The Elevator

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Oh my.

Such a sixties sounding thought to jump into her mind as she stepped onto the elevator and saw him standing there in the corner. Oh my. Not a startled notion, but more of the breathless, hot flashed, gulp for air because of the lust that just formed in your heart, type of notion.

He was tall, and dark, broadly built around the shoulders, and she’s hasn’t been able to take her eyes off him since the day she first saw him. It was her first day working there, she walked into the office, and there he was in all his hot flash causing glory. She couldn’t help but to look his body up and down, and he had done the same to her as well.

Each time she laid eyes on him, her heart skipped, and her skin felt hot, and if it happened where he locked eyes with hers, she couldn’t help but turn red in the face, and her lips would pierce and curl into this unavoidable school girl like smile. She always felt embarrassed, like her involuntary reactions were plastered all over her body and face for everyone to see.

She couldn’t hide her reactions from him for long, he was quick to observe what he did to her, and quick to call her on it too. It did his pride good the way he could cause her body to quiver if he let his fingers linger on hers a moment or two too long when she handed him a stapler. He could barely help but to hide his own smile when he asked her for help with a program and she bent over him just a little closer than necessary at the desk so that he could smell her perfume.

“You smell nice today.”

She would always jump slightly, grin illegal bahis beyond measure, and retreat back away from his area, red-faced, and trying to avoid eye contact and catch it at the same time. He would try to lead the conversations into areas that probably should not be ventured within a workspace. He could see the amusement and willingness to follow him into those prohibited conversations, but she evaded him relentlessly with a skill that was almost professional. She had a way of coming back at him in such a way as to always let him know that she wished she could tell him everything her mind had dreamed up about them together, but for the sake of the work, let’s not.

Oh my.

That was the thought, as the elevator doors closed behind her. Her typically stern eyes locked onto his; his eyes that were filled with such a child-like jovialness that made her blush from thinking of what thoughts could make his eyes look such a way. She had the typical reaction; her skin flashed hot, her face felt pink and tight, her eyes softened to the point of vulnerability, and all she could think about was the chocolate that was his skin and what it would feel like against her lips.

Did she forget to push the button that would take them to the next floor, or did she just NOT push the button in hopes that they would be stranded here for eternity? She could think of worse ways to die.

He didn’t say a word, but his eyes never left hers. The amount of thought, lust, and even action contained behind his eyes was enough to paralyze her to the point that she hardly noticed illegal bahis siteleri when he reached out and grabbed her arm right above her left elbow with a touch so gentle she barely recognized it at all. He pulled her towards him, and out of instinct she tensed up her body, but her face flushed redder than it ever had. Without sacrificing any of the gentle handling on her arm, he pulled her again, but with a strength that she was powerless to withstand.

Buried in his chest is where she found herself next, and once there she found that she never wanted to leave. His hand still engulfed her arm, and his other arm had linked around her back and lower back holding her body captive against his. She could feel his chest rise and fall, and his breath on the top of her head, as he took in the smell of her perfume and shampoo. Everything around her went into a black fog and the only thing that existed or mattered was how small she felt in his arms, the feel of his chest against her face, how her hands landed perfectly above his pecks, and his smell.

Oh my, his smell.

His hand released her arm and found its way up to her chin, pushing upwards so gently, he redirected her gaze back to his eyes and she thought she would lose herself completely as well as her ability to stand. His eyes were not jovial anymore, but instead full of determined passion, a fierceness that she interpreted as an unwillingness to let go of the treasure he had just acquired, without at least sampling a taste.

His taste.

He nudged her chin up higher causing her canlı bahis siteleri to lift onto the tips of her toes. She felt extended in a freeze of time, lost in the fierceness of his gaze, until he lowered his face to hers and his lips pressed softly against her lips, parting in such a way to make the most sensual kiss she had ever experienced. His lips felt like they were made specifically to be pressed against hers, his smell enveloped her senses, and she lost herself to whatever direction he would take her in.

His arms wrapped around her entire body, encasing her with his strength and his warmth. He twisted slightly and forward steering her back to the elevator wall. With her back to the wall, he pulled a hand up and wrapped it around her neck, her skin broke out in goosebumps at his strength and the way that he wielded it. He lifted up on her neck slightly with a pressure that made her knees go weak, bringing her back straight, and her head up higher into his kiss. Her breathing was heavy, and she’d lost her baring on life altogether.

“I want you.”

That’s what he said in her ear, right before the elevator dinged, and the doors began to open. There was no one on the other side of the doors, to catch them in this moment of lustful indiscretion. It would appear that the elevator had a mind of its own, that of which knew any sudden change in the situation would send her plummeting into her nerves.

“I’m sorry. I have work.”

With that she darted from around him, her face redder than it’s ever been, her skin moist from the excitement, and she disappeared from the elevator to the restroom she knew was just to the left of the elevator. Leaving him with his hand still braced against the wall of the elevator as if she were still there in front of him, like a meal meant for him to devour.

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