The Deal Ch. 02


The next morning I was in a state of panic. All I could think about was what I’d done and how much I’d enjoyed it, but at the same time I was terrified that people would find out. It was hard enough as it was, not having any friends, being known as the pushover at work because I was so easily intimidated by men, without them knowing I’d sucked cock.

The whole day at work I was so nervous I kept making mistakes, dropping things, and stuttering incoherently after the receptionist asked me what I did the previous night. It was just a conversational question, but as soon as she asked I went into a blind panic thinking that somehow people at work knew. They already made fun of me behind my back for being such a wimp. If they knew what I’d done with Mike it would become unbearable and they already knew I never defended myself or stood up to anyone, especially men.

It wasn’t as if my fears were unfounded. I’d started getting beat up by other kids when I was five and by the time I was in the third grade it was pretty much a daily occurrence. Basically, I was the kid who got his lunch money stolen every day. I’d twitch and jump when someone came up to me unexpectedly, and I’d turn toward them cringing in fear that they would say, “I know what you did last night…”

That night when I got home, I just sat there trembling and crying, not knowing what to do. I desperately wanted to see Mike again and to suck that gorgeous big cock of his, but if I kept doing this, there was more chance that people would find out and I couldn’t handle the idea of all my tormenters knowing that I put on a miniskirt and heels and sucked cock every opportunity I got.

It got to be nine o’clock and I was still struggling with this internal conflict when I reached over and picked up the phone. I was holding onto Mike’s number with my other hand, which was shaking so much I could barely read the number. When Mike answered, I couldn’t speak, and just sat silently on the phone.

“Keith?” Mike asked. “Is that you?”

“Yes…” I breathed out as I fought back tears.

“What can I do for you, sexy legs?”

I stuttered and sobbed my way through telling him I really wanted to see him again, to dress up sexy and go down on him, but I was afraid people would find out and I was already getting picked on as it was and I couldn’t take it if anyone found out.

He finally shushed me after I rambled on for several minutes. “Beg for it,” he said sharply.


“Beg me to come over. Beg me to let you suck my cock. Tell me how much you want to be on your knees again tonight in front of a real man. I want you to beg, Keith.”

I was already too far in, and after a long silence I began stuttering out through my tears, “Yes… please… Mike… I need… your… cock… so… bad…” At that point I was sobbing so uncontrollably, unable to handle the fact that I was begging a man to let me give him a blowjob, but wanting it so badly, and feeling so lonely, that I was unable to control myself.

“It will be okay, Keith. I’ll be over in a few minutes. Put on something sexy for me. Maybe you can walk around a little more in those heels this time before you get don’t on your knees for me again.”

After I hung up, I just staring blankly at the wall trying to digest what had just happened. Mike was on his way over, and that sent me into another panic looking for something to wear. I didn’t have much of a wardrobe at that point, and it was the same heels but a different miniskirt and top. After that, I was pretty much limited to just my collection of short shorts and my two pairs of women’s sneakers, one white pair I wore out because it was hard to tell they were women’s, and one pair I didn’t wear out because they were pink.

When Mike arrived, he was immediately harsh and strong toned with me. Mike got off on seeing me flinch, cringe, and cry. “Not much of a man, are you, Keith?” was his opening salvo. After I looked down at the floor in shame and muttered out, “No, sir,” he went on to saying, “Shaving your legs, painting your toenails, wearing girlie clothes, and begging men to come over so you can dress up and suck their cocks.”

He then put his hand under my chin and made me look right at him as he went on to ask again, this time in a louder, more commanding voice, “Not much of a man, are you, Keith?”

“No, sir,” I stammered out as loudly as I could while shaking and struggling to keep standing in my heels.

“Say, ‘I’m not much of a man.'”

“I’m not… much… of… a… man…”

“A guy like you belongs on his knees in front of other men, don’t you think, Keith?”

“Yes,” I blubbered through my tears.

“Say it and say it loud. Tell me you are a guy who belongs on his knees in front of other men.”

“I belong on my knees in front of other men, sir,” I coughed out as I sobbed uncontrollably.

“Then why aren’t you on your knees now?” Mike snapped angrily as his let go of my chin. “Time to suck, faggot.”

