The Country hotel Ch. 01

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By popular request (all right, I admit it, one request), I am returning to the lives of Julie and Marina, I first wrote about in “The School Fete”.

It is eighteen months later and Julie is still married, but Marina’s husband has left her for his young, blonde, big breasted, secretary, how original. The story starts with the girls enjoying a coffee together in a café.

“The thing is Julie, I do need some extra money now Simon and I are separated. He is not being mean at all, but money is still tight; and if I don’t get some adult company, I’ll go crazy.” Marina finished and sipped her Cappuccino.

“Well thanks, what am I, your imaginary friend?” Julie joked.

“Sorry, you know what I mean, perhaps I should have said, male company.” Julie raised her eyebrows and sniggered.

“Not that sort of company, you’re sex obsessed you are. I’m finished with sex for ever… alright, for the next few hours.” Marina said, as her friend giggled again.

“This job offer is ideal, you know I worked in hospitality before I was married and a few nights a week working as Night Manageress in a hotel, means I can still be available for the kids in the day.

Are you sure you don’t mind having the kids overnight, I can’t afford to pay you much.”

“Forget about it, the kids will love a sleepover and they go to the same schools, so it is no trouble taking them in the mornings. I don’t want payment, though the odd bottle of wine would ease any pain, honestly.” Julie replied, she still felt guilty for getting her friend trapped in a Gang Bang at their children’s school, over a year ago.

“You’re a life saver, I can go to the interview now, knowing I have child care sorted. I may not get the job of course.”

“Of course you will, with your looks, the place will be swarming with lonely travelling salesmen, like Bees around a honeypot.” Julie replied and she wasn’t lying, as she looked at her friend critically.

Even at 32, Marina was a stunner, with long black curly hair and pretty, even features, she looked much younger, even after two children. She wasn’t tall, 65 inches, but her legs were long and slim and her bust magnificent. Her breasts weren’t porn star size, but a firm, perky,36D. They were definitely what you first noticed. For many men, they were often all they noticed. Marina was used to talking to the top of men’s heads, as they were mesmerised by her tits: flattering, but boring after a while.

The girls finished their coffees and left the shop, followed by the eyes of all the men in the shop, annoying their female companions no end.

Two days later, Marina drove the 15 miles to the hotel’s location. Dressed conservatively in a black skirt and white blouse, she was pleased to confirm the Owner/Manager was a women. She had experienced enough lecherous bosses who treated their female employees as a Harem. She immediately liked Jill, who was pretty and about 15 years older than her. She found out that the Hotel had been inherited from an aunt and that it wasn’t doing that well. Jill was pleased to hear about Marina’s experience and asked her advice.

“You don’t do an Evening Meal, I suggest you should do something simple, say a single Starter and Dessert, with a choice of meat and vegetarian main course. Just wholesome home cooking, a single sitting at say seven.

You don’t have a Website either, you need a simple one these days, that’s how people find a hotel. My soon to be ex is in Computers, I can twist his arm to do it for you.”

“I don’t want to cause any trouble between you.” Jill replied.

“Oh he owes me and he knows it, I have been very reasonable to him, don’t worry.

In the long term I would look to making it a Short Break attraction for couples or families. You could hook up with local stables, fisheries, maybe a shoot. You know, the full range of country activities. There is a Zoo near here and the Theme Park, not to far away too. Sorry about all the suggestions, just some quick ideas.” Marina finished.

“No, no, you’re quite right, I know we need a Website and Evening Meals, but taking it on was to much for me. Could you cook sometime do you think?” Jill finished.

“Sure, I can throw together a decent Lasagne, Steak and Chips, grilled fish etc.”

“In that case, when do you want to start?” Jill asked.

“That simple, no references, Probation period?”

They settled on a start time. Marina was to work from 8PM until 8AM, starting earlier if she was cooking. There would be a cot in the office behind reception she could use at night, then she would lay up for Breakfast in the morning. It all seemed good to Marina, busy, but a good set up for her.

Marina’s first night on duty was two weeks later. She had decided to wear the same skirt and blouse as she wore at the interview. There was only one guest, a visiting salesman. Things certainly needed to improve if her job was to be viable, but the simple web site was already up and a few bookings were trickling in. They were going to start serving an evening güvenilir bahis meal the following week.

