The Countess Ch. 17

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I watched as the printer spit out the pages of the third draft of my memoir screen play that Sara encouraged me to write. I was thinking that I needed to join the Writers Guild, with all the writing I was doing. The third draft included changes suggested by Bret and a writer friend. Sara read the script and made a few suggestions which were also included. I put a part of the stack in a three-hole punch and activated the lever to punch holes so I could put them in a binder. I finally got all the pages punched and in the binder. The book I was working was one of four three were on my desk.

I got up and walked next door and Sara’s office was not locked I walked in and was confronted with twelve head shots of some of the richest women in LA. It was a few weeks since I entered Sara’s sanctum, so the pictures on the wall were a surprise. I dropped the binder on her desk and exited locking the door.

I was back in my office when there was a knock on the door. “Mr. Rogers, William and Ms. Solsbery are on the way back from the airport and should be here in a half hour,” said Mrs. Kelly.

I asked Mrs. Kelly to come in, “Did the Countess give you any other instructions, Paula?”

Mrs. Kelly gave us permission to use her first name after a few weeks working for us. Sara and I use Mrs. Kelly in formal situations but used her first name between us.

“She asked me to ask you to be ready to go out when they arrive.”

“Looks like you have the evening off Paula.” My phone played “God Save the Queen” and the screen flashed Her Royal Highness, indicating that Sara was calling. She has decided to put up with my attempts at a joke when she finally discovered what her ring tone was on my phone.

I hit the answer and speaker buttons “Paula and I are here, darling how was your trip?”

Mrs. Kelly I will need a martini and you sir are in trouble,” she said.

“What did I do you’ve been away for two weeks,” I responded.

“Off Speaker Paul”

I picked up the phone “OK”

“You are in trouble sir because I have been away for two weeks and I don’t think that you will be able to service me to the standards that I require,” said Sara and then she started to laugh.

Mrs. Kelly walked out of the room. “Make one for me please Paula,” I yelled after her.

“Darling I think that you are drinking too much again,” said Sara.

“Countess I believe it takes one to know one; and I have abstained for the last four days.”

“Darling I am amazed that you have an answer for all my arguments, you must be an attorney. Look we just pulled on to Red Rock so I will see you soon.”

Before she left on the trip Sara said that she was on “mission” for her firm and could not tell me where she was going only that she would be gone for two weeks. We both were getting used to married life, but the secret trip was becoming worrisome. I was going to bring it up to her this evening. All she said when she left was that it was for my protection.

I walked down to the first floor just as Sara walked in. We embraced and kissed and then kissed again. Mrs. Kelly was standing next to us holding a tray with two glasses. We both picked one up and Mrs. Kelly went back to the kitchen.

“Darling no Foreplay just your cock in my cunt, when we get home,” whispered Sara.

“I kissed her again, “The Countess gets what the Countess wants.”

I hugged her waist and moved my enlarged cock against her mound through our clothing.

We walked into the kitchen and consumed our cocktails. There still was a wall separating us from the main wing of the house. The hearing for our exterior changes was in two days and I was worried that I would have to carry the presentation if Sara had not returned.

“Paul there is this place I want to try tonight I hope you don’t mind?”

“No Sara I don’t mind; I think that Paula is happy that she has the evening off.”

As if on cue Mrs. Kelly approached us with a folder in her hand. “Sir, madam, I would like to take this course. It is three nights a week for four weeks with two Saturday field trips. I think that I can be a better butler for you.”

Sara looked over the material it was a wine tasting and serving course. “How’s your bank account Paul? I can go half on the cost?”

“Yes, I think that we can cover the cost, but Paula you need to sign a contract that says you will remain with us for a year.”

“I wasn’t looking for you all to pick up the cost but I will accept your terms,” said Mrs. Kelly.

“Put the folder on the counter and I will register you. Our own sommelier, we will be the envy of the neighborhood,” said Sara.

Sara put her arm around me and started to move me to the car. “Lock up when you leave Mrs. Kelly,” I said on the way out.

