The Drive Home


I am driving home, and I think of you.

I put a finger on my lips, and wish I could brush my lips against yours. Slowly and seductively I run my fingertip across my lips, imagining that I follow contours of your face with gentle kisses. My tongue snakes out and its tip caresses that fingertip, as it would your jaw, the underside of your ear, your neck.

I begin to feel warm, so I roll down the window, feeling the wind caress me, as you would. I take my hair out its bindings and allow my hair wave to in the wind, imagining you running your hands through it.

Concentrate on driving…

But I think of you, caressing my shoulders and lingering near my breasts. I feel my nipples grow hard, thinking of you caressing them through the fabric.

I press harder on the pedal. The wind in my face does nothing to cool the heat in my crotch.

I think of you tucking your hand under my shirt, under my bra, and your fingers rolling the hardened nipples, while you kiss me, hard and wanting. I feel your bulge against me and push myself against your hips.

One hand goes down, I want to touch myself, to ease çapa escort this ache in my belly — I need to get home. I want to feel you against me, your heat against mine, your lips on mine, your tongue searching for mine.

I want to feel my breasts against your bare chest, to feel the hair rubbing against my soft breasts, hardening my nipples even more. I want to hear you moan as you break the kiss, as you sit down and begin to work on my nipples, licking one and suckling, and squeezing my other breast, and your hand is on my lower back, and you’re caressing me — but all I feel is your tongue on my nipples, and your teeth as you gently bite —

I stop myself from moaning in the car, but now I know I’m wet. Almost home…

My nipples are so hard, and I brush my hand against them. Then I stroke them…

Stop at a stop light — I need to stop this, concentrate on driving, get home…

I think of you, as you raise your head from my breasts, and I lean forward to kiss you. You crush me to you — I want you, I want to feel you against me.

Pulling into the driveway. I think of the fatih escort time when we once got out of the car and I grabbed you and threw you against it, kissing you madly, shoving myself onto you. You laughing and pulling my hands down to your waist, while I grab you by your belt —

I rush into the house, leaving my bag in the car. It’s as if I have to badly go to the bathroom, but in this case, the ache is inside, I need so badly to relieve it. I rush inside and shut the door. I run to the bedroom, and lift my shirt, free my breasts from the constraints of the bra.

I moan and close my eyes, grabbing my own breasts roughly, yanking the nipples so they’re hard. I unbutton my jeans and snake a hand inside. With a moan, I lie across the bed, one hand in my jeans, teasing myself.

I think of you, as your hands search, or pretend to search, to feel their way around my nether regions, among the folds and wetness, to find that snatch right there. One of your fingers goes in. Then two, and I moan even louder. Sometimes you will stretch it with three, and I raise my legs and widen my hips, wanting sarıyer escort bayan more.

I think of this, but I touch my clit, which is swollen and hot. I think of you, finding my clit with your fingers, and then I think of you, finding it with your tongue. I moan loudly, as my fingers stroke my own clit. I close my eyes and think of you, and I wish to see you kneeling near me, your own shaft in your hands, holding it over me, stroking it. Your voice, deep with lust, whispering, “Do you want to see me come?”

I moan, my fingers working furiously, I’m close — what puts me over the edge…Your face, eyes closed in ecstasy, your hand stroking your hard shaft, and I watch it grow, your balls tighten up against you.

“Oh God, I’m coming…”

My hand drops down and thrusts into my pussy, and I feel the contractions begin — I moan loudly in the quiet bedroom, thrusting against my own fingers, wondering how it feels on your own shaft, and I envision you coming with a low moan…

I groan, feeling the contractions subside and slowly slide my soaking wet fingers out. Oh, it felt so good to finally come, come hard…I wonder again how it feels on you, whether you find it as enjoyable as me.

“Decided to start without me?”

My eyes flash open and I focus on you, standing in the doorway, leaning against it. You chuckle and begin to remove your shirt…