She went into the small Lounge Bar, where he was quietly working on his Tablet.

“Excuse me, but can I get you a drink Sir?”

“A pint of Bitter please.”

She served the drink and left him to his work, returning to Reception to familiarise herself with the systems on the computer, She settled down on the cot after the guest went to bed and the rest of the night was undisturbed, as was The rest of the week. Marina had was due to work four days a week, but one was cancelled that first week, as there were no guests.

Over the next four weeks, bookings were building up and Marina had started to come in it at seven in the evening and eat with Jill and sometimes the guests. They had developed the habit of eating with the guests, if they wished and they seemed to enjoy the easy companionship and simple cooking. They were trying to create a home from home atmosphere, rather than a Hotel and it was proving popular.

One particular evening there were three guests, two men and one women and the meal was particularly enjoyable, with plenty of conversation and laughter. They were all on first name terms. One of the men, Jim, was staying for a second time and he and Marina were getting on very well. The others at the table shared knowing looks about the two of them, engrossed in each other.

After the meal and cleaning the tables, Marina moved into the Bar, where Jim and the lady guest were working separately.

“Can I offer anyone a drink?” Marina said.

Jim asked her to join him and get a drink herself, which she did. He put his computer down and they fell into an easy conversation. He was married with two children, like Marina. She found herself talking about her children and the Separation from her husband. The female guest thanked her and went up to her room. Marina and Jim relaxed more and both sensed how attracted they were to each other. She fixed him with her eyes, lent towards him, smiling and he rested a hand on her knee.

For some reason, they started talking of things they had done which they were ashamed of. Marina, in an unguarded moment, described the afternoon at the School Fete, when they had had been trapped into “Servicing” a group of schoolboys.

“What, you mean you and your friend fucked 11 teenagers, still at school, the same school your boy was attending? I’m impressed, that is really wicked. Is that why you are separated now? Sorry, that’s private, I shouldn’t have asked.” Jim finished.

“No, he never found out, thank goodness, no-one did. It wasn’t our fault anyway, we were tricked.” Marina defended herself.

Jim Laughed,

“Come on, you stripped naked for them. I assume your friend is as gorgeous as you. What did you expect them to do, discuss String Theory or Kierkegaard?”

Marina flushed at the compliment and noticed the hand on her knee, slipping higher up her skirt. She found she didn’t object at all.

“I suppose you’ve never been punished for your quite disgraceful behaviour either?” Jim challenged her.

“No and we didn’t deserve punishment, we were duped into stripping off and having a bath.” They both laughed at her ludicrous defence.

“Well I think you should be punished for corrupting children. How are they ever going to find satisfaction with girls their own age, after Banging you?”

“Thank you Sir, I think that was a compliment. Alright, if I agreed with you, what would be a suitable punishment do you think?” Marina asked, smiling.

“Stand up and lie over my knees.”

Marina stood up, but hesitated, looking at him quizzically, then did as she was told. She lowered herself face down over him and waited. Jim rested his hand on her magnificent, firm Ass, feeling the ridge of her underpants, even her suspenders.

“Well get on with it, you’re not supposed to be enjoying yourself.” Marina said, as she felt his erection starting to grow against her, though she was secretly thrilled. It was a long time since she had last got a reaction out of a man.

She felt the hand rise, then a firm blow.

“That hurt,” She said as she started to rise.

“It was supposed to,” He said, as he held her down and slowly administered five more firm blows.

“That really hurt, you brute,” but she smiled as she said it.

Jim’s erection was very obvious now and Marina sank down to her knees and reached forward to give him a passionate kiss that seemed to go on for ever. They slowly separated, grinning at each other. Marina was obviously flushed and excited, revelling in male attention.

“Do you offer room service?” He asked, straight faced.

“It depends what you had in mind Sir.”

“let’s start with a Malt Whisky and go on from there. Will you have a drink too?”

“Thanks, I’ll have a Malt as well.” Marina replied.

If you’re going to your room, I’ll tidy up here and bring the drinks up.”

About twenty minutes later, Marina knocked on his door with two drinks türkçe bahis on a tray. She had carefully unbuttoned her blouse a little. Jim was lying on the bed, wearing a small towel. He still had an impressive stiffy.

“Oh Sir, I didn’t realise you would be in a state of undress, I have to think of my reputation.”

