The Coven of the Goddess

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The oldest known coven in all of history is the “Coven of the Goddess”. It was founded by Morgana Pendragon, daughter of Uther and Igraine, half-sister of Arthur. Morgana, who was the most powerful sorceress and witch in history, was powerful enough to encase Merlin in his own lust, and spell Arthur into an incestuous affair that produced not only Modred, but also twin daughters that were lost to history.

Morgana was the creator of Sex Magic. This is a form of witchcraft where a witch uses the power of orgasm combined with intention to cast a spell. Spells and rituals can be performed solo or with multiple witches, the power of the spell is amplified by the number of participants. The stronger the coven the stronger the spells.

Her female descendants to this day maintain the coven, and the most powerful always holds the position of Coven Goddess, and is called by her name during rituals, Morgana.

Her female descendants also share certain genetic traits passed down from Morgana that have been accentuated by centuries of using Sex Magic. Among these are enlarged Skene’s glands, which enables all the women in the genetic pool to ejaculate, and abnormally large clitorises. Some of the more famous coven members and Witch Goddesses of the past have had clits longer and thicker than a man’s thumb.

Our story starts in 1983 with the then current Witch Goddess, Abigail Greyson, on the night of her twin daughters acceptance ritual into the coven, about 5 months after their 18th birthday in May.

Monday Night, October 31st, 1983, Samhain:

The ritual room was dimly lit by candles along the walls and a fire burning in a steel cauldron in the center of the room. The cauldron was in the center of a large Pentacle intricately carved and painted on the floor that stretched about 12 feet in diameter. There were pillows located around the outer circle of the Pentacle, three of these were occupied by kneeling women in sheer purple robes. There were two torture crosses, opposite each other near the center of the Pentacle, and three thrown chairs at the topmost point.

Near the center of the Pentacle stood Abigail dressed in a sheer black hooded robe, tonight she would only be called by her Goddess name, Morgana. She was a stunning blonde woman of about 5’2″, 128 lbs, with piercing blue eyes and supple 36D breasts. Her body dripped of sexuality; her nipples erect with excitement could be seen through her sheer robes. She could feel the weight of her semi swollen 4-inch clit hanging down from below her clitoral hood, and she so wet from excitement she could smell the fragrant aroma of her own freshly shorn pussy.

Morgana looked toward the rooms entrance and called. “Bring in the seekers.”

Two witches in red robes led the two seekers who were clothed in sheer white hooded robes into the room. Their hands were bound in front of them. The girls were led to the entry point of the Pentacle before Morgana.

Morgana began the questioning of rite. “What do you seek?”

The girls in unison answered as coached, “The Goddess, her love, and her power.”

“Do you come of your own fruition?”

The girls looking up to the Goddess answered yes.

Morgana motioned to the two red witches, and as if on que they removed the white robes from the two young women, leaving them naked in front of the Witch Goddess. Two stunning blonde twin girls, 5’1″ with large firm breasts and piercing blue eyes. That were a mirror image of their mother, Morgana.

Morgana looked at her two daughters Sara and Samantha. Samantha was the youngest and had slightly larger breasts than Sara. She could tell from the girls aroused state that Sara would have the larger clit of the two. Morgana had a delicious thought, “My god, she may have a larger clit than mine”, and immediately felt her own clit twitch with excitement.

“On this, your first Samhain, do you give freely your Mind, Soul, and …Body?”, Morgana asked in a breathy voice.

Sara and Samantha now stood in a room completely naked in front of their mother and the coven. The heat of the room combined with the excitement made their nipples stiff. They had been just been bathed and shaved prior to the ceremony, and the air on their naked pussies added to the intensity of their arousal.

Both girls looked into their mother’s eyes and said yes in unison.

“Have you abstained as per the requirements of this sacred ritual?”

Sara and Samantha quickly replied yes. Morgana nodded her head with approval.

Truth being told, until August neither of the sisters were very sexually inclined, not even to masturbation. Then after asking for acceptance into the Coven the dreams started.

Every night the dreams came. Intense sexual dreams that started with sexual encounters with faceless women, dreams of being held down and ravished. They gradually evolved into tantric dreams of making love to women they knew like their aunt Meg, their friend’s mothers, their şahinbey escort cousins, and finally their mother as well as with each other.

Their mother knew of the dreams and told the girls it was the summoning to the coven. They were chosen, but they must save the building lust if they wanted to ask for admittance into the coven.

