The Cowboy Ch. 02

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When Kay made her mind up to do something there was no changing it. She had laid in bed for a long time after Roper had walked out of her room thinking of a way to get back at him for the callous way he had treated her last night.

She was sitting at the breakfast table with her aunt, uncle, George and Betty when Roper finally made an appearance.

“Morning everyone, sorry I’m late.”

“Didn’t hear you come in last night Roper,” George was saying to him.

“Last thing I remember was waking up this morning, don’t even remember going to bed. No more parties for a while ok George, my head can’t take it? I got as far as getting my pants off before I passed out I guess. Woke up with my shirt still on and my pants on the floor.”

Everyone was laughing but Kay. So this is how he wanted to play the game. Maybe he was hoping that she would really believe he didn’t remember coming into her room. Let him think that, it would just make her plan go a little easier.

“Why don’t you take Kay for a tour of the ranch Roper, I’ll have Betty pack you two a cold lunch,” and you can drop off the supplies for Jim as well? Check the fence line down by section 30 while you two are out and about. Tom said he thought that old Gus was trying to tunnel under again.”

Kay didn’t give Roper time to answer before she tried to make up an excuse not to go. “Maybe another day George, I’m going to help aunt Kay and Betty with the clean up this morning.”

“There ain’t no cleaning being done except by the ones I hired to do it, your aunt and Betty are going to town on a shopping spree while the cleaners are here. Your uncle and I will see that they get everything done proper while all of you are out.”

Uncle Chuck piped in giving her the go ahead to tour the ranch. “You go on out with Roper and tour the ranch hon, George and I still got some planning to do for the reunion next month so we will be busy with that and keeping an eye on the cleaning crew,”

Roper looked over to her and she could see in his eyes that he was laughing at her, probably thinking she was afraid to be alone with him is the reason she was trying to make an excuse to go out with him. “Ok, sounds like fun, I’ll enjoy seeing your ranch George. When would you like to leave Roper?”

“Give me a half hour to get the supplies loaded into the truck and we can leave.”

“Ok, I’ll meet you out front in a half hour then.” Kay excused herself from the table and went to her room to change into some jeans. When she came downstairs she went right into the kitchen to see if she could help Betty and her Aunt pack the lunch she and Roper were to take with them. They had everything all packed and ready to put into the truck when Roper got there. “Betty do you have a bottle of water I can toss into the cooler?”

“Sure honey, I’ll get you one. There is a big thermos of Ice Tea in there for you two as well dear.” Betty told her fetching the bottle of water from the fridge and putting it in the cooler. “Well your Aunt and I are going to get going before that sun gets any hotter, enjoy your tour of the Ranch Kay.”

She gave them both a kiss on the cheek, waving good-bye to them both. She looked down towards the barn and saw that Roper’s truck was still there so she had enough time to slip the sleeping powders into the thermos.

George had told Kay that the first hour of their trip Roper would be stopping to make sure all the hands were doing ok or if they would need anything. The second hour of their trip would be through some pretty rough dirt road areas, where the men were working on getting the roads ready to be paved. Nasa was paying to have them paved so getting to their dish’s and satellite dish’s was easier, but the men had to plow and grate the roads first then they would send in their crews to do the rest and then lay the asphalt. He told her it would be close to noon before they made it to the bunkhouse.

Kay had put her hair in a pony tail, pulling it through the opening at the back of the ball cap she had put on to keep the hot sun from beating down on her head. It was her favorite fishing hat that her son had given her on mothers day a couple years ago. It had a woman on it holding a fishing rod in one hand and a huge bass in the other.

She was sitting on the front porch with the cooler and thermos when Roper got there. He loaded the things into the back of the truck, helped her inside then they were off. Kay knew in her gut that he would try to pull something on her today and she hoped what she had planned was going to work.

“George owns 2500 hundred acres of land, he raises both horses and cattle, horses being his primary asset. We have wild Peacocks roaming the land, as well as quite a few wild boars, which is what was on the dinner menu at last nights party,” he told her winking at her. “The only real problem we have are the gators.”