William was waiting by the car holding the rear passenger door when we approached. After were in and settled, the car started to move. He headed out to the hills and after a short drive, he pulled up to a massive building “The Oaks of LA.” The doors opened and we were assisted out of the car. There were Kartal Escort several groups waiting when we approached the registration desk. After we gave them our names, we were taken to the main dining room and seated at a table. The waiter asked if we would like cocktails. Sara ordered her usual and I ordered a single malt scotch, with two cubes of ice.

“What the master of the martini drinking scotch, the world will come to an end,” said Sara.

“I thought a change would be good,” I replied.

“Darling I can see it in your eyes, you want to know where I’ve been and what I was doing, but I can’t tell you,” said Sara.

“Well that ends that conversation, but what are twelve headshots of the richest women in LA doing on the wall, in your office.

“Darling I am sorry that you saw that, those photos are connected with my trip. That is all I can say about it.

“William knows what you are doing but your husband can’t. Sara, I don’t like it.”

“I will tell you what I can when we get home, will that satisfy you?”

“Probably not but it’s the best I can get,” I replied.

In between our conversations our orders were taken, and dinner was served. We ate in silence with Sara asking for a refill of her cocktail. I was surprised that Sara got her credit card out before I did, and we walked out without talking to each other. William drove us home; again, the car was silent. He stopped and let us out before he put the car in the garage.

We walked into the house and I picked up the information about Mrs. Kelly’s wine course. Sara went up the bedroom and I stopped by my office and took my clothes off and put my robe on. I was dreading Sara’s reaction to our arguments on a day that should have been happy. I walked up stairs and paused gathering my courage to enter the room.

“Paul, I know you are out there, get in here, darling.”

I walked in and sat on the chair next to the bed.

“The firm is involved in investigating a potential fraud, the photos are of either the suspects or victims. That is all I can tell you; William knows about as much as you do but I needed him for security. Truce can we make love darling?”

“One more question. Why you Sara?”

“Because of my social position I know many of the subjects and can embed myself with them without raising suspicions,” Sara replied.

I stood and dropped my robe allowing Sara to see my level of arousal. She reached out and stroked my cock paying special attention to the mushroom at the tip.

“I said no foreplay earlier, but I really want to suck your dick,” said Sara.

I moved closer to her and she took the tip in her mouth. It felt great to have her suck on my cock. I got in position to allow Sara to give me a full blowjob. My thoughts of anger dissolved, and all I want to do was fuck my wife.

Sara stopped but kept her hand on my tool and invited me to mount her. Without a second thought I got on the bed and moved between her legs. My penis searched for her vagina. I found it and slipped in. Being in Sara’s cunt was wonderful. It was warm and silky, and it was easy to fuck. I moved my cock in and out of her twat, trying to go slow to extend our session. My mouth found one of her breasts and I began to stimulate her nipple.

“Darling, I am up here,” said Sara indicating that she wanted a kiss.

“Sara, you will need to wait, I am having too much fun working your tits over,” I said.

I continued to move my cock in and out of Sara and I finally moved up and our lips met in a long-wet-kiss.

“Paul this is what I missed the most, your sensitive love making.”

I kissed Sara again and felt my cock release a wad in her cunt. I continued to fuck her until I couldn’t, and I rolled off.

I felt Sara’s hand on my penis massaging it back to life, her hand was replaced by her mouth.

“Sara, we agreed that if you wanted my cock, I could have your pussy,”

With a lot of motion, I was facing her mound. I got one of my arms under her and the other on top and brought her cunt to my lips. My tongue traced her vulva and then I explored the inner part of her vagina. My mouth covered her clit and I sucked on her little cock at the top of her slit. This is what a two-week drought causes when we come together again. I felt my cock begin to strengthen and Sara was working over the tip with her fingers and her tongue.

“Paul, I know that you are having fun, but I need a fucking,” said Sara.

We moved and I inserted my cock in her pussy. It was good to be fucking my wife after two weeks away.

“Sara, I am sorry that I was an ass at dinner, but I get frustrated at times.”

Sara kissed me again, “Be quiet darling and concentrate on making love. You will need stamina as it has been too long since I have felt your strong cock in my pussy.

“Countess, you talk like a sailor, and I love it,” I said.

“Concentrate on making love darling,” reminded Sara.

