The Dirty Little Secret

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Madison White was very depressed lately. She hadn’t had a boyfriend in what seemed to be a very long time. She just wasn’t connecting with anybody she was meeting. She even started to think she might like girls.

She just wanted to be loved in some regard. At this point, she wasn’t at all picky. She was really upset and spent a lot of time at home. Her mother was concerned about her. She was always on the couch watching sappy love stories while eating pints of ice cream.

Her mother was going to address issues with her daughter when she got home from her job. She wanted to let her know that she didn’t need a love interest to have a good sex life. She was going to show her ways to make herself happy again.


Ann, Madison’s mother, was crocheting and watching chick flicks. She was drinking wine while waiting for her daughter to come home from work. She couldn’t wait to talk with her. After about an hour, Ann heard Madison’s car pull up the driveway. Madison flung open the door and immediately walked to the kitchen to grab some wine. She walked into the living room where her mother was sitting.

“Hi, mother. Did you have a nice day?”

“Not bad, dear. How was your day?”

“Shitty. My boss had me running around like a lunatic. I’m his secretary, not his personal slave.”

Ann laughed and drank her wine while her daughter went off about her day. She was making an afghan for one of her friends. Her daughter seemed annoyed with what her boss had her do. Ann just listened while her daughter continued to rant.

“I’m so lonely, mother. Why can’t I have a boyfriend? Am I ugly? Am I boring and not interesting?”

“You’re a beautiful girl, just in a rut.”

“I haven’t had sex in like a year. I’m hopeless.”

“You know dear, you don’t need a man to have sex with. Your father travels a lot and I have orgasms all the time without him. I have a whole chest filled with orgasmic style toys. I also have a Sybian, which is a fucking machine. You can still get off without a man.”

“Mother! That’s gross!”

“Gross? You’re the one who said you haven’t had sex. Why don’t we go upstairs, and I’ll show you some of my favorites.”

“Wouldn’t that be weird? You’re my mother. Should you be showing me your sex toys?”

“I’m going to show them to you and you can take them and have fun.”

“Okay. Is Tommy home? I wouldn’t want him to see you showing me how to masturbate.”

“Tommy is at his job. He won’t be home until later.”

“Have you shown my brother how to masturbate too? I mean, mother, this is a bit odd don’t you think?”

“Your brother I’m sure watches porn and masturbates. Don’t all men?”

Ann and Madison laughed and continued to drink their wine. Ann was hoping she’d be able to get her daughter up to her bedroom. She had an escort forumları agenda and wanted to get started.

“Let me show you how to pleasure yourself. You won’t need a man to do anything to you anymore.”

“Okay. Show me your sex toys.”


Madison and her mother walked up the stairs and into her bedroom. Madison sat on the bed while her mother went into her chest and pulled out a few toys.

“You’ll need to get undressed.”

“Do you think you should see me nude? You’re my mother!”

“We’re both women. I’ll take my clothes off too.”


Madison and her mother undressed. Ann was taking out the toys that she thought her daughter might like. Madison was comfortable on her mother’s bed. She put the pillow behind her back and waited patiently on the bed.

Ann brought her Hitachi Magic Wand over to the bed. She plugged in the cord.

“You’ll need to open your legs and lay this onto your vagina. It will vibrate and feel nice on your pussy. Ready?”

“It’s so big. Is that going to go inside of me?”

“No. Just lay it across your pussy. It will feel so good!”

Madison took the long massager and did as her mother said. She put it on her pussy and couldn’t believe how wonderful it made her feel. She was moaning and groaning and coming on her mother’s bed. She was moving the massager all over her pussy.

Her mother was surprised that her daughter had a full and hairy cunt. Her mother had a smooth pussy and would suggest her daughter make her pussy nice and smooth too.

Ann was getting aroused watching her daughter come. She had her head back on the headboard while moving the wand all over her pussy. She could see that her daughter’s legs were shaking while she was masturbating. It was truly a beautiful sight, seeing her daughter pleasuring herself.

“Fuck! I’m coming!”

“Seems you came several times.”

“What other toys do you have? Do you have something I could actually fuck?”

“Of course. I have a glass vibrator that I chilled in the freezer. Let me go down and get it.”

“Won’t it be too cold?”

“Your pussy is hot inside. It will feel marvelous and make you come.”

“Sounds delightful. I cannot wait.”

Ann hurried down the stairs to get the chilled vibrator. When she got to the kitchen, she put her own fingers into her pussy and finger fucked herself. She was turned on by watching her daughter fuck herself. She played with herself and made her cunt come. Afterwards, she washed her fingers and took out the chilled wand.

She walked the toy up to her daughter in her bedroom. Madison continued to play with the magic wand while waiting for her mother’s next sex toy.

“Having fun, dear?”

“Oh yes! I love this magical toy.”

“Try gaziantep escort forum this! Let me show you what to do. Spread your legs wide!”


Ann sat on the bed and put the chilled wand into her mouth and made it wet. She pushed the cold toy up into her daughter’s pussy. She fucked her daughter’s cunt several times with the chilled vibrator.