Roper had stopped the truck near a long fence line, he came around and helped her out of the truck aydınlı escort and led her down towards the fence. He stood looking over the fence for a few seconds then pointed to a marshy area to the right of them. “Look, just under that outcropping of branches and you can see one giving us the eye right now.”

Kay saw it, it looked almost black laying there under the bushes just it’s head and eyes visible. It swam slowly across till it was close to the bank where they were standing. “I take it this is a special kind of fence to help keep them out,” she asked him?

The bottom of the fence was cinder blocks, about waist high it turned into a thick chain link fence. On the other side of the fence were coils of bobbed wire as far as you could see down the fence row. Kay could see some men working on the other side of the fence a few hundreds yards down from where she and Roper were. Two men were working on the barbed wire and one was watching the swamp for gators, a rifle at the ready should he need it.

“Yes, George came up with the fence idea about 25 years ago when one of the gators had dug under the fence and killed one of his prize stallions. Took us over a year to lay all the fences. The cinder blocks go down 3-1/2 feet underground. We then poured concrete in them to help reinforce the blocks. It was a good thing that George had the horse insured, the insurance money is what paid for the miles of fencing.”

They got back into the truck and drove along with Roper stopping to check on the men’s progress and if they needed anything. They had been stopping now and then checking on the men who were doing various jobs around the ranch. It was almost noon and Roper said they were almost at the bunkhouse.

He pulled the truck off the track they had been following to go down a side path. They came to a clearing and in the center of it was a huge building. There were horse paddocks behind and to the left of the building, and to the right of it were five small cabins sitting side by side. Further out Kay noticed the race track where she knew the horses were trained. There was also a huge barn down away from the main house and roper said that was horse stalls.

“This is the bunk house,” he told her “and those are the cabins the hands stay in when we are out here for more than night. We bring some of the more difficult horses out here to train. The trainers live out here with them as they are getting them ready for the circuit. The main house has the showers, kitchen, TV room and library in it. Each cabin has as small bathroom with just a toilet and sink in them. Showers and meals are taken at the main house. He opened the door to one of the cabins showing Kay inside.

It was a cozy little room. She was surprised when she looked at the twin bed though, it was just a regular twin bed but instead of a mattress it had a solid piece of what looked like thick hard plastic in the center of it and up the sides of the rails. “Doesn’t look real comfortable,” she said laughing.

Roper went over to a long dresser and took out a package. “It’s a special air mattress, just plug the little compressor into the wall and it inflates in five minutes. The humidity would ruin a regular mattress in no time. These are very comfortable and cheaper than replacing a mattress every year. Jim keeps the linen and bedding in the main house and each cabin has a small air conditioner for the men when they have to stay out here. We have both electricity and a generator in case the lines go down in a storm or hurricane season.”

A little old man came out to the cabin to say hello. Roper introduced him to Kay telling her this was Jim who lived in the main bunk house. He keeps things in order out here and keeps the cabins clean and free of little pests.

“I see you brought the supplies with you, I’ll help you get them unloaded and in the house,” he directed this to Roper. Pleased to meet you Miss Kay, heard about you for many a year from George and your Uncle. Boss was tickled pink when he found out you was coming down for a visit.”

Roper helped Jim unload the truck and carry all the packages in the house. “I’m going to take Kay down to the pond to eat our lunch.”

“Ok boss, it’s gonna take me a couple of hours to put this stuff away then I’ve got to go to the main house and pick up my pills from Betty, she said she’d pick them up for me today when she went to town. I’ll say good-bye now Miss in case I leave before you two get back.”

Kay told him that it was pleasure to have met him and let the man get on about his business. If things worked out right she would be able to catch a ride back to the main house with Jim when she was finished with Roper.

Roper handed her the thermos to carry and he carried the cooler. He led her down a dirt pathway through the trees until they came to the clearing. There were four picnic tables and some wooden lawn chairs along the shore bağdat caddesi escort line of the small pond. The pond was enclosed with a fence like the rest of the ones on the property. There was a iron gate leading inside the fence to the pond. Roper sat the cooler down and released the latch on the gate. Then he lifted a lever and iron rails came up from the bottom of the gate allowing the gate to be opened.

