The D.O.V.B Society Ch. 01

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The D.O.V.B Society, that’s what they had joked about. The Destruction Of Virginal Barriers Society. It was a technical name but it got the point across. Looking around her circle of friends Bobbi pushed her long Scandinavian blonde tresses behind her ears. They were all eighteen and in a mixed boarding school. They had all been lets just say uncommitted to going to Beauford Academy, boarding school. They had hit off from the first meeting all being sent there against their will. All four with parents will the same agenda: to make sure their daughters saved themselves for marriage. Being virgins until they were married.

Looking round Bobbi looked at the girls she had shared a room with for seven months. Grace, known as Gracie to the group was the oldest with long, jet black, smooth hair delicate figure while being 5’7 in height, Gracie was the leader of the group. Bobbi was the next in age, with ash blonde hair, small square glasses and a height of 5’5, Bobbi she reflected was the intellectual of the group. Then there was Phoebe called Phebs to all who knew and loved her, she had a middle sort of brown colour to her hair, and as Bobbi never forgot to notice was taller then her, the height as Gracie, a proud 5’7, Phebs was quite one of the group, the follower. Then last but not least of the group there was Anneke, though everyone called her Annie- she was the youngest of the group, she had strawberry blonde hair and was the smallest of the group being 5’2.

As well as the others Bobbi hated what their parents had done, or at least tried to do in attempt to sending them B.A (Beauford Academy). They had finally decided what to do about it. They were going to lose their virginity before marriage. Sure it seemed like childish way of it, but they had made a pact of it and they were going to keep their promises to each other. They had made rules for their secret society, rules were the base.

They had four months of school left, that would be their time frame. A name would be picked out in a dip and that girl would have a month to lose her virginity to the guy of her choice, the girl wouldn’t have to say who the guy was until the deed was done and they would have to bring back the used condom as proof to it. It wouldn’t matter if the last person didn’t need a whole month the next girl would be pulled out of the hat on the beginning of the next month and so on. They were expected to keep a ankara escort journal of exactly what happened also. Then there was the deal of the panties. The virgins of the group would wear white silk panties and when they have lost it the switch is made to the red silk panties.

They had thought about this for months and now they were ready, they had decided that the person to lose her virginity the last time would pick out the name, but since they hadn’t done it yet, the oldest Gracie was nominated. She picked it out the crease folding it over the middle. Bobbi looking on, she unfolded the paper.

It read Bobbi.

Journal Entry for the D.O.V.B Society Diary. Month: One.
Day: 10th
Virgin: Bobbi Jackson.
Participant: Ryan Prescott.

The library was quiet every one had left, except for me. And Ryan. Yes I know my best friend but you guys can’t criticize me! The condom I was given seeming to burn a hole in my jersey pocket. Ryan has been my best friend since I came to B.A, I normally tell him everything. And sorry guys but I did I told him how I wanted to loose my virginity. I didn’t tell him about the D.O.V.B but I wanted to. He was quiet, so quiet almost as if taking it all in. I thought he was going to reject me, then he stood up his chestnut hair, glinting red as the nearby lamp enhanced his features. He was looking down at me and then he yanked me up by the shoulders my head only coming to his shoulder.

“You want me to do it then?” he asked me huskily his breath sort of crazed, his eyes staring at me not breaking the contact.

I didn’t know what to do! All I did was stand there. I wiped my tongue across my lips putting it back in my mouth, bit my bottom lip and nodded.

Just when I thought he was going to turn me down flat he grabbed my hair pulling me towards him fusing his hand in my hair and lowering his mouth to mine. Our tongues going past the barriers of our teeth blending our mouths together through our tongues.

He pulls apart at first I didn’t know what he was doing, then I saw him push the papers that were on the old oak table to the floor, well some of them but that didn’t stop him from lifting me and placing me on it. Getting on the table I shifted to the other side of it. I felt pumped, rushed with energy, still reeling from the kisses we shared. It was at this time I wished I had taken of the white silk panties before I went to the library. I’m ankara escort bayan on the other side of the table while he is looking at me. He looks confused, I think he thinks I’ve changed my mind, I want to show him other wise.