As I altyazılı porno slowly went down to my knees, trying not to tip over in my heels as I did, Mike stopped me for a moment to say, “You know, I thought it would take three days for you to break down and call me. I guess Keith is a lot hungrier for cock than I thought. Time to feed you, cocksucker.”

Mike unbuckled and dropped his pants to his ankles. “Be sure to take off my shoes and my pants while you’re down there groveling, you pathetic sissy.”

“Yes… sir…” I stammered as I held onto the wall as I got down to my knees and did exactly as Mike told me to do. “Please… don’t… want… find… out…”

“Aw, Keith has a secret. Keith is a cocksucker. Poor thing.” Mike then shook his head sadly while looking down at me. “Just suck my dick, Keith. Just suck my did and stop whining for five minutes.”

It was a horrifying realization. As I reached up for Mike’s cock, my own little dick throbbing in my pink panties, I realized it all made sense. I’d gotten to twenty-four years of age without ever standing up for myself or even really trying to get a girlfriend, and now here I was, wrapping my fingers around this man’s cock and parting my lips in eager anticipation.

“You were always destined for this,” Mike said as he reached down and brushed my hair away from my face. “Your story that you told me only confirms it. Some guys get their dicks sucked. Some guys do the sucking. We know which kind of guy you are, don’t we, Keith?”

“Yes,” I cried out hoarsely before opening my mouth and taking the head of Mike’s cock into my salivating mouth.

“That’s it,” Mike said with a big smile, “enjoy that cock, Keith. Look at you go. That’s it!”

I couldn’t help myself, it was too good and it felt so right. All I could think about was trying to do a good job sucking Mike’s cock so that he’d be pleased with me, not to mention I was dying to get another facial. Looking in the mirror at myself with another man’s semen all over my face had caused me to break down into tears, but it had been so arousing that just the sight of myself dressed up with my face smeared with cum had stiffened me once again.

The truth was that I stood in front of the mirror, tears streaming down my cheeks, crying audibly as I pulled my stiff little dick out of my panties and stood there jerking off as I looked at my semen covered face. I’d never felt so pathetic in my life, but being that way and being humiliated for it, which had made my life a living hell for so many years, was now my biggest source of arousal. As much as I hated it, I’d come to love it to the point of madness when it came to how ridicule and being degraded turned me on.

So, it would not be wrong to say I was in a state of total confusion about who I was and what I was doing. There I was, on my knees in a miniskirt and heels, enthusiastically sucking a man’s cock and enjoying every second of it. This was who I was, or at least who I was becoming, and I couldn’t stop.

My greatest fear at that point was discovery, and midway through giving Mike a blowjob I stopped, sniffled back tears and strained to speak as I said, “Please, I don’t want anyone to know… I do… this…”

“Stop worrying about what other people think and suck, you pansy-ass faggot. Suck!”

I choked on the words I tried to speak next, managed to meekly mutter, “Yes, sir,” as I leaned my head back down and let that delicious cock head slide between my oh so willing lips, and the stiff shaft slid in after and my mouth was filled with big, hard cock, just as I now knew it needed to be.

“Eventually, all the boys will know about Keith,” Mike said with a smirk as my drooling mouth slid up and down on his cock, Mike’s hands now on either side of my head, working me faster as well and making me take more and more each time. “All the boys will know Keith shaves his legs and sucks cock. All the boys will know, Keith. All of them.”

Gasping for air and feeling panicked again because of what Mike was saying, I came up off his cock and looked up at him desperately. “Please… don’t… I… can’t…”

“From now on, Keith, you don’t talk. You suck. I’ll talk. Now, shut the fuck up and keep sucking,” Mike said with an angry sigh before pushing my head back down on his cock. “You are nothing but a cock sucker, Keith. Nothing but a cocksucker.”

The more Mike verbally degraded me, the more turned on I got, especially once I got to the point where I couldn’t control my tears and he mocked me for being such a crybaby.

“Look at you,” Mike cackled as he sat back and watched me suck sloppily, but enthusiastically, n his cock. “You are not a man, Keith. You’re a total fucking sissy. Come on, bitch, suck that cock! Look at you loving it!”