“Cool idea wasn’t it, he told her referring to the gate? This way the gate is still secure from keeping the critters out. Well, the big critters anyway,” he told her winking at her.

They unpacked the cooler of cold chicken, cheese, and fruit that Betty had packed for them. Roper had already poured himself a big glass of the ice tea offering her a glass as well but she declined showing him the bottle of water she was going to drink. He drank the whole glass and poured himself another while she set the plates and silverware out for their meal. When he had sat down she sat on the opposite side of the table across from him.

“Feel safe over there do you Kay? Are you afraid I might try a repeat of last night? You didn’t really believe that story I fed them this morning did you? I remember very well every little detail about last night.”

Three questions all spoken one right after the other not giving her a chance until now to respond. “I sat across from you so that we could face each other as we ate and talked. No, I’m not afraid you might try the same thing with it being broad daylight with others close by. And no, I didn’t believe for one second the story you dished out this morning.”

He laughed out loud as she answered each of his questions. “I knew you didn’t believe it when you tried so hard to make an excuse not to go off with me alone. He took the last drink from his tea and refilled his glass for the third time taking a large drink.

Kay just kept eating her lunch, hoping that he could not see how nervous she was. “Roper I truly don’t believe you would do anything with Jim within shouting distance nor do I believe you want a repeat of last night either.”

“Why would you think that Kay?”

“Because of the way it was done. I think you were just proving you could bed me and that you could make me ask you to. Oh sorry that was wrong, let me rephrase that, because you could make me beg you to,” the last spoken with disgust. He was yawning as she was speaking to him and Kay noticed his eyes were getting a little glazed as well. Won’t be much longer until he would close his eyes and fall to sleep.

What the hell was wrong with him, he could barely keep his eyes open, he was thinking in a bit of a daze. “Don’t worry Kay your safe for now. I’m feeling a bit tired so I’m going to stretch out on the grass for a bit. Why don’t you take a swim or cool your feet in”…..he stood up and stumbled, he looked at her and in the instant before he passed out he knew she had drugged him.

Kay was thankful that he hadn’t hit his head on the side of the table when he passed out, she hadn’t thought about that. She grabbed his arms and tugged him till she got him over under the tree near the table. Then she went in search of some big branches. She hoped he stayed out long enough for her to get everything done so she hurried as fast as she could.

She found four perfect sticks for what she had in mind. She found a large stone that she was going to use to pound the sticks into the ground as deep as she could. It took her about a half hour to get them all pounded into the ground deep enough so he would not be able to pull them out. She pulled the rope she had found early that morning when she had devised her plan out from her bag she had brought along. She tied his arms tightly to each stake that she had put on both sides of his head, then she spread his legs so she could tie them spread eagled as well. When she was satisfied he would not be able to get free she reached over and undid his jeans. She pulled them off his hips just far enough to free his cock from his briefs, then she pulled his T-shirt up to the top of his chest. When she was finished she sat down on one of the chairs on the other side of the tree looking at her handy work.

She walked down to the pond and got a glass of water. She tossed the cool water into his face and he came to, still groggy from the sleeping pills she had spiked his tea with. She tossed another glass of water in his face, and this time he was more alert.

He just realized that she had tied him up, he tried to pull his arms free from their bindings as well as his legs with no success. He was pissed, wondering what the fuck she was up to. “Untie me Kay right now.”

Kay sat down beside him, now assured that he was not going to get loose on her. “ No, I like you just the way you are. “What’s the matter Roper, you don’t like being held down against your will,” she said very sweetly. Kay leaned down and bostancı escort kissed him on the lips, he kissed her back without thinking about it.

“That was a rather callous thing you did last night Roper, and I didn’t appreciate it. Although I will admit you did get what you wanted didn’t you? I did beg for it didn’t I?” Kay was trailing her fingernail across his nipples as she was talking to him.