I’m on my knees, I put the palms of my small hands on the hem of my tartan skirt that finishes at the knee, I bring my hands further up taking my skirt with me as I refuse to break eye contact. Watching what I’m ding he realises I’m not backing out now, I can see him unzip his black trousers and drive his hand inside. He knows my game, I want to play it with him.

I pull my skirt up to my waist, he can see the panties. my hand reaching past my stomach, I reach under the silk cotton contrasting my path to my centre, two fingers poised for entry were I slide my fingers over my swollen clit gently rubbing, groaning as I do so. My fingers hovering for a second before sliding my fingers between the blonde curls to my pussy lips, sliding my fingers into their wet, tight prison, rubbing, massaging my inflamed clit with my thumb waiting as my hips buck beneath my hand throwing my head back as the explosions burst inside me. Shudders and convulsions take over my body, a body that is pulsating around my fingers, then I release, my wet interior dripping down my fingers and legs, some christening the pages of my biology notes.

I lift my head up, my eyes still glazed with pleasure that seemed to sweep me away. I see Ryan there, his trousers had fallen past his lean hips to the floor near his shoes, his hand wrapped around his 7 inch member, his hand dripping with the cum he spilt watching me pleasure myself. He takes his shirt off, as he sees me waiting for him to join me, climbing onto the table he slides his naked body towards me, his muscles gleaning with sweat. He crawls to my open knees, my fingers still embedded deep with in my pussy.

He reaches out following my hand into the silk panties, wet with my pussy juices, touching me there faintly as he pulls my hand out. By my wrist he pulls it closer to him, until he takes my two fingers into his mouth licking them off.

“Sweet” he says as he drops my hand and pulls off my jersey, going with it my short-sleeve shirt, facing him in a front clasp bra. He flicks the clasp releasing my pert breasts into him hands, his thumbs grazing over my erect nipples, lowering his head to each one wrapping their beaded structures escort ankara with his hot, wet tongue. My head charging back with a squeal of delight at the attack being made on my supple body.

Then he pulls my legs out in front me, sliding his hands up the smooth skin of my legs, gripping the sides of the bikini panties and pulling them clear of my legs, leaving my in my ankle socks, flat shoes and tartan skirt wrapped around my waist as well as my long blonde hair trailing drown my back. Moving forward…

I think its my turn, I sit up, already tired out but willing as I straddle his hips, running my hands over his bare chest, rubbing my finger tips over his erect nipples, shocking them into paying attention to the assault on them, making them bead expectantly and deep while I rub my chest up against him, growling moan pass though his lips … my mouth goes to it, licking, kissing as well as nibbling on the exposed nipple, while finger actively plays with the other one. …

I decide it’s time I want to feel him buried deep within me, I want to feel him burn between my legs. I pull of the condom out of my discarded jersey. Putting my hand to his cock I rub him gently marvelling at the pre-cum glistening on his hard bell end stroking it gently hearing him moan while I streak the condom over his hard dick. I then place my hand to his free, hard cock again. guiding him into my sweet softness, then there he is the velvet tip of his bell end pausing at the gate way. then I go down, impaling my self on him, breaking my virgin barrier a harsh cry passed my lips, after the shocking pain subsides he starts making squeal with joy as I feel him thrust back, burying himself deeper and deeper into my folds.

Groaning and moaning as I rock on his dick back and forth, riding it, kissing him, my tongue melding with his as my ankles clasp together at the small of his back, holding on in anticipation for the shudders I feel coming, coming and coming. faster and faster as I arch pulling him deeper and deeper into me. then it happens, my senses blow apart as he explode inside me, my tightness just making him cum harder. then I collapse as I try to bring myself back down to the earth….

It’s my turn to pick out of the hat now, the condom in a metal tin marked with my name as proof of what happened, I’m no longer a virgin any more. I’m aloud to wear the red silk panties now. Ryan and I are still friends, as after all he did was help me out with a problem. We both know that. And besides isn’t that what friends do for each other. I reach into the hat, unfold the crease and look at the small piece of paper.

Phoebe’s next.

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