As she said this, she bent down to put the tray down, making sure he had a good view of her cleavage.

“What sort of reputation do you want?”

“Don’t be cheeky,” She stood up and wagged her finger at him.

“I think we should check for damage to your nether region.”

“Are you qualified?” Marina asked.

“Well I’ve done a First Aid Course,” He replied.

“Good enough.”

With that Marina turned round and unzipped her skirt. Pushing it down, giving him the full benefit of her shapely legs framed by stockings and suspenders. Next she lifted her blouse and hooked her matching black pants, pushing them down slowly, bending at the knees, giving him a glimpse between her thighs, then standing up with her blouse up.

“What do you think,” She asked.

“Just perfect.”

“No, the damage you fool.”

“Oh yes, well you can see the hand marks, there is going to be some bruising I’m afraid, sorry.”

“No, you’re right, I deserved it. what’s the treatment?”

“Well, I could kiss it better,” He said.

“Sounds perfect to me.”

Marina heard him slip off the bed and kneel behind her. She let out a small gasp, as his lips brushed each buttock in turn and started licking her. He spread her buttocks and slowly licked up the crease and around her anus, she moaned slightly.

“Is that better?” He asked.

“Oh yes, much,” she said.

Jim stayed on his knees and gently turned her round. She opened her legs slightly for him as he reached for her, licking up and down between her lips. She held his head hard against her, as she shuddered to an orgasm. It had been a long time since a man had touched her. Jim continued to lap at her juices, till she sank to her knees, took his head in her hands and kissed him, open mouthed, tasting herself.

Finally Marina stood up, pulling him up too and pushed him onto the bed, feeling the outline of his erection under the towel, till she took it off.

“Well now, it’s my turn to be impressed, you certainly are pleased to see me, aren’t you.”

She gently took him in her mouth and licked him briefly, before slipping out of his grasp and standing up. She passed him his whisky

“Is there anything else I can do for Sir? Our moto is Customer Service first and last.” She said as she smiled and fingered the buttons on her blouse.

“Perhaps you could slip that off for me?”

“That isn’t company policy, but I suppose it’s alright.”

Marina slowly undid all the buttons, letting the blouse gape. Then she turned round, as it fell off her shoulders to the floor.

“I suppose you’ll want this off too?” She asked , holding her bra straps. Still with her back to him, she undid the bra and let it fall, standing in just stockings suspenders and heels. Marina slowly turned to face him, trying to cover her tits with one hand and her groin with the other. She was actually quite self conscious, having not been naked in front of anyone but her husband, for years.

She needn’t have worried, Jim thought she looked magnificent. a classic hour glass, firm figure, slightly rounded belly, turning into her groin and those wonderful breasts.

“Will that be all Sir?”

Jim reached up and pulled her down on top of him, kissing her hard on the lips, before feasting on her tits with his mouth and hands. Marina just adored her breasts being manhandled and started to moan. One hand attacked her cunt, with two then three fingers, quite roughly. She didn’t mind, she loved it. Jim bought his hand up from her groin and she sucked and licked at her juices.

“Please Jim, it’s been so long, just do it, please.”

He slowly pushed her on her back and she spread her thighs. He rubbed his erection against her vagina and clitoris.

“Please Jim,”

With that, he relented and entered her to the hilt. She was so wet, there was hardly any resistance, till her vagina contracted and rippled up his cock. It was his turn to groan. Drawing back, he plunged in again hard and Marina reached to bite at the pillow, to stifle a cry. Her thighs gripped him hard as he set up a fast pace, neither of them could endure for long. After a little over a minute, they both came and she felt his come spill in her. He collapsed down on her. She didn’t mind, enjoying the weight of a man on top of her, after such a long time. They were both bathed in sweat, as she stroked his wet hair and down his back.

After a while Marina said,

“I should leave you now, let you rest, you have to work tomorrow.”

“Just try and I’ll tie you spread eagled to the bed, so I can fuck you whenever I want,” He replied.

“Sounds wonderful, but you don’t have to tie me up, unless you really want to.”

With that, güvenilir bahis siteleri Jim got up, looking in his case, he took out several handkerchiefs, tying them together. Returning to bed, he pulled off the covers so she was lying face up on the sheets and tied each arm to the bars of the bed above her.