She leaned down and let the tip of her tongue lick first one nipple then the other. She blew lightly on his wet nipple watching it firm up. She gave each one a little suck attention and heard him suck in his breath. Then she bit down gently on one pulling it slightly before releasing it. She repeated this on the other one as well.

She let her hand move slowly down his stomach, her fingertips lightly touching him close to his cock, tracing little circles in the crease of his thighs, down towards his balls which she lightly traced her finger around. His cock was already rising at her teasing.

She let her tongue move across his chest, to lick lightly down his side. He sucked in his breath. She trailed her tongue across his stomach to his navel letting it dip inside, then make lazy circles around it. She put her hand around his cock and began to slowly stroke him. “You know Roper I make it a rule to never go down on a man unless he has done so to me. In your case I’m going to make an exception just this once.”

Well this wasn’t to bad, she probably felt it safe to satisfy both of their lust if she was the one in control he was thinking. Damn she had soft hands, he looked down at her just as she brought her mouth close to his cock. He was waiting for the moment she would wrap her warm mouth around him but she moved past his cock and let her tongue lick the inside of his leg. That actually tickled and his body jumped involuntarily.

She cupped his balls as she licked the inside of both of his thighs moving up to the underside of his balls. Then she wrapped her mouth around his balls and gave them a gentle sucking. Letting her tongue swab them with her saliva. She licked up the length of his cock until she finally reached the top of his head. She let her tongue caress it, licking it and letting the tip of her tongue dip gently in the eye.

Roper was tense, he wanted to feel her mouth surrounding him, sucking him in deeply. Finally he felt her mouth surround his cock. Slowly she moved her mouth up and down the length of his cock, sucking softly, teasing him with her mouth. Damn she was good, it was more than he had dreamed it would be. Her tongue would wrap around the head of his cock then suck pulling it gently on each upward stroke.

Roper moaned in his pleasure, his cock was firm and throbbing in her mouth, Kay knew it would not be much longer and he would cum.

“Oh god, yes…he moaned out loud as she caressed his cock with her mouth. He wouldn’t be able to take much more of her tantalizing mouth. He had great control but she was working his cock to get the response she was looking for and he wasn’t going to make her wait much longer.

Kay knew he was close, his balls were beginning to tighten and the veins in his cock were filling with his hot blood. She reached beside her and grabbed the ice cold water she had ready. His body was tensing more and she didn’t want to take the chance that he would climax so she poured the ice cold water over his cock and balls.

“Fuck! What the fuck did you do that for!” He was glaring at her, his cock limp and shriveling up from the ice cold water. He was jerking on the ropes trying to get free. Right now he could cheerfully strangle her for that stunt if he could just get fucking loose!

“Roper did you really think I was going to reward you for last night? Two can play your game, I didn’t appreciate it and you’ve got just what you deserved.” Kay was picking up her hip pack, and heading for the gate.

“Kay what the fuck do your think your doing, get back here and untie me right now!”

She reached around behind the tree and took out the other stick she had waiting there. She walked back to where he was staked out and stuck the stick down close to one of the stakes moving the dirt back and forth a bit so he could pull himself loose in a while.

“Look at it this way cowboy, we just played Cowboy’s and Indian’s, me being the Indian who captured you and staked you out to die. Only in your case your not going to die. She turned and headed towards the gate, closing it behind her and making sure the bars were down so no critter could get in while he was freeing himself.

“Think twice about what your doing Kay, you don’t want to make any snap judgements, you may not like what that might lead to,” he was talking to her retreating back. When I get the fuck loose, she is going to pay for this he was telling himself. He began working on pulling back and forth on the stakes. Fuck, just how deep do these damn things go down he was wondering.

Jim was still at the bunkhouse thank god. She told him that Roper had found a problem with the fence down from the pond and was working on it. “I think I’ve had to much sun so he told me to come back to see if you had left yet so I could catch a ride back to the main house with you.”

“Sure enough Miss Kay, just give me five more minutes to finish up and we can get going.”

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