As with all new coven member candidates that asked for entrance, Morgana had ordered the Spell of Dreams to be cast by the coven onto girls after they asked for acceptance at the end of July. For the last three months every coven member had performed nightly ritual casting the Spell of Dreams to propel their thoughts, their fantasies, and their lust into the girl’s dreams.

“Do you give willingly your womanhood, and your virginity to the Goddess?”

Sara and Samantha both answered yes in breathy voices.

“Finally, will you drink the nectar of the Goddess, and of those who server her?”. Both girls hissed yes.

Morgana looked at the two red witches an ordered, “Bind Them and prepare them for ritual”.

Morgana then turned and moved to the center throne chair. She opened her robe, sat down, and spread her legs to watch what was about to unfold. Her nipples were hard as rocks, and her 4-inch swollen clit was standing straight from her mound with excitement, like an erect cock. She was truly manifesting the spirit of Morgana, and you could hear coven members give off soft erotic moans seeing her, the Goddess, on the throne.

Abigail had waited the last three months for this night, and the lust she had contained for so long was about to quenched by her two beautiful daughters. Tonight, they would belong to her and her coven, and the future would take root in the present. A coven Goddess bringing her own into a coven was a very rare occurrence, and bringing two daughters in the same night was very magical. The sexual tension in the coven and with all its members was think enough to cut with a knife.

Abigail’s thoughts drifted back to the night when her mother was the Witch Goddess, and she and her sister Meg were accepted into the coven. Her nipples grew even harder if that were even possible, and small beads of milk were starting to form on them from her excitement. She could feel her milk letting down, she had to make a conscious effort to slow the process.

The girls were led by the red witches to the crosses within the Pentacle, and their hands and feet were bound spread eagle. Sara and Samantha were tied to the crosses facing inward toward the center of the Pentacle. They could see each other over the heat from the caldron, as well as the kneeling witches in purple within their field of view. Sara gazed at the beauty of her twin sister, and as if looking into a mirror, she could see and feel her sister’s lust. Out of nowhere Sara could hear Samantha’s voice in her head, “I want to fuck her, I want to fuck me”.

“I want to fuck you too little sister, god I want to fuck you so bad.” Sara thought, and the look on Samantha’s face changed instantly. Within the Pentacle they could hear each other’s thoughts. Both girls felt their clits start to swell and become erect, more erect than they had ever been in the past.

Sara looked down at the engorged 5-inch clit that she had tried to hide for so many years at school, and in locker rooms. She now thrust her hips out with pride and lust, wanting everyone to see it, touch it, suck it. Sara dropped her gaze to her sister’s identical massive clit. “I love you Samantha” she whispered in her mind, and Samantha whispered back, “Always.”

Two witches in green robes appeared from the shadows with deep bowls of scented oil. This was blessed oil consisting of olive oil and special spices, that have both magical and sexual properties. Each of the green witches approached their assigned twin and placed the oil on the ground. They both removed their hoods and robes.

Sara was staring in her aunt Meg’s eyes, her mother’s twin sister. Samantha was looking Meg’s 19-year-old daughter Cassidy who had entered the coven last year.

Sara had always loved her Aunt Meg, but now looking at her naked body in front of her, she was filled with love and lust for her aunt. Meg had full firm breasts, and looking down Sara could see a large 4-inch swollen clitoris protruding from her aunts swollen mound. Sara’s mouth watered.

Cassidy looked her cousin Samantha up and down, drinking in the body that she had always lusted after. Samantha’s nipples were so hard they ached,

“Her clit so big is so fucking big” Cassidy thought. Cassidy had to resist the urge to just drop to her knees and suck her off. She belonged to the Goddess first, her turn would come.

As Meg and Cassidy were disrobing in order to oil their assigned twin, all the witches in the coven had taken kneeling positions around the Pentacle. In unison all had opened their robes, and were applying oil to themselves as they rhythmically chanted words the girls had never heard escort şahinbey before.

Morgana was now holding a large phallic object above her head, chanting the charm of making from her thrown. It was a smooth polished Opal cock about 12 inches long, and thick. It was called the Goddess Cock, legend has it that it was fashioned by Morgana herself as an exact replica of her brother Arthur’s cock. Even though the large milky white object was stone, it was always warm to the touch.