He began working my head up and down so fast and so hard that I kept slipping off. Mike loved to bring me up slowly, my lips sliding slowly up the shaft of his cock as my tongue flicked hungrily at it inside my mouth, zenci porno and then once he brought me up to where my lips were tasting the head, he’d slam my head down hard and make me gag and cough.

“My bitch boy needs more practice,” Mike laughed as he moaned. “Bitch boy needs to suck some more cock!”

Not long after he yelled that out, Mike moaned loudly, his body stiffened, and he held my head down on his cock as he came, his delicious cum filling my mouth and leaking out from between my lips and Mike’s cock as I choked on it and struggled to come up for air.

Mike continued to hold me down as he continued ejaculating, one spurt after another. My whole body was jerking and pulling as I tried to catch my breath while Mike mocked me by telling me to breathe through my nose.

“Choke that juice down, cocksucker,” Mike said, now laughing hard as he watched me stop fighting, as I sobbed and gagged, trying to choke down Mike’s thick load as I felt it dripping down my chin.

When he finally let me up, I fell backwards and to the side, almost falling over before Mike caught me. He pulled me up on the couch, and with me sitting next to him, still trying to catch my breath, he took my right hand by the wrist and put it on my crotch.

“Jerk yourself off while telling me how much you love sucking cock and how much you can’t wait until the next time,” Mike told me as if he were a science teacher directing a student on how to conduct an experiment. When I hesitated, looking at Mike with bewilderment, he snapped, “Now, bitch!”

I started slowly, feeling humiliated once again, as I sat there tugging on my wiener, looking at Mike for his approval as I slowly began mumbling, “I love sucking cock. I want to suck more cock,” and with Mike’s coaxing eventually started jerking faster and yelling out that I loved sucking cock and I wanted more cock. It wasn’t long before my load, small, watery, and pathetic compared to Mike’s big manly ejaculation, spurted out of my little stiffy as I moaned and cried over and over about what a pathetic cock sucking loser I really was.

“It will be okay,” Mike said as he saw me sitting there, looking helpless and broken, his cum on my face, my own dripping on my hand, sobbing. “Men will like you better this way. Guys always appreciate a good blowjob. See, you have a place in this world.”

With that, Mike put his pants back on and headed out the door. “Until next time.”

It was a moment of complete horror for me. There I stood, staring at the door after Mike left, rushing over to lock it in a panic that he might return, and then just staring at the door again. What had I done? How did I get into this mess? Was this really who I was? When I was in school they’d bully me and say mean things to me, and one of the things they liked to call me as an insult was “cocksucker,” so were they right? Did they know before I did that this was how I was going to end up?

The next day was Friday and I spent the day at work being extremely anxious and avoiding unnecessary conversation with anyone. I only talked about work, and then in a very straightforward manner. Much to my horror I realized that I had become more passive and all but submissive when someone asked me to do something. Twice I found myself calling a co-worker “sir” and then recoiling when I realized what I’d done.

Mike showed up early Friday night after calling me and telling me to put on my shortest and sexiest shorts for him. It was odd that he didn’t want me in a miniskirt and heels, since that had been my outfit the first two times, but I did as I was told and was wearing a t-shirt, my Daisy Duke cut-off short shorts, ankle socks and white sneakers.

“Very nice,” Mike said with a smile. “Come on, we’re going for a ride.”

“I can’t go out in these,” I said in a high pitched whine, since I’d never go out in public in the shorts I was wearing. I could tell from looking in the mirror that when I walked in them, the bottom of my smooth shaved and very cute butt cheeks would peek out.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you,” Mike said as he gently took my arm and walked with me to the door. “We’re just going for a ride.”

Nervous and scared, not having any idea of Mike’s real intentions, I went with him out the door and to his truck. I got in, he put his hand on my thigh and told me, “Let’s go show off those cocksucker legs.”

I panicked and reached for the door handle, but Mike had locked the doors so only he could open them from his door panel. He started the truck and I looked at him, unable to speak, a serious deer in the headlights look in my eyes as he pulled out and started down the road.

He pulled into the big shopping mall’s parking lot and told me to get out. For several long seconds I sat there, frozen in fear, hoping Mike wasn’t serious, and then not being sure what scared me more, walking around with my shaved legs in Daisy Duke shorts or what Mike might do if I refused.