My cock was working like a piston when I felt it release a load. I kissed Sara and held her and kissed Pendik Escort her again.

We both let sleep overtake us.

I woke up and looked at the clock on the table beside the bed; ten to five so it was at least two hours before the house would rise. Sara started to moan and become alert.

“don’t go anywhere, I will be back,” she said as she rose from the bed. She returned after using the bathroom and snuggled next to me.

“I am beginning to like early morning sex, darling, and your cock is hard also,” she said as her hand found my cock.

I was really awake when she found my tool and started to massage it. I flipped her over, got to my knees over her and brought her butt in the air and mounted her from behind. I liked the power I had, and it felt good to be taking her from the rear. My hands found her tits and I pulled the nipples to increase her arousal. I climaxed and my cock was replaced by my tongue.

Sara finally turned over and glared at me. “Ask first sir, and you might be allowed to take me from behind.”

I did not respond; I did not want to give her the pleasure of controlling me. She pulled me on to my back and with her hand on my cock, she mounted my chest and took my cock in her mouth.

“Do not touch my pussy Mr. Rogers you are persona-non-grata down there. Only when you are ready will you be allowed.”

Sara started to give me the best blowjob I have had. She had me primed and ready for another session. Sara turned around and positioned herself over my tool and directed my cock into her pussy. She then came down and we kissed.

“Remember dear, yes darling is all you need to say,” said Sara and then she started to laugh.

Sara started to jog up and down on my cock and soon I went off like a Roman candle. She collapsed on top of me and we both napped after the exertion. It felt so good to make love to my wife.

There was a knock on the door and a female voice announced that breakfast was ready. Sara responded saying that we would be down soon. I heard the elevator hum indicating that Mrs. Kelly left.

“Paul are you over your frustrations can we get back to making love?”

I remembered what she said earlier “Yes Darling,” was my response.

Sara stretched out and brought her tits close to my mouth allowing me to suck on one of her globes. She then moved my head so we could kiss.

“Darling, I still love you and please do not forget that. Let’s go eat,” said Sara as she rose from the bed. I rose grabbed my robe and walked down to my office/dressing room. I found the wine course folder and got on the registration website and soon Mrs. Paula Kelly was enrolled in the butler’s wine and serving course. I printed the registration receipt and got dressed. With that in my hand I took the elevator down to the first floor.

Mr. Darling’s crew was making an early start and I heard construction noise in the background. I was looking forward to starting production on my next episode of “Code Women.” I would have a regular schedule up at six and at the studio by seven for the next five weeks, and I could leave all the intrigue to the women.

“Paula here is your registration receipt, you will need this to start the course.”

“Thank you, Mr. Rogers, I appreciate your picking up the cost.”

I sat down at the table and waited for Mrs. Kelly to serve me. Again, I was amazed how easily I have gotten used to having people serve me. My wife is still making jokes saying I am getting soft.

“Paul when do you go back to work?” ask Sara.

“We start next Monday, why do you ask?”

“I am trying to find some time when you and I can get away. We have put off the honeymoon too long.”

“I would think two months from now,”

“I will talk to my friend Bret and see if I can get you sprung sooner.”

“Please don’t Bret has organized a nice workflow and I don’t want it interrupted.”

“Paula, I have finally convinced Bret to bring Her Highness over to introduce her to the pool this Saturday. So, there will be kids around from about one to four; can you assemble some appropriate snacks?” asked Sara.

I caught a puzzled look on Mrs. Kelly’s face; “Her Highness is Bret and George’s third child Mary Megan, Paula. At least that’s what Sara calls her.

“She will always be “Her Highness,” remember darling, we are going to the christening Sunday I am to be one of the God-mothers.”

“Darling, Mary Megan will have a weird outlook on life if you call her that when she gets older.”

“I don’t care a baby that beautiful deserves to be exalted,” said Sara.

“Bret told me that she already has an agent,” I said.

All this talk about Mary Megan made me wonder if Sara wanted children. We certainly fucked enough to make kids. I assumed that the IUD was working overtime which is why Sara has not gotten pregnant. I also wondered if the trip she was proposing might have something to do with that.