Two red witches in open red robes took up positions on either side of Morgana and started to slowly oil her heaving breasts, stomach, and thighs. Occasionally they would take one of her nipples in their mouths to catch the drops of milk that were forming at a more rapid pace. This caused Morgana to slur her chant just a bit.

Aunt Meg slowly cupped both of Sara’s large tits with oily hands, smearing the thick oil over her upper torso. Sara shivered at her aunt’s touch, “Oo aunt Meg, I can’t take it, I’m going to bust”.

“Shhh… Sara, you belong to the Goddess, and she will release you soon.” Meg whispered as her hands slowly oiled her niece. She worked her hands over Sara’s hard nipples, and slowly slid down to oil her things and found her massive clit.

“Your bigger than me and your mother”, Meg whispered as she slipped Sara’s engorged clit between to oiled fingers, and then pulled away. “When this is over, are you going to fuck your Aunt meg with at big clit of yours?”

Sara just whimpered “Yesss.”, as she hung on the edge of ecstasy, trying to grind her hips out to aunt’s oiled hand.

“Not yet my love”, Meg whispered as she wondered how good Sara would taste later in the ritual. Would she taste as good as her daughter Cassidy had tasted during her acceptance to the coven? Meg took the fingers she had oiled between Sara’s pussy with brought them to her mouth. “God, she tastes just like Abigail” she thought.

Meg looked into Sara’s eyes and whispered, “You are sweet and ripe, the Goddess will be pleased”. Meg then slipped her oily fingers into her own wet pussy and then place her fingers in Sara’s mouth. Sara sucked hungrily at the taste of her aunt’s cunt, and Meg rubbed her massive breasts against Sara’s oiled tits. Sara could see droplets of milk smearing in the across her breasts as they leaked from her aunt’s heavy tits.

Across from Meg and Sara, Cassidy was oiling Samantha in a similar manner. Samantha’s eyes were rolled back in her head as her older cousin pressed her naked body against her oil cover body. She could feel Cassidy’s 4-inch clit slide across her thigh and against her own massive clit. The sheer ecstasy was making her legs start to tremble, as she hung from the torture cross

“Cassidy, make me cum, I can’t take this anymore, please” Samantha whispered. Cassidy just smiled a devilish smile and said, “The Goddess takes you first, always the Goddess first”.

Cassidy gave her own breast a squeeze and tiny droplets of milk formed. She placed them on her finger and then into Samantha’s mouth. Samantha sucked hungrily at the fingers.

“More Please… oh god more” Samantha begged in a whisper.

“The goddess will feed you first, then you will feed from all of us. Once you are accepted and drink the Potion of Life, we will feed from you”. Cassidy’s smiled a sexy smile and continued to oil her cousin.

After what seemed to be an eternity Morgana called out, “Are the Seekers prepared for impalement?”

The word impalement caused both girls to let out an audible moan. Sara felt as if she had just wet herself, and she could her Samantha thinking “I want that thing in my pussy, oh Goddess fuck me.”

Meg and Cassidy both answered, “Goddess, the seekers are ready for impalement.”

Morgana approached the center of the Pentacle and asked. “Who among you is the oldest, for the one who came first shall go last”. She knew exactly which was the oldest of her two daughters, it was Sara., by two minutes. Samantha would be the first.

Sara, breathing heavy, answered as if disappointed, “Goddess I am the oldest”.

Morgana moved toward Samantha. Cassidy placed a large pillow at Samantha’s feet for the Goddess to kneel upon.

Morgana stood in front of her naked oiled daughter. The love and lust that filled her was so consuming, she could feel her own heartbeat in her swollen clit.

Looking into Samantha’s eyes she asked in a whisper, “Do you give freely of yourself to the Goddess and the coven. For now, and for life?”

“Yes, oh God yes” whispered back.

Meg and Cassidy were now on either side of Samantha slowly applying more oil to her sensitive breasts. Meg brought a wooden cup to Samantha’s lips filled with a creamy white liquid.

“Drink this Samantha, the Potion of Life”, then she tilted the cup and Samantha hungrily drank the sweet liquid down. After she had finished the potion, Meg and Cassidy began to suckle Samantha’s breasts.

Morgana dipped her hand into şahinbey escort bayan Cassidy’s oil bowl, then smeared the oil all over the Goddess Cock. She kneeled at Samantha’s feet between open her legs. In this position her face was just inches from her daughter’s virgin pussy, her massive clit, and she could smell her thick musk.

