The Disappearance

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Some friends of mine always used to go to this club. Four nights a week minimum. It was a pleasant enough atmosphere through the week; never more than two dozen people inside from Sunday to Wednesday. It was a college bar, so, they made deals to accommodate the crowd. After the first couple of weeks, everyone got to know everyone else who would be there and it became some sort of off-kilter band of brothers and sisters. Our parents were never home, but they left us in the care of Uncle Bud, Uncle Miller and Uncle Jack. The uncle’s brought along their wives and girlfriends, Auntie Vodka, Auntie J [short for jell-o shots] and Uncle Jack’s spirited but spiteful new squeeze, Ms. Everclear. She replaced Ms. Tequila who most of us all loved for a short while.

Though I went probably an entire semester of class without seeing her, in the bars I could always find my friend Jill. Our fathers knew each other for, well, longer than the durations of our lives, so, I guess she was kind of like a member of the family. I’d prefer not to think of it that way, because it will seem really twisted later. Anyhow, Jill was one of the girls who grew up never touching a drop of hard liquor. In high school, she’d be the girl who got wasted on half a beer. In college, her tolerance quadrupled and she joined the elite members of the mixed drink crowd. She even pledged a sorority of dimwits, but, I didn’t hold it against her.

March 3, 1993

It started out just like any other cold winter Wednesday. I came back home from class around 4:15 pm, went to eat with my friends and returned to my room around 6:00 pm. Around 9:30, we — myself and four friends — all ventured in to town to the bars. By ten o’clock, we were enjoying cold beers to hollow blasts of “Sweet Home Alabama”; which seemed to be one of the three songs always playing when I was in college. About an hour later, I made a trip to use the facilities and upon returning to my table, I saw Jill.

My good friend Tim always seemed to be hitting on Jill. But, he hit on every girl back then. This was the first time I’d actually seen her in nearly a month, so, I sat down and we talked. It was the general, `How have you been?’ kind of stuff. Chit chat.

“I missed your birthday,” Jill remarked soberly.

“I know,” I laughed and drank from the beer Tim was nice enough to bring me.

“Sorry, I don’t know where my head’s been lately,” she apologized.

“Hey, it’s alright, you’re a blond. I understand.”

Jill laughed, a shallow hee-hee, her blue eyes watching me take a drink.

“Thought you were slowing down,” she scolded. She always scolded.

“This is my third,” I defended myself.

“Mm-hmm.” Jill laughed. “I’m just giving you shit. I don’t care how much you drink.”

“Thanks,” I whined, “that’s really sweet of you.”

“You illegal bahis know what I meant,” she said with a rumpled smile and an outstretched middle finger. “I can’t believe Karyn and Jen haven’t shown up yet.”

“They probably forgot how to get here,” I decided aloud. They really weren’t the brightest pair of girls.

“I saw your roommate this morning over by the Student Center.”

“Did ya? I don’t see much of him any more. He’s got a new girl that lives over by Greek Row.”

“Really? I thought he had a girlfriend.”

“He does,” I confirmed. “She’s in Missouri.”

You’re probably thinking that my roommate was a real jerk, but, he wasn’t. Turns out, the girl was a friend of his from school and he was homesick. Honestly. Anyway.

“What happened with Tanya?” Jill began her interrogation. “Right? Tanya?”

She always pretended to not know the name of the girl I was seeing.

“Right,” I frowned. “She’s nice, but, it’s not going anywhere. I haven’t talked to her for a few days.”

“Oh,” Jill said. “Well, you know Bryan and I broke up. Don’t you?”

“Yeah I saw him at the Rec. Just as well.”

“You never liked him,” she smirked.

“I never liked him,” I agreed.

Well, talk like this went on for another hour before she decided she wanted to leave. Karyn and Jen never showed. The guys had left probably twenty minutes before us to go bar hopping. So, we stopped off for a slice of pizza for Jill, a bagel from “the Bagel Man” for me. And, it really wasn’t so strange having her come up to my room for a while. We had the stereo going, the heater up and I was working my way through a half gallon of water. I had an 8:00 class in the morning.

Somewhere toward the end of the first act of the movie, Jill demanded I rub her shoulders and neck for her. Hell, I didn’t mind, I’m quite gifted at it, according to her a handful of women. She had honey blond hair that barely trickled past the collar of her white sweatshirt. Even laced with smoke from the bar, it smelled sweet. I worked her shoulders and upper arms, then made the descent towards her small ass. Wrapping my fingers around her hips, I used my thumbs to rub around the small of her back, certainly bringing her head and shoulders closer to me.

Before I got too familiar with her, though, she leaned up, turned and put her feet back on the floor. Looking at me with the most turbulent eyes and flushed cheeks, she grabbed the waist cuff and pulled off her sweatshirt and undershirt. She chewed her lip and sat before me in a maroon colored bra that clasped in between the cups. I never actually witnessed anyone wearing one of those before, but it really didn’t mean a whole lot considering the circumstances. I’d never given her credit for having a decent set before. Mainly, because she illegal bahis siteleri always kept them hidden beneath baggy shirts or layers of clothes. I grinned, realized I was gawking, and looked back at her face. Just shy of her eyes for a second.