I finished breakfast and put the dishes in the sink. We stashed a couple of hard hats in the kitchen which Göztepe Escort allows either Sara or I to enter the work zone. I put one on and entered the door that separated the tower wing from the construction. I walked through the area and looked into the dining room I was happy to see that the chandelier we purchased was hung and looked good. I took the stairs and walked into the master bedroom and checked the progress on the room. Down on the first floor the architect designed a large closet like room near the dining room. It was to be our wine room and will have a large glass door allowing folks to see our wine collection. One of Mr. Darling’s crew was building the rack system. Seeing that everything was looking good and retraced my steps and got out of the construction.

Sara came up to me and initiated a kiss. “William is taking me to the office I will be back at about three. I will see you then. I have told Paula that we are eating in by the pool. Dinner is at six.”

I remembered what she said earlier this morning; “Yes darling,” was my only response.

“I knew that I could train you,” Sara said as she walked out the door. William was waiting for her and I watched them leave.

“It is that time again sir, here is your grocery list,” said Paula as she handed me a slip of paper.

I would have invited her to come along, but it would look weird and I kind of enjoyed shopping solo. I stuck the list in my pocket and asked what we were having for dinner.

“Roast Chicken, mixed vegetables and a soup that I haven’t determined yet.”

I was glad that the pool was finished as our meals were getting fancier and fancier and I needed to exercise. I checked the liquor cabinet to see if we needed anything. I was happy to get away from the house and the noise.

I got in my car and drove to the store. I noted that with Sara out for two weeks our liquor supply was in good shape. I parked went inside pulled a basket and started going up and down the aisles. Soon my basket was full. I walked up to the check-out stand and waited for the person ahead of me to finish.

A woman pushing a basket with a few items got behind me and waited while my order was rung up. The bagger was filling my reusable bags and dropping them in my basket. I inserted my bankcard in the terminal and the vacuum moved money from my bank to the store’s. I chatted with the woman behind me and noticed that she was very athletic looking. She and William had the same build. I speculated that she worked security for someone. I walked to my car and started to load the bags in the back. She walked out of the store and went to a car that was close to me. Now I was getting nervous; was she there to protect me or do me harm. I finished and put the cart in the corral and walked to my car. The woman was sitting in her car watching me.

I quickly got in the Cadillac and moved to the road and home. I was glad that I didn’t need to make another stop. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw her behind me. Having edited a few police procedurals, I pulled into the nearest parking lot to see if she would follow me. I was either smart of stupid. She could have had associates waiting in the lot. I waited for a few minutes and got back on the road. I was near our development and pulled into the entrance. I turned down Red Rock Road and pulled into our driveway.

I called Mrs. Kelly from the car to help unload the groceries. William and Mrs. Kelly came out and started the unloading process. William told me that Sara was in her office. I took the elevator to the second floor and knocked on her door.

“Sara can you come to my office please?”

Sara opened the door and walked with me to my office. She sat in the spare chair and said that she was reading the latest draft of the screenplay.

“Sara, a funny thing happened at the store today. I was in the checkout line and a very athletic woman got in line behind me. Her basket had just a few items and I wondered why she didn’t use the express. I got even more concerned when she came out and went to a car parked near me. I was still loading and noticed that she was sitting in her car looking at me. Then I noticed that she was following me. Am I being paranoid or was she some kind of security for me?”

Sara sat and though for a time. “Come on Sara I deserve to know.”

“Paul, I wrangled an invitation to the Colorado home of Ann Winter Sun Tech’s CEO, as part of this investigation. I imbedded myself as part of her clique/crew, whatever you want to call it. I saw some things while I was there. Again, that is all I can tell you. The woman you saw is a member of the firm. I knew you were shopping, and I had her there undercover in case you were approached.

My anger was beginning to boil, my wife could get tied up in an ugly mess and I had no say so about whether she should get involved.

“Sara I am mad, really mad. Ann Winter’s father is one of the most notorious California mobsters. No one really knows how many people he has killed. Sun Tech was front to launder his drug money.”

“She took it over trying to make it a legitimate business. She was riding the solar wave when it crashed. Winter Senior bailed her out but they both went back to their old ways and it is now a front. The firm was engaged to investigate for an investor.”

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