The Devil’s in the Details

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Next time I’ll check the memo.

I hate memos. They never say anything. There’s usually a dozen a day to read, sort, and file.

And they get lost.

That’s what I did with the Halloween memo. Actually, I probably threw it away. Without reading it.

If I had read it, it would have reminded me of the annual Halloween costume event at work. Everyone was to wear a costume. There would be a costume contest. And trick or treating.

Like I said, I never read it. So I dressed in my usual shirt, tie, and jacket and went to work.

I like to get to work early. There are fewer phone calls. And without the rest of the staff there, it is quieter. I was sitting at my desk in peaceful, and ignorant, bliss, when Carol, my secretary entered my office.

“What are you supposed to be?” she asked.

“Hard at work. And you are …?” I really needed to ask. Carol is thirty and was dressed as a cross between a Playboy bunny and a devil. She had a tight, low cut black leotard with a long red tail and horns. And hose. Fishnet stockings, which encased her luscious legs. She has a nice body that she usually hides under layers of clothes and bulky sweaters. There was nothing left to the imagination today.

“I’m a devil, silly. But you’re not wearing a costume.”

“I didn’t know ….”

“Memo number 03-645, Halloween festivities, which stated that we were supposed to dress up for the holiday. You know, one of those management things to build rapport and make us think it’s a great company.”

“Well, I missed that one. I’ll get it next year.”

“Oh, no. We’re judged as a department, and if everyone doesn’t have a costume, then the whole department is disqualified.”

“Well, like I said, there’s always next year.”

“Look, I didn’t dress like some sleazy she-devil to wait till next year. The winning department goes to Cancun and you’re not ruining it for us. Or for me. So you will be wearing a costume today.”

“Okay.” Great.

“So it’s time to make you a costume. Let’s see. I need your earpiece for your cell phone, sunglasses, and a pen cap.”

Who was I to argue? It seemed easy enough. And the quicker I got her out of the room, the sooner I could get to work. I assembled the required parts and sat back.

“Okay, Mark, we’re bahis firmaları going to make you into a Secret Service Agent. A few quick changes ….”

Carol took the earpiece and moved close to me. I felt her breath on my neck and her breasts push against my back as she placed the earpiece in my ear and then ran the wire down my back. She placed the pen cap on lapel like a microphone. Then she put the glasses in place.

“Something’s missing.” She left the room and returned a few minutes later with a blue blazer. “Bill in purchasing will never miss it. He’s a scarecrow today. Pretty lame one at that.”

She walked around to me and slipped the jacket over my arms. She stood in front of me, brushing her hands along my shoulders, tugging at the sleeves. “You’ve been working out, haven’t you?”

“You look great,” she said. She laughed, a deep sexy laugh, as she adjusted her impromptu props on me. “We need just one more thing”

She pushed against me with her hip to gain access to my computer. The warmth of her body was nice as she leaned against me. Her thigh rested against my hand. It was warm and smooth. I was tempted to caress it, but reality slapped me in the head and I pulled my hand back. I could swear she was rubbing her butt against my crotch.

“We need to get you a badge.” She accessed my employment file and with a few keystrokes had a mock-up of a Government ID badge complete with picture. She printed the sheet and before I knew it had fashioned a badge to pin to my lapel.

“You look so cool. Just like those guys guarding the President. Se you later.” She rubbed her hand on my thigh as she left me.

It must have been the day or the costume or getting me to look likes some bureaucratic geek that was making her act this way. Carol normally was the most conservative and efficient person in the office. But that day, she was, well, flighty.

A few hours later she stopped by again, looking better and better as the she devil. “The judges will be here in a few minutes. They’re going room to room. Where are your treats?”

“Candy, gum, whatever you were planning on giving out today.”

“I didn’t know …”

“That you were supposed to bring treats. You know Mark, for a smart guy, you can be dense. Now, you owe me kaçak iddaa for this. Big time.”