“Is this okay?” Jill asked.

“Yeah. Yeah.” I assured her.

She laughed and turned around again, letting me continue my massage. I kissed her shoulder and she brushed her hair along my face, releasing a warm sigh and sliding her fingers through the back of my hair. I kissed again. And again. And again. She spoke my name and my heart jumped.

She turned and crouched on her knees, kissing me on the mouth for the first time ever. We were both trembling but also very assured of ourselves. We explored each others mouths and while we kissed, Jill took off her bra. I wrapped my arms around her hips and lifted her against me, kissing her above the breast and then between them. I kissed her again as her hands unbuttoned my jeans. I kissed the underside of her jaw and then stopped as she found what she was looking for.

I reached for her jeans, unzipping them and sliding my hand between her legs. Each time she tugged on me, I rubbed a little more against her lips. She returned to kissing me again, not just my mouth, but my chest and throat, jaw and cheek. I was lulled not by the stereo, but by her breathing. She bit my earlobe as I probed her with a finger, and with a breathy groan, she asked…

“Do you have protection?”

“Yes,” I practically cheered.

“I’ve known you my whole life,” she breathed and kissed me. “You don’t have to use one on me if you don’t want to.”

There was a dilemma there, because I hate rubbers to be honest. And she was right, we did know each other our whole lives. What would it say to her if I reached for one any way? That I thought she was carrying something?

“Oh God,” she sighed and took off her jeans and panties.

I was making a legitimate attempt to admire her when she grabbed me by the ankles and started pulling off my jeans. She climbed on top of me and I entered her, her thighs tightening around my legs as she accepted me. She kissed my jaw and began to rock slowly, using all of her hundred pounds to push me back to the mattress. I clutched her hips and ass, amazed at this girl as she bucked and rolled atop of me. She honestly looked the part of the godess when she leaned back up, her skin was almost a powdery white but it glistened. Maybe I was seeing Jillian McKay in an entirely new light. I guess you never know someone until you give them an orgasm. Or three. We made love twice more through the night, but when the time came for us to fall asleep, we were both out like a light. It felt amazing to have Jill tucked up against me in a warm bed. To feel her skin as canlı bahis siteleri it cooled and relaxed against mine.

March 4, 10:23 a.m. When we finally awoke, we’d both slept through two classes. Part of a third for me. We remained under covers and awake for an hour, holding on to and trying not to breathe on each other. We laughed and smiled and tried figuring out why it took us nineteen years to reach this point. I couldn’t stop smiling long enough to reach a conclusion. I watched in awe as she washed her face and brushed her hair. She made me look away when she reached for the bottle of mouthwash. I gave her a sweatshirt on loan and watched her dress again. Even in a sweatshirt that went mid-thigh and read “Does not play well with others”, Jill looked like an angel.

I wanted badly to see one person that I knew as we left my dorm room and made our way back to the world. But, everyone was a stranger. I wanted to show the girl off, what can I say? I was thinking no one would believe me when she reached and gave me a hug. She pulled me down for a kiss and gave me the biggest, best smile I have ever seen in my life.

“I don’t want to go home,” Jill said.

“Then don’t.”

“I have to go to class,” she laughed and squeezed my hand. “So do you.”

“Don’t remind me,” I stared into her eyes. “Want me to go with you?”

“No,” she smiled. “You better go take a shower and get something to eat. You worked hard last night. I had a really great time,” she promised.

“Me too,” I smiled and felt her hand squeeze mine.

“Johnny, I–“


The voice belonged to Greg, a friend of mine.

“What’s up?” he exclaimed and looked at Jill. “Hi,” he grinned and nodded, slapping my arm.

Both Jill and I laughed and so did Greg.

“Well, I better get going,” Jill repeated.

“Oh, I didn’t mean to interrupt,” Greg protested.

“You aren’t,” Jill assured him, squeezing his elbow. “I’ll call you later?” She looked to me.

“You’d better,” I told her, smiling again.

“Okay,” Jill promised, leaning up and kissing me again and in front of Greg. “Bye.”

“Bye,” I told her.

“Bye Greg,” she said politely.

“Bye,” Greg waved.

Watching her ascend up the ramp towards campus, Greg sighed and smacked my arm again.

“Damn,” he sighed.


“Want to eat lunch?” he asked.

“Okay,” I agreed.

“Damn,” he shook his head and we walked off for the cafeteria.

When I returned to my room, I realized that Jill had left her sweatshirt there, neatly folded on my desk by the telephone. I was about to call her when Greg showed up again. We had a 1:00 class together.

Where Jill went after leaving me and Greg actually remains a mystery. A few people reported seeing her on campus, including her friend Jen, who was immediately told about the new romance. But Jill never made it home that day and no one has ever heard from her again. If anything violent occurred, there were no signs of it.

She simply disappeared. That was over ten years ago…

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