woman.

I moved back to her clit, sliding a couple of fingers inside her and rubbing across the top of her pussy. I started gently but she pulled my fingers harder inside of her so I started rubbing faster and firmer. Her moans got louder and turned into words. “Right there right there right there just like… oh fuck… just like that!” I felt her tighten around my fingers as she came with a quiet shriek.

I felt her tight little body go rigid except for the quivering of her thighs. I slowed down a little but I knew better than to stop until she asked me to. She was so tight around my fingers that I expected to lose feeling in them, but after a couple of minutes, she started to relax a bit. I stood up to kiss her and found that she was going limp and I had to hold her to keep her from slipping off the counter.

She broke our kiss after a minute and leaned back to look at me. “Holy shit, Jim! I’ve never cum that hard before!” She looked down at my cock which was painfully erect and straining after watching and helping her cum so hard. “I need to catch my breath and then I think you need to fuck me.”

I put my arms around her and she did slide off the counter into my arms, my cock stuck between her thighs and bent down a little painfully by our height difference. I took a step back and she turned around, leaning on the counter like she was waiting to be frisked.

The pain in my thigh was rising again but I was determined that I was going to fuck this amazing young woman before it got to be too bad to stand. I reached around her to tweak her nipples with one hand while I lined myself up with her pussy with the other. She reached between her legs to help and I slid in to the hilt, getting a gasp and a “shit, yeah!” from Zoey.

I was wound up and really wanted to fuck her hard which I was quite clear was what she wanted as well. But the pain in my thigh made me be a lot more careful so I took it slowly. Zoey turned around once as if she was going to demand that I go harder but when she saw the grimace on my face and looked down at the bandages on my thigh, she nodded.

“You feel really good, Jim. I love the way that big cock feels in my tight little pussy. You fuck me as hard or as easy as you want, lover. I just like having you inside me,” she said, looking over her shoulder again to give me a smile. “You made my cum so hard, Jim. I want you to cum just as hard.”

With a more relaxed pace, my thigh didn’t hurt so much and I could enjoy looking at this beautiful young thing that was leaning on the counter in front of me, her legs spread to keep us perfectly in line. Her pale skin and blond hair reminded me a lot of her mom, which made it all so much hotter.

Zoey was using both arms to hold herself up, so I reach my right hand around her thigh and found her clit with my middle finger. She gasped as I rubbed it while I fucked her and I could feel her tightening around my cock. When I straightened up a little and shifted my finger from her clit to her tight little asshole, she gave out a yelp and started quivering around me, cumming hard again.

I ignored my thigh after that, and started pounding her harder while she was still cumming. That seemed to stretch her orgasm out enough that she was still shaking when I pulled her back hard against me and let loose inside her. She shrieked and fell forward against the counter and my cock slipped out, painting her adorable little ass with jizz while she stroked her clit until her orgasm finally subsided.

I did not expect to hear slow clapping coming from behind me. I turned around to see Zoey’s mom, looking sleepy but thankfully not angry. Zoey turned around, cool as a cucumber, and said, “Mom! I thought you were working day shift this week! Sorry we woke you.” I just stood there not knowing what in the hell to do or say.

Alli just grinned at me and said, “Well, Jim, it looks like you’re having fu— what the fuck did you do to your leg?” I realized that I was woozy and probably shouldn’t be standing and collapsed into the kitchen chair, while both Zoey and Alli rushed over to me.

Without the adrenaline rush of fucking Zoey and with the painkiller starting to wear off a little, the pain in my thigh came back with a vengeance. Alli got me another bottle of water while Zoey explained her version of what happened. Alli nodded when her daughter went over everything she did to bandage me and to dull the pain.

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