“Now you’ll have to do anything I want, or I’ll have to beat you again,” He said.

Marina wasn’t frightened, she could hear the smile in his voice.

“No Sir, Please Sir, don’t beat me again, it hurt so much, I’ll do whatever you say, I promise, anything at all.” She played along with him.

“Alright then, but you’ve been warned.”

He climbed up on the bed, resting on one arm, as he stared at her intently, his eyes roaming hungrily over her curves. Jim reached out his hand and gently stroked her right nipple, she shivered slightly. Moving to grip the breast firmly, he bent down to suck and nip the teat.

“Oh yes,” Marina murmured.

Next he moved his hand over the gentle swell of her belly and she spread her thighs for him as he reached for her cunt, playing delicately with the clitoris. She moaned softly and arched her back. Then his hands moved down to her thighs and stockings, stroking the soft fabric as it ended at her thigh. His breathing started to quicken, as he moved down the bed. Jim pushed up her right thigh, so her leg was over her head. Moving his now erect penis up her buttock onto the thigh and under the stocking top. He closed his eyes and quivered with pleasure as he masturbated himself between her stocking and thigh.

“Kinky,” she thought, “But whatever floats your boat.”

“If you ladder my stockings or come over them, I’ll be cross.” She said out loud.

“There’s only one place I want you to come and it isn’t over my leg.”

Jim grinned at her, extracted his cock and let her leg down. Moving up her body, he started running his erection over her tits, then sank down into her cleavage, gripped them firmly and tit fucked her as hard as he could. “That’s better,” she thought, as she stared intently into his eyes, a short distance away from her. When he stopped, he moved further up her body and ran his cock over her lips.

“Oh Sir, what are you doing, that’s so dirty, you’re taking advantage of me,” She whimpered, quite enjoying the role play.

“I told you what would happen if you disobeyed me, do you want another beating?”

“No Sir, please Sir.”

“Then open your mouth like a good girl.”

She did open as wide as she could, lifting her head and he slipped into her mouth and throat. She gagged a little but gently applied her teeth as he withdrew. Jim started pumping his cock down her throat, as she sucked as hard as she could and licked as he withdrew. She could see him tensing and gently spat him out.

“That’s not where I want you to come either, a girl’s got to have a little fun too.” Marina said, as she gasped to catch her breath.

Jim moved lower, put her calves over his shoulder and bent her double as he piled into her as hard as she could.

“Oh yes, that’s more like it,” She whispered in his ear, as he set up a punishing pace for them both, driving in with all his strength.

Marina was still making up for lost time, quickly shuddering and gasping to a very satisfactory climax.

Jim hadn’t finished and he climbed off her, crossing into the bathroom. He came back with a small bottle of shower gel. Returning to the bed, he pushed her legs back over the bed, then licked from her cunt up to her anus. When it was nicely moist, he put some gel on a finger and explored her rectum, gently.

“Oh no you don’t, that wasn’t part of the deal,” Marina hissed at him.

Jim just ignored her, pushing a second finger in. He removed his fingers, positioned his cock at her anus, and used all his weight to slowly enter her.

“You beast, you bastard,” She whimpered, but she couldn’t stop the steady, full penetration with all his length. She gasped with pain, as he withdrew and slammed into her again, then again and again.

Inevitably, her muscles relaxed and she started to enjoy the sensation, not her first time, of course. His body weight was forcing down her knees to each side of her face, as he pushed himself deeper and deeper. Despite herself, Marina came again as he grunted and let out a roar. She was sure she could feel him jetting into her bowels. He slumped down on her again, fighting for his breath.

“Please get off, you’re breaking me in two,” She asked, politely.

Jim withdrew and lay on his back, sweating and panting with exertion. Marina lay still, her arms still firmly tied.

“Can you untie me, I need the bathroom.” He did as she asked.

Marina staggered off the bed, come running down from both holes, over her stocking tops. She supported herself on the wall, then undid and removed her stockings and suspenders. When she finished having a pee, she started up the shower, to warm up, then put on a shower cap to keep her hair dry. As she stepped into the delightful jets of water, Jim stepped in behind her, stroking her wet buttocks then moving his hands round to cup her tits. Despite her tiredness, she was enjoying the attention, as she felt his cock swell again between her buttocks.

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