She reached into a sack and pulled out a small bowl filled with boxes of raisins and nuts. As she arranged the bowl on my desk I peered down her blouse and swore I saw her breasts.

“What do I owe you?” I said as I reached for my wallet.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get it back from you later.”

Carol flicked her tail and wiggled her ass as she left the room. I tried to return to work but for the next two hours there was an endless parade of managers and others entering and leaving the room to judge my costume. They all gave me rave reviews, and everyone took a treat when they left the office.

I was so engrossed with my report that I didn’t hear Carol enter the room. She startled me when she spoke.

“Well, you missed everything today, didn’t you?”

“I guess so.”

“We won!”


“We won. Our department won best costumes.” She ran to me and through her arms around me. Her breasts pressed hard against me chest and I pulled her close. My hands slipped down to the gorgeous ass I had watched all day.

“And you got best costume!”


“First of all no one could believe you wore a costume. And second, it wasn’t the usual pirate or bum outfit. So you won. Isn’t that great?”

“I’m speechless.”

We were still wrapped in each other’s arms, neither making a move to disentangle from the other. It was strange. We’ve always been casual with each other, but nothing more. No flirting. No teasing. Just co-workers. At that moment I couldn’t have told you if Carol had a boyfriend.

“Trick or treat,” she finally said.

“Now what?”

“I want a trick or a treat.”

“Well, I’m out of treats. Everyone in the office has stopped by that pail of candy you put on my desk and it is empty.”

“Then, I’ll take a trick.”

Carol let go of me, but before I could get too disappointed she pushed me into my chair. Her devil ears were slightly askew on her head, and a wicked smile crossed her lips. She swung her right leg over mine and straddled me. She placed both hand on my chest, rubbing my nipples with her palms.

“Well Mister secret agent, I’ll take a trick.”

She leaned forward and kissed me, slipping her kaçak bahis tongue between my lips. Her boldness took me by surprise, but with a good-looking woman dressed in a skimpy devil costume sitting on my lap, I wasn’t going to argue. I kissed her back. Hard.

Carol started to thrust her pelvis against me and my hands slid down her tight leotard to her ass. She grabbed the front of my shirt and ripped it open. She rolled my nipples between her fingers.

“I think you need to fuck me.”

Although I had been lusting after her for the better part of the day I couldn’t believe what I heard. “What did you say?”

“I want you to fuck me. Now! Here!”

Some things I don’t need to be told twice, and being told to fuck Carol was one of them. I stood up and lifted to her the top of my desk. She laid back and placed her legs on either side of me. I reached down and undid the leotard snaps at her crotch. Her fishnet pantyhose were the only thing between her cunt and me and I tore through the wet fabric, exposing her wet lips.

“Hurry, I need you to fuck me. Now, “ she pleaded.

I dropped my pants and grabbed my cock. I slid it against her lips, wetting it with her slick juice and slid it into her.

“Mmmmmmmmm …. That feels good. Fuck my pussy, Mark. Fill me up with that hard cock. Now.”

I grabbed her hips and started to slide in and out of her tight cunt. Her hips thrusted forward as my balls slapped against her ass. She reached behind me with her feet and pushed me into her. I thrust hard into her

“That’s it Mark, fuck me good. Pound into me. Harder. I’m going to cum.”

Carol propped up on her elbows to watch my cock slide in and out of her tight cunt. She threw her head back as her chest began to heave and she started to hyperventilate. She reached down and rubbed her clit ass I stroked into her. She let out a loud, long moan as she came. As she gushed over my cock I filled her tight cunt with my cum.

My cock slipped out of her and she stood up in front of the desk. Carol slipped her hands between her legs and scooped my cum out of her and brought it to her lips. She licked them, spreading my cum over her lips. She leaned forward and kissed me, slipping her tongue and my cum into my mouth.

“Come on lover, let’s get dressed and go to a real Halloween party. And I’ll show you a great time there.”

We got dressed and closed the door as we left my office.

Next time I’ll check the memo. No. I think I prefer a surprise.

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