Mike was the aldatma porno more immediate threat, and with me being basically afraid of my own shadow, I got out of the truck, my hand shaking so much that I had trouble pulling the door handle to open the door. When I stepped out and Mike came around, I was just staring at the walk to the mall, people coming and going, and then looking at Mike, wanting to tell him I wanted to go home, but instead just making a whimper.

“I’ll be with you, but we’re going to walk around the mall so you can show off those sexy legs to all the guys.” Mike stepped closer and put his hand under my chin and made me look up at him as he said, “While you’re strutting through the mall I want you to remember, you look like a guy who sucks cock and that’s fine because, Keith, you ARE a guy who sucks cock.”

As if I wasn’t terrified enough, when Mike put that thought in my head I cowered and cringed, but then started walking towards the mall as he put his hand gently on my back and urged me forward.

Trying to look forward and not make eye contact with anyone, I nervously stepped along with Mike across the parking lot and to the mall. Once inside, things became worse, not only because I couldn’t avoid noticing people staring at me, but because the air conditioning was on so high in the mall that my bare legs broke out in goosebumps and I started shivering.

“Mike… I… can’t…” My whimper trailed off as I found myself unable to speak. Having stopped to try to tell Mike to take me home, he put his hand on my back again and lightly pushed me forward.

“Keep walking, sexy legs,” Mike snickered quietly to me.

The stares, the whispered comments, the teenage girls giggling, and all the snickers that came as we walked up and down through the mall had me so freaked out that I just walked like a zombie. It was as if my spirit left my body because it could no longer handle how embarrassed and humiliated I felt.

By the time we got back to the truck, I was shaking, trembling, and once in the truck I finally broke down sobbing.

“I know what will make you feel better, Keith. A nice hard cock to suck.”

“Mike, please, I can’t… take it…”

“Oh, I think you’ll be surprised at how much you can handle. We need to push your boundaries and then push them some more. Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from the bullies and the mean people, but I like putting my pet cocksucker on display and I’m going to keep doing it, so get used to it.”

As my sobbing and whining continued, Mike unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his ankles.

Turning to me, wiping away my tears with his thumb and then raising my chin so I was looking at him as he said, “Keith, you are the most pathetic guy I’ve ever met in my life. You were always going to end up like this. I think you know that now.”

With that, he put his hand behind my neck, and with his strong hands and arms he pulled my head down towards his lap until his hard cock was right in front of my face.

“Time to suck, you fucking pansy ass,” Mike sneered as he pushed me down so my lips were touching the delicious man meat of his incredibly gorgeous cock. “Come on, sweetie pie. Get to work.”

I could see my tears falling on his cock as I ever so lightly ran my tongue along the shaft of his cock, my knees on the floor of the truck on the passenger side of what was a very roomy cab, my left arm on the seat, my right hand now wrapping around his cock and bringing it to my willing and hungry mouth, and then my lips slid over the head of his cock and let it fill my mouth with what I’d needed since puberty, another man’s cock.

This time it was different than the first two times. I wasn’t anxiously and hungrily devouring it, but instead something in me had snapped, taking me from where I convinced myself that it was a one-time thing to where I now came to accept. This was who I was. This was what I did. So, I sucked, right there in the cab of the truck, struggling to get into a comfortable position the entire time.

Mike was moaning, and urging me on, calling me a cocksucker and a faggot, which only turned me on more. The open window and the chance that someone would see were things I blocked out as I tried to satisfy my man so he’d be pleased with me. All I wanted was Mike to be pleased with me so I could keep getting his cock. Now that I was finally getting cock, and now that I accepted it was what I wanted and needed, the last thing I wanted to do was to lose Mike. His cock was so beautiful and it tasted so damned good.

“See, Keith, you need a real man to look after you and protect you,” Mike said as I meekly slid his cock back and forth in my eager mouth, my drool mixing with my tears as I struggled to keep that delicious man meat in my mouth. “So many bullies and mean people out there, Keith, and for a pathetic cocksucker like you, it must be so tough not to have a protector. But don’t worry, Keith, I’ll take very good care of you.”

My mind drifted as I clumsily tried to give Mike a satisfying blowjob. I was remembering my senior year in high school. After gym class, I used to purposely move slowly so that I didn’t have to be naked in front of the other boys when I changed into my regular clothes.