The Dance


Her favorite song! Savannah grabbed her semi-sober friend out of her chair and pulled her from the bar.

“Hey!” Jessica yelped, slurring some gibberish about her being too drunk to see her own feet.

“Come on, Jess. It’s my first night out with my new body and no baggage. Don’t make me go out there alone.” Savannah pleaded with her friend, who suddenly was staring at the multi-colored lights in the dance club, The Tornado. Savannah lost about forty pounds after some very hard work. Her curves finally fit. So did all of her dresses. Unfortunately, the one thing that didn’t fit her was her boyfriend. Talen constantly worried about her cheating on him and she finally got sick of two years of bitching and moaning. Even at 170 pounds, he wouldn’t let off the subject and once she got down to 130, he increased the torment. She told him that she was sick of it and left him.

That was four months ago. It’s hard to get over such a long relationship and she was a recluse and a disaster. Jessica finally talked her into going to The Tornado and even took Savannah shopping. Savannah finally found a beautiful red dress that hugged her in all the right places. After her weight loss, she got breast implants and started tanning. Her nails were covered in acrylic and she could turn a head in a gay bar. Her new breasts were a wonderful 36C and pilates helped her with her 27 inch waist and round, firm ass. Maybe it’s time to get some.

After all, it had been about five months since the last time she had even the slightest, most pathetic attempt at sex. All she wanted was to feel a hard cock hitting every inch of her tight, pink hole. She loved the feeling of being filled to the brim, and with her ex being Italian, she felt full quite often. He always knew the right way to get her g-spot screaming, begging Escort bayan for more. He could just tickle the entrance to her wetness, her muscles trying desperately to grip her man’s meat. He would tease and tease and when he finally let her have some, she would be insatiable. It was a long time since that actually happened, however, and she ran out of her booty-call passes with Talen. Besides, toward the end, he got, well, boring. She went out tonight with the express concern that she needed to get laid…bad.

So, Savannah’s song blared on the system and she backed out onto the dance floor. Poor Jessica was about to fall over and went to sit down, promising that she would watch. She waved at Savannah and stumbled off in the general direction of the bar.

Savannah shrugged her shoulders and started putting some moves in motion. She started going to a class offered at her gym on striptease aerobics, so she could dance circles around the best pole-hugger. Her hips swayed luxuriously to the beat and her tanned legs, accented by the expensive heels on her feet, pumped in rhythm. Her supple ass stuck way out and her eyes closed.

A hand on her waist made her tense. It wasn’t Jessica’s hand, but a man’s. She started to pull away, but the crowd around her tightened as the song turned into trance-like techno. He had strong hands, manicured fingers and no rings. He had a wonderful cologne on and he had a flat stomach, as her ass soon felt. His strong hand held her tiny waist and he began to grind on her, pulling her long brown hair to his face.

“Would you like to be fucked?” He whispered with a slight Irish accent in her ear. She immediately felt the dam burst below. She nodded as he held onto her hair tightly. She started to turn and he quickly turned her back around with Bayan escort his strong arms. No face-to-face. She forgot that she didn’t have any panties on and her pussy dripped down her legs. He laughed behind her.

He unzipped his pants and she felt him pull out a sizable rod. It wasn’t just long, but thick as well. “Would you like my rod inside of you, lover?” She didn’t know his name, she didn’t need to know his name. All she needed was his cock to plug up her wet, pungent pussy. Her wetness dripped to the floor and she felt his warm skin through her short dress. He lifted up the skirt just enough to get his cock inside her.

It had been so long since she had had some rod, so she was especially tight. He touched her opening ever so slightly then rammed it deep inside her. The partygoers pressed up against the lovers, making it seem that his cock would hit her lungs. She gasped as her wet pussy walls adjusted to the sudden intrusion. He began to pump her agonizingly slow and she began to ache with the first orgasm. She had never climaxed from penetration, but there is a first time for everything.

The stranger’s arms wrapped around her and bent her at the waist. She was at crotch level with most of the men in the club, and several took notice. Another stranger pulled out his huge black cock and put it on her face. He held the back of her head and fucked his rod into her. Savannah had never felt this full and she felt the pressure building. With the sexy Irish man plunging deep inside of her and the black man in front of her, it was too much for her to handle.

Wave after wave of pleasure hit her g-spot and suddenly a tongue hit her clitoris, sending her knees buckling and her clit to pulse. The slight hands of a woman grabbed her hips, keeping her up so Savannah could Escort be ravaged by her tongue. The black man ripped into her throat and finally held onto her head as he erupted into her mouth. The woman below her licked Savannah’s clit and tickled the Irish man’s balls, tugging on them. The black man pulled out of her, zipped up his pants, and patted her bouncing head. He walked into the crowd and was lost in the swarm. The Irish man kept pounding her and Savannah’s breath seemed to be lost between her orgasm and the black stranger’s cum running down her face.

The woman under her moaned and it seemed had an orgasm from her own fingers, vibrating the tiny bone in Savannah’s wetness. She started feeling another orgasm gripping her whole area as the man started to slow again. The mystery woman tortured her for another couple of seconds, building the pressure in her pussy and sucked her like a cock. Another mind-blowing orgasm racked Savannah with moans and the woman flicked her expert tongue on the tip of her clit. She nearly lost control when the man suddenly sped up and slammed her pussy, splashing her juices all over the floor. He started to swell and he finally blew his thick, gooey load deep inside of her sopping, begging pussy. The woman moved out from under Savannah and slouched into the abyss. The Irishman moaned loudly and pumped his semen deep into her.

He pulled his spent cock out of her and pulled her head up to his, sending shivers through Savannah’s still quivering body. He zipped up his pants, still holding her with one strong arm. “I hope you liked that, lover. Count to ten then you may turn around. Goodbye.” He let her go and she breathlessly counted to ten.

She turned and there was nobody. He was gone. She looked down at her legs, soaked with white liquid. She looked up and waved at her plastered friend, who didn’t even see her. Her body still ached from her orgasms and her legs quivered. The song changed and she started to dance again, with strangers’ cum on her face, in front of her and running down her legs.