Around the Pentacle the chanting grew steady and all the withes in the coven were edging themselves toward their first group orgasm. This had to be timed to coincide with the impalement of the seeker.

Morgana took her oiled fingers and gently parted her daughter’s labia and placed the head of the stone cock at the entrance of her vagina. With the head of the thick stone cock in place, Morgana leaned forward and took her daughters massive clit into her mouth and began to suck, while applying upward pressure to the stone cock.

Samantha let out a load moan as her mother was slowly forcing the Goddess Cock into her. It was so big and strangely warm, and god she was so wet. Aunt meg and Cassidy were sucking her tits furiously, and she could feel herself stretching, it was both pain and pleasure from the size of the Goddess Cock. The feel of her mother sucking her clit was gave her a wave of wetness that helped with the pain, and she could feel an orgasm more immense that she had ever had building inside her.

“Fuck me Goddess, fuck me I’m yours…… Oh mommy fuck me.”

Morgana was easing the Goddess Cock into her daughter as gently as possible. Then she felt the resistance. She gave a good push breaking her daughter’s hymen while sucking as fast as and hard as she could on Samantha’s giant cock like clit.

Samantha let out a scream of ecstasy as she orgasmed like she had never orgasmed before. She felt herself ejaculate for the first time in her life as pleasure and pain washed over her. She bucked hard against the stone cock and grinded her clit even harder into her mother’s mouth. In her head she could her all the coven members orgasm with her. She came for what seemed and eternity, until she hung there from the torture cross spent.

Morgana released her daughter’s clit from her mouth, and slowly removed the Goddess Cock from her soaking wet pussy. Samantha had orgasmed for at least a full minute, and her hand that held the Goddess Cock was covered in creamy sweet ejaculate. She took care to catch as much of her daughters cum as possible in her mouth as she removed the stone cock. Her daughters cum was thick and sweet and tasted like her own. She slowly stood up sliding her oiled body against Samantha’s until her breast were pressed against her daughters.

Samantha opened her eyes as felt her mother’s swollen clit slide across her thigh and then against her own massive clit. Her mother kissed her slowly and passionately on the mouth. The taste of her own pussy in her mother’s mouth was intoxicating, and she ached to taste her mother’s pussy.

Morgana took the Goddess Cock covered in her daughters ejaculate and blood from her broken hymen, and slowly ran her tongue down the length of the object until she took the head of the cock in her mouth. Morgana then took the Goddess Cock and inserted it slowly into her own soaking wet pussy.

She pulled the stone cock out slowly and brought it to her daughters lips. “You wish to taste the Goddess?” she hissed.

“Yes Goddess, oh please yes” was Samantha’s reply, as she opened her mouth the sucked hungrily at her and her mother’s juices that covered the Goddess Cock.


This entire time Sara was writhing in sexual agony as she watched her twin being fucked with the Goddess Cock by their mother. Hearing and almost feeling every thought Samantha’s head while she came with her clit in their mother’s sweet mouth. Watching the coven members in her field of view orgasm with her sister, and Seeing Aunt Meg and Cassidy suckle Samantha’s tits while she came.

Sara was like a rabid dog, thrusting her hips at nothing and rattling the chains that bound her hands to the torture cross.


Morgana removed the Goddess cock from Samantha’s mouth. “That’s enough for now. Save your Appetite, you will have your fill later my love”. She then turned and moved towards Sara.

After crossing the Pentacle, she Looked into Sara’s deep blue eyes and asked in a whisper, “Do you give freely of yourself to the Goddess and the coven. For now, and for life?”

“Yes, Goddess, please just fuck me. Fuck me now, I can’t take it” Sara said almost in tears.

Morgana took her position, keeling between her eldest daughter’s spread legs. She could she Sara’s clit throbbing just inches from her face. Her clit had a huge bulbous head like a cock, which stuck out from her gently draped labia lips. She slowly ran her tongue along the underside of Sara’s long hard clit. She wanted to savor the taste of her eldest daughter’s virgin pussy. “God, my baby girl taste so good”, Morgana thought.

Sara was at her wits end, she could feel her mother’s breath on her cunt, and the gentle feel of her tongue teasing her was pushing her to her brink. “Please mommy, oh please-please-please. Make me cum mommy oh please.” Was all she could keep mumbling.

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