“Fuck, this feels so good. Oh God! I’m going to have another orgasm.”

“Take it and fuck yourself with it.”

Ann gave the toy to Madison and she continued to fuck her pussy with the chilled vibrator.

“You know, your pussy would look so much better if it was shaved. Would you let me shave you?”

“Okay. That’s super sexy, mother!”

“Your lover’s will enjoy licking your pussy when you’re shaved.”

“Licking my pussy? I’ve never had that before.”

“What? You’ve never had oral sex before?”

“I’ve given men blow jobs. But, they never licked my pussy.”

“After I shave you, I will lick your pussy. You’ll absolutely love it.”

“Is that weird, though? You’re my mother.”

“I’m your mother who is going to show you pleasure.”

“Are you a lesbian?”

“No! But I have eaten a few cunts in my time. Ready to be shaved?”


Ann went into the linen closet to get all the necessary shaving supplies. She walked back over to her daughter.

“Let me lay the towel down.”


Madison stood up while her mother put down a towel. She got back on the bed and her mother used a wash cloth to wet her pubic hair. She pumped some shaving cream onto her hand and rubbed it all over her pussy. She slowly put her shaver down on the hair and shaved her till she was nice and smooth. She was very careful not to cut her.

“Much better! Go look in the mirror to see!”

Madison walked over to the mirror and admired her freshly shaven pussy.

“It looks so pretty.”

“Lie down and open your legs. Get ready for the most intense feeling of your life.”

“Sounds exhilarating!”

“It’s better than anything you’ve ever had.”

Madison got comfortable on the bed and opened her legs. Her mother was on her knees on the floor and pulled the girl closer to her face. She kissed her daughter’s thigh region and started to lick and suck on her pussy lips. She moved her tongue all over her nice plump lips.

Madison was squirming on the bed. She was pulling at her breasts while smashing her pussy into her mother’s face. Ann was tongue-fucking the girl and making slurping noises while Madison had several orgasms.

“Fucking hell! Mother, this is incredible. Please don’t stop!”

Ann was holding her daughter’s legs down and really going to town on her freshly shaven pussy. She was gaziantep escort forumları fucking her pussy with her tongue and sucking on her clitoris, which was swollen and hard. Madison was screaming and having multiple orgasms.

While all this fun was happening, Tommy was in the doorway watching his mother eat his sister’s pussy. Eventually, Madison opened her eyes to see her brother clapping his hands.

“Well, well, well. Isn’t this a crazy sight? Dear old mother, wanted some pussy? Wasn’t my cock good enough for her?”

“Oh, dear God! Mother, you’re fucking my brother?”

Ann got up and rolled her eyes! She wasn’t happy that he had let the cat out of the bag. “Your father isn’t home a lot and I have my needs!”

“I thought the toys were what kept you busy.”

“No, your mother loves cock. I have a nice big one for her. Why don’t we all fuck, now that you know our secret. I’ve wanted to get inside of your pussy for a while.”

“I’m not fucking my brother. Are you deranged?”

“You haven’t had sex in over a year. It’s either fuck fake cocks or have a nice dick up that nicely shaved pussy. I will make you come like a racehorse.”

“He really is that good, Madison. Let him have sex with you. It will take the edge off.”

“The edge off? That’s incest! We could all get arrested for this.”

“Arrested? You’re both over twenty-one. I hardly doubt they care. Now come over to the bed and let your brother give you pleasure.”

Madison was horrified but really needed to get fucked. She couldn’t believe her mother and her brother were fucking, and now her mother had oral sex with her. She wondered if her father knew about her shenanigans.

“I want to take you on your hands and knees, sister.”

Madison couldn’t believe what was going to happen. She got on her hands and knees on the bed and Tommy stood at the edge of the bed. He pulled her closer to him. He bent down and licked at her pussy and tongued into her asshole.

He pushed his cock up inside of her pussy and fucked her hard on his mother’s bed. Ann watched as her children were fucking. Tommy pulled on Madison’s hair while he rammed his sister hard with his cock.

“Oh God! Your cock is so big. Fucking hell. Mother!”

Tommy slapped her buttocks while pulling her hair and fucking her like a pony. He eventually moaned out and filled his sister’s pussy with his come. His mother walked over and knelt down on the floor. She licked the cream that Tommy had just spilled in her daughter’s pussy. The come was bubbling out of her nice tight space.

“That was a lot of fun. Did you like that, sister?”

Madison didn’t say a thing. She was shaking her head and looked at her mother and brother with an evil look. She stormed out of the bedroom.

“She’ll be back,” Tommy mentioned.

“She’s sex starved. I imagine she’ll beg us for more.”

Tommy and his mother laughed while Ann pleasured her son orally with her mouth. Ann wasn’t sure what Madison was thinking. She figured she’d talk with her in the morning. Ann was relieved that Madison knew her dirty little secret now. Anything was possible now that the cat was